Chapter 19 Darksnow

Chapter 19 – Darksnow

“Motherf*cker, I knew something was up!” Fatty cursed, then turned Frostfang around and slashed it towards the newcomer instead of the boss.

When Fatty was searching for the entrance to the third floor, he already felt something amiss. It was as if someone else was also on the second floor. However, he did not show it on his face. Instead, he waited patiently. At the same time, the other person was clearly very patient as well, only choosing to appear when Fatty was just about to kill the boss.

Bang. Sizzle. Two sounds arose, one from the other person’s attack on the boss and one from Fatty’s attack on the person.


A red number rose up. That person’s expression drastically changed, clearly not anticipating Fatty to have such high attack that a normal attack took away more than half of her health.

She frantically chugged down potions and retreated, while trying to use the dense group of skeletal lancers to avoid Fatty’s attack. However, Fatty was clearly more experienced. He swiftly moved and blocked off her path of retreat, forcing her into the skeletal lancer group.

“Stop!” That person was a pretty girl with a curvy body, full at the places where should be, and thin in the other places. She was wearing a common leather armor that revealed her beautiful legs outside. She had a worried expression on her face as she chugged down potions and screamed for Fatty to stop.

“How could there be something so nice as me stopping when you want me to?” Fatty muttered and applied Poison Fang on her, then turned around to use Combo Attack on the boss. Then, he turned back and used Appraisal on the girl. He did all three almost simultaneously, including handling attacking the boss, flawlessly.


Magic Apprentice

Level 10

“W-What’s wrong with you? I already said stop!” Darksnow turned completely green after getting poisoned, and that included even her iris.

“G-give me the antidote!” Darksnow repeatedly chugged down potions. Yet, even though Poison Fang dealt a respectable amount of damage, it wasn’t really much use against players. After all, it’s not like Fatty could poison someone for a few hours until they die, so Darksnow was clearly too worried about dying.

“Give me the antidote!” Darksnow was worried sick as she watched her health drop little by little

“You want the antidote?” Fatty pretended to search around his inventory for a while, then suddenly called out. “Oh, I just remembered, I don’t have the antidote!”

“You…” Darksnow was brought to tears as she watched her health creep lower. What’s more, since health potions had a cooldown time and the ones that she used were merely small red potions, it wasn’t enough to counteract the effects of the poison at all.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die,” Fatty said calmly and casually sliced away at the Skeletal Centurion.

“Ahh, phew, it stopped. My health finally stopped dropping,” Darksnow’s health bar finally stopped dropping when it reached less than 10%. She patted her perky breasts and let out a long sigh of relief.

“W-What’s with that look?” The moment Darksnow looked up, she immediately saw Fatty’s look of pity, which only caused her to get angry. She clenched her fists, and just as she wanted to say something, she felt a bit of pain on her back, then her remaining health vanished.

The moment Darksnow fell down, she saw a skeleton holding a lance crackle towards her with its empty sockets.


At the same time, Fatty also killed the Skeletal Centurion, causing it to drop a small pile of items.

“Ahh, so pitiful,” Fatty sighed as he quickly picked the drops up.

However, there was still no Skeletal Spark. I guess the Skeletal Centurion isn’t high level enough. I’m can only go and kill the boss on the third floor. I wonder what it is, could it be a Skeletal Chiliarch?


System Notification: Darksnow has sent you a friend request. Would you like to accept?

Fatty twitched his mouth, then chose to accept, causing a voice chat window to surface.

“Damn fatty, it’s all your fault. You caused me to drop a level, so I have to farm to level 10 again. Sob, now the reward for the first person to get their class enhancement is gone!”

Fatty was speechless. “How is it my fault that you dropped a level? It’s not like I killed you.”

“I don’t care. If it wasn’t because you poisoned me, I wouldn’t have lost so much health. And if I didn’t lose so much health, I wouldn’t have gotten killed by a small mob. You have to take responsibility.”

Fatty twitched. “I’m still too young. I don’t want to get married so early.”

“Die damn fatty! Wait, ahh, you’re called Money Grubber?”

“Yeah, don’t you already know that?”

“Oh, oh. You’re the former number one in rankings. C’mon, how about bringing me along to farm. No matter what, you’re responsible for me dropping a level, right?”

“What ranking?”

“You don’t even know about the rankings? It’s the Level Leaderboard, which shows the top hundred players with the highest levels. There is a leaderboard for each region, while there’s a world leaderboard for all the servers. You were once the number one of the Chinese region one and the global one, but your name isn’t even in the top ten now. Ahh, you can’t actually be the first player to reach level 10, right?”

“I once had so much glory? How do you check out the leaderboards?”

“Ugh. Alright. Check out your status board. There’s a green button with “ranking” on it. Just click on that.”

Fatty found the green button that Darksnow talked about, then clicked on it.

Leaderboard (CN)

1Fierce Dragon TheTalent10Mage
3West Gate BlowingSnow10Warrior
5Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord10Warrior
6A Flower10Archer
7Crescent Moon10Archer

Warrior was the most predominant class on the leaderboard. That was inevitable, after all, they had the highest attack in the beginning. Meanwhile, classes like Priests had pretty much negligible attack, and they can only level through others carrying them, making it extremely difficult.

