Chapter 170 Going Crazy Over a Guild Establishment Token

Chapter 170 – Going Crazy Over a Guild Establishment Token

“Lil’ Sis Lan, our guild is fighting for the Guild Establishment Token. Why did you call an outsider over?”

No matter the place, it seemed that a pesky existence would always pop up to ruin the mood. Before Fatty and Liu Lan were able to chat, Xu Quan popped out from the side and stared at Fatty like a tiger eyeing its prey.

“Xu Quan, what the hell are you saying? Fatty is not an outsider,” Liu Lan shot at Xu Quan, fuming. “As one of the guild’s Vice Masters, all you’re thinking about is undermining others instead of how to develop our guild. Can’t even you see how irrational you’re being?”

“I’m the irrational one?” Xu Quan seemed even angrier than Liu Lan. He glared at Fatty, wanting to say something, but then, he took a glance around and swallowed his words.

After a brief moment, Xu Quan said, “Guild Master, we’re making our movements too widespread. It’s inevitable that some people will try to take advantage of us. We should send one thousand members here.” Xu Quan was truly skillful at quickly containing and adjusting his emotions, one of the aspects that Fatty honestly admired about him. No matter what his personal opinion was, Xu Quan wouldn’t let it affect his performance.

“It’s no big deal. We only need to block those bandits for a while until we get the Guild Establishment Token. Now that the first few tokens have been taken, they are not that valuable anymore. It’s foolish to offend others for it.


As Fatty and Liu Lan were about to kill the boss, in a forest outside Vermillion Bird City, another group of people was also surrounding a boss.

“Senior sister, this boss should drop the Guild Establishment Token, right?” Qian Xiaoqian asked. Wearing the Thunder Magus’ robe, electric sparks flashed throughout her outfit, making her look like a Lightning Goddess fallen to earth from afar. More than half of the surrounding male players had their attention on her.

“What are y’all looking at? Hurry and attack the boss!” RainbowWatcher shouted. Upon the order from the Guild Master of the Rainrevelers, all of the male players instantly turned around and bravely risked their lives fighting the boss, unhesitating.

“Theoretically, this boss should drop the Guild Establishment Token but I’m not sure myself,” RainbowWatcher fixed her hair as she answered Qian Xiaoqian.

“What is the system plotting this time, giving us such a mission?” Qian Xiaoqian’s fingers gently twirled the magic staff. “However, if not for the mission, no one would ever know that the token was with this boss in reality.”

“We are already falling behind Black Tortoise City,” RainbowWatcher remarked quietly. “To be honest, your brother’s strength is really crappy. He doesn’t even make the top ten in the rogue ranking, but his luck is to be envied. He actually picked up the first Guild Establishment Token. Anyhow, he’s too outrageous. Didn’t he know that you, his own flesh and blood, need that token as well? It’s not like we wouldn’t pay for it.”

“Hehe, my brother had already promised to auction it off to those specific guilds. How could he go back on his word and sell it to us?” Qian Xiaoqian chuckled.

“Not bad. Your brother is a man of trustworthy conduct. Compared to him, Cloud Dragon Sailing is far worse. He betrayed his promise for a mere skill book. Who would have the guts to cooperate with him from now on?” RainbowWatcher said in contempt.

“Oh, by the way, senior sister, can my brother join our guild?” Looking at RainbowWatcher, Qian Xiaoqian’s pupils moved quickly. Then, she grasped RainbowWatcher’s arm and swayed it.

“Oh, well, what do you want?” RainbowWatcher pulled her arm back. “If your brother is willing to join our guild, of course, I’ll gladly welcome him. Yet, why do I feel that you’re harboring evil intent?”

“No way! I’m a simple person. How could I ever think of anything evil?” Qian Xiaoqian tried to act cute.

“Guild Master, the members of Sword Manor and Myriad Swords have arrived. They say that they’ll help us keep watch at the outer rim so we can kill the boss without worry,” a player suddenly came over and reported.

“Mhm, alright.” RainbowWatcher nodded and teased, “Xiaoqian, this is all thanks to you, hm?”

Aside from Black Tortoise City and Vermillion Bird City, the Golden Scale Guild Master, Golden Scale TheMighty, was also leading over a thousand players somewhere outside Azure Dragon City. They tightly encircled a boss that seemed close to death.

As for White Tiger City, a top-rated guild was fighting a boss while also defending themselves from opposing guilds.


“Great beauty…” Fatty had just opened his mouth when—

“Calling me Lan’er or Lil’ Sis Lan is fine. Don’t ‘great beauty’ this and that. It’s so annoying,” Liu Lan instantly cut him off.

Fatty snuck a glance at Xu Quan. The latter’s face was twitching, his teeth clenched so hard that they emitted a cracking noise.



Fatty thought that “Lil Sis Lan” sounded too affectionate, while “Lan’er” was much more pleasant; so Fatty bit the bullet and went for it. Liu Lan instantly responded in high spirits.

Hearing the pair conversing, Xu Qian clenched his fists and suddenly shouted, “A bunch of trash, taking so long to fight a mere boss. Hurry up! Or are you waiting for the others to come and take it away from us?”

“Lan’er, how did you determine that this boss will drop the token?” Fatty asked.

“You don’t know?” Liu Lan was even more confused than Fatty.

“Know what?” Fatty was upset.

“It’s a mission from the system. A large amount of equipment can be exchanged for the approximate location of a boss that carries the token,” Liu Lan explained.

“Isn’t that using one’s position for personal gain?” Fatty instantly raised a question.

