Chapter 176 Xiao Jian

Chapter 176 – Xiao Jian

“What? You got a problem?” Fatty shot him a glance.

“That’s right! Wanna fight?” Xiao Jian rolled up his sleeves, ready to go to war.

“Come ’ere, come,” Fatty crooked his index finger.

Xiao Jian took one step forward before immediately retreating, shouting, “I dare you not to use your arms!”

“Alright, I won’t use my arms,” Fatty crossed his arms behind his back.

Xiao Jian took another step before falling back once more, “Don’t use your legs either!”

“Okay, I won’t use my legs,” Fatty nodded, his legs standing still on the spot.

“Also, don’t fight back,” Xiao Jian wasn’t done with his demands.

“You finished yet?” Fatty swiftly approached Xiao Jian with one step, his hands in a claw gesture. His movement was so fast that it created a current of wind strong enough to make the surrounding people’s clothes flutter.

“Boss Xiao, watch out!” The police around were prepared to reach for their guns.

“You lot, don’t move!” Xiao Jian shouted. His left hand swatted away Fatty’s claw. At the same time, he took moved forward and punched Fatty’s stomach.

Bam! Xiao Jian’s punch connected. The flesh where it hit only bounced back a little without any other reaction.

“We had an agreement. You said you wouldn’t use your arms and legs!” Xiao Jian yelped when he saw that his punch was unable to do a thing to Fatty, who was making another claw at him.

“Alright,” Fatty withdrew his hand, putting them behind his back. Then, with a stomp of his feet, his body hurled forward.

Fatty’s body shot over like a tank. Inside the small boundary of the guest room, Xiao Jian felt like he had no space to dodge. Under the gawking of the surrounding eyes, Xiao Jian was flung up into the air upon collision and landed heavily onto the floor.

“Boss Xiao!” Several guns instantly pointed at Fatty, ready to fire at the slightest movement.

“No, it’s no big deal. Withdraw your guns,” Xiao Jian grit his teeth. With one hand supporting his waist, he struggled to stand up.

“Shit, that hurts! Damn Fatty, if you dare, fight me again after you lose weight.”

Smiling slightly, Fatty ignored Xiao Jian. He called out to the anxious Qian Xiaoqian, “Xiaoqian, come over here and greet Big Brother Xiao.”

“So this is Lil’ Sis Xiaoqian? Hah, it’s been a long time. You still recognize your Big Bro Xiao?” Seeing Qian Xiaoqian, Xiao Jian’s eyes instantly shone. His waist no longer hurt as he dashed to Qian Xiaoqian, outstretching his arms to hug her.

“You’re… Big Brother Xiao? I remember now!” Qian Xiaoqian dodged the hug. After trying to recall, she vaguely remembered that there was such a person.

“Awww, poor little me. I was forgotten!” Xiao Jian shrieked, completely throwing away the mighty bearing expected from a Deputy Chief of the police.

“Hello, Big Brother Xiao,” Qian Xiaoqian smiled sweetly.

“Why, hello! Oh wow, the great beauty Luoyu is here as well, heheh,” Xiao Jian laughed oddly.

At this point, Wang Kai’s father finally got a bad omen. He hastily came over and said, “Chief Xiao, about today’s matter…”

“Today’s matter? Mmm, what matter?” Xiao Jian looked to the Chief of Police. Surprisingly, the latter came to his side and summarized the matter as if he were Xiao Jian’s subordinate.

“Damn fatty, you have some nerve to beat people up in my territory,” Xiao Jian glared at Fatty. “Is he dead yet?”

“Still breathing,” Fatty pointed at Wang Kai, who was still lying stiff on the floor.

“Oh, still alive. No matter, it’s just your everyday brawl, no? It’s very normal for young people to get a little heated. Director Wang, what do you say?” Xiao Jian said in a light-hearted manner.

“My son ended up like this, and you call it “getting a little heated?!" Chief Xiao, you’re going too far!” Wang Kai’s father roared furiously.

“Too far? How am I going too far?” Xiao Jian glanced at the man. “You think that your Wang family is worth anything just because you’re partnered with the Zhao family? Do you actually believe that gives you the gall to make a fuss in front of me? Any more f*cking nonsense and I’ll beat you up as well!”

“You!” Wang Kai’s father felt smothered, his finger trembling as he pointed at Xiao Jian.

The arrogant man who had looked down upon everyone earlier was struck speechless by Xiao Jian. At the sight of this, the people present were all satisfied inwardly. Especially pleased was Qi Luoyu’s father, who was visibly delighted and was trying hard to stop himself from applauding.

“Director Wang, a person should know when to stop,” Xiao Jian pushed the man’s trembling hand away lightly. “If you’re not pleased, I’ll have Fatty pay for the hospital fees later.”

“Xiao Jian, don’t be so arrogant. When your old man is dead, I…” Wang Kai’s father couldn’t help but curse.

“Wang Lei, I don’t know when my old man’s gonna die, but another word and you’ll die today,” the instant he heard the man’s words, Xiao Jian’s face changed, his tone chilling to the bone.

“I’m so sorry, Chief Xiao. My husband is muddle-headed. Please ignore his mindless words. Chief Xiao is right; I also think it was just a normal quarrel between young people, it’s no big deal,” Wang Kai’s mother frantically stopped her husband.

“That’s right, you seniors shouldn’t let us young people’s quarrel affect your judgment. Everyone is a person of status here, no? Have you called the ambulance? Hurry and take him to the hospital. Don’t let him die here, it’s unlucky,” Xiao Jian remarked.

When they heard these words, Wang Kai’s parents’ face turned stark pale. However, they didn’t dare to say anything else, afraid that Xiao Jian would use their own words against them.

