Chapter 186 The Permanent Curse

Chapter 186 – The Permanent Curse

With the Curse of Misfortune attached to them, no one could get an accurate reading on the exact timing of the incidents. For example, in Fatty’s case, it occurred during the most crucial moment of the fight and nearly resulted in killing him.

“Thank God it was just a little slip-up and didn’t redirect my attack toward my teammates,” Fatty said mockingly.

While the other three’s attacks didn’t hit, the Headless Knight didn’t end up too well either. Wheat broke the horse’s leg, which placed a significant limiter on the monster’s movement.

The five began another round. This time, everyone was very cautious, afraid that the Curse of Misfortune would play a trick on them. Finally, taking twice the time needed to kill the Guard of Misfortune, they slew the Headless Knight.

“Not bad, nice exp gain,” Fatty was delighted.

The team spoke with the other teams and found that the rest were farming monsters as well. Everyone’s minds were in sync as they all wanted to reap the most benefit from this difficult-to-enter place.

The entire square was capable of housing up to tens of millions of stone pillars. In addition, inside each of the pillars was sealed a monster. The deeper they walked, the stronger the monsters. Gradually, the five started to feel more and more stressed, even with their strength.

However, the stronger the monsters, the more exp they gave. After farming for ten-odd hours, Fatty and Qian Xiaoqian, whose levels were the lowest, finally leveled up.

“Hurry, I’m almost leveled up as well,” Han Shen said excitedly. It wasn’t every day when they could find an excellent farming place like this.

Originally, Han Shen had been at the same level as Purple Bell. However, he dropped a level after being killed by Fatty, which dragged the distance between the two experts. At this moment, Han Shen was only a sliver away from level 39, while Purple Bell was already marching towards 40.

Despite this, reaching level 40 was easier said than done. From level 20 on, it required several million exp for each level. From level 39 to 40, players needed around six million exp. If they were farming outside now, the leveling speed would be even slower.

“10% more. I’m almost there as well,” Purple Bell sweetly smiled, not the least bit anxious.


Finally, covered in a golden halo, Purple Bell successfully reached level 40.

“How many have we killed?” Fatty asked, lazily stretching his back.

“If not 1000, at least 800?” Xiao Jian sat his bottom on the ground; a long time of tedious farming quickly wore a person out.

“How about we go in and see what’s there?” Fatty suggested.

They had paved a center path through the square. As long as they traveled with care, they wouldn’t provoke any more monsters.

“Go, let’s check it out,” Han Shen had soon been itching. If it hadn’t been for the team keeping quiet, he would have gone further into scout it out already.

The five carefully walked along the center of the path. On either side were towering pillars, sealed inside which were monsters at levels of absolute height. If two of them jumped out at once, the team would be powerless.

At the epicenter of the square surrounded by thousands of pillars, stood a towering and vast hall. The entire hall was grayish white, its entrance gate alone was around forty meters high.

The Hall of Misfortune! On the top of the hall hung a huge black signboard with four big letters in beautiful calligraphy that radiated a boundless majestic presence. With a single glance at it, the five could already feel their future being enshrouded in perpetual misfortune.

Over a hundred steps lead to the grand gate, which was sealed shut. The five carefully tread their way up to the entrance. When they looked up the gate at close range, it felt similar to tiny ants looking up at a giant.

Fatty tried to push on the gate, but it didn’t budge at all. It was simply impossible to push it open.

“You guys wait here, I’ll go in and check.”

Since the ground was made of stone, Earthwalk was still possible, and so Fatty Earthwalked his way inside. When he emerged, he couldn’t help but gasp.

In the vast hall was a dense distribution of kneeling people. At the very front of these people was a massive throne, sitting properly upon which was an enormous statue over a hundred meters in height. This statue was letting out with an uncanny, gloomy, and terrifying presence.

The statue was covered in a grayish white smoke. Its right hand held a magic staff, and its left hand grasped a codex. The head drooped a little as if looking down at the people below. However, the eeriest thing was that this statue didn’t have a face; its face was completely empty.

“Hooo…” Fatty slightly exhaled and took one step forward. All of a sudden, the properly sitting statue lifted its head. The grayish white smoke around its body frantically surged.

With a clamor, the kneeling people all turned their heads, and their smoky gray eyes stared fixedly at the emerging Fatty.

“Mindless human, you dare to profane the great Hall of Misfortune!” An imposing voice boomed inside the hall, violently beating Fatty’s eardrums.

“What’s that sound?” The faces of the four outside instantly shifted emotion.

“Fatty, what do you see?” Xiao Jian hurriedly asked.

“I see a statue and many kneeling people,” Fatty hastily retreated until his body was pressed against the entrance gate.

“Whose statue? The God of Misfortune?” Han Shen asked.

“Possibly,” Fatty’s face was ashen. Even someone like him felt his scalp tingle being stared at by many freakish eyes.

“Defiler, your sin is unforgivable. I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you to eternal misfortune.”

