Chapter 184 Transaction with Sevik

Chapter 184 – Transaction with Sevik

After Kantos was slain, the Curse of Misfortune lost its effect. The group heaved a sigh of relief, feeling the burden lifted off of their shoulders. While tripping up every so often was no big deal, fighting bosses while under the curse would be an entirely different matter altogether.

Now with Kantos dead and the curse lifted, everyone was in a good mood.

“Another piece of the Misfortune equipment set. Could it be that each Envoy of Misfortune drops one?” East Gate Blowingwind wondered as he checked the Armor of Misfortune in his hand.

“If that’s the case, then let’s take our time to enter the Paradise of Misfortune,” said HeadofGod.

“18 envoys, ahh. That’s enough to make two Misfortune equipment sets,” Qian Xiaoqian was delighted.

“Wrong. If these envoys can respawn, then it wouldn’t be just two,” Han Shen shook his finger and corrected her.

“Then why are we waiting? Let’s go look for them!” Without the Curse of Misfortune, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord grew animated again.

Like Kodeland, Kantos didn’t drop anything noteworthy aside from the two Gold Armors of Misfortune, which were just so-so. As usual, Fatty stowed them all safely away.

“Aiii, why do those Violet Equipment require level 50 to equip? It’s so very, very far away,” West Gate Blowingwind sighed.


“Damnable human, the God of Misfortune shall not let you off. I, Envoy of Misfortune, Nadun, curse you. I curse you to forever drown in misfortune!”

In his last scream of fury, a bulky bald man with an ax in hand fell with a thud, dropping a bunch of items as he fell.

System Notification: The Envoy of Misfortune, Nadun has cursed you. Your path will be littered with misfortune for one hour.

“This again. Can’t the developers think of something new?” Everyone rested their hands against their forehead, feeling an oncoming headache from the repeated Curses of Misfortune that had been placed upon them.

They had been doing nothing but spending time in the Door of Misfortune for nearly a month. Aside from logging off to take care of their everyday needs whenever Purple Bell had to log off, the only thing the group did was continuously search for the Envoys of Misfortune.

Nadun was the seventeenth one that they found. Only one more and they would have slain all 18 envoys in this map.

When they killed the ninth envoy, they had already gathered a full Misfortune equipment set. However, they didn’t equip it, so the effect of this set was still unknown.

“The second set only lacks the cape now. Let’s put all of our efforts into getting this and prepare to enter the Paradise of Misfortune afterward,” Fatty picked up the drops and encouraged.

From the information they got from the previous 17 envoys, the condition to enter the Paradise of Misfortune was indeed as Kantos had said: They must survive inside the Door of Misfortune for a full month. As long as a player didn’t die, they would be automatically teleported to the Paradise of Misfortune.

This condition sounded very simple. The players only needed to hide somewhere to pass the requirements. However, those who entered the Door of Misfortune map often found it harder to stay still than to roam around. They’d be occasionally unlucky when walking around, but if they remained in one place to pass the time, what would find them would be the most terrifying existence that they could imagine.

Everyone had tested this theory out and came to this conclusion. Consequently, the party gave up on any tricks and obediently moved around the map.

“This area is the only one that we haven’t searched, the last envoy is definitely here,” Fatty checked the map. All the regions they had gone through were lit up-- all except for one corner that was still dark.

“Let’s go. One hour will have passed by the time we reach it,” everyone got on their mounts and started traveling toward the last area.

At the moment, Fatty’s Skeletal Dragon was no longer the only unique mount. After nearly a month, everyone had switched to a Gold Boss mount except for Purple Bell and Qian Xiaoqian.

During this time, while there weren’t any normal mobs to grind, the experience gained from killing the bosses still amounted to a decent number. Practically everyone in the party gained more than half a level.

This last area was a swamp. From a distance, the Fat Squad spotted a huge crocodile-like monster hunting for prey.

“Deepwater crocodile,” Fatty instantly recognized the monster. It was indeed the Deepwater Crocodile that Fatty came across at the Wraith Swamp. However, this one was much smaller than the one Lin Xi subdued.

Deepwater Crocodile Leader
Gold Boss
Level: 50
Attack: 110 – 130
Defense: 120
HP: 23,000
Skills: Fatal Crash, Tear
Notes: A mutated crocodile with sharp jaws, claws, and capable of moving at breakneck speeds. Its favorite pastime is hunting for its prey.

“Another boss. If it weren’t for the fact that leveling is too slow in this place, I would love to stay here for several months,” TheFugitive exclaimed.

“Alright, the cursed state has worn off. Let’s kill this boss first, then we’ll go look for the last Envoy of Misfortune,” said Fatty.

With the group’s strength, a mere Gold Boss wasn’t in the least bit challenging. Everyone attacked altogether, and, before the boss knew it, this fierce crocodile had turned into a pile of items around ten minutes later.

“Keke, more humans. Welcome, welcome,” a low voice echoed in the air. Everyone’s faces changed. Fatty quickly looted all the items and took a combat stance, ready to welcome the opponent.

