Chapter 17 Basic Elemental Movement Arts Earthwalk

Chapter 17 – Basic Elemental Movement Arts – Earthwalk

Since Diggy Rat’s tail attack was sealed and its magic attacks were unable to directly kill Fatty, it screeched anxiously when he noticed that its two front paws were clearly unable to match Fatty. What’s more, it blinked away twice, only to have Fatty make use of it when it appeared once again and hacked at its tail.

Combo Attack.

Followed by Coil.

Then another Combo Attack.

Diggy Rat’s health dropped rather significantly, then eventually, it lowered to less than 1% of its maximum health.

“F*ck, why’s the boss acting so crazy?” Someone suddenly shouted. Fatty glanced over, understood that the two gangs finally reached a mutual understanding, so they send someone in to check up on the situation.

Man, it’s so lucky that Diggy Rat’s on the outside and I’m on the inside. Otherwise, they definitely would have discovered me.

However, Diggy Rat disappeared into the cave once again.

Which… left Fatty face to face with the new arrival.

“Boss, someone’s stealing the boss…” the new arrival reacted very quickly and sent a message to Cloud Dragon Sailing.

However, Fatty’s dagger moved even quicker.


Combo Attack.

Due to the earlier fight, Fatty was completely used to using the two skills back to back, and this combination attack caused the person’s health bar to vanish, sending him all the way back to the respawn point.

Squeak. Diggy Rat leaped over.

Fatty casually chugged down a large red pot, then thrust his dagger upwards to hold the rat’s upper raw, while he stepped on the lower jaw, preventing it from biting down.

Squeak! Diggy Rat squeaked angrily, causing countless stalactites to shoot out from the tunnels, focusing on Fatty in an attempt to prevent him from dodging.

“Hah!” Fatty called out softly, then bent down, to squeeze himself into the small area underneath Diggy Rat’s neck and escaped the fate of being impaled.


Yet, before Fatty could crawl out, Diggy Rat smashed its body down, and squashed Fatty.

“Crap, how did this rat become smarter!?” Fatty frantically stabbed at the body above him. However, the rat did not react at all.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have slain the Yao Boss Diggy Rat. +20000 Experience, +300 Reputation.

“Ahahaha. It’s dead. It’s finally dead!” Fatty cheered excitedly, then felt something prodding him.

He reached out and found a pair of boots.

Earthen Boots


Boots [Metal]


He searched with his hands again. This time, he found an orb. It was a pale green and gave him a cool feeling in his palms. Fatty was also able to see the interior seemingly be filled with swirling smoke, making it look like some sort of treasure.

Poison Immunity Orb

Wearing it can make the wearer immune to poison. It is a mission item.

I finally got it.

Fatty searched around a bit more. All he found was some gold coins, a bronze lance, a metal armor and another orb.

Huh? Another orb? Am I getting a Poison Immunity Orb for free? Wait, no, it’s larger than the Poison Immunity Orb and bigger as well.

Fatty took a closer look at the dense orb. It was an earthy brown and the size of a goose egg.

What’s this? Could it be a pet egg? I thought you needed to be Level 20 to get a pet?

Fatty thought about it for a moment, then recalled the blood bonding method for pets. He swept his finger across the wound on his shoulder and smudged his blood onto the yellow orb. But… there was a reaction at all.

Like I thought, it isn’t a pet’s egg. At least, it isn’t right now.

“Hey, friend on the inside, we’ve already blocked off the hole. You won’t be able to run, so come out. We’ll split whatever you’ve got equally,” Cloud Dragon Sailing’s voice sounded out from the outside.

I guess he knows that the boss was killed. Whatever.

The final drop was a yellow book.

Basic Elemental Movement Arts – Earthwalk

Mission Item

Collecting the five elemental movement arts will allow the player to gain the hidden class of Elementalist.

After Fatty finished collecting all of his rewards, he pulled out his hand and used Harvest onto Diggy Rat’s corpse.


System Notification: You harvest a rat skin.

Rat Skin

Basic Sewing Material.



System Notification:  You harvest the Diggy Rat inner core.

It was another yellow orb.

Diggy Rat Inner Core (Immature)

Weapon Refinement Material

Fatty tried one more time, but this time, he didn’t get anything.

At that moment, a figure sneaked over. It was clearly a cannon fodder who was sent ahead to check out the situation. Seeing that, Fatty shrunk his head back and remained under Diggy Rat’s corpse.

“Big Bro, the Boss was killed, but I don’t see that person anywhere.”

