Chapter 174 Celebration Banquet

Chapter 174 – Celebration Banquet

“What? This kind of map exists? How do I not know about it?” LittleLi’s FlyingDagger was dumbstruck.

“I am your master. You have to know,” Fatty wasn’t the slightest bit courteous as he expressed his contempt.

“I despise you.” Without having to see the other’s face, LittleLi’s FlyingDagger already knew what kind of expression Fatty was displaying.

Beep, beep. The system suddenly notified Fatty of a real-life call. Fatty left LittleLi’s FlyingDagger some words before logging out to receive the call.

“Fatty, why are you still in-game?” Liu Lan’s voice rang out from the phone. Indeed, she was urging him.

“Oh, I remember! After I finish changing my clothes, I’ll leave,” Fatty finally remembered the celebration party that Liu Lan had invited him to. Fatty hurriedly logged back in to exchange phone numbers and addresses with LittleLi’s FlyingDagger. After doing that, he logged out, got ready, and left the house.

From afar, Fatty spotted Liu Lan waiting at the entrance of the hotel. Not wearing her typical office attire, Liu Lan was looking extraordinarily charming today, with each expression on her face able to make one’s heart tremble. She looked even more beautiful than the hotel usherette.

“Quickly, we were waiting for you!” As soon as Fatty got out of the taxi, Liu Lan came over to latch onto his arm and dragged him toward the hotel.

Cling clang. The surrounding people were so stunned that their glasses fell off of their head. The young men who had set their eyes on Liu Lan glared at Fatty with ferocity.

“So cold,” Fatty shivered. Immediately, his face full of fat turned savage as he glared back at those young men.

“F*ck…” A young man cursed. He rolled up his sleeves and stepped forth, ready to PK with Fatty, but a friend next to him hastily pulled him back. They whispered something with each other, then the young man swept a glance at Fatty and left.

“Humph! Serves you right for glaring at Lord Fatty,” Fatty was indignant. He held up his middle finger toward the man’s departing back.

“Alright, stop. People will start to laugh at us,” Liu Lan was between laughter and tears. She hurriedly dragged Fatty into the hotel.

Not long after Fatty entered the hotel, a white Bugatti Veyron stopped outside the hotel. The door opened, stepping out was Qian Xiaoqian in a white casual outfit and a charming woman in a red trench coat. The two were an eye-drawing combination as well.

The two parked the car. Then, they ignored the surrounding eyes, chatting and laughing as they entered the hotel. The corridor they took was exactly the opposite of the one Fatty took.

To congratulate Misty Waterfall on making it into the top 10 guilds of Black Tortoise City, Liu Lan had gone to great lengths. Not mentioning everything else, the location she chose alone was the most famous hotel in the area.

Those coming to the banquet today were all amongst the executive ranks of Misty Waterfall, who were also employees of Liu Lan’s company. Most of them recognized Fatty as the man who had been their colleague for two years.

Of course, there were those who didn’t know him, like a haughty-looking young man who was surrounded by a group of people.

Upon seeing Liu Lan pull Fatty in by the arm, Wang Kai’s face instantly sank. He asked the people around, “Who’s that fatty?”

“Oh, that’s Qian Ye, the former director of our company’s Business Department. He’s on extremely close terms with our General Manager. Not long ago, the Assistant General Manager fired him for some reason,” replied a knowledgeable individual quickly.

“Humph, just a brat who was fired. What qualification does he have to join our company’s celebration’s banquet?” Wang Kai snorted. The people around him immediately stopped talking, showing their unwillingness to meddle in this kind of conflict. However, some revealed cold smiles and looked at Fatty with ill will.

“Qian Ye, Fatty, everyone knows him already. Oh, there are some newcomers, let me introduce you,” Liu Lan pulled Fatty before Wang Kai. “This is Wang Kai, our company’s newly-appointed Assistant General Manager as well as Director of the Business Department. He’s also the other vice-master of our guild. Wang Kai, this is Fatty, a former employee of our company and is currently a professional Eternal player.”

“Nice to meet you,” Fatty extended his right hand.

Wang Kai didn’t reciprocate the offered handshake. Instead, he scrutinized Fatty with his chin tilted up.

“You’re a professional player? What level are you? How’s your equipment?”

The young man looked very handsome, but his hair was smeared with something that made it extremely shiny and greasy. Fatty casually withdrew his hand and smiled blandly, “I’m Level 30. My equipment set is only Silver Tier.”

“Such trash has the guts to call himself a professional player?” Wang Kai instantly showed his contempt. “Lan’er, I think the managers of our company are good enough. In regards to recruiting more guild members, we need players who are professional and better equipped. As for someone with trashy equipment, a low level, and, moreover, lying to promote himself, we must stay far away from him. We definitely can’t let him sneak into our guild.”

The instant Wang Kai dropped those words, the surrounding chatter instantly halted. Some looked at Wang Kai in surprise, wondering how Fatty had offended him; while others were eager to watch the show.

Xu Quan was standing at the side with a wine glass in hand. Taking a sip, he observed the proceedings with amusement.

“Wang Kai!” Liu Lan’s face turned grim, “I don’t need you to tell me what to do. If you are unsatisfied, you are free to resign from the job.”

“You sure you want me to resign?” Wang Kai only chuckled scornfully in the face of Liu Lan’s discontentment, “Don’t regret it if I do.”

“You!?” Liu Lan’s breathing harshened, becoming enraged.

