Chapter 190 Victorious

Chapter 190 – Victorious

Clank. Fatty parried the anaconda’s attack with a swing of his Elemental Sword. Before he had time to return with a counter attack, his foot slipped, and he nearly stumbled.

The Curse of Misfortune had reared its ugly head once more. Indeed, Fatty would feel strange if it didn't act up after so long.

While Fatty was entangled with the green anaconda, Golden Scale TheMighty took this opportunity to fire several arrows and was nearly able to kill Fatty.

Zoom! Another Howling Bullet was shot out. Wheat attacked timely to defend its master. However, the rodent didn’t pose much of a threat to Golden Scale TheMighty due to the 50% damage reduction, so he ignored it and only focused on striking Fatty, wanting to finish him off as soon as possible.

Under the relentless attacking of Golden Scale TheMighty and his pet, Fatty’s health plummeted. He was in drastic straights, which didn’t grant him much energy to deal with the PK.

“This is bad, Fatty’s gonna lose at this rate,” East Gate Blowingwind wrinkled his brows.

“I don’t think so. How can Fatty lose that easily?” Han Shen immediately disagreed. However, his face was full of anxiety, as well. He hated the fact that he couldn’t just jump out there and kill off Golden Scale TheMighty.

Spatial Spoon. Seeing the sliver of health left on his HP bar, Fatty activated the Spatial Spoon and disappeared into the secluded dimension.

Thud. The three-eyed green anaconda fell to the ground. It kept squirming on the ground and flicking its tongue.

“What skill was that?” Everyone was dumbstruck. Only Purple Bell’s lips slightly curved into a smile.

Ignoring Wheat’s ongoing attacks, Golden Scale TheMighty swallowed a red pill. Then, he held his bow and arrow in a readied stance, entirely on alert, waiting for Fatty to emerge.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… After over a dozen minutes, Fatty still didn’t show up. Golden Scale TheMighty finally grew a little agitated. He checked the map again and again, but there was still no red spot showing Fatty’s location.

“Did he die and respawn back in the city?” Golden Scale TheMighty mumbled, then looked askance to the other party.

HeadofGod instantly understood the meaning of this look and grinned, “Don’t look at us, of course, he hasn’t died.”

At this moment, Fatty wasn’t faring too well. All of the previous curses had begun to take effect, so all of the spot on his body that had been cursed begun to ache. And the most critical thing was, the permanent blindness was going to activate after ten or so minutes.

“Your grandma! Lord Fatty has been wild and domineering all his life, how could I fall here?!” Fatty cursed and pulled out several scrolls.

To be missed and loved so much by the God of Misfortune, the Heart of Misfortune is definitely something formidable. Even if I can’t use it, I can still gift it to Lin Xi to strengthen our relationship. These scrolls are going to be well-spent.

As for Sevik’s request, Fatty had long thrown it to the ninth layer of heaven1. If that envoy wanted to make a deal with the Fat Squad, he should have behaved and sat there waiting for the results. Yet, that brat actually let in another group. Of course, Lord Fatty won’t follow the deal and give him the heart now.

All the scrolls Fatty took out were given to him by West the Flame Ruler, so they naturally were all fire-attribute. Back when Fatty had extorted twenty-three of these scrolls from West, the latter’s heart ached so much that he wanted to die.

Stepping out of the secluded dimension, Fatty appeared behind Golden Scale TheMighty, acting as if he was about to attack. Golden Scale TheMighty instinctively moved despite being shocked and quickly lengthened the distance between them.

“Brother Grubber, I was even starting to think that our duel wouldn’t conclude today,” Golden Scale TheMighty smiled brightly. There was an unspoken implication that Fatty was a scaredy cat who could only hide and didn’t dare fight face-to-face.

Fatty grinned and didn’t bother to argue. With a swing of his hand, a scroll soared toward Golden Scale TheMighty.

