Chapter 18 Class Enhancement

Chapter 18 – Class Enhancement

The city where the emperor is called the Imperial Capital, also just called the capital. There were four major cities of a slightly lower different level outside of it called Azure Dragon City White Tiger City, Black Tortoise City and Vermilion Bird City.

The major city Fatty was closest to was Black Tortoise City, so that’s where he chose to teleported to.

Since Fatty had used up a bit of time with the rat, many other players had already reached level 10, so the streets were already starting to fill up. After a few turns from the teleportation formation, he arrived at the Class Enhancement Hall. A thin and slightly meek-looking rogue stood behind a table with some words floating above his head – Rogue Class Enhancer – Salka.

“Sir, I want to get my class enhancement,” Fatty ran in front of Salka and asked to get his class enhancement.

“Oh, my little rogue, you’ve finally arrived. Come, let the great rogue class flourish start from you,” Salka smiled.

“That’s it?” Fatty waited for a moment, then didn’t noticed anything. He checked his status board. Still a Thief.

“F*ck you, you want to get your class enhancement without paying?” Salka was furious. “It’s ten gold coins in total.”

“This is a robbery!” Fatty was outraged. “Getting a damn class enhancement costs ten gold coins? Why don’t you just go and rob a bank!?”

“Would I be doing this if I can actually rob a bank!?” Salka said with disdain. “Do you want your class enhancement or not?”

“Ugh, fine,” Fatty understood that he needed to give in due to being in Salka’s territory. “No matter what, I’m the first rogue player to come get a class enhancement, so you should give me some discount, right?”

“Tsk, you’re the first?” Salka glanced at Fatty with disdain. “You’re the second at best.”

“What? Which mother*cker dared to steal my spot and turned me into number two!?” Fatty clenched his teeth, then used his trump card. “My respectable mentor, Alchemy Grandmaster Reck asked me to deliver a message. He said that he misses the days he used to spend with you.”

“What? Reck?” Salka exclaimed. “That bastard’s still alive? This makes no sense, why is he still alive!?”

F*ck, are they old friend or old enemies? Fatty felt a bit worried. Maybe I should come back tomorrow?

“Damn Reck, that son of a bitch! If it wasn’t because he lost the Poison Immunity Orb, then I wouldn’t have lost my honorary nobility and ended up in this tiny city to do something as shitty as class enhancing,” Salka continued to curse.

“I see, that that’s how it is,” Fatty straightened his back. “O Honorary Noble, I have something to inform you about.”

“What happened, little rogue? Don’t tell me that you don’t have ten gold coins. If you dare to say that, then I’ll throw you outside the door,” Salka looked at Fatty and lifted his boney arm.

“It’s about the Poison Immunity Orb,” Fatty rolled his eyes.

“What did you say? Poison Immunity Orb? You know where it is?” Salka jumped up and grabbed Fatty by his collar.

“Ahem,” Fatty struggled out of Salka’s grasp, “Mr. Reck, the Alchemy Grandmaster, has already discovered the location of the Poison Immunity Orb and retrieved it. Oh yeah, he managed to retrieve it with my help.”

“Oh? That damn Reck found the Poison Immunity Orb? And it was with your help? Good, that’s amazing,” Salka went back behind his table. “Cute little rogue, I’ll give you a mission right now. There is a disgusting mass grave outside the south gate. It’s filled with despicable skeletons. I’ll give you your class enhancement if you go over and find a skeleton’s Spark.


System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Class Enhancement”.

Mission Summary: Retrieve a Skeletal Spark from Mass Grave and hand it to Salka – the Rogue Class Enhancer.

Thus, Fatty went over to the warehouse to sort out his items before heading out once more.

After he walked out of the gate, he turned towards the east and passed through a forest to arrive at his destination – Mass Grave.

The area was ghastly and horrifying. Several skeletons, which looked like that were going to fall apart, held rusted swords and patrolled around wobbly with loud creaks. The ground was covered in rotten corpses, while a large azure stone leaned on the ground with the name “Mass Grave” on it.

Fatty used Appraisal on one of the skeletons.

Skeletal Soldier

Level: 11

Attack: 70 – 85

Defense: 30

HP: 500

Notes: A warrior who died on the battlefield. His inextinguishable soul of battle revived it, allowing it to become a spooky skeleton to wait for the chance to step onto the battlefield once more.

It was a high attack monster with low defense and health.

“Hah!” Fatty raced up to it and used Combo.







The use of the skill immediately dropped half of the monster’s health. The skeletal soldier opened its mouth and howled before hacking at Fatty with its rusted sword.

Since Fatty wanted to test his own defense, he merely stood still and allowed the skeletal soldier’s attack to connect.


Not too shabby. Although Fatty didn’t have a lot of health, as long as he didn’t get surrounded by skeletal soldiers, he was still pretty safe while killing them.

Since he managed to test his defense, Fatty didn’t hold back anymore. He lunged over and dealt 80 damage to the monster, then swept kicked it, before finishing it off with two more hits, causing the skeletal soldier to crumble onto the ground.


Two bronze coins fell onto the ground. Fatty rolled his eyes, but still picked them up before casting Harvest on it. Ugh, it really was pitifully poor. It didn’t give me anything!

Hmmm, no Skeletal Spark though. I guess it was too low level. I guess that makes sense, it wouldn’t be a class enhancement mission if a normal mob would drop it.

The EXP isn’t bad though. My EXP bar increased by 0.1%.

