Chapter 178 The Game of Misfortune

Chapter 178 – The Game of Misfortune

A dark, gloomy atmosphere filled up the entire area. There was complete silence, with nothing greeting the party but empty space. Stretching before everyone’s eyes was only a hazy gray sky.

“This is the Door of Misfortune?” After being swallowed in without warning, the group was greeted by this eerie place.

“Didn’t it say the Door of Misfortune led to the Paradise of Misfortune? Could this be it?”

The group was composed of experts. Despite this being the first time they cooperated, the members immediately spread out in a defensive formation the instant they entered this strange place.

“Everyone, check the map,” Purple Bell suddenly called out.

Everyone quickly opened their map system. Upon inspection, it showed only a pitch black patch, but there was a region where a lot of red spots were gathered. After counting, there were precisely 20.

“Could they be the 20 players who entered before us?” Han Shen remarked.

“That must be,” Fatty nodded. “Everyone, some of you may or may not be acquainted, so let’s get to know one another a little and save us any possible trouble with our cooperation to come.”

While these players were all friends of Fatty’s, not everyone was familiar with each other. Even though they were all experts, any single error in coordination could lead to unwanted consequences in the eerie environment of this place.

While the party got to know one another, Fatty rode Wheat to scout the vicinity. The area was terrifyingly vast and also empty. After running in one direction for over ten minutes, Fatty still couldn’t find any unique or noteworthy object.

There were no monsters, no trees, and no birds. It was thoroughly empty, except for white bones scattered everywhere on the ground.

“What kind of sh*tty place is this?” TheFugitive exclaimed.

“This is the Door of Misfortune,” a voice rang out. Then, a skull flipped a few times and landed before the group.

“Who!?” The sudden movement made the girls jump in fright. Qian Xiaoqian raised her hand, and a lightning bolt struck down right beside the skeleton.

“Young people, there is no need to make a fuss over nothing,” the skull quivered.

Appraisal. Fatty habitually tossed the skill on this skull.

Envoy of Misfortune – Kodeland
Gold Boss
Level: 50
Attack: 140 – 155
Defense: 120
Skills: Dark Devour, Curse of Misfortune
Notes: A guide of the Paradise of Misfortune and a bizarre, devoted worshipper of the God of Misfortune. Very powerful.

“I am the Envoy of Misfortune,” as soon as the skull finished this sentence, smoke rose up from its neck. The vicinity suddenly echoed with creaking noises. Countless white bones grew restless and flocked over to the skull.

“Young man, please make way,” the skull said to Fatty. The latter hastily urged Wheat to retreat several steps. Then, he saw a leg bone race past him toward the head.

Creak, creak… After a successive string of noises, a new, stark white skeleton took form aside from the skull. Then, the skeleton bent down, spreading its ten fingers wide to gently pick up the skull and placed it on its neck.

Kah. After being placed, the skull tried moving a little, emitting small grinding noises, as if finally fitting in the right place.

“Oh, let me introduce myself. I am the Envoy of Misfortune, Kodeland, and I welcome you to partake in the Game of Misfortune,” the skeleton made a gesture toward the players. Two flames slowly arose in its eye sockets.

“The Game of Misfortune?” Everyone was confused and looked incredulously at Kodeland.

“The Game of Misfortune is the welcoming ritual to the Paradise of Misfortune. Only through passing the game will you gain the qualifications to enter the Paradise of Misfortune and fight for the Misfortune equipment set,” Kodeland briefed.

“The Paradise of Misfortune? Misfortune equipment set?”

“That’s right. The Paradise of Misfortune has sealed away the Demonic equipment, which has been named the Misfortune equipment. Wearing this equipment set allows you to get the hidden class enhancement Envoy of Misfortune. In the end, you can even rank up to be the God of Misfortune. Are you lot interested?” Kodeland tempted.

“What are the rules of the game? How does one pass the game to enter the Paradise of Misfortune?” Fatty calmly asked.

“The rule of this game is as follows: there are no rules. Depart from this place and walk forward. Continue forth, and you will arrive at the Paradise of Misfortune. On the way, there will be various incidents arising. If you don’t die on the way, you will enter the Paradise of Misfortune, which means you will have passed the game. Alright, everyone. Let’s start the game. A little reminder, in this place, deaths are so petrifying horrific that it’ll make you regret ever entering in the first place.”

As Kodeland finished, its skeleton resonated and was about to break apart.

“Respected Envoy, please wait!” Fatty hastily called out.

“What?” Kodeland was impatient. Its two arms had disconnected already and disappeared among the bones on the ground.

“May I ask, are you here to guide us especially? How many guides like you are there in this place? How powerful are they?” Fatty asked very politely.

“As the Envoy of Misfortune, I am, of course, your guide. In this place, there are only 18 like me in total. As for our power? Hehe, young man, as the entities being favored by the God of Misfortune, our power is not something you could even imagine.”

“Really? Level 50 Gold Boss, ah,” Fatty smiled at Kodeland. “As far as I’m concerned, the game can begin right now.”