A patch of fog arose out of thin air. When the mist diffused, what appeared in its place was an NPC dressed in all black from head to toe walking with a magic cane in hand.

“Let me introduce myself. This humble one is Envoy of Misfortune, Sevik. Welcome to the Door of Misfortune,” the NPC dressed in black spoke elegantly.

“Sevik, heh,” Fatty chuckled.

“What’s so funny, young man?” Sevik caressed his magic cane.

“Grandmaster, we want to go to the Paradise of Misfortune. Can you tell us the way, please?” Fatty asked with a smile.

“The Paradise of Misfortune? That is not a desirable place. Why do you want to go there?” Instead of mentioning any condition, Sevik shot back another question.

“Rumor has it that the Paradise of Misfortune has sealed away the Divine equipment set of the God of Misfortune. We want to go there and try our luck,” replied Fatty.

“Misfortune equipment set?” Sevik seemed to be reliving some memories at those words. After a long time, he finally spoke up, “That is right, the Misfortune equipment set is sealed inside the Paradise of Misfortune. Anyone who enters that place is qualified to try and get the equipment set of Misfortune.”

“Then may I ask, how can we enter the Paradise of Misfortune?” Upon hearing that, the players exchanged glances amongst each other. If the NPC gave them an honest answer, then they might just let him live. If he didn’t, though, their second set of Misfortune equipment happened to lack one last item.

“Hehe,” Sevik softly chuckled. “The Paradise of Misfortune is within the God of Misfortune's Nation. It is impossible for a normal person to gain entry. If you truly want to enter, the condition is very harsh.”

“How harsh can it be? Isn’t the condition to stay alive inside the Door of Misfortune for one full month?” Fatty inquired, incredulous.

“Staying alive for one month only gives you the qualification to try and enter. However, whether you can get in at the end of it all remains uncertain,” Sevik patiently explained.

“It’s that much work?” Everyone creased their brows.

“It doesn’t have to be that bothersome if we talk about it,” Sevik laughed. “As an Envoy of Misfortune, I naturally have the ability to directly let people in without them having to pass the trial.”

“The Envoys of Misfortune have this right?” Fatty immediately raised his doubt, “We have met several Envoys of Misfortune before this. Why didn’t they say so?”

“Them? What do they know?” Sevik expressed his disdain without hiding it, “They only became envoys because of a promotion. They know nothing about the matters regarding the Paradise of Misfortune. It is already worthy of praise if they even know how to get there.”

“Then, grandmaster, what is your condition for letting us in?” Fatty took a deep breath and asked.

“You lot want the equipment set of Misfortune, and I,” Sevik raised a finger. “I only need you to acquire one object from the Paradise of Misfortune for me.”

“What’s the object?” Fatty instantly asked.

“A heart,” said Sevik. “It is inside the Great Hall of Misfortune; you will naturally come across it. I only need that heart.”

“Okay, it’s a deal,” Fatty nodded.

“Very good. Young man, I await you to bring me what I need,” Sevik nodded. Without hesitation, he swung his magic cane. Instantly, a magic formation appeared before everyone.

The formation radiated grayish white light and was big enough for the squad to fit in.

“What now? Do we want to enter?” Fatty asked via the party chat. Several Envoys of Misfortune that they we met were experts in fooling players. Who knows if this Sevik is going to deliver us to the Paradise of Misfortune or not? What if this turns out to be a plot in the end and, in reality, we’re being teleported to some monster’s lair to die?

“I don’t think he’s lying,” East Gate Blowingwind remarked after some consideration.

“Who knows? Good liars are very good at disguising themselves to look the opposite,” HeadofGod said.

“What’s there to be afraid of? It’s not like a mere magic formation can kill us all,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord sneered. “I’ll go in first to scout. You guys can follow after.”

Dropping those words, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord stepped into the formation, “Old man, send me there.”

Sevik wasn’t at all offended by the group’s hesitation. A light shot out from the cane and merged into the formation. With a rumble, the formation began to operate and emitted a light column. Then, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord vanished before everyone’s eyes.

“How’s it?” Fatty asked via the party chat, but there was no response from Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord. Fatty opened the communicator, “LittleOverlord?”

System Notification: Sorry, the player is currently in a special area and cannot be contacted.

This was the same case as when Fatty was inside the Mystery Realm, so Fatty concluded that there shouldn’t be any issues. For insurance purposes, however, Fatty still decided to scout it out by himself first.

“You guys, wait here,” Fatty directed the Skeletal Dragon into the magic formation.

Whoosh. The formation once again operated and Fatty vanished as well.

A while later, Qian Xiaoqian suddenly went offline for a bit. Then, she logged on with an announcement, “All good, we can go in.”

When the squad all disappeared inside the formation, Sevik cackled, “O mighty God of Misfortune, since you have disappeared, just leave the Nation of Misfortune in my hands. God of Misfortune, hahaha, when the Nation of Misfortune becomes mine, I, Sevik, shall be the next God of Misfortune.”

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