Chapter 167 Getting the Elementalist Enhancement

Chapter 167 – Getting the Elementalist Enhancement

White bronze for Metal, deep green for Wood, azure blue for Water, fiery red for Fire, and muddy yellow for Earth. Inside an alchemy room in Black Tortoise City, the five skill books hovered in the air. Five lights of different colors interlaced, illuminating Fatty’s face with their flickering glow.

Shing! The five lights suddenly transformed into sharp swords and shot up through the ceiling, heading skyward.

“Ah, this is…”

“Divine weapons! They’re definitely Divine weapons!”

“This is strange. There’s no movement in the “Weapons and Defensive Equipment” leaderboards indicating the discovery of new gear. Could it be… a Divine item can be kept secret?”

Almost every player in Black Tortoise City witnessed the scene, and they immediately clamored with excitement.

“Five colors… Five elements? Big Brother Fatty finally got his hidden class!” In a corner of Black Tortoise City, Purple Bell exclaimed happily when she saw the five sharp lights in the sky.

“Five elements, combine.” Suddenly, a timeworn voice that bore the passage of the ages echoed through the space. The five skill books aligned in formation, and their auras connected to slowly form a five-colored light column.

Whoosh! When the lights completely merged together, the skill books also vanished on the spot, leaving behind a single floating tome that emitted all five colors.

Fwoom! An even more brilliant light gushed out as the five elements combined into one. Then, the colorful skill book suddenly trembled and, simultaneously, a five-colored portal materialized before Fatty.

Plip! Once the portal fully formed, the skill book no longer glowed and fell back to Fatty. He caught the book and immediately stepped through the colorful portal. The opening closed as soon as Fatty entered.

As far as the eye could see, mountains and rivers stretched out before the rogue. The wolves ran, eagles soared, and fish swam. This… was an entirely new world altogether.

Boom! All of a sudden, the scenery began to change before Fatty’s eyes. Out of thin air, countless black silhouettes appeared in the sky and plummeted downward in attack. Among this army of illusions, some were dressed in black armor, some brandished broadswords, yet others rode skeletal dragon mounts with long spears in hand. There were even undead mages who floated in mid-air, muttering magic chants as they cast strings of skills.

Black gales billowed, and thunder rumbled. Numerous skills soared from the black silhouettes, blotting out the heavens and shrouding the earth.

“Sword of Metal!” Out of the storm of attacks, a voice unexpectedly boomed, and its mysterious owner eventually appeared soon after. The figure wore a glistering crown and an ancient, ethereal outfit. As they emerged, countless silver swords materialized and shot outward, points first.

CLANG! The swords collided with the numerous magical attacks and exploded into metallic-colored fireworks.

Despite their first wave of attacks being countered, the black images were indifferent and cast out a second and third wave.

“Sword of Wood! Sword of Water! Sword of Fire! Sword of Earth!” chanted the mysterious person. Five huge swords of different elements screeched and stood upright to greet the rain of attacks. Bursts of brilliant fireworks bloomed beautifully as both parties’ attacks were deflected.

Temporarily, the two sides came to a halt.

“Despicable creatures from the Demon Realm, you actually dare invade my nation. Your sin is unpardonable!” the mysterious person suddenly shouted.

“Muahaha, Elementalist Wu Junxiao, hand over the Demon-Sealing Stele, and I’ll let you keep your life. Otherwise, I’ll devour your flesh and seal your soul under the Demon Realm’s Endless Altar for eternity.”

In the air, a huge shadow slowly formed above all of the black silhouettes. It was a massive skeleton with two demonic blue flames in its eye sockets that stared at the mysterious individual called Wu Junxiao.

“Demon Lord Darknight, you actually dare to invade my nation, with just you?” As if amused, Wu Junxiao laughed scornfully. “You, for your unpardonable sins, shall taste the might of the Elementalist. Five Elemental Swords!”

Clank! The whole space trembled as five rays of light appeared behind Wu Junxiao. Five massive swords hovered at his back in a fan shape. “Sword Formation, go! I’ll let you lot have a taste of my ultimate skill, Five Elemental Swords Formation.”

The five massive swords shot out and transformed into five almighty sword lights. Wu Junxiao spat out something resembling a blueprint from his mouth, and it merged with the five swords.

Boom! The entire world violently shook. Countless swords of light filled the space. Fatty couldn’t help but shut his eyes as the blinding light hurt them.

“Wu Junxiao, you’re too full of yourself.” Just before his eyes closed, Fatty caught a glimpse of two huge shadows as they appeared next to the skeleton. An eerie resonance accompanied their manifestation. Fatty felt a chill break out over his entire body. All of a sudden, feelings of fear, resentment, and weakness boiled up from the bottom of his heart.

“Ahh! The servant of Darkness, the master of Undead, you wretched thing! Nation of Elements!” The mysterious man, Wu Junxiao, urgently cried out. Instantly, Fatty felt a warmth sweep through his body, cleansing all of the negative feelings from his heart.

“O Mighty God of Darkness, your power is omnipresent. You are the noblest god in this world. Countless believers respect and worship you. I beg of you to grant me your power and help this believer destroy the heretics in this world… Darkness Sacrifice: Nation of Darkness!”

