Chapter 161 Breach of Agreement

Chapter 161 – Breach of Agreement

The transformation expired as soon as Fatty entered his private dimension. His health instantly disintegrated until only several dozen points remained. With beads of sweat trailing down his entire face, Fatty sat down and took a breath. The confrontation hadn’t lasted that long, but its intensity had exhausted too much of his mental strength.

“In the end, my strength here isn’t as good as in reality,” Fatty mocked himself a little and caught his breath. Then, he gulped down several red pots before turning to observe the situation outside the space.

The Wind God Guild and Cloud Dragon Gang had brought more than six hundred people in total. They had no choice but to bring so many since every player thirsted for a Guild Establishment Token. Moreover, since the two guilds weren’t fighting near their main city, it was already fortunate that they could bring along such a large force undetected.

The six hundred people assumed formation and tightly encircled the Golden-Winged Tiger King with Purple Bell in the position of main attacker.

During the past few days since Fatty had seen her, Purple Bell had grown even stronger again. Pointing a hand at the Yin Yang Manual, she sent a ton of powerful skills soaring toward the boss to deal significant damage.

Butterfly Fairy, Purple Bell’s pet, lived up to its reputation as an official Celestial-tier creature. While the bug’s power hadn’t been restored, there were still indicators of it: The creature cast all kinds of colorful skills that looked much more beautiful than Wheat’s and were more powerful to boot.

Compared to Purple Bell, Wind God’s World and Cloud Dragon Sailing, the two guild masters, fell short. They were both warriors incapable of long-ranged attacks, but close combat with such a boss posed too much danger for them. The two were quite distressed by the situation.

Despite being a Gold-tier boss, the Golden-Winged Tiger King still couldn’t withstand being attacked by so many players at once. As its health dropped to a critically low point, the boss exploded with might to slaughter over a hundred people. The immense attack left the Tiger King exhausted and sluggish.

Cloud Dragon Sailing excitedly barked, “Work harder, everyone! We’re almost there!”

“Ahh!” Purple Bell softly exclaimed. Her brows furrowed slightly, and her face turned stark white.

“Bell, disconnect and rest right now!” Wind God’s World urgently called out.

Fatty stood up and stepped out from his dimension. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Big Brother Fatty, I’m logging off…” Without finishing her statement, Purple Bell was forced to disconnect. The soulless body she left behind slowly disappeared five seconds later.

“Roaaah!” Obviously, Purple Bell going offline didn’t affect the team’s winning momentum at all. The Golden-Winged Tiger King roared in rage as its wings were severely injured, rendering it unable to fly.

“This is too easy. We shouldn’t have asked someone to help; we could have just went in and lured it out ourselves,” a vice master of the Cloud Dragon Gang suddenly proclaimed.

“What a cunning person,” muttered another member of the Cloud Dragon Gang. “He wanted to have first pick of the drops. A Gold boss will drop at least one Violet item, and that’ll be worth at least 100,000 gold coins.”

“Shut up!” Cloud Dragon Sailing shouted, but his face became ugly as well.

“Everyone, pay attention! The boss is gonna die very soon. Brothers of Wind God Guild leave the battlefield and let our friends of the Cloud Dragon Gang take care of the rest,” Wind God’s World chivalrously ordered. In case the Guild Establishment Token didn’t drop, he definitely didn’t want to be wrongly blamed for stealing it by Cloud Dragon Sailing.

Cloud Dragon Sailing swept a pleased glance at Wind God’s World. He then ordered his subordinates to go forth and surround the boss to await the drops.

“Roahh!” the Golden-Winged Tiger King roared thunderously. All of a sudden, the beast’s body inflated like a balloon.

“Crap, the boss intends to self-destruct! Everyone, get back!” cried Cloud Dragon Sailing, rallying his underlings in retreat.

The Golden-Winged Tiger King bloated to seven, nearly eight meters in height. Then, it blew up. BOOM! Infinite blood and gore poured from a golden cyclone in all directions.

Clang! Clang! Startlingly, the golden cyclone was made of countless sharp, golden blades that spun at extreme speeds. Everything that stood in the whirlwind’s path was minced to pieces.