“F*ck his ass…” Cloud Dragon Sailing was furious. “Money Grubber, it’s that mother*cker again.”



Fatty received a message. It was from Purple Bell.

“Big Brother Fatty, why did you steal our boss?”

Fatty twitched his mouth.

“Who stole whose boss? The boss had already lost a lot of health when you started fighting it, right? Also, I was the one who dug the trap in front of the entrance to the hole.”


“Oh, I was wrong. Big Brother Fatty, sorry. Don’t come out yet, my brother and Cloud Dragon Sailing are both guarding the entrance to the rat hole right now.”

She does have a bit of a conscience.

Fatty pulled himself out from underneath the corpse with a lot of effort and looked at the time. Oh, less than six hours passed? Keep waiting if you guys want. I’m going to take a break for a moment.

Ding. Another message arrived.

“Big Brother Fatty, did the boss drop any good items? My brother’s willing to buy them.”

Equipment? I seemed to have used up all my luck, so none of the items seem to be things I can use. I do want to save them for East Gate BlowingWind, but he probably doesn’t have much money left now.

Ahh, whatever. I’ll appraise them first. Thus, Fatty laid out the items in front of him and used Identification on them to display their original forms to the world.

Earthen Boots


Boots [Metal]

Level Requirement: 10

Defense: 20

END: +5

DEX: +3

Passive: +1% Defense, +1% Earth Magic Damage

Rat Tail Lance



Level Requirement: 15

Attack: 20 – 25

STR: +5

Elemental Plate


BodyArmor [Metal]

Level Requirement: 20

Defense: 50

STR: +5

END: +8

All of them were great items, and that was especially true for the Elemental Plate, the defense of which could actually be compared with level 20 gold items. However, Fatty could only look at them… Thus, he sent a few screenshots over to Purple Bell.

He was able to receive a reply soon after.

“How about 300 gold coins for all three? But since we don’t have that many gold coins right now, so we can only pay with RMB. Tell us your bank account, we’ll transfer you the money using the highest exchange rate.”

“Deal. My bank account number is…” Fatty answered very quickly.

After a while…

“Wait a minute, does this hole have other exits?” Cloud Dragon Sailing frown as he looked at the ever empty entrance.

“Perhaps he left from some other exit,” Wind God’s World was no longer in such a hurry after Fatty agreed to sell him the drops. Although the Feng family doesn’t have much else, they did have tons of money.

“You, go in and take a look,” Cloud Dragon Sailing pointed to a random rogue. The player could only unwillingly enter the hole with a troubled look on his face.

“Big Brother Fatty, be careful. Cloud Dragon Sailing sent another person in. Hide now. They’ll leave if they can’t find you.”

Fatty smiled. Purple Bell’s being a rather nice spy. I have a bit more than two hours to turn in the mission. I guess I’ll log off to eat some stuff and deal with some matters. Thus, he checked his account first. Sure enough, the money has already been transferred. The current gold coins to RMB exchange rate was at approximately 1:150, so 300 gold coins was 45,000 RMB.

When Fatty dealt with all manners as quick as possible, then logged back in, he received Purple Bell’s message.

Seeing that, he began to walk out. As Purple Bell had said, the Cloud Dragon Gang had already left, and grey rats started to spawn within the rat hole as well. Thus, Fatty decided to slaughter the mobs in his surroundings first before crawling out of the rat hole.

Only the Wind God Guild players were still farming in the area. It was still kind of difficult for them to farm in the area, but they were probably just sticking around to wait for Fatty to come out.

“Big Brother Fatty, you came out!” Purple Bell sat on a patch of grass and soaked up experience without going to kill any monsters.

“Here you go. These are the three items the boss dropped,” Fatty brought up the trade menu and sent the three items over to Purple Bell.

“Thank you, Big Brother Fatty,” Purple Bell smiled gentle, leaving a very cute impression of Fatty. Then, she turned around and handed them to Wind God’s World.

“Brother Grubber, you interested in joining our Wind God Guild?” Wind God’s World was clearly ecstatic to receive the new items, more so because there was actually a silver item amongst all them.

“Haha, I’m used to being free. I can’t stand being restrained,” Fatty smiled casually. “Now that we’ve closed the deal, you keep going what you’re going. I’m off.”

“Please,” Wind God’s World smiled, but nobody was able to detect the trace of malice that flashed across his eyes.

“You brought the Poison Immunity Orb?” The shopkeeper shot up from his chair nervously when Fatty entered the Alchemy shop.

