Chapter 182 Kantos

Chapter 182 – Kantos

Ignoring the looks of contempt from the others, Fatty rode the Skeletal Dragon around the group in a circle.

“Alright, guys. Let’s get going,” after Fatty picked up the drops from the mammoth; the squad continued moving forward.

The area inside the Door of Misfortune seemed to be endless, and it was unclear to what places it was connected. After traveling for an entire day and killing various monsters, the group still hadn't seen a single distinguishable object.

The Door of Misfortune lived up to its reputation. Even when the group wasn't under the effect of any ‘misfortune curse,’ they were still unlucky from time to time. The most common was tripping, with occasions where a random item just hurled itself at them from out of nowhere. One time while they were waiting to replenish their energy, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was nearly choked to death by his food.

“Could it be that amongst everyone, I’m the ugliest?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was genuinely upset.

“It’s not your fault that you’ve grown up ugly, but it’s your fault if you go out and scare the poor monsters with it,” laughed TheFugitive joyfully from atop his skeletal tiger. Along the road, they had captured two more mounts: a Skeletal Tiger for TheFugitive and a Skeletal Snake for East Gate Blowingwind. In addition, Fatty also got another soul spark.

“This island isn’t too shabby. While there aren’t any mobs, the dense distribution of bosses makes it very suitable to farm for treasures,” HeadofGod remarked. “I wonder where the Paradise of Misfortune is. We haven’t found a single thing after walking for so long.”

“How about we go and kill the other Envoys of Misfortune?” Someone suggested.

The squad fell into silence, “Go! Let’s find and question them. If we don’t get anything useful from them, then we’ll simply kill them all.”

As they searched, the landscape finally transitioned into something other than a wide open, blank space. A black horizontal line gradually became evident ahead. Approaching the line, the group saw a seemingly endless patch of trees, along with some animals bustling alongside.

“We’re finally free of those damn bones. What’s this place?” East Gate Blowingwind asked.

“Probably the territory of another Envoy,” Fatty could see quite a broad view from the dragon’s back.

Roahhhh! All of a sudden, a roar shook the earth. A massive monster, not at all smaller than the Skeletal Dragon, quickly ran toward them.

“What luck, encountering a boss as soon as we arrive! This one is mine, don’t steal it,” West Gate Blowingsnow urged his mount toward the monster.

“Something’s wrong. Old Second, come back!” East Gate Blowingwind shouted urgently.

The quickly approaching mob wasn’t undead. It looked like a fierce tiger with a horn protruding from its head and green stripes spreading throughout its body. Its size wasn’t something to be left out either, as it was even larger than an elephant.

“What’s wrong?” Hearing his friend’s warning, West Gate Blowingsnow immediately turned back despite still not knowing what the issue was.

Hoooo. In a single breath, the horned monster closed in. Not sparing even one glance at the tiny human, it passed them by with a gale. The creature looked frantic and horrified as if it were fleeing from something.

“Hide! I don’t want to meet the thing it’s running from!”

The squad hurriedly pocketed their mounts and hid inside the forest. As soon as they finished doing so, a monster similar in appearance and size to a deer galloped by at a speed so quick that the air screamed as it passed. In just a few movements, it caught up to the tiger-shaped creature from before.

Puff. Everyone could feel their scalp tingle as the deer-like monster suddenly leaped forth and knocked its quarry down, snapping the latter’s head off in one bite.

“This, this… I must be seeing things. A prey being fiercer than a predator?” Han Shen was appalled.

“Who’s the prey?” The deer was bloodily gulping down the tiger’s meat in large chunks. Hearing Han Shen’s word, it turned to look at him.

“Shit! Monsters can talk now?” Han Shen was even more shocked. Fatty pulled him a little and whispered, “That’s the Envoy of Misfortune in this area.”

Saying so, Fatty shared the info he got from his Appraisal with the party.

Envoy of Misfortune – Kantos
Gold Boss
Level: 50
Attack: 140 – 155
Defense: 120
HP: 40,000
Skills: Transformation, Curse of Misfortune
Notes: A guide of the Paradise of Misfortune, a freaky and devoted worshipper of the God of Misfortune. Very powerful.

“So you lot are from his, Kodeland’s, territory. You truly weren’t toyed to death by that bastard. How very interesting,” Kantos stood up on two hind legs, a black glow radiated from its body. After the black light faded away, an NPC looking around his twenties and dressed in a black outfit appeared before everyone with a devilish smile.

“This one is Kantos, one of the Envoys of Misfortune below the Door of Misfortune.” Kantos patted his outfit and introduced himself, “You lot wish to enter the Paradise of Misfortune?”

“That’s right. Please tell us where the Paradise of Misfortune is.”

“The Paradise of Misfortune, hehe,” Kantos chuckled. “Did that bastard Kodeland tell you that you’ll see the Paradise of Misfortune as long as you keep going?”

“He did say so. Is there a problem with that?” Everyone exchanged glances. Did that bastard trick us? We were so right to kill it.

