Chapter 165 Real Life Reaction

Chapter 165 – Real Life Reaction

In the next three days, Cloud Dragon Sailing, guild master of the Cloud Dragon Gang in Black Tortoise City, was repeatedly assassinated by Money Grubber and Purple Bell. He died five more times, and, in the end, he lost a total of seven levels. By association, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea and Cloud Dragon Windwielder, the two vice masters, each lost five to six levels. In the end, guild’s top brass no longer dared to step out of Black Tortoise City.

Cloud Dragon Sailing, again, offered a high price for Fatty’s life to several experts in the rankings. In the meantime, another wave of players had gone crazy from the increase in rewards and searched everywhere for Fatty and Purple Bell to no avail. The duo were in the wind. Twice, they had killed Cloud Dragon Sailing when he was under the protection of several hundred people, and even then, they had escaped with ease.

“Lil’ Sis, maybe you shouldn’t get involved in the matter between Money Grubber and Cloud Dragon Sailing?” suggested Wind God’s World to Purple Bell. The two sat in a big mansion somewhere in Shanghai, eating dinner.

“How could I not? We started this,” Purple Bell replied, glaring at her companion until all of his hair stood on end.

“Something’s happened again? I heard our little Bell was very mighty in the game, isn’t that right?” Across the table, an amiable-looking grandma gazed dotingly at Purple Bell.

“Hmph! It’s Big Brother who caused trouble.” Purple Bell put down her chopsticks and described the matter in detail.

A middle-aged man around forty sitting next to Purple Bell stated, “That Cloud Dragon Sailing is a wastrel for going back on his word. Such behavior simply violates standard human morality.”

“Dad, Cloud Dragon Sailing is Uncle Li’s son, Li Ting,” Wind God’s World muttered.

“Li Ting? Old Li’s son?” The middle-aged man placed his chopsticks down, and his brows furrowed. “We’re cooperating with the Li family to open up the Beijing market. How can I feel reassured working with such a person? How would I dare to?”

“You’ve made a big mistake,” a middle-aged man chided the young man next to him in another luxurious mansion in the same city. They, too, sat at a dinner table.

The young man hung his head. “Yes, Father.”

“It’s just a hidden class. What could one skill book do? Are you even certain you can gather the other four? For something so risky, you not only destroyed your image and got yourself killed several times, but also set us back greatly in our plan to establish a presence in the game. Worst of all, we’ll be the target of ridicule for others! Tell me, even if you succeed in getting the enhancement now, can this gain offset what you’ve lost from all of this?”

“I’m so sorry, Father.” The young man’s dared not lift his head.

“It’s useless to apologize to me. This time, you must think of a solution yourself. Still, the Feng Family’s little girl is too senseless,” the middle-aged man was unquestionably displeased despite showing no indication of his anger at all.

“Indeed. After all, we’re still business partners, yet she helps an outsider to deal with our Ting’er,” the lady next to the middle-aged man agreed.

“I’ll put a stop to her. Let’s eat,” declared the middle-aged man. Everyone at the table heaved a sigh of relief and quickly picked up their chopsticks.

“Fatty, hasn’t this fuss gotten out of hand?” Liu Lan’s worried voice rang out from the phone.

“What’s there to be afraid?” Fatty lay on the sofa with the remote in his hand. He switched channels continuously until he realized there was nothing to watch. Then, he turned off the TV and threw the remote aside.

“Cloud Dragon Sailing’s family is no small matter remotely. I’m afraid he’ll come after you in real life if he can’t get his revenge in-game.” Hearing Fatty’s nonchalance, Liu Lan intensely massaged the point between her eyebrows.

“It’s no big deal. While this guy’s morality leaves much to be desired, the adults in his family must be a lot more sensible. They wouldn’t let him stir up trouble.” Fatty didn’t take her warning to heart.

“Really? Don’t let down your guard, Fatty. I know much better than you about such things,” Liu Lan tried to admonish Fatty.

Fatty lazily rolled over. “Alright, don’t worry about it. How are you guys lately? Any chance with the Guild Establishment Token?”

“Difficulties,” Liu Lan grunted, needing only a word to comment. In fact, except for the Wind God Guild, who had already succeeded in establishing themselves, everyone else had their hands absolutely tied with this token. The system had hidden it too well. Clearly, the game wanted players to continuously challenge high-ranked bosses.

“Young Master, according to our findings, the guy is called Money Grubber; he’s a player of Black Tortoise City. He’s currently tangling with the Cloud Dragon Gang over the Metalwalk skill book.” In an even more luxurious estate in Shanghai, a middle-aged man stood respectfully in front of a young man with a stack of files in his hands.

“Cloud Dragon Gang? The Li Family?” The young man read the files and smiled coldly. “Making such a big fuss over a skill book, the Li Family behaves more and more childishly as they age. Go buy the skill book from the Li Family. Also, tell that Money Grubber that I’ll let bygones be bygones if he offers me the Waterwalk book with his own two hands. Or else… Hmph!”

“Yes, Young Master.” The middle-aged man set off at once to execute the order.

“Xiaoqian, I really have no words for your brother. He’s actually caused such a ruckus over a skill book!” In a coffee shop outside a certain school, a charming but not overtly seductive, nearly thirty-year-old woman dressed in office attire slouched in a chair opposite of Qian Xiaoqian.