Who the heck is TheFugitive, he actually stole my spot and made me second?

Fatty saw another button on the side, so he clicked on it

Equipment Leaderboard (Weapons)

1FrostfangSilver Weapon
2Wasp StingSilver Weapon
3Rat Tail LanceBronze Weapon

Equipment Leaderboard (Others)

1Python ArmorLeather Armor
2Earthen BootsMetal Armor
3Chicken King’s MadnessNecklace

Damn, five out of the top six items on the equipment leaderboard is with me!

Fatty had a smug grin on his face.

“What happened? Why aren’t you speaking? You didn’t die, did you?”

“F*ck you. Lord Fatty is the undying cockroach, how could I die so easily. Also, man, why is the system doing this? Wouldn’t the people who don’t want to be famous be troubled?”

“Who doesn’t want to get famous? Everyone’s doing everything they can to get on there. Ahh, fatty, you still on there?”

Fatty answered carefully, “Yeah… Why?”

“Level me up.”

Fatty refused resolutely, “Impossible.”

“Y-You, you’re too petty!”

Fatty replied with a false exclamation, “Yeah, everyone else knows that. You only JUST found out?”

Then he glanced at the leaderboard, “You didn’t even get on the leaderboard, and you’re saying that you want to become the number one of your class.

“T-That’s none of your business. Hmmph, regardless, you still have to take responsibility.”

“Whatever, I’m going to keep doing my mission.”

“Fatty, look up.”


He looked up, then saw Darksnow appearing before him.

Fatty was shocked, “You ran that quickly?”

“I had to. It’s hard for me to get someone to carry me.”

Fatty reached out his hand, “Fine, I can farm with you, but I need payment.”

“How much?” Darksnow looked at him with a look of disdain.

“10 gold coins per hour. I need half of it as upfront payment.”

“You…” Darksnow was infuriated. At that period of time, players with several gold coins were already rather well off. No one else was a professional boss hunter like Fatty who managed to kill several bosses already.

“You have no money? Then scurry off,” Fatty waved. “You think you’re amazing just cause you’re a beauty? There’s no way I’m working for free!”

After the Skeletal Centurion was killed, the entrance to the third floor was already revealed. It was in the corner of the level’s central cavern.

When Darksnow saw Fatty enter the third floor without any hesitation, Darksnow grit her teeth. Technically, she was a rare beauty as well. Ever since she started playing the game, plenty of players had offered to farm with her, but she refused them all. She never expected that she would get rejected without any hesitation the first time she asks someone else to farm with her.

“Is this karma?” Darksnow didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Beep. There was an incoming chat request.

“Snowy, what’re you doing? Did you get your class enhancement yet? I already got mine,” the chat request was from Willowinthewinds, one of Darksnow’s friends. She was also the mage ranked nine on the leaderboard.

“Not yet. I got poisoned when I was going to kill a mob, so my level dropped,” Darksnow thought about it, then told Willowinthewinds what happened.

“Ahaha, that’s karma for you,” a smug chuckle sounded out from the other side of the chat.

“Do you want to die? I just wanted to see how he managed to level up so quickly,” Darksnow waved her fists.

“Haha, I’m more interested in seeing just who is so amazing as to resist the seduction of our beauty Darksnow.”

“Oh yeah, didn’t you already get your class enhancement? Come on over

“Oh wow, you’re evil. He merely refused to farm with you, and you want to kill him,” the other side replied with an exaggerated tone.

“Hmph, isn’t causing me to lose a level enough?” Darksnow put her hands on her hips. “I’ll definitely take revenge.”

“Alright, stop talking like you’re a resentful woman that was discarded by her own husband. I’ll go over and take a look, then help you do your class enhancement mission along the way. As for the guy, it wasn’t easy for him to reach Level 10. What’s more, you did try to steal his boss first.”

“Fine, fine fine. Come quickly, he went down to the third level. He’s probably going to kill the boss. Let’s hurry over to steal it.”

Fatty had no idea what happened after he went down to the third floor. Or rather, he had no interest in finding out. At that moment, he was nearly in tears due to the monsters chasing after him.

Skeletal Knight

Level: 20

Attack: 90 – 110

Defense: 80

HP: 900

Skill: Charge

Notes: A warrior who died on the battlefield. His inextinguishable soul of battle revived it, allowing it to become a spooky skeleton to wait for the chance to step onto the battlefield once more.

Knights, a class of high attack and high health beings, countered rogues. What’s more, since Fatty did not get his class enhancement yet, he lack a lot of abilities, which only brought him more suffering.

A half-rotten skeleton rode on top of an equally rotten skeletal horse. It held a lance in its hand, and wore a rotten set of armor as it rode behind Fatty and chased after him. These monsters were everywhere in the entirety of the third floor. It was fortunate the Fatty had put points into Dexterity, and was naturally rather agile. That was the only reason why he was often able to dodge the monster’s attack when he nearly gets killed.

Bang. He turned around and used Combo Attack on the horse.




The skill shaved off a third of the Skeletal Knight’s health.

“Ooh, I need to attack the horse first!” Fatty suddenly understood. He immediately dashed underneath the skeletal horse and reached out with his dagger towards the horse’s legs.

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