System Notification: Player Money Grubber has used an intermediate fire skill scroll, Fire Blast. Single target magic attack: 800.

Boom! A fiery flame as big as a finger ripped through the air. Not giving Golden Scale TheMighty any time to react, the spark pierced his chest.

Puff! Blood splattered, and a terrifying –450 popped up from the victim’s head.

“Huh, he didn’t die from that?” Fatty exclaimed, very surprised.

Golden Scale TheMighty’s body trembled, his face deathly pale. He stuffed a pill in his mouth and instantly restored his entire bar of HP.

“Brother Grubber, you really have some good tricks up your sleeve, that’s scroll sure is something. If it weren’t for my equipment having high magic defense and high HP addition, I would have been insta-killed.”

After digesting it, Golden Scale TheMighty made a pained expression for having to say farewell to that precious pill. His gaze toward Fatty now carried an ominous glint as well.

“What’s that pill you used? It can restore your entire bar of HP all at once?” Fatty asked in surprise.

“Flowing Silk Pill, a high-rank pill refined by our guild’s item-maker. It can restore your HP in the blink of an eye,” Golden Scale TheMighty explained with a grit of his teeth.

“The side effects must not be too enjoyable, huh?” Fatty smiled cutely.

“Humph, such mundane side effects won’t stop me from killing you. If you have the ability, take out another scroll,” Golden Scale TheMighty snorted coldly. The side effect was more than just unpleasant. While the pill could fully restore one’s HP, the user would have all of their other stats decreased by 30% for one hour, which genuinely irritated Golden Scale TheMighty.

Every second counted in a duel between experts. If he weren’t sure about winning due to Fatty’s condition, Golden Scale TheMighty wouldn’t dare to use such a pill in a fight like this.

Smiling indifferently, Fatty extended his hand. In the shocked and quite possibly horrified eyes of Golden Scale TheMighty, he took out another scroll and grinned at the opposition.

“Still wanna keep fighting?”

Golden Scale TheMighty’s face immediately changed, exasperated and helpless. Hesitating for a long while, he asked, “Where did you get that many scrolls?”

“That’s none of your business. Do you still wanna fight?” Fatty asked haphazardly.

“I never thought to use this, but it seems that you’ve left me no choice,” Golden Scale TheMighty drew a golden arrow and placed it on his bow. “This arrow is a special tool that I came across by chance. It can only be used three times. The first time, I used it to one-shot a Gold Boss at full health, the second time was to slay a normal Yao monster. This is the last one; I’m using it on you. You can die with honor, knowing this.”

Golden Scale TheMighty stepped forward and bent his left leg, his right leg stood straight behind him, taking a perfect shooting stance with the arrow pointing directly at Fatty. A golden light originally coiling along the shaft shot at Fatty as if locking down his position. No matter where Fatty ran to, he would still be shot dead.

“That formidable?” Fatty gasped in shock. One-shot a full health Gold Boss? What kind of tool is that? It should be at least Celestial Tier, then!

“For a mere heart, you’re gonna waste such a formidable arrow?” Fatty called out.

“You said it, the Heart of Malediction is more important than a Divine item. This arrow is nothing compared to it,” Golden Scale TheMighty said, his face ferocious. “It’s not gonna go to waste, though, because you’ll have to pay the price.”

“Aiii, why go to such length? There’s really no need…” Fatty sighed, one hand holding the scroll, the other taking out the Spatial Spoon. He had hidden inside the secluded dimension for over 10 minutes, so the function of the spoon had long passed the cooldown.

“Let’s go. See who’ll be the final victor,” Fatty threw out the scroll and activated the Spatial Spoon at the same time. A portal appeared before him.

“Die!” Golden Scale TheMighty let go his hand. The golden arrow sprang out and screamed toward Fatty.

Zoom! Hiding in the secluded dimension, Fatty could see the arrow meet the attack unleashed by the scroll. However, the arrow flew right past without any hindrance, while the scroll’s attack was vanquished in mid-air.