“Alright Lil’ Sis Lan, no need to hurt the company’s harmony for an outsider,” Xu Quan walked over and said meaningfully.

Liu Lan snorted before grabbing Fatty once more and walking away.

“If he doesn’t leave, I’ll resign right now,” Wang Kai’s voice echoed from behind. Liu Lan froze, her body slightly trembling.

“Wang Kai! Don’t. Overstep. Your. Authority,” turning around to look at Wang Kai, Liu Lan stressed each word.

“No problem, you can choose to keep him,” Wang Kai shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“For her sake, you should leave on your own free will,” Xu Quan stepped over and whispered by Fatty’s ear.

Expressionlessly shooting a glance at Xu Quan, Fatty turned to Liu Lan, “Lan’er…”

“No need to say anything,” Liu Lan glanced at Wang Kai resentfully. “Let’s go; I’ll personally walk you out.”

Amidst the quiet grand hall, Fatty and Liu Lan walked out hand in hand.

“Fatty, I’m so sorry,” closing the door, Liu Lan hugged Fatty, her tears falling on his shoulder.

“Do you want me to… yeah?” Fatty indicated something. Liu Lan hastily held him back.

“Don’t act impulsive,” she quickly said. “Wang Kai’s family is too powerful. They aren’t someone we can mess with.”

“Then why did he enter your company?” Fatty was incredulous.

“Because of me,” sighed Liu Lan.

Initially, several companies had teamed up to cause trouble for Liu Lan’s company and almost drove it to bankruptcy. Liu Lan’s father used his connections to seek help and gained the assistance of another company. The only condition was that their son, Wang Kai, could enter the company as the Assistant General Manager. Their intentions were quite distinct.

“Except for being a little arrogant, the young lad isn’t too shabby and is very handsome,” Fatty stroked his chin.

“Humph, nothing but a rotten core with a gilded exterior. He’s ruined many young girls. He’s just trash that only knows how to play around with women. Even Xu Quan is better than him. This kind of person should have died already; he should have died ten thousand times over!” Liu Lan said hatefully.

“Hehe,” Fatty patted her shoulder. He had seen too many people of this type already, and they weren’t worth getting angry over. It would have been easy to solve this if it were merely a personal matter. Sadly, this was related to the cooperation of two companies, not something that Fatty could easily meddle with.

“Fatty, let’s take a walk,” Liu Lan had no mood to return to the party. Therefore, the two walked around the corridor holding hands.

To relieve Liu Lan’s heavy mood, Fatty talked about the fun stuff that happened to him. It was very effective, resulting in Liu Lan laughing her head off in no time. When he spoke of LittleLi’s FlyingDagger, Liu Lan was shocked, “LittleLi’s FlyingDagger is your disciple?”

“Yep,” Fatty nodded.

LittleLi’s FlyingDagger’s real name was Han Shen. Fatty had known him since many years ago. They had first met when Han Shen was only eleven, all alone by himself because his parents had both passed away. Qian Xiaoqian felt sorry for the little guy and took him in with Fatty. Fatty taught him martial arts, so he had been calling Fatty “master” ever since.

“Many people were in disbelief about LittleLi’s FlyingDagger being defeated by you. That explains it.” Talking about the game helped immensely and made Liu Lan feel so much better.

“Humph, he wouldn’t dare not to lose. If he did, I’d PK him in real life,” Fatty bragged.

“Pfff, stop being so shameless, threatening to PK a guy in real life because you can’t beat him in-game. Too cheap,” Liu Lan jeered.

At the mention of the Elemental Skill Book and the materials needed to restore it, Liu Lan immediately said, “It’s that hard to fix the Elemental Skill Book? Hmm, if my guild members get any Yao monster inner core from now on, I’ll have them save it for you.”

Crash! All of a sudden, the sound of vase breaking echoed from upstairs. The duo ignored it and continued to chat.

Bang, thud! Another echo rang out, accompanied by a ruckus. Liu Lan furrowed her brows when she recognized that the noise originated from their company’s banquet hall.

“I’ll take a look,” Liu Lan remained calm. She had Fatty stay where he was before heading toward the grand hall.

Approaching, Liu Lan spotted various people coming in and out with worried expressions. Some were even shouting at their phones. Liu Lan’s company employees were all outside arguing with the people occupying another hall.

Amidst the crowd of people, Wang Kai lay on his side, his hands hugging his head. Blood gushed out from his head, dying the carpet underneath him red.

The opposing party arguing with them wasn't a small group either. Among them were some particularly attractive girls.

“What happened?” Liu Lan shouted strictly.

Xu Quan stepped over and quickly summarized the matter. Liu Lan was instantly furious. As it turned out, the cause of this was because Wang Kai messed with a girl, so someone from the opposing side struck him with a flower vase. The result was his currently half-dead state on the ground.

Good one. For this type of person, even death can’t wipe out his crimes. A feeling of pleasure rose up in Liu Lan’s heart as she shot a brief look at Wang Kai. Obviously, she couldn’t display any delight on her face. She only shouted, “What are you dazing around for? Hurry and take Assistant General Wang to the hospital.”

“Young Miss Liu, Director Wang has been assaulted. We can’t take this lying down,” an employee suddenly stepped forth and spoke to Liu Lan.

“That’s the police’s job. It is useless to say such things to me,” Liu Lan coldly replied.

“Very well, then. Young Miss Liu can wait and see how the police will handle it,” the employee returned with a cold smile and then proceeded to make some phone calls.

Very soon, the sound of police sirens echoed from outside.

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