Chapter 188 The Illusion of the God of Misfortune

Chapter 188 – The Illusion of the God of Misfortune

The grayish white light from the Force of Malediction and the five-colored luminance of the Elemental equipment set eroded at one another. After less than ten minutes, the five-colored halo became only a thin layer.

However, at this moment, Fatty had already grabbed the heart and pulled on it. The whole heart trembled as it beat before it leaned toward Fatty.

“The Heart of Malediction?” It had always ended in Misfortune something or other. Now that the inside of the statue of the God of Misfortune was the Heart of Malediction, Fatty became speechless at the bizarreness of it.

The God of Misfortune Stuland and the God of Malediction Aurista. What kind of relationship between those two existed in that it’s escalated to this mess?

The massive heart moved a little. Fatty’s extended hand that was initially covered in the five-colored protective layer had withered and dried out under the Force of Malediction. Some spots on his hand had already revealed white bone, and moreover, even the bones were slowly eroding to dust.

Thump, thump. The heart violently jumped, but it didn't resist Fatty’s act of retrieval. The moment he put it in his inventory, Fatty’s senses blacked out into a pitch black space. The voice of Aurista boomed louder and louder right near Fatty’s ears, as if reaching a climax.

“I, Aurista, am willing to sacrifice my heart to curse you in the name of the God of Malediction. I condemn you to forever be tied by your Misfortune, never to recover, never to awake.”

As the sentence fell to a close, everything lapsed into silence; Fatty no longer heard the voice anymore.

After the Heart of Malediction was stowed away, the five-colored halo also collapsed. The small space inside the statue was now empty with Fatty being the only thing in it.

BOOM! The statue violently trembled with a string of rumbles. The massive, solid figure that Fatty had been trying to dig out with all his might now suddenly formed several cracks from its head down.

At first, the cracks were only as wide as a hair, nearly invisible, but after just a while, amidst the snapping noises, they grew bigger and bigger until they became connecting, deep rifts throughout the statue.

Alongside the rifts’ emergence, more and more small cracks broke out on the statue’s surface. In the end, the statue was covered in widespread cracks, looking as if it was going to crumble completely.

“Not good!” When Fatty felt the statue tremble, and the deep rifts emerge, he jumped and let himself fall through one of the cracks without a second thought, then slid down along the statue.

BOOOM! Not long after Fatty got out, the statue that was over a hundred meters collapsed completely. Countless stone fragments of different sizes dropped in all directions, nearly burying Fatty beneath the rubble.

“It’s ruined…” Fatty looked dumbly at the now destroyed statue, utterly unable to believe that such a figure fortified with the power of the God of Misfortune would crumble just like that.

Whoosh. From the remnants of the statue, a massive figure of a person emerged and floated in mid-air. This person was dressed in strange armor. Surreal, as if an illusion.

“Damnable Aurista. Finally, someone has taken away your heart,” the tone of the figure’s voice was delighted but dejected at the same time, which made them seem strangely conflicted.

“The God of Misfortune!” Fatty blurted.

“It’s you who retrieved Aurista’s heart and broke my curse?” The figure looked down at Fatty with an icy stare.

“That’s me,” at this point, all of the Spirits of Misfortune had vanished without a trace. Fatty fell to the ground and just remained there, sitting. In response to the figure, Fatty also looked up with cold eyes.

“Hand over Aurista’s heart,” demanded the God of Misfortune’s illusion.

“Oh?” Fatty sneered, “What do I get in return?”

“Petty human, you dare to present demands to a mighty God?!” The figure screamed shrilly, “I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you to the relentless and eternal torment of misfortune.”

System Notification: You have been cursed by the God of Misfortune’s illusion, Stuland. For the next hour, you will be affected by bad luck.

Whoosh. Fatty looked around to see that all the spirits who’d vanished were now appearing again. Their pale eyes were ever glaring as they hurled themselves at Fatty.

“You're but a petty illusion. You have the gall to call yourself a 'God' before Lord Fatty, what a joke!” Despite being cursed numerous times and having his stats significantly reduced, Fatty wasn’t at all afraid of the God of Misfortune’s threat. Misfortune is only a state. Without a curse to accompany it, it couldn’t cause any immediate effect. This must be the reason why the God of Misfortune wanted to steal the Heart of Malediction.

“They got in!’ While Fatty was in a deadlock with the illusion, the rest of the squad didn’t just sit idly outside either. They had their maps open to check the position of the other group.

“It’s definitely that Sevik’s scheme. We should have slain that guy from the start,” TheFugitive remarked.

“Less nonsense. Think about how we should handle these people first,” HeadofGod scolded.

“Fatty’s situation is still unknown, we can’t let them get in and bother him,” said East Gate Blowingwind. “Let’s just have those with high movement speed lead them away.”

“Something’s wrong. They’ve come with a purpose; they already knew of this hall!”

On the map, several dozen red spots were heading toward them at extremely high speed, in a straight line, and without hesitation. It was clear that they were already aware of the situation over here.

“Be careful. Anyone who has access to this place is no weakling,” HeadofGod said in a low voice. Everyone instantly readied their weapons and spread out.

“I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you to the eternal torture of Misfortune.”