“Hehe, the Paradise of Misfortune is the home to the God of Misfortune. How can it be that easy to reach? If you want to enter, you must complete a mission,” Kantos said.

“What mission?”

“This mission is to survive for 30 days inside the Door of Misfortune.”

“30 days? That simple? The mission is so easy.” Qian Xiaoqian raised her doubt.

“Easy? Hehe,” chuckled Kantos. Once again, a black glow shone from his body. When the light vanished, the deer monster was revealed, and it violently stomped its two front hooves against the ground.

“Humans from the land of light, you should have never entered this land of Misfortune nor set your sight on the equipment set of Misfortune. Die! Vampiric Ivy!”

Countless green ivy tendrils pierced out from the ground and coiled around everyone. A series of red numbers instantly popped up from their heads.

“F*ck! This thing is really bad news!” Fatty blurted, furious. Swinging the Elemental Sword, he cut off the surrounding ivy.

“Earthwalk,” Fatty vanished with a whoosh. When he reappeared again, he was already behind Kantos.

“Coil,” a silver python coiled around Kantos but quickly disappeared.

This was within Fatty’s expectation. He remained composed and Stealth-ed before using Ambush.

Bam. Ambush effectively broke Kantos’ skill casting, immobilizing him on the spot.

Taking the opportunity, everyone cut off the vampiric ivy on their bodies and encircled Kantos.

“One, two, three, Reckless Blow, go!” The rogues came to an agreement after some quick signaling, startling the rest of the members.

A series of successive noise rang out as Kantos' body trembled. Its health instantly decreased by 10 percent.


“Yin Sword!”

Qian Xiaoqian and Purple Bell called out at the same time. Heeding their voices, lighting enshrouded Kantos, followed up with a black sword piercing through its chest. Right after the two girls finished attacking, the masters of the Great Four Gates and Xiao Jian, the players of Rainrevelers, and Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord also cast their attacks. The last to make their move was Ice Witch with her skill Frozen Strike.

Rumbles exploded throughout the air. Kantos had just regained its ability to move when everyone’s attacks caught it off guard. The boss could only watch as its health smoothly plummeted. When the barrage of attacks was over, the poor boss was once again frozen stiff.

“Heh, what misfortune. Today the fortune is ours!” The members of the Fat Squad were quite pleased to be able to restrain Kantos’ movement repeatedly.

“Again!” The rogues seemed to be addicted to targetting the weak. They chucked down red pills and pots before brandishing their weapons at Kantos in unison with a cheerful shout.

All kinds of skills exploded in brilliant colors. A smooth green light flashed all over Kantos’ face. Evidently, someone was very fortunate because their poison proc’d.

Kantos’ health quickly dropped to less than half under the constant attacks. When the rogues were finished attacking, Kantos finally found its chance before the next round could be launched.


Whoosh. Kantos transformed into a hawk, and it soared up, escaping the encirclement.

“Damnable human. You actually have the gall to offend me! I want to eat you alive- No! I curse you! You shall not be able to live in peace until all eternity!” In the sky, Kantos declared an ominous curse, “I, Kantos, in the name of the Envoy of Misfortune, borrow the power of the O mighty God of Misfortune to punish you evil humans, who intend to demean the Paradise of Misfortune. Only death can free you from the Curse of Misfortune!”

BOOM! A gush of black fog appeared from thin air and enshrouded the Fat Squad in a blink.

“Earthwalk,” the moment the black fog fell, Fatty used Earthwalk and escaped.

System Notification: The Envoy of Misfortune, Kantos has cursed you. From now on, you are under the curse until you leave the Door of Misfortune or slay Kantos.

“Hahahaha! Under this curse, you shall follow the wretch paths of those humans who entered this place before you. You shall be unlucky until your death. Enjoy the pain, pitiful human!”

Finishing its speech, Kantos opened up two wings and disappeared into the vast forest.

“I @#[email protected]#%$…” Having bird shit smashed into his face just like that, the ever-so unlucky Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord cursed.

“The Curse of Misfortune again,” East Gate Blowingwind lamented.

“There’s no way we’re leaving the Door of Misfortune. Killing Kantos is an option, though,” HeadofGod stated.

“That damn animal has run off to God-knows-where. How do we find him?” TheFugitive furrowed his brows.

“We take our time. It can’t run forever,” Fatty checked his personal info. Indeed, he wasn’t affected by the curse.

“Can I just stay here and wait for you guys?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord said with a miserable expression then found a spot, preparing to take root then and there.

“Poor child,” Xiao Jian looked at him with sympathy. “Let’s go and take care of that Kantos.”

“AHH!” A shrill scream suddenly startled the players. The poor Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord abruptly jumped up from where he’d sat earlier, and everyone caught a glimpse of an unknown object.

“Dang! Unlucky even when sitting still?”

“I’m afraid this has nothing to do with misfortune,” Fatty pondered. “Misfortune, misfortune, bad luck… If it’s just pure bad luck, then the God of Misfortune couldn’t have been born. Let us hurry and find Kantos to take care of the Curse of Misfortune it placed on us.”

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