Chapter 175 Causing a Ruckus

Chapter 175 – Causing a Ruckus

The matter wasn’t hard to resolve. While Wang Kai’s influence was powerful, the other party also knew people whose families weren’t inferior to his. In the end, all of the people involved were dragged away by the very police they normally disdained.

“I couldn't care less what you’re supposed to do! The only thing I know is they injured my son, and they must take responsibility for it!” a middle-aged man furiously roared amidst a group of people inside the police department’s guest lounge. Next to him, an angry-looking woman was holding the well-bandaged Wang Kai.

“Your son asked for it. He deserved to be beaten.” A young woman was in a deadlock with Wang Kai’s father. She was, indeed, the woman who got out of the car with Qian Xiaoqian earlier.

“Qi Luoyu, who the hell are you to talk to me? Call your father here!” Wang Kai’s father yelled.

In an instant, the surrounding faces changed. Even the Chief of Police, who’d been wearing a fawning smile, couldn’t help but curse in his heart. To think a big man, who’s defending the wrong side to boot, would actually talk to a young adult in such a manner! Does he have no shame?

Liu Lan observed with a cold smile. Of course. Like father, like son. The son turns out rotten because he’s grown up learning from the father.

Qi Luoyu’s face grew ice cold, but she immediately composed a smile. “If I’m not worthy of talking to you, then I have no choice but to call my father over. I hope you’ll still be this unyielding then.”

“You two, please,” the Chief hastily stepped forward upon seeing Qi Luoyu making the call. “It’s just a trivial matter; no need to get all riled up and make a mountain out of a molehill.”

Jumping up from her seat and jabbing a sharp finger at the Chief's nose, the woman who’d been holding Wang Kai shouted, “Trivial matter? My son nearly died! You actually call that ‘just a trivial matter’?! If you don’t give us an answer today, nobody will leave here in peace!”

“Alright, alright.” Facing the opponent’s domineering manner, the Chief only offered a placating smile. “Is the Young Master feeling better? I think he should go to the hospital for a check-up first before we do anything else.”

“F*ck off! Don’t stick your nose in this,” Wang Kai’s father angrily interjected. The Chief Police was enraged, but he still suppressed his anger. Flinging up an arm and deciding to wash his hands of it all, he stepped aside with an ashen face.

“Maybe we should take Lil’ Kai to the hospital?” Wang Kai’s mother hesitantly suggested after watching her husband scare away the Chief.

“No need, I’m not gonna die from this.” Wang Kai struggled to sit up.

“Don’t! Don’t move.” Wang Kai’s mother hastily came over to support him. “Rest assured, you’ll get your revenge, however you want it.”

“It’s simple. Just let the girl, the one who hit me, come with me.” Wang Kai’s lips curved into a lewd smile.

“In your dreams!” Among the other group of people, Qian Xiaoqian responded angrily, her face pale.

“Mhm, that’s right, at the police department,” Qi Luoyo finished saying before hanging up her phone. She consoled Qian Xiaoqian, “Lil’ Qian, don’t be scared. Leave it all to me.”

“Mm, I’m not scared. I’ll just make a call as well.” Qian Xiaoqian took out her phone and walked to a corner.

“Lil’ Liu, our Lil’ Kai has been badly injured. Don’t you have anything to say?” Wang Kai’s mother confronted Liu Lan after a brief silence.

“Isn’t he okay now?” Liu Lan replied blandly.

“How is he okay?! He was savagely struck! What’s considered ‘not okay’ then? Being beaten to death?!” The other woman practically screamed.

A hint of contempt flashed across Liu Lan’s eyes; however, she still approached Wang Kai and asked, “You okay?”

“Ouch, ouch! My head still hurts a little,” mewled Wang Kai. “But, it’ll be fine if you rub it some.” Upon hearing his cheeky suggestion, Liu Lan felt an urge to pick up a nearby chair and hit the guy right where he was hurt.

“Lil’ Liu, Wang Kai asked you to rub it. Hurry and do it,” urged Wang Kai’s mother.

“Don’t push it.” Liu Lan glared at the woman. “Don’t think that you can do anything just because my family’s company needs your help. If worse comes to worst, we can end the partnership and go our own ways. Then, it’ll be none of your business even if our company goes bankrupt!”

“Aiya, such a big temper for such a young age,” Wang Kai’s mother mocked in a high, shrewish voice. “Some things just aren’t up to you, Lil’ Liu.”

Having just returned home, Fatty received a phone call from his sister. “What? Alright, I understand,” he answered. He immediately changed into an outfit he hadn’t worn in a long time and left the house again.

Qi Luoyu’s father soon arrived at the police department. “Old Wang, why make a mountain out of a molehill? Just let the young people settle it themselves, no?”

“Old Qi, my son nearly died. How is this still a molehill?” Facing Qi Luoyu’s father, Wang Kai’s father wasn’t as domineering as earlier, but his face remained ugly.

“We’re all well aware why your son was hit, so I won’t waste my breath. But, it was a banquet held by my daughter, so everyone who came is our responsibility. Harming our guest is the same as slapping this old man’s face. Old Wang, think carefully about this,” Qi Luoyu’s father sternly concluded.

“Old Qi, you really dare to oppose our Wang Family?” Wang Kai’s father grew belligerent.

“Oh? Why wouldn’t I dare?” Qi Luoyu’s father raised his brows.