The voice rumbled through the hall. Countless billows of grayish white smoke surged at extreme speed and collected together to form a vast face. On the front, two ghastly, sinister eyes looked down at Fatty from above.

Whoosh. The moment the voice stopped, several people nearest to Fatty stood up and crossed the distance with one single step to approach Fatty.

Swish. Fatty quickly brandished the Elemental Sword, wanting to parry their attacks. Unexpectedly, the sword passed right through their bodies without any hindrance, as though he was slicing at the water.

Puff. A person threw themselves on Fatty’s body and vanished without a trace.

System Notification: The Spirit of Misfortune has cursed you. Your attack is permanently decreased by 30%.

“What?” Fatty was appalled. Seeing as the others were about to fling themselves at him as well, he directly Earthwalked outside.

“What’s wrong, Fatty?” The rest hastily inquired upon seeing Fatty’s shocked expression.

“I’ve been cursed,” Fatty said as he shared the system notification with the team. Everyone’s face immediately turned pale with fright.

“Permanently decreased by 30%? Bug, this is definitely a bug!” Han Shen screamed, “I’ll report it!”

“We are sorry, the game’s program is entirely run from the main server. There is absolutely no bug.”

To Han Shen’s report, Star Fantasia only replied mechanically, “Everything is possible within the game. Please figure it out on your own.”

“What now?”

Hearing this, the rest of the squad ran over here as well and solemnly looked at Fatty.

“F*ck, it’s not like I’m diagnosed with a terminal illness and gonna die soon. What’s with the gloomy faces?” Fatty fumed.

“This curse can be removed, but we need the Purification skill from a Light Mage of the Magus Rank,” East Gate Blowingwind deducted.

“Light Magus?” Han Shen shouted, “That’s level 70 at least. The highest level now is Lil’ Sis Bell at 40. Level 70? That’s gonna take forever! Who knows if my master is still playing then!”

“There’s no other way,” East Gate Blowingwind shrugged. “Permanent curse. Who could have predicted such a perverse thing to exist here?”

“Han Shen, no need to be so anxious,” Fatty patted Han Shen’s shoulder, “It’s no big deal. If anything, I can still find the Black Tortoise city lord to take care of it.”

“That’s right. The City Lord still owes you four favors,” Hearing Fatty say so, everyone’s eyes shone. They immediately threw him aside.

“It’s impossible to open the gate. How do we go in?”

“Go in for what? By any chance, if we’re permanently cursed like Fatty, who are you gonna cry to then?”

“Say, you think it’s possible that the Equipment Set of Misfortune is in there?”

“Maybe. How do we get the Equipment Set then? I don’t want to be permanently cursed.”

“Fatty is already cursed anyway. Let him go in again and check.”

Hearing this option, everyone’s eyes shone again. Then, they turned around in unison to gaze at Fatty.

“Hey, hey. I’m still a patient here. You’re not doing this to me, right?” Fatty was upset.

“Hehe, what’s the saying again? Right, a dead pig isn’t afraid of boiling water. You can look for the city lord of Black Tortoise for help anyway. One Purification is a favor, then two of them isn’t adding much more to it,” TheFugitive joked.

“You’re the dead pig!” Qian Xiaoqian was instantly angry upon hearing TheFugitive say such things to her brother.

“Let me go in,” Purple Bell suddenly spoke up.

Upon hearing this, they all collectively remembered that curses couldn’t affect her at all. Everyone agreed on this option.

Purple Bell summoned the Yin Yang Manual. Pointing her finger, a black halo appeared before her. A door flashed inside it, but only briefly before it faded away.

Creasing her brows, Purple Bell tried again. This time, however, there wasn’t even a single movement.

“My Teleportation skill didn’t work. I can’t teleport inside,” Purple Bell said.

“Aiii, Fatty, to be honest, I really don’t want you to risk yourself going in there again,” HeadofGod hugged Fatty tight.

“Head, to be honest, never have I felt such an intense contempt towards you at this moment,” Fatty reached out his arms to hug HeadofGod, then lifted the guy and threw him away.

Joking aside, it was as TheFugitive said, one Purification was a favor, two Purification was still a favor from Lin Xi. Fatty was resolute to go in again.

Once again using Earthwalk, Fatty re-entered the Hall and saw that all the Spirits of Misfortune back in their spots. The statue of the God of Misfortune had its head drooped again in a contemplating stance.

“Hello, it’s the old little me again,” Fatty greeted the statue. This voice was like a poke to the beehive. The statue abruptly lifted its head with a familiar speech.

“… I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, condemn you to eternal misfortune!

Boom! This time, several tens of spirits stood up at once and aggressively leaped at Fatty.

“Come, loyal worshippers. Come to Lord Fatty’s embrace!” Fatty stretched out his two arms wide.

System Notification: The Spirit of Misfortune has cursed you. Your defense is permanently decreased by 30%.

System Notification: The Spirit of Misfortune has cursed you. Your speed is permanently decreased by 30%.

System Notification: …

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