Several skeletal soldiers with scraps on them wandered aimlessly around in the distance. There were no other types of monsters in sight. Fatty clicked open the map, but all it showed was Mass Grave. There was no actually any other information.

So, Fatty could only check out the forums, only to find that since most of the players were very low level, nobody had come there to farm yet, and so he had nothing to base his search on.

Since Fatty guessed that killing normal skeletal soldiers wouldn’t help him complete his mission, he couldn’t be bothered with them anymore. He wandered around to see if there were any other creatures. Since skeletal soldiers were passive monsters, so they merely continued their aimless patrol without anyone attacking them.

After a while, Fatty proved that hard work really does pay off. He managed to find a dark hole in the corner of the Mass Graves.

He hesitated for a moment, then clenched his teeth and jumped down.


System Notification: You have entered Mass Graves Level 2.

This floor was filled with some skeletal lancers. They had slightly higher attack than skeletal soldiers, but not enough to catch Fatty’s attention. However, since they were aggressive monsters, he needed to be careful since getting attacked by a dozen or so would end his life.

Skeletal Lancer

Level: 15

Attack: 80 – 95

Defense: 50

HP: 700

Notes: A warrior who died on the battlefield. His inextinguishable soul of battle revived it, allowing it to become a spooky skeleton to wait for the chance to step onto the battlefield once more.

The entire second floor was like a messy and irregular box. Corner and cracks were everywhere. Fatty looked around and finally found a crack that was a meter something wide. He squeezed himself into it, allowing him to only need to deal with two lancers at most at any given time.

He picked up a femur that someone accidentally dropped, then threw it towards a skeletal lancer.



It was a decent amount of damage. After all, it was a skill that Fatty had never actually used much after getting it.

The skeletal lancer charged towards Fatty with slow and steady strides with its rusted spear in hand.

Fatty blocked the attack, then activated Combo Attack once more.




Three numbers rose up from the lancer’s head, signaling that Fatty had dealt half of its maximum HP as damage. Seeing that, Fatty chuckled, then picked up another piece of bone from the ground to lure another lancer over. Since Skeletal Lancers were slow and didn’t have particularly high attack, Fatty didn’t have any trouble fighting two at once.

While other lancers were drawn over by the commotion, the place Fatty chose walled off the three other possible directions in which he could be attacked, leaving only the area right in front of him.

After killing monsters for quite a while, Fatty did manage to get several drops, including something for him to replace his Leg Guard of the Rooster, the only common equipment he had equipped. However, he still didn’t find the Skeletal Spark he needed to complete the mission.

“I guess there’s nothing here,” Fatty thought about it for a moment. The first floor had level 11 soldiers, the second has level 15 lancers, so the third floor should have some sort of cavalry or something around level 19 or 20.

Level 20, that’s acceptable.

With that, Fatty barged his way through the skeletal lancers surrounding him and quickly wandered around the second floor. However, he was unable to locate the entrance to the third floor.

What’s going on? Fatty went back into the crack he used to hide and frowned. Could there be only two floors to Mass Grave? That doesn’t make sense.

Creak. Crack. Then, Fatty heard a strange sound. He looked over at the dense swarm of skeletons and saw a slightly larger one appear.

It’s torn armor and lance shining with a cold light clearly marked it out as different.

Skeletal Centurion

Level: 20

Attack: 110 – 135

Defense: 75

HP: 850

Skill: Thrust

Notes: A warrior who died on the battlefield. His inextinguishable soul of battle revived it, allowing it to become a spooky skeleton to continue holding the position it had in life.

No wonder. So I have to kill the boss before the entrance to the third floor appears.

Fatty picked up a rib from the ground and tossed it towards the Skeletal Centurion.


It shouldn’t be too hard.


The Skeletal Centurion was infuriated with Fatty’s provocation. It gripped its lance with both hands, while weapon shone with a green light.

The Skeletal Centurion used its prided ability – Thrust.

Boom. The green light covered the entire lance. As the Skeletal Centurion charged towards Fatty, the lance pierced through everything in its path. Countless bones flew into the air, many skeletal lancers turned into skewers on the Skeletal Centurion’s lance.

Fatty was unable to dodge in time, causing the blow to land right on his chest.


Shit, I was nearly one shotted. Fatty was shocked. He immediately gulped down a red potion, allowing his health to stabilize back at 50%.

Combo Attack!

Fatty charged out bravely from the crack while the boss’s skill was on cooldown and used Combo Attack on it, followed by Coil, before activating Poison Fang as well.

Whoosh. The Skeletal Centurion’s health bar dropped by a chunk, while its bones turned green. It was clear that it was successfully poisoned.

Fatty paced himself carefully and attracted the attention of some nearby skeletal lancers.

Half a minute later, the Skeletal Centurion’s green bones gradually returned to normal, while its health finally stopped dropping at around 50%.

Fatty used Combo Attack once more, followed by few normal attacks, dropping another 10% of the Skeletal Centurion’s health. At that point, Poison Fang’s cooldown had ended, so Fatty immediately used it on the boss once more.

Fatty couldn’t help but laugh loudly as he watched numbers repeatedly pop up from the green skeleton’s skull. Lord Fatty has even killed a level 20 yao boss, so there is nothing I have to fear from a puny level 20 one like you.

As Fatty beat down two skeletal lancers around him, the Skeletal Centurion’s health dropped below 10%. Just as he held his dagger and considered where he should attack, a flash of red light shot towards the boss.

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