BOOM. Due to Fatty’s early and discrete preparations, the well-prepared members instantly threw their skills onto Kodeland at the signal. In the blink of an eye, Kodeland’s health had dropped by half.

“Ahhh! You dare attack me? You have the gall to attack the mighty Envoy of the God of Darkness?” Kodeland was in complete disbelief that these players would have the guts to attack it.

“Silly bean, we’ve already attacked, and you’re still spouting all this nonsense,” Fatty pouted, then vanished. At the same time, Han Shen, TheFugitive, and the eleven members of God Familia also disappeared without a trace.

Boom, boom. After two consecutive rounds of attacks, Kodeland finally regained its wits and accepted the fact that the opponents were really attacking it.

“Ahh, I want you dead!” Kodeland shrieked, and a massive lightning bolt ripped through the air and struck down on the party.

“Thunderlight Shield.”

“Yin Yang Shield.”

Qian Xiaoqian and Purple Bell each respectively cast their shields to counter the lightning. Space trembled at the collision. The Thunderlight Shield was ripped apart and diffused into small sparks while the Yin Yang Shield was directly pierced through and vanished. As for the thunderbolt, its power had been significantly reduced by the two shields and was no longer enough to one-shot the players.

“Humph, that thing is just so-so,” the Vice-Master of the Great Four Gates, West Gate Blowingsnow, snorted. With a shout, his sword chimed and radiated a light so brilliant that everyone couldn’t help but shut their eyes.


Whoosh. The sword light sliced at Kodeland and dealt over 800 damage. The players around were startled. The Great Four Gates had never tried to stand out before, so they never thought that this Vice Master would be so powerful.

“Ice Strike!” Also a warrior and, in addition, one who had changed their class into an Ice Swordsman, Ice Witch didn’t let West Gate Blowingsnow be the only one standing out. With a strike from her longsword, –500 rose up from Kodeland’s head. At the same time, the freeze effect of the skill also froze Kodeland for a brief period.

“Good chance!” The 14 rogues who’d been lurking around instantly grasped the opportunity to pounce.

“Reckless Blow!”

Just how astonishing was the total damage of 14 rogues using Reckless Blow at the same time? The answer was shown with Kodeland’s health dropping at an astounding rate. The damage dealt was so overwhelming that the creature was fortunate that it wasn’t insta-killed.

“Ahh! I want to kill you all! I’ll kill you all!” Kodeland screamed madly, its stark white bones abruptly turning black, “Dark Devour!”

Hoooo. A huge, pitch black hole suddenly appeared and enshrouded everyone. The suction force that it emitted disabled the players from escaping.

“Ahh, I can’t move!”

“Me neither!”

“Hurry and attack with your skills, cut off its skill while it’s being cast!”

With the new round of attacks, all the skills were devoured by the hole and couldn’t hurt Kodeland at all.

“This is bad. That is the surefire kill move of Dark Mages. Once we’re devoured, we will die for sure!” Han Shen shouted. Being an Underworld Assassin, he had some knowledge about Dark attribute magic.

“Profaners, you dare injure the mighty Envoy of the God of Misfortune. Today, I shall kill you. I will torture your souls with the dark flame every day. Only then can my hatred be resolved,” Kodeland shrieked.

“Attack all at once. We only need to overload the max limit of what the hole can take, and it’ll be finished,” Han Shen called out.

“One, two, three, attack!”

Twenty-five players attacked in unison with their most powerful skills. All kinds of colorful skills shot at the hole. The black hole suddenly expanded before inevitably exploding into an energy gale.

Whoosh, whoosh. The players were pushed into a retreat by the gale, their health dropping like a waterfall.

“F*ck!” Everyone couldn’t help but curse as they frantically stuffed red pills into their mouths.

Since Dark Devour failed unexpectedly, Kodeland temporarily had no more powerful skill to stop the players’ attacks and was nearing its last breath.

“Ah! You forced my hand. I shall drag you to death even if I die trying!” Ignoring the attacks landing on its body, Kodeland screamed and waved its just now reassembled arms, “O mighty God of Misfortune, please hear the call of your most loyal servant. Please punish these sinners who dare hurt your servant with your power. Curse of Misfortune; I curse you! In the next hour, all of the misfortunes in this world will befall upon you all!”

Whew. A black fog quickly spread about and enshrouded the over 20 member party known as the Fat Squad.

“Peh, misfortune? Lord Fatty was born tough. I’m not afraid of misfortune,” Fatty spat in disdain and jumped up to kick Kodeland’s head. After spending all of its life force to release the Curse of Misfortune, Kodeland had died without any fanfare. Its skull was instantly sent flying by Fatty’s kick and shattered upon hitting the ground.

“Ouch, ouch,” on the other hand, Fatty, the one who kicked the skull, was the one to yelp in pain. His hip tweaked, and the rogue almost slipped. Sitting his butt on the ground, Fatty cradled his ankle and cursed, “Motherf*cker twisted my ankle.”

“Misfortune,” everyone exchanged glances; their faces were that of disbelief.

Thud. As the skull fell to the ground, a pile of items gushed out from Kodeland’s remains.

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