“Oh, by the way, the second son of old man Zhao wanted to marry my older sister. He came to my house to propose, but I beat him up.”

Wang Kai’s parents nearly stumbled. They ordered their subordinates to lift Wang Kai, frantically wanting to leave.

“Wait,” Fatty stepped forth.

“You beat up my son, what do you want now?” Wang Lei wanted to spit fire, but he could only suppress his rage upon seeing Xiao Jian smiling meaningfully nearby.

“Make your son leave the XuanYu company. If you bother Lan’er again, it won’t be a simple beatdown next time,” Fatty shouted. XuanYu company was the company led by Liu Lan’s father.

“Fatty…” Liu Lan exclaimed gratefully. Qian Xiaoqian immediately turned around and scanned Liu Lan from top to toe, to the point that the latter’s neck turned red in embarrassment.

“This is between our two families. You shouldn’t meddle,” due to Xiao Jian’s powerful background, Wang Lei had chosen to yield. However, Fatty’s words aroused the pent up flame of fury in his heart.

“I couldn't care less what you seniors are plotting. If your son dares to set his eyes on Lan’er again, I’ll make you regret giving birth to him!” Fatty’s tone was unusually forceful.

“You…” Just as Wang Lei was about to explode, Xiao Jian’s icy voice rang out, “Director Wang, you need to go. Don’t delay and make it worse for your Young Master’s injury.”

“Let us leave,” Wang Lei ordered and turned to leave. Never had he felt so stifled before, being threatened by two juniors.

“Fatty, don’t forget to pay for Wang Kai’s hospital fee, even though they wouldn’t mind such a small amount.”

“I want to, but I don’t have any money, ahhh.”

Fatty and Xiao Jian’s conversation rang out from behind Wang Lei. The man forcefully steeled his mentality and quickened his steps toward the door. If he dallied any longer, Wang Lei felt that he’d have a heart attack.

“Why are you still looking around? Hurry and return to your work,” Xiao Jian watched as Wang Lei’s party left and shouted at the police.

Taking Fatty’s group to his office, Xiao Jian poured a cup of tea and brought it over to Fatty.

“Fatty, long time no see, huh?”

Sipping the tea, Fatty nodded, “Mhm, it’s already been five or six years.”

“Time passed in the blink of an eye it seems. We were wild and unrestrained handsome young men then. Now, you have a job, and I’m also working here, awaiting my doom. Aii, how I miss my good ol’ friends,” sitting down, Xiao Jian exclaimed.

“We used to be young and frivolous, but after all that time, we’re all old,” Fatty raised his teacup and stated.

“Pffff!” Qi Luoyu burst out in giggles. Aside to her, Liu Lan and Qian Xiaoqian wanted to hide their laughter by drinking tea. Unsuccessfully, they choked and coughed non-stop, and their faces were as red as a lobster.

“You two are so funny. You’re not even as old as me, yet you say you’re old. If you two are old, what am I? An old grandma?” Qi Luoyu laughed. When her father had left, he gave her a purposeful look and didn’t take her with him, so she followed the group here.

“Heheh, no way. Great Beauty Luoyu isn’t old at all, you are at the prime of your youth. Countless men revolve around you like a bee around honey,” Xiao Jian laughed. The joyous atmosphere completely dissolved the nostalgia in the air.

“Heh, Lil’ Bro Xiao Jian is getting better and better with your compliments. You’re Money Grubber, right? We have met before. Let me introduce myself, I’m Xiaoqian senior’s sister, the guild master of Rainrevelers, RainbowWatcher,” Qi Luoyu extended her dainty hand to Fatty, showing its soft and smooth exterior.

“No wonder you look familiar. I thought RainbowWatcher was a beauty in real life, but I still underestimated you. It seems as if having the game decrease your looks by 20% is common these days,” Fatty shook her hand.

“So you’re Money Grubber? Damn! You really PK’d the first ranked rogue LittleLi’s FlyingDagger. Formidable! Do you have any Divine or Celestial Tier items? Share with your bro, let me be imposing too!” Xiao Jian’s eyes shone brightly when he learned of Fatty’s IGN.

“If I had any of those, I would be ruling the world right now instead of wasting my time talking nonsense with you,” Fatty let go of Qi Luoyu’s hand and sat back. “You know LittleLi’s FlyingDagger as well. Remember Han Shen?”

“Han Shen? That little guy who followed you around all day and called you master?” Xiao Jian tilted his head. Surprisingly, he did recall such a person.

“That’s him, LittleLi’s FlyingDagger,” Fatty nodded.

“Ah, that’s how. I knew it! You certainly bullied that poor guy again. You’re already so daunting in real life. I never expected you to be even stronger in Eternal. I even thought that I was more powerful than you in-game,” Xiao Jian concluded, his expression smug.

“Why wouldn’t he be?” Liu Lan instantly objected, “Fatty already has the Elementalist hidden class enhancement. If he fought that LittleLi’s FlyingDagger again, he would definitely win.”

“Hehe, right, heheh,” Xiao Jian teased and sipped his tea. Through the teacup, he made a mischievous face at Fatty.

“Ahem,” Fatty coughed. “How did you join the Police Department? That year, didn’t they say you would be promoted to military officer soon?”

“Hard to say,” Xiao Jian leaned back. “During a mission, many of our comrades had passed away. Blacky and Baldy all died. My family was afraid that I’d leave my life in the field as well, so they used some connections to pull me back.”

“Blacky, Baldy…” Fatty fell silent. A scene flashed through his mind. In it, two figures walked further and further away, so blurry that he couldn’t make out who they were.

“Hehe, let’s not talk about this. I made arrangements for both of their families. When you have time, let’s visit them,” Xiao Jian smiled.

“Mhm,” Fatty nodded.

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