“Humph, you must not have heard then. The Wang Family currently has a partnership with the Zhao Family,” sneered Wang Kai’s mother.

“The Zhao Family?” Hearing this, Qi Luoyu’s father momentarily lapsed into silence. After a while, he said, “Forget it. About today’s matter, Old Wang, give me some face and don’t make things hard on my little girl. I can pay for all the damages.”

“This has nothing to do with your Young Miss. Anyway, I’ll grant you a little dignity.” Wang Kai’s father coldly smiled. “As for other things, don’t get yourself involved.”

Qi Luoyu hastily cried out, “Dad!”

Her father sighed, then grabbed her tight and dragged her to the door. “No, I can’t let them bully my sister!” Qi Luoyu struggled.

“Let Lil’ Kai take care of the rest himself,” ordered Wang Kai’s father smugly as he watched the pair.

“Hehe! I won’t bully you. Normally, you would be punished for injuring me this badly; but, I’m a reasonable man. As long as you take care of me while I’m on bedrest at the hospital, I’ll write it off once I’m healed and discharged; how about it?” Wang Kai looked at Qian Xiaoqian from where he sat.

“If you enter the morgue, will you still need to be taken care of?” a voice resounded from outside the room. Wearing a bizarre black outfit, Fatty opened the door and entered.

“Bro!” Tears instantly flowed from Qian Xiaoqian’s eyes as she jumped forward to hug her brother’s arm.

“It’s okay. I’m here for you,” Fatty reassured her, gently patting her back.

“You’re her brother? How’s that?” Wang Kai scanned Fatty from head to toe in disbelief. “Tell me, how’re you gonna settle this?”

Qi Luoyu and her father had also stopped, waiting to see how Fatty intended to handle things.

This is Money Grubber? He looks quite nice, just a little chubby, Qi Luoyu even thought to herself.

“Go stand with your friend other there. That’s right. Stay there and don’t come over.” Fatty pointed and directed Qian Xiaoqian to where Qi Luoyu and her father stood. When his sister had settled next to Qi Luoyu, Fatty approached Wang Kai. “Wang Kai right? We met earlier.”

Liu Lan had a sudden revelation. “Fatty, don’t be impulsive!” she cried out and sprinted to him as well.

Hmmm? Including Wang Kai’s parents, everyone looked at Liu Lan and wondered about her unusual behavior.

A corner of Fatty’s lips curled to reveal a strange smile. The pitch black outfit made his perfectly white teeth stand out all the more. “If you wanna stay in the hospital, I’ll help you stay as long as you want.”

SNAP! A violent slap landed across Wang Kai’s face. The man’s body flew and spun several times through the air. Not waiting for him to land, Fatty followed with a flying kick. THUNK! THUD! Creak… Wang Kai smashed a wooden desk to pieces as he landed atop it, and then he lay motionlessly among the debris.

“Ahhh! You…! You…!” Wang Kai’s parents had failed to react and could only point fingers at Fatty, clearly at a loss for words. No one in the guest lounge ever imagined that Fatty would be so brazen as to hit the guy right in front of his parents, and right inside the police department!

“Outrageous! Outrageous! Where is the Law? What are you standing around for? Hurry and seize him!” Wang Kai’s father screamed.

Bang! Just as the words left his mouth, Wang Kai’s father felt his body go flying. Before losing consciousness, the man could hear a terrified shouting near his ears.

“You! What do you plan to do?” Wang Kai’s mother was horrified. Staring at Fatty’s vicious, smiling face, she retreated step by step. Only when her back hit the wall did the woman remember she was in a police station. Frantically, she shrieked, “Are you all dead?! Hurry and catch this bastard!”

“Don’t move!” Several police officers appeared at the door, each holding a gun. Behind them, the Chief also drew his gun and directed it at Fatty.

“Young man, don’t be impulsive,” Qi Luoyu’s father anxiously called out.

Seeing Fatty deterred by the guns, Wang Kai’s mother finally found her confidence. “Capture him! I want him dead!” she yelled while helping her husband up.

“Young man, I’m very sorry about what’s happened; but, I hope that you won’t do the wrong thing on impulse. Otherwise, you’ll end up being the one in a bad situation.” The Chief sighed.

“Wow! How lively! Even the guns are out!” A young man in police attire suddenly appeared at the door. Observing the situation, he burst into laughter.

Fully restored of his consciousness, Wang Kai’s father said, “It’s Chief Xiao!” He hastily stood up to greet the young man. Even the Chief of Police went to greet this young Deputy Chief of Police.

“What happened? Holster your weapons!” Deputy Chief Xiao shouted. The police instantly withdrew their guns.

“It’s like this…” The Chief Police briefed him on the entire situation from the beginning.

“This kind of man deserves death,” said Deputy Chief Xiao plainly, disregarding the potential reactions of Wang Kai’s parents.

“Cough! Cough!” The Chief repeatedly cough as a queue to the young man to mind their present circumstances.

With a harrumph, Deputy Chief Xiao looked left, then right, before entering the guest lounge. He then spotted Fatty standing there.

Deputy Chief Xiao’s face was initially delighted before turning to anger. “Damn Fatty! I haven’t even settled our debt from the last time you beat up my cousin, and you already dare to come here and cause a ruckus! I see you’re tired of living!”

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