“That formidable?” Every member of the Fat Squad was appalled, while the members of the Golden Scale party were visibly delighted as if they could see their guild master winning already.

“It’s useless to run to another dimension. As long as the arrow has locked down on you, it won’t give up until it ends your life,” seeing Fatty disappear, Golden Scale TheMighty stated in a cold tone.

Puff. Indeed, the arrow vanished when it reached the spot where Fatty had entered the portal. Then, right inside the secluded dimension, Fatty saw a golden light speedily heading for his face with a terrifying murderous intent.

“Damn it! Such a good item was truly wasted here,” Fatty was enraged. Nothing could arouse fury more than having to watch such a masterpiece of an item being wasted for no reason like this.

Whoosh. Fatty fell out from the secluded dimension with the arrow hot on his heels. It was very close to piercing his heart.

Earthwalk. Fatty disappeared underground, then emerged again over 100 meters away. The golden arrow also made a U-turn and closely followed behind, refusing to let him off until he was dead.

“It’s useless. No matter how far you run, it’s all useless,” Golden Scale TheMighty still had an aggrieved look on his face, but seeing Fatty in such a miserable state abated his rage somewhat.

“Humph, don’t be so sure,” Fatty suddenly recalled an item that he had. After evading once more with Earthwalk, he took out something and held it before his chest.

“What’s that?” Everyone was stunned. Does that book-shaped thing really have the power to stop a Celestial-tier arrow?

Ting. The arrow drew a golden streak in the air as it flew at an insane speed and hit the book before Fatty’s chest.

Thud! Thud! Hit by the arrow, Fatty was forced back several steps from the force and almost fell on his butt. To the dismay and disbelief of Golden Scale TheMighty, the arrow that had carried all of his hopes and dreams only made a small “ding” when it hit the book. When it was hit, the book radiated a golden light and absorbed the arrow.

“Hahaha!” Fatty was overjoyed. As expected, the Elemental Skill Book did not only rescue him from grave danger but also devoured the golden arrow to help itself on its way to being restored. From what Fatty had sensed, this arrow contained even more energy than a Yao inner core.

“What kind of equipment is that?” Golden Scale TheMighty asked in disbelief.

“Haha, it’s a secret,” Fatty quickly stowed away the Elemental Skill Book and took out another scroll. “Still wanna keep fighting?”

“I… admit defeat,” biting his lips, Golden Scale TheMighty was unwilling as he said those words, but was also unable to do anything else. The opposing party didn’t only have notable strength as individuals, but their power was even more potent as a squad. Golden Scale TheMighty had no chance of winning at all despite his party having double the opponent’s number. If it came down to a group fight, it would be considered a great fortune if Golden Scale TheMighty’s group could kill one or two members of Fatty’s team before they were massacred themselves.

“Motherf*cker! It’s fine if they came earlier or later than us. Why does it have to be now?!” No matter how unwilling he was, Golden Scale TheMighty could only admit defeat and take his leave according to the agreement. The history between him and the God of Misfortune class legacy ended here, sadly.

“We’re leaving,” Golden Scale TheMighty was a boor, but a sensible one. After stomping his feet to vent some anger, he commanded his members and prepared to leave.

“Useless trash!” At this moment, the illusion shouted from the sky. Resounding rumbles echoed throughout the Hall of Misfortune. Everyone suddenly found themselves among countless Spirits of Misfortune.

“They are all curses. It is impossible to attack or defend against them. Watch out, don’t let them touch you,” Fatty hastily shouted.

“You’re f*cking calling me trash?” Golden Scale TheMighty was already nursing a stomach full of fury. Now that the mere illusion of an NPC had the guts to call him 'useless trash', he finally found a place to vent this rage, “Everybody heed my command, kill this bastard! Kill him until he can’t be deader!”

1. 九霄云外: Idiom to call a very very faraway place.

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