“Of course,” Fatty twitched his mouth, then handed the orb over. “But f*ck, just what sort of mission was this. You nearly killed Lord Fatty.”

“I told you that the mission is really dangerous. But you did grow fast. You even managed to kill that damn rat,” the alchemist shopkeeper was beyond ecstatic after receiving the Poison Immunity Orb, so he really didn’t care about what Fatty was saying anymore.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed the mission “Poison Immunity Orb”. +50000 EXP, +300 Reputation. You have received “Hero’s Wrist Guard”.

Hero’s Wrist Guard


Wrist Guard [Leather]

Level Requirement: 10

Defense: 10

DEX: +5

Wow, those are some pretty generous rewards. I really didn’t waste my time. But… what about the alchemy skill?

“Ahem…” the shopkeeper coughed in embarrassment when he saw Fatty’s unfriendly gaze. “Uhm, right now, I… Errr, you see. I didn’t get my title of Alchemy Grandmaster back yet. When I return to the capital, hand the Poison Immunity Orb back to His Majesty and regain my title, I’ll be able to let you get your second secondary profession.”

Fatty nodded. “Then you better remember. Otherwise, it won’t just be a rat in your lab next time…”

“Yes, understood,” the shopkeeper nodded.

“Oh yeah, geezer. Help me take a look at what this is?” Fatty took out the inner core which he harvested from Diggy Rat.

“An inner core?” the shopkeeper opened his eyes wide, and even rubbed his eyes to check that he wasn’t seeing things.

“Is it really important? How much is it worth?” Fatty’s eyes lit up and looked hopefully at the shopkeeper.

“It isn’t a matter of whether it is worth a lot of money,” the shopkeeper looked at Fatty as if he was an idiot. “All yaos would drop inner cores, but do you know what it means when you found an inner core on that damned rat?”

“What does it mean?” Fatty was confused.

“It means that the damn rat actually upgraded into a yao,” the shopkeeper said in a frustrated tone. “Yaos are existences that surpass normal bosses, so you can imagine just how strong they are. No wonder I wouldn’t match it, it was actually strong enough to become a yao.”

“Was it supposed to be tough? Lord Fatty still managed to take care of it,” Fatty chuckled.

“Tsk, the ignorant is always fearless,” the shopkeeper waved. “This inner core hasn’t matured yet. It means that this rat had just started to upgrade, but did not upgrade completely. This period of time is when it is at its weakest, that’s the only reason you managed to beat it. If it was a few days earlier when it didn’t start to upgrade yet, or a few days later when it finishes upgrading, you wouldn’t have been able to deal with it.”

“It was that dangerous!?” Fatty exclaimed.

“Yeah, or do you think that I, an alchemy grandmaster, couldn’t handle a mere rat?” the shopkeeper put on an expression of disdain.

“Then help me take a look at what this is?” Fatty took out Basic Elemental Escape Arts – Earth Escape Art book.

“Ahhh, it’s this? No wonder that damn rat managed to steal the orb even though my security is that tight. So it learnt Earthwalk,” the shopkeeper immediately understood everything. “Keep it well. When you collect the other four, you can learn the Five Elemental Escape Arts. I remember that there’s a Flame Valley near Vermillion Bird City in the south. I think the Flame Commander inside knows the Fire Escape Art. Check it out when you have time.”

“I see,” Fatty nodded and noted the place down. “Anything else? If not, then I’m going to the city to get my class enhancement.”

“Nothing else. I’m going to get ready to go back to the capital now. I hope we have a chance to meet again,” the shopkeeper begun to excitedly gather his things now that he was able to return to the capital.

“Wait, since you’re leaving and you won’t be able to bring all of these stuff with you. You might as well gift them to me,” Fatty suggested.

“Wow little fatty, you wish. I can’t gift them to you, but I can give you a discount. Let’s say twenty percent. Just get however many you want.”

“So stingy,” Fatty muttered.

Since he didn’t actually need that many potions, he merely bought a hundred bottles of large red potions. They were priced at 100 bronze coins, which is a silver coin, a piece. 100 of those totaled to 100 gold coins, thus he only needed to pay 80 silver coins with the twenty percent discount.

“Alright, then bye bye. See you.”

“Oh yeah,” the shopkeeper suddenly recalled something. “Salka, the rogue class enhancer is my friend. He’ll take good care of you if you mention my name, Reck, the Alchemy Grandmaster.”

With that, Fatty said his farewells to the shopkeeper and happily stepped into the teleportation portal in the town. The next thing he knew, he arrived at Black Tortoise City in a flash of white light.

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