“Whatever. As long as we get the Guild Establishment Token in the end, the rest is not of our concern,” Liu Lan was nonchalant about it.

Chatting with Liu Lan for a while, Fatty was surprised to find out that during the past few days he was in the Mystery Realm, over 10 Guild Establishment Tokens were produced in each of the four main cities. The situation was crazy.

When Fatty heard of this “exchange mission,” the first thing that came to his mind was that Lin Xi was up to mischief again. Other than that brat who took pleasure in tricking other people, Fatty had never seen any NPC who was as despicable.

The monster being surrounded by Misty Waterfall was a golden-haired ape, clearly a Gold-tier boss. It was wielding a staff wildly and shrieking nonstop.

At this moment, the ape was covered in blood stemming from countless wounds dealt by the members of Misty Waterfall. Its health was hitting rock bottom. However, the ape was getting more and more berserk. Every strike from it could take one or even several close-range players, and even the priests couldn’t heal them fast enough.

“Pay attention, everyone. The boss will die any time now,” Liu Lan called out.

“Watch the outer defense. Rogues, use Detect constantly, don’t let anyone sneak in,” Xu Quan properly made arrangements.

Bang. After losing a dozen more lives, the boss finally fell, stomping up a wall of dirt.

Thud, thud. A pile of items gushed out from under the boss.

“Guild Establishment Token!” Liu Lan shouted with joy, and hastily made her way to the pile.

On top of the mound, a sparkling golden token quietly laid. The light reflected from the sun above was blinding.

“Haha, finally got the Guild Establishment Token. Guild Master Willow, many thanks!” Suddenly, a smug voice rang out. A hand abruptly appeared near the token and was about to grab it.

“Bastard!” Xu Quan was so angry that his eyes turned red. He couldn’t bear the fact that someone was able to sneak in after all of that meticulous guarding.

“Stop him!” Liu Lan shouted and urged the Fire Cloud Panther forward.

However, the token was too far out of their reach. The surrounding players had just slain the boss and relaxed so they couldn’t get there in time. Just as the token was about to be stolen right before their eyes—

Bang. A chubby hand suddenly struck out from below, blocking the robber’s hand from reaching the token.

“Huh?” The player was quick to react. They instantly pushed the chubby hand away and kept reaching for the token.

Whoosh. Fatty popped out from the ground and grabbed the player’s outstretched hand. His other hand quickly grabbed the opponent’s throat. At the same time, his leg kicked the Guild Establishment Token away.

Whew. The token spun through the air. Liu Lan stretched her hands to catch it, but another shadow suddenly emerged next to her. To her frustration, another thief joined the fray when she was so close to obtaining the token.

“Sparky,” Liu Lan softly called out. Like a streak of lightning, The Lightning Bird rammed into the token mid-air and sent it flying to the distance.

“Take the token!” Shouted an unknown player. The members of Misty Waterfall flocked over in a disorderly fashion and stretched their hands towards the token in unison.

Bang, bang. Fatty and the first player who appeared exchanged a few blows, then quickly separated. Both their eyes flashed with amusement. Then, the player vanished without a trace.

Fatty didn’t give chase. Just two blows were enough for him to know that the other was an expert.

The golden Guild Establishment Token danced across the air to the sea of hands below. At this moment, it was hard for anyone to get near the vicinity, let alone steal it. The other rogue had vanished as well. It was unclear if they had retreated entirely or not.

The token safely landed and was delivered to Liu Lan. She was so overwhelmed with joy that she hugged Fatty then shouted, “Haha, the tenth Guild Construction Token of Black Tortoise City. Top ten great guilds, oh yeah, I finally made it!”

Xu Quan had initially been happy at this result as well, but his face immediately sank upon seeing Liu Lan embrace Fatty.

Contrary to the “alarming but not dangerous1” situation on this side, the other three guilds had it much worse. Despite having the protection of Sword Manor and Myriad Swords, the Rainrevelers nearly lost the Guild Establishment Token as some players managed to sneak in. As for the Golden Scale Guild and the guild at White Tiger City, they straight out broke into a fight with their respective opponent. It was to the point that more of their guild members died in the battle with the enemy guild than against the bosses. Ultimately, they were finally able to defend the tokens.

During his free time, Fatty lurked around the forum. Damn! In just a few days, over a dozen guilds were established. The Fierce Dragon Gang lived up to their reputation as the top guild in Azure Dragon City and became the next official guild in the CN region, second only to the Wind God Guild.

In Black Tortoise City, the Ice Rose Alliance and the Great Four Gates were also established, along with two other guilds that Fatty wasn’t familiar with.

“Too crazy!” Fatty couldn’t help but comment. Lord Fatty was only gone for almost three days, yet something this big was occurring!

“Hey, Fatty. Our guild has been established. Do you wanna join us?” Liu Lan’s excited voice rang out from the communicator.

“That proposal, I’ll pass.” Fatty laughed awkwardly. I’ve just escaped from you. How can I deliver myself back into the wolf’s mouth again?

“Humph, I knew you’d say that,” Liu Lan snorted. “Thank you for today. We are holding a celebration after we log off. Come and join us.


“Xiaoqian, our guild is finally established.” At the entrance of Vermillion Bird City where her guild was recruiting, RainbowWatcher stretched her back, attracting many eyes to her body. “Ahhh, recruitment is tiring. Let them do this donkey work. Come, let’s log off and celebrate.”

1. An idiom to describe a situation that seems risky but doesn't actually cause any real danger. Like in a horror movie when a character actually survive to the end.

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