Chapter 191 The Nation of Misfortune

Chapter 191 – The Nation of Misfortune

Everyone gasped in shock at Golden Scale TheMighty’s murderous outburst. However, they instantly understood: Since the guy was resigned to giving up on the God of Misfortune's legacy, he hoped to squeeze some kind of benefit out of the illusion.

All of the Golden Scale members immediately redirected their weapons toward the illusion and attacked.

“Obnoxious! How obnoxious!” The illusion flickered nonstop, as if trembling in anger. “Abominable human, I curse you to a lifetime of torment in eternal darkness!”

“Peh!” Golden Scale TheMighty only spat in response.

“Ooaarghhhh!” the illusion roared and swung his hand. A hazy white smoke appeared out of thin air and swept through the entire hall.

“Danger! Get back!” Fatty shouted. He summoned his mount and fled to the gate.

Following the elementalist’s lead, everyone summoned their mounts as quickly as possible and dashed toward the door as well. The Golden Scale party was no exception.

BOOOOM! The hall violently shook. The hazy white smoke formed a screaming gale. From within the winds, a ferociously twisting face gradually emerged. The players suddenly felt as if the space around them had become hell. A mix of roaring, groaning, shrieking, angry cursing, and the like reverberated around their ears.

“I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you…” The illusion’s attack was no longer a simple curse of misfortune. He coalesced the force of misfortune into an essence with a real form and used it to attack both body and soul.

“Ahhh!” Tormented screams tore from the players swept up in the gale. Glancing back, the others watched as countless eerie faces protruded from their friends’ bodies. The mouths opened and closed as if they were devouring the players’ souls.

“How horrible!” The female players were so terrified that they didn’t dare look and just kept running.

Kak… kak… At that moment, the snap of something breaking outside reached their ears. While Golden Scale TheMighty and his people were clueless, the Fat Squad’s faces instantly changed.

“Get on your mounts, go!” Fatty shouted before fleeing on his Skeletal Dragon, heedless of anything else.

Even without the elementalist’s warning, the Fat Squad already knew what was happening outside. They hastily got on their mounts and rushed after Fatty.

“Oh lord, their mounts!” the Golden Scale players moaned. Pointing at the other group’s mounts, some were even at a loss for words.

Before them, twenty-four of the twenty-five Fat Squad players rode bizarre beasts: a massive horned tiger, a winged centipede ten meters long or so, a griffin with plumage of blazing feathers, and all other kinds of fierce-looking creatures. The only one that wasn’t outlandish was the notorious Undead Marshal Lei Ting’s former mount, The Hellfire Stallion.

The Golden Scale Guild had initially thought Fatty’s Skeletal Dragon very stylish; but, among this crowd, it was completely robbed of its thunder.

“Who cares about that now?! Run!” Golden Scale TheMighty coveted such imposing mounts as well; yet, seeing Fatty’s group running for their lives, he immediately knew something beyond his knowledge and extremely dangerous was happening.

The snapping sound grew faster and faster until it formed a long, unbroken racket.

When Fatty and the rest exited the hall, they were greeted by a mob of monsters intent on blocking their path.

“Force a way through!” The elementalist didn’t slow and urged his Skeletal Dragon straight into the fray. Han Shen and TheFugitive rushed to cover his flanks. Both their mounts, a giant elephant and a berserk lion, were massive; thus, the three heavy beasts plowed a road at the fore, crashing and trampling monsters. The rest of the players quickly followed and tried not to get caught up in the battle.

“This is bad! The number of monsters is increasing!” Fatty’s brow furrowed. More than a hundred monsters already tightly blocked their path. If they continued to charge in like this, everyone and their mounts would be destroyed before they could break through. “This way!” He led the group down another route where many of the stone pillars were still intact, and the monsters inside hadn’t awakened.

“Keep up with them!” Golden Scale TheMighty was terrified by the sudden herd of monsters outside as well. When a level 37 rogue reported to him of the monsters’ stats, he immediately knew that a head-on confrontation was impossible. Not to mention, there was still a super boss behind all of these monsters. Since fighting was out of the question, the Golden Scale Guild fled after Fatty’s group.

Crackle… As Fatty and his team approached, nearby pillars started to crumble. A bunch of monsters that seemed stronger and fiercer than the Headless Knight appeared in front of them.

“F*ck! Those are Hellish Blood Lions! The five of us spent forever trying to kill one!” exclaimed TheFugitive, gesturing at a red-furred lion.

“That… That’s the Demon-Faced Maneater Flower, a level 60 Yao boss! I came across one and ran like mad, but I was still nearly killed!” Han Shen also recognized a monster, he was so pumped that his whole body shivered with excitement.

“Quit it with the family reunion! Just run!” Fatty was between laughter and tears. These two are really like brothers; no wonder they both chose to be rogues.

