Chapter 163 Pestering

Chapter 163 – Pestering

“Don’t worry, Guild Master! We shall not let him get away.” After hesitating a little, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea continued, “During this time, Guild Master, you… shouldn’t go outside—”

“What?! I, the guild master of the Cloud Dragon Gang, am supposedly so terrified of a guildless brat that I don’t have the gall to leave the city?” exclaimed Cloud Dragon Sailing with bloodshot eyes. He grabbed Cloud Dragon Rumblesea by the collar and shouted, “Even if I could throw away my dignity, can our guild afford to throw away OUR reputation? I’ll go and see just how many times he can kill me!”

“Yes, yes…” Beads of sweat rolled off Cloud Dragon Rumblesea’s forehead. “Rest assured, Guild Master, you can leave the city whenever you please. As soon as he comes, we definitely won’t let him get away.”

“I don’t care how you do it, I want him out of Black Tortoise City!” As the words fell, Cloud Dragon Sailing released Cloud Dragon Rumblesea, turned, and took his leave.

“What are you lot still standing around for? Go look for Money Grubber! Wait! Contact the All-Knowing Sect and buy intel on him!” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea shouted to the players behind him. Very soon, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea had the information he wanted: Money Grubber was killing monsters in a forest west of Black Tortoise City to get rid of his red name.

After taking the initiative to attack Cloud Dragon Sailing, Fatty’s Sin points had increased to a hundred. Because killing monsters decreased Sin points a little, the rogue had slain more than eighty creatures of the forest. He was currently pretty close to clearing his name.

Rumble… The ground suddenly shook, and a herd of players stampeded toward him from a distance. Fatty stopped what he was doing and coldly glared as the players surrounded him.

“Money Grubber, I must praise your courage!” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea looked down from his mount, a mutated wolf with a horn on its head, at Fatty. “You actually dared to kill our guild master twice! Where’d get you the guts?”

“None of your business,” Fatty replied indifferently, looking down at his dagger as he gently polished it.

“Trying to sound tough, hm? I’ll see how long you can maintain this show of strength.” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea smiled sinisterly. “Kill him!”

Fwish! The players of the Cloud Dragon Gang raised their weapon in unison, preparing to cast attacks at the rogue.

“Stupid,” breathed Fatty as he stared at Cloud Dragon Rumblesea. He then abruptly vanished.

“Stealth?” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea jeered. “Use AoE attacks. If he wants to Stealth, we’ll keep him in Stealth for the rest of his life.”

Boom! Countless skills rained across the entire area. A monster that respawned right at this moment was insta-killed without a single squeak.

After a round of haphazard attacking, the area still failed to yield any sign of Fatty; however, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea wasn’t deterred. He’d experienced this many times before and knew full well how to deal with a rogue.

The players spread out so that one of their rogues was stationed every few steps. These rogues cast skills in all directions, intending to knock Fatty out of Stealth.

But, while the rogues threw out as many Detects as they could, the surrounding area remained empty. Fatty appeared not once in their sights.

“Did he escape?” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea was incredulous. But, he wouldn’t be surprised if Fatty really had fled. After all, they did bring a great number of members this time. “Coward!” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea cursed in rage after they razed the vicinity thoroughly. Preparing to leave, he wheeled his mount…

Whoosh! A cold flash shot out of the ground and directly toward his chest. Cloud Dragon Rumblesea paled in shock and frantically leaned backward. The cold light just grazed the tip of his nose. Despite managing to dodge in time, a small drop of blood dripped out from the abrasion. Cloud Dragon Rumblesea was able to identify the thing clearly: a crossbow arrow.

“Watch out! He’s underground!” a random player shouted in alarm.

Cloud Dragon Rumblesea had just righted himself when a strange-looking pet rocketed out of the earth and knocked over his mount.

“Below, Vice Master! Below!” a player bellowed at the top of his lungs to alert Cloud Dragon Rumblesea. The vice master jumped off his toppled mount only to feel a sharp pain in his back. At the same time, his health dropped by a third.

Keeping his composure despite the shock, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea took out his lance and swung it backward. However, Fatty had returned to Stealth the moment his dagger had connected.

Wheat didn’t bother with Cloud Dragon Rumblesea’s mount after knocking it over. Chomp! Instead, the rodent launched itself at the rider and bit his leg. Then, Wheat flung its head and sent Cloud Dragon Rumblesea soaring through the air.

“Attack! Attack!” Seeing Fatty and Wheat take Cloud Dragon Rumblesea by surprise, the members of the Cloud Dragon Gang hurried to attack. When Wheat flung off Cloud Dragon Rumblesea, the creature’s health had already decreased by over half. Wheat was so terrified, it immediately earthwalked and didn’t dare to pop out again.

A white light descended and restored most of Cloud Dragon Rumblesea’s health. He stood up from the ground and repeatedly roared in rage, “Money Grubber, you despicable rogue! Fight me one-on-one if you have the guts. What kind of real man uses sneak attacks and assassination?!” He railed, but the surrounding was completely silent in reply.

After more than half an hour, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea began to grow tired from all the shouting, and Fatty never showed up. Harboring a deep resentment, he pulled reined in his mount and led his subordinates to leave.

Suddenly, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea stopped a moment after a few steps; but, seeing as Fatty didn’t come out to attack again, he knew the rogue had really left. The vice master no longer lingered and headed back to the city gate.

“Rumblesea, how’s it going?” Cloud Dragon Sailing asked via his communicator.