Inside the hall, Fatty and Stuland, one in the air and one on the ground, were still in a strange deadlock.

“One same sentence over and over. Can’t you think of something new?” Fatty dodged the Spirits of Misfortune and leisurely commented.

“I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you to be unable to find any escape from the sea of Misfortune," in response to Fatty’s provocation, the God of Misfortune could only spat out one curse after another.

“Aha, hahaha! I see!” Fatty burst out into laughter, “So an illusion like you is only capable of deploying misfortune, but lack the power to attack.”

The aerial illusion seemed extremely enraged at these words. All kinds of curses that condemned Fatty to misfortune rolled out one after the other.

Fatty effortlessly evaded the spirits’ attacks, looking very smug. He finally saw through it now. While the God of Misfortune was entitled “God”, it was only a secondary profession whose real power to attack remained to be discussed. While the true God of Misfortune was a powerful entity that could eliminate Fatty with a finger snap, that kind of ability wasn’t something this illusion could possess. Otherwise, it would have killed him already.

“Boss, there are people there,” the leader of the newly entering group was indeed who Fatty had once crossed paths with, the guild master of the Golden Scale Guild – Golden Scale TheMighty.

“Humph! Whoever they are, if they don’t leave, kill them all. No one could ever dream of competing for the God of Misfortune hidden class enhancement with me,” Golden Scale TheMighty said coldly.

“And there I was, wondering who was coming. So it’s the Golden Scale guild master. Long time no see. I hope you’ve been well?” Seeing Golden Scale TheMighty, HeadofGod’s face changed, but it instantly switched to a smile.

“God Familia? LittleLi’s FlyingDagger? The four masters of the Great Four Gates?” Golden Scale TheMighty swept a look across the faces of the Fat Squad members. The more he saw, the more anxious he felt. He didn’t expect to come across this many experts here. Until Golden Scale TheMighty saw Qian Xiaoqian, his eyes shone, and he slightly nodded.

“Guys, why don’t you come in?” Golden Scale TheMighty, who was furrowing his brows, asked as he watched his subordinate killing the two monsters they had carelessly drawn out from the stone pillars.

“Aiii, we can’t. This gate is too heavy, can’t open it,” HeadofGod lamented.

“If you guys can’t open it, would you mind letting my humble self try?” Golden Scale TheMighty offered, not batting an eyelid.

“After it’s opened, how do we split up the stuff in there?” TheFugitive instantly asked.

“If we open the gate, then the loot inside will naturally all go to us,” Uncle Liang, whose IGN was ISteal&IRob, instantly said.

“Then we just won’t let you open it,” TheFugitive said outright.

“You…” ISteal&IRob nearly choked from anger. Of all the hoodlum he’d met, TheFugitive was the most despicable.

“If we open the gate, we split it 30 to 70. You get 30%, we get 70%,” Golden Scale TheMighty slowly said, his eyes gleamed with a strange light.

“No, at least half,” HeadofGod shook his head.

“40 to 60. You get 40%, and we get 60%. If you can’t agree to this, then there’s no need to talk anymore. We’ll try after you leave,” Golden Scale TheMighty finalized.

“Fine. Let’s discuss the number of people to go in then,” after exchanging glances with East Gate Blowingwind, HeadofGod said.

“The number of people? Is there a limit on this or something?” Golden Scale TheMighty was stunned.

“Of course! You, there, you have fifty people, which is double ours. If we come across something good and both sides don’t want to let the other have it, our squad will lose out if it comes down to brawl. So we must discuss the number of members partaking in advance,” HeadofGod leisurely explained.

“Ah,” Golden Scale TheMighty nearly laughed from anger. “Afraid that we will start a fight with that many experts on your team? Don’t you think this is a great joke?”

“Am I being funny?” HeadofGod turned around and asked.

“Not at all,” as expected of a familia, the other ten members of God Familia shook their heads in unison in response to their boss.

“Young Master, don’t you feel like they are trying to delay?” ISteal&IRob leaned closer to Golden Scale TheMighty and whispered.

“Hmm?” Golden Scale TheMighty’s face instantly changed. He looked coldly at HeadofGod, “HeadofGod, step aside right now, and I’ll still consider our earlier agreement as effective. Otherwise, don’t blame us for resorting to brute force.”

Boom! Right at this moment, a violent tremor spread out from the Hall of Misfortune.

“Hurry and open the gate!” Golden Scale TheMighty shouted.

“Motherf*cker!” Fatty crawled out from under the debris and wiped off the sweat from his forehead. Initially, he only wanted to mess with the illusion for fun. No one would have expected that the opponent would unleash super powerful magic and nearly buried Fatty alive.

“I thought you couldn’t attack?” Fatty raised his head to ask. Then, he saw the illusion flicker briefly and became much dimmer.

“So, that’s why,” Fatty nodded. “Bro, don’t be so riled up. How about we make a deal?”

“What deal?” The Misfortune God’s illusion hurriedly halted his next attack and didn’t forget to order the spirits to stop pouncing.

“Give me the Misfortune equipment set, and I’ll give you the Heart of Malediction. How’s that?” Fatty yelled out the offer.

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