“There was an agreement, but Cloud Dragon Sailing didn’t fulfill his part. So, my brother had no other choice.” Qian Xiaoqian gently swirled her coffee with her teaspoon, creating a small tornado.

“Too hot-headed.” The businesswoman creased her brows. “From what I know, ever since your brother bought the Waterwalk book for a high price at Azure Dragon City, every player in the CN region has gone crazy for the other four books. Now that everyone is paying attention to this hidden class, it’s too hard for your brother to gather all the books.”

“Nothing’s hard as long as my brother’s after it,” replied Qian Xiaoqian softly, and she sipped at her coffee.

“You brother and sister are so…” The businesswoman chuckled and shook her head. “If you need anything, come find me. I really have high hopes for your brother.”

As things escalated more and more, no one ever thought so much would happen just because of a skill book.

“So annoying! So, so annoying!” Purple Bell complained to Fatty as soon as she logged on.

“What happened?” Fatty asked with genuine concern.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with my father! He actually doesn’t want me to help you, saying something like, ‘It’s not good for a girl to fight and kill all day.’ Doesn’t he know it was me who caused all this?!” Purple Bell was so upset that she violently kicked out with her feet.

“Hehe,” Fatty chuckled. “Maybe Uncle is afraid that you’ll get used to killing and turn into a little demoness. That’s why he stopped you.”

“Pffft, who’s gonna turn into a ‘little demoness’?” Purple Bell wrinkled her little nose. “It must have been the Li Family. Hmph! They’re too shameless, getting my family involved in such a trivial matter!”

“No worries. I, alone, can stop Cloud Dragon Sailing from leaving the city,” Fatty said as he rubbed her head with a smile.

Beep! Friend request alert! The rogue opened the message and was surprised to see it was ISteal&IRob who he’d killed last time in Azure Dragon City.

“Money Grubber, it was hard to find you,” ISteal&IRob said, instantly messaging after his friend request was accepted. His voice sounded calm with no other detectable emotions through the communicator.

“Not too shabby. You actually found me pretty quickly,” Fatty responded casually. With a smirk, he leaned against a tree.

“You’re not bad either, considering you can oppose an entire guild to this point all by yourself.” ISteal&IRob’s tone was clearly full of genuine praise for Fatty.

“Alright, enough chitchat. What did you find me for? Don’t tell me it’s just to praise me, because I'm certainly not worthy,” Fatty’s drawled.

ISteal&IRob seemed to chuckle on the other end. “Money Grubber, I heard that you haven’t joined any guild. Are you interested in joining our Golden Scale Guild? Our Young Master said that, as long as you join us, we’ll gather all five of the Movement Art books for you. Currently, the Metalwalk book is already in the possession of our Young Master.”

“You guys have the Metalwalk book?” Fatty abruptly stood up.

“Indeed. While the Cloud Dragon Gang isn’t small, it’s still far inferior to our Golden Scale Guild. When you offered such a high price for the Waterwalk skill book, our Young Master already knew what you wanted. Young Master thinks very highly of you, so, as long as you agree to join us, you can just sit still and wait for the hidden class enhancement,” ISteal&IRob guaranteed.

“Well, your offer is very tempting. Let me think it over before I get back to you,” said Fatty.

“Very well. We’ll wait for you any time.”

Closing the communicator, Fatty asked Purple Bell, “Bell, do you know of the Golden Scale Guild?”

“Golden Scale Guild? How are they involved?” Purple Bell furrowed her brows. “Their backer is a great clan in Shanghai, much more powerful than mine or the Li Family. If they want to put their nose in this, things will get a whole lot more complicated.”

“Doesn’t matter how big they are in real life. The force behind the Cloud Dragon Gang is big, but the two of us can still scare them from leaving the city, no?” Fatty beamed. “He really talked big. I’ll see if he has the ability to match.”

“Big Brother Fatty, don’t be impulsive,” Purple Bell advised. “If anything, you’ve already gathered four elements. I’ll ask my connections to get you the Metalwalk.”

“Bell, you shouldn’t get involved in this matter.” Fatty grinned as he looked at her. “Uncle’s right; it’s not becoming for a lady to brawl and slaughter all day.”

Looking at Purple Bell, Fatty recalled the first time they met. He was already level 10 then and qualified for the class enhancement while Purple Bell had only reached level 2. She was stuck in a tree and didn’t dare get down because a bunch of rats guarding the ground below.

In a blink of an eye, the game had been launched several months. Fatty was currently at his third class enhancement, and Purple Bell was even more formidable. Not only was she placed first in the rankings, but she had even gotten a hidden class enhancement and trained out a great combat ability. Just few days ago, she even slayed SkeletonWarrior, the fourth ranked on the rogue leaderboards.

But, a young miss is still a young miss in the end. Purple Bell’s main purpose for entering the game had been sightseeing. She leveled up only to be able to visit more places. Fatty felt bad he’d roped her into his vengeful carnage.

“StealRob, tell your Young Master to prepare the Metalwalk skill book; I’m coming for it.” Having opened his communicator, Fatty smiled at Purple Bell and left ISteal&IRob this declaration.

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