“Pfeh, the brat ran off when he saw there were too many of us,” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea said savagely, yet he avoided mentioning how he’d nearly died at Fatty’s hands.

“Hehe, well done! While we weren’t able to kill him, this will let others know that no one who messes with the Cloud Dragon Gang gets away,” Cloud Dragon Sailing boasted.

“Thank you, Guild Master,” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea respectfully replied.

The vice master was suddenly shocked to see a knight riding a rat come to greet him near the city gate. “You are?” Cloud Dragon Dragon Rumblesea asked as urged his mount closer.

“Check this out.” The stranger took out an item and handed it over to Cloud Dragon Rumblesea.

Cloud Dragon Rumblesea doubtfully took the item. This is just ordinary armor, he thought.

“Vice Master, watch out!” a player behind him frantically cried out. Then, Cloud Dragon Rumblesea heard the sound of various skills about to be cast.

Cloud Dragon Rumblesea was dumbfounded. “Huh?” he gasped, and the player before him unexpectedly laughed.

A cold light flashed, and the icy air it emitted chilled the vice master to his spine. “Money Grubber!” It suddenly dawned on him. Cloud Dragon Rumblesea hastily turned his mount, attempting to retreat.

“Die!” growled Fatty in Disguise. Wheat pounced upward and spat out a Howling Bullet that exploded on contact with Cloud Dragon Rumblesea’s chest. Simultaneously, Acceleration + Coil + Reckless Blow + Combo Attack + normal attack, all were nimbly executed upon Cloud Dragon Rumblesea. At the peak, terror could be seen in his eyes. One slash through the throat ended his life on the spot.

Thus, Fatty neatly cut down Cloud Dragon Rumblesea. “Cloud Dragon Gang, I’ll never be done with you,” muttered the rogue. Leaving this sentence behind, he walked away.

The surrounding crowd instantly clamored. Not only the players entering and exiting the city gate, even the members of the Cloud Dragon Gang were in disbelief. This Money Grubber is too daring. He actually killed the vice master in front of dozens members right at the city gate?!

“Trash! A bunch of useless trash!” Inside the city, Cloud Dragon Sailing was so enraged at the news that he viciously threw a slap at Cloud Dragon Windwielder’s face. “I don’t care what method you use, I want Money Grubber dead! TODAY!”

“Yes, Guild Master,” acceded Cloud Dragon Windwielder. He felt especially repressed, not because of the slap, but because a trifling rogue had killed their vice master right before the public’s very eyes. Not only he, but all the members of the Cloud Dragon Gang were irritated by this incident.

“Raise the reward. 200 gold coins for his location. 20,000 gold coins for killing him once. I can’t believe no one won’t be tempted by the money,” Cloud Dragon Sailing ordered, suppressing his rage.

“Yes, Guild Master. I’ll do it right away.”

As the Cloud Dragon Gang raised the rewards, certain players of Black Tortoise City began to act, and many new faces began skulking around the place.

“Hah, Fatty! What did you do to make them put out a bounty on you?” HeadofGod’s booming laughter rang from the communicator.

“Just a little conflict,” Fatty said lightly.

“Cloud Dragon Windwielder offered 50,000 gold coins to us to kill you; but, I turned him down.” GodofHead paused a minute before asking, “Need our help?”

“Not now, thank you though.” Fatty nodded in approval. If HeadofGod turned down the mission from the Cloud Dragon Gang, he truly considered Fatty a friend.

“Haha, it’s nothing. We’re friends, aren’t we? Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need. By the way, the Cloud Dragon Gang is offering 20,000 gold coins for your life; be careful!”

Closing the communicator, a frosty light flickered in Fatty’s eyes. 20,000 gold coins to make me miserable? You look down on Lord Fatty too much.

Currently, Fatty’s Sin points had climbed back to a hundred after killing Cloud Dragon Rumblesea. He had no choice but to go farm monsters again.

While farming, Fatty clearly sensed more and more suspicious people drawing near. After some consideration, he switched to another area a lot farther from Black Tortoise City and continued.

After restoring his name to white and logging off a bit for a meal, Fatty received intel delivered by Bai Xiaosheng093. “Brother Grubber, the guild master of the Cloud Dragon Gang, Cloud Dragon Sailing, is at the Teleportation Portal at the east gate. He’s about to teleport to Vermillion Bird City to farm levels.”

“Vermillion Bird City?” Fatty chuckled.

“Windwielder, will this really work?” asked Cloud Dragon Sailing as he walked around at the east gate of Black Tortoise City.

“There’s absolutely no problem,” Cloud Dragon Windwielder confidently guaranteed. “If the All-Knowing Sect sells us information, they can sell it to Money Grubber as well. As long as this news reaches his ears, he’ll definitely come here. Then, we’ll only need to surround him at the Teleportation Portal, and there’ll be nowhere he can run.”

“Alright. If we kill Money Grubber, I’ll introduce you to a cute girl.” Cloud Dragon Sailing patted Cloud Dragon Windwielder on the shoulder.

“Thank you, Guild Master!” Cloud Dragon Windwielder was overjoyed.

“Stop! What are you doing?” exclaimed a Cloud Dragon Gang member all of a sudden. Everyone looked over and saw a player standing not far from their group. The newcomer seemed like they wanted to approach but didn’t dare.

“Hmmm? Money Grubber still wants to play the same old tricks? He’s really takes us for fools!” Cloud Dragon Sailing cackled at the height of rage, and he prepared to order his underlings to take care of this individual.

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