With the three massive mounts careening about wildly at the head of the squad, normal mobs were destroyed before they could approach. From the back of the group, long-ranged players cast attacks at monsters farther ahead and pulled their aggro to lessen the burden on the stampeding trio.

“This… This is too horrible! Had it been us, we definitely would have been wiped out.” ISteal&IRob clicked his tongue as he rode next to his guild master.

“That’s why we best try to avoid getting in conflicts with these people as much as possible,” Golden Scale TheMighty soberly replied. The monsters’ strength highlighted the fact that Fatty’s team was even stronger. If the Golden Scale group had been in their shoes, they would have been tightly surrounded already.

In time, more and more monsters surged forth, including those from quite a distance away. Thud thud thud!

“Sinners who profane the God, your final fate, is to be torn to pieces!” As the voice of the illusion echoed from behind the players, more monsters began to awaken.

The gate to the Hall of Misfortune was several hundred meters away from Misfortune Square. Pushing their mounts for all they were worth, Fatty and his companions finally managed to break away from the mobs before the monster army could surround them.

“Too thrilling!” As he pulled at the reins of his mount, TheFugitive heaved a sigh of relief and actually felt the fun of it.

“Feeling good?” Fatty turned to him and grinned evilly.

TheFugitive glanced warily at the elementalist. “Why do you ask?”

“Hurry and run! The monsters are still gaining!” HeadofGod reminded the duo.

“We’re leaving just like that? We still didn’t get the Misfortune gear,” said Fatty woefully. However, he had to admit that retreating was a wise choice when he looked back at the advancing army of monsters.

“Ignorant sinners, you shall not escape!” The illusion still wailed in its hall.

“Chase after us if you have the guts! This Lord Fatty will fight you one-on-one then!” Fatty barked over a shoulder.

“The dignity of God forbids all defiance! Defilers, accept God’s judgement!” The God of Misfortune screamed his final decree; and, everyone turned to see a hazy fog swirl straight into the sky.

Heaven and earth grew dim and gloom. The land rumbled and crumbled away. Bottomless pits formed as the ground fractured, looking like portals to Hell that would consume anything.

“What’s this?”

“What happened?!” Everyone reined in their mounts. The ground before them had started to crack and fall away. Every step was precarious.

Out of the sky, a massive face appeared; it was hazy, but the voice was thunderous and shook the entire realm.

“I, God of Misfortune Stuland, in the name of all that is sacred, condemn you all to a life of misfortune!”

“Misfortune, misfortune, misfortune! Can’t you think of anything new?! All this time, and I don’t even know what your misfortune even looks like!” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord roared with rage.

Zwip! Debris suddenly ripped through the air and dangerously grazed Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord’s forehead, drawing blood.

“@$&@#%#$!” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord cursed and jabbed a finger at the massive face; he’d never been so infuriated.

“Everyone, watch out! The God of Misfortune is drawing on the power of the entire nation. It’s not something we can take on. We have to leave, fast!” Golden Scale TheMighty loudly commanded.

The power of the Nation of Misfortune? Everyone’s heart skipped a beat. They knew full well how terrifying the power of a whole nation could be. In the past, Lei Ting’s newly formed nation could already withstand the attacks of thousands despite being incomplete.

“The God’s dignity forbids usurpation! The God’s Nation forbids desecration. You defilers shall meet with God’s judgement!”

The millions of towering pillars of Misfortune Square had all crumbled upon opening. The Hall of Misfortune collapsed to ruin with them. As the voice from the featureless face grew more and more imposing, it created a resonance that swept in all directions and left one feeling that there was no place to hide.

Everyone’s brows knitted as they looked at the path before them. “What do we now?” The road was impossible to pass unless they flew. But, they had nowhere safe to fly to either. The Recall Scroll couldn’t be used in special maps. If they couldn’t escape the Paradise of Misfortune, they wouldn’t be able to escape the illusion’s assault.

“Look! What’s that?!”

Everyone’s gazes followed Han Shen’s finger. Innumerable figures crawled from the cracks in the ground and stumbled toward the players. The creatures’ limbs appeared rigid, their eyes held no light, and their bodies were of an ashen color.

“Spirits of Misfortune? No, wait! They’re not Spirits of Misfortune.”

“Whatever they are, they’re nothing good. What do we do?”

The Fat Squad and Golden Scale party had finally reunited; however, they were all at the end of their wits. The illusion of a God was still a God; his true power was nothing they could defend against.

“My dear friends, did you find the item I asked for?” Suddenly, Sevik appeared before the rabble and looked upon them affectionately

“Sevik!” Fatty sharply pulled at his reins and eyed Sevik vigilantly.

“Wahahaha! Seems you got it! Otherwise, the mighty God of Misfortune wouldn’t risk the destruction of his nation to attack you.” The smile on Sevik’s face grew wider. “According to our agreement, you’ll hand the Heart of Malediction over to me, no?”

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