At this moment, Fatty opened his eyes wide. Immediately, he saw the entire world awash in a five-colored radiance. Innumerable black images above his head vanished with tragic screams. Yet, a huge shadow fell across the colorful space, and countless drops of blood rained down.

Bang! A thundering crash rang out, rattling Fatty’s eardrums. In the next second, he lost all sense of sound and sight.

“Welcome, heir of the Elementalist. I’ve waited very long for you.” An unknown amount of time passed, and that voice filled with ages once again echoed in Fatty’s ears.

When Fatty opened his eyes, the world had been restored to the state when he’d first entered. Carefully stowing the Elemental skill book, he asked, “Who are you? What is this place?”

“I am your predecessor. This is the Elemental Mystery Realm,” the voice replied.

“Heir? Elemental Mystery Realm?” Fatty was stunned. He wanted to ask more questions, but the voice didn’t give him the chance.

“Young heir, I’ve waited a very long time for you to finally come. Now, tell me, are you willing to inherit everything of the Elementalist?”

“Everything of the Elementalist? Don’t I get the Elementalist class enhancement? What does this ‘everything’ include?” Fatty inquired.

“Inheriting everything of the Elementalist naturally means the class enhancement. But, everything also includes all of the responsibilities and obligations an Elementalist must bear,” the voice patiently answered.

“Oh. Then, I’m well prepared. Do it,” Fatty quickly replied. He had strived so hard for this moment all along.

System Notification: You are about to change to the Elementalist class. After enhancement, all items on you will be lost, and your level will be reset to zero. Confirm enhancement?

“Ye—NO!” Fatty frantically corrected himself and almost choked on his saliva.

“Can I take one trip outside?” asked Fatty.

“You cannot. Unless you intend to give up inheriting the Elementalist class.”

The enhancement unexpectedly reset one’s level to zero, which was too high a price. Fatty sent out messages to ask several players with hidden classes, but the system instantly reminded him that he was in a special situation and unable to contact the outside world.

To change class or not? Fatty hesitated. To lose all the levels I’ve trained so hard to gain for a hidden class, the cost seems to outweigh the benefits. However, my power will definitely achieve new heights after the enhancement. It should be easier to gain back the levels then.

After several minutes of hesitating, Fatty committed: Change!

Fatty quickly pulled out the items in his inventory and placed them to the side, then stripped off the equipment on his body before finally yelling out, “Enhancement confirmed!”

System Notification: Congratulations! You have undergone the hidden class enhancement of Elementalist. Level has been reset. One Elementalist skill book consumed.

Fwoosh! The Elementalist book on the ground transformed into a five-colored light and merged into Fatty’s body. A warm sensation surged through his body, and he saw his HP plummet until it reached 500.

Name: Money Grubber
Class: Elementalist
Secondary Profession: Blacksmith, Apothecary
Level: 0

Fatty checked his info. His level had, indeed, been reset to zero. However, having 500 HP at this level clearly showed how innately powerful the class was.

System Notification: Congratulations! You have successfully changed to the hidden class, Elementalist. Exclusive Elementalist armor: obtained. Exclusive weapon, Elemental Sword: obtained.

An armor set appeared on Fatty’s body. It included:

Elemental Helmet
Level Requirement: 0
Defense: 5

Elemental Breastplate
Level Requirement: 0
Defense: 10

Elemental Cloak
Level Requirement: 0
Defense: 3

Elemental Wristbands
Level Requirement: 0
Defense: 3

Elemental Greaves
Level Requirement: 0
Defense: 3

Elemental Boots
Level Requirement: 0
Defense: 5

Elemental Armor Set effect: +10% to all five elemental magics. –10% damage taken from all five elemental magics. Can be leveled.

As it sparkled with countless points of starlight, the helmet was extremely beautiful like the glittering crown atop Wu Junxiao’s head earlier. The cloak was a fiery red color; the breastplate was golden; the boots were earthen yellow; the wristbands were azure blue; and, the greaves were deep green.

So this is the Five-Elemental Armor? The exclusive equipment of the Elementalist hidden class? Looking at the stats, Fatty was appalled. This… This is too pathetic! They’re not even ranked! They’re all white, ahhh!

However, the rogue felt a little better upon seeing the “can be leveled” tag. According to his experience, all items with the ability to grow or change were OP.

Then, Fatty checked out the exclusive weapon:

Elemental Sword (Can be leveled)
Level Requirement: 0
Attack: 3 – 8
Passive: Can freely change attributes. Can split into five swords of the elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Similar to the armor set, the weapon was white at the moment and could also be leveled.

While all the gear was white, it was still more highly ranked than the basic items a beginner got when they first entered the game. At least these Elementalist items were a full set, so that would make leveling much easier.

After retrieving all of the items he’d thrown to the ground earlier, Fatty looked around. The scenery was the same as ever.

“The hidden class enhancement of Elementalist is completed. Counting down to the Elemental Trial. Fail the trial and you will lose ownership of the Elemental Amor and Elemental Sword and be stripped of the Elementalist title.”

The timeworn voice rang out without any emotion, giving Fatty no chance to respond.

Clang-clang! Before he could react, the scenery before his eyes changed again. In the next instant, Fatty stood in a huge forest of swords.

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