Tragic wails echoed one after the other. The members of the Wind God Guild fared well with little injury since they had left the battle early, but those of the Cloud Dragon Gang weren’t so lucky. Because they had been standing close to the boss in anticipation of the drops, the golden cyclone practically devoured them the instant it appeared. The spinning blades viciously slashed into their flesh and even insta-killed those of the lower HP classes.

“Aahh, f*king hell!” Cloud Dragon Sailing shrieked furiously, and he fled the cyclone under the protection of several knights. Watching his guild members struggle in agony, his face distorted.

Wind God’s World patted Cloud Dragon Sailing’s shoulder. “Brother Cloud Dragon, I’m so sorry.” The brunt of the Tiger King’s self-destruct had been mostly borne by the players of the Cloud Dragon Gang.

With its final act of retaliation, the boss massacred most of the Cloud Dragon Gang’s three hundred people. Only a dozen burly knights remained. As for the Wind God Guild, they lost around a hundred people. In all, over four hundred people had died out of the initial six hundred.

While the number of casualties was devastating, they at least managed to kill Golden-Winged Tiger King, which could be considered some kind of consolation.

Bang! When the cyclone vanished, one item after another fell to the ground. Cloud Dragon Sail approached and scanned the loot. His face clouded with disappointment: There was no sign of the Guild Establishment Token!

“Guild Masters, time to fulfill our agreement.” Fatty stepped up, eying the items on the ground.

Cloud Dragon Sailing sluggishly waved his arm. “Sure, go for it,” he said. Nothing aside from the Guild Establishment Token was appealing enough for his attentions.

Fatty scavenged about until a golden skill book caught his eye. He walked over, intending to pick it up.

“Guild Master!” a player of the Cloud Dragon Gang suddenly exclaimed with delight. The player bustled over and picked up the book Fatty had targeted.

“What is it?” Cloud Dragon Sailing took the book from the player. Then, his eyes lit up after a quick look. “'Basic Elemental Movement Art: Metalwalk? Gather five books to get the hidden class enhancement’?!”

“We can get a hidden class with this?” Grabbing the book for a brief glance, Wind God’s World praised it lavishly; and yet, he handed it back to Cloud Dragon Sailing with great reluctance.

“Guild Master, a friend of mine said that the Waterwalk book sold in Azure Dragon City for 1.21 million gold coins,” the player who picked up the book whispered to Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“Guild Master Cloud Dragon, please, give the skill book to me,” Fatty requested.

“Based on what?” shouted the Cloud Dragon Gang player.

“Based on our agreement: If I drew the boss out for you, I would get first pick when the items dropped aside from the Guild Establishment Token in exchange. Guild Master Cloud Dragon, you didn’t forget, did you?” Fatty stated impassively.

“This…” Cloud Dragon Sailing hesitated. While he didn’t care for the money, he found a hidden class far too attractive. He had demonstrated the same desire before when he had wanted to take the “God-tier boss, the Undead Marshal” as his master1.

However, as the heir of a big corporation and master of a guild, he couldn’t bear to breach a contract. Cloud Dragon Sailing felt like he was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

“You’re kidding! Do you know how much this skill book is worth? 1.21 million gold coins! Do you know how much that is? You want 1.21 million gold coins for just luring out a monster?! Even God Familia didn’t ask such a price,” the Cloud Dragon player brutally shouted at the top of his lungs at Fatty while Cloud Dragon Sailing wavered.

“What? 1.21 million gold coins for a skill book?! What kind of joke is that?”

“We’ve struck gold! Everyone can get at least 10… 20,000 gold coins if we sell it. That’d be 100- to 200,000 RMB!” When the lucky survivors of both guilds started to whisper nearby, Wind God’s World felt trouble brewing.

Fatty was invited by his sister. If the guilds went back on their word, how would Bell face this guy later? But, the item was a skill book worth more than a million gold coins, with a hidden class at that. Even he, himself, would be reluctant to give it away, much less Cloud Dragon Sailing.

Thinking as such, Wind God’s World took a few steps back and wisely chose to remain silent.

“I’ll give you 10,000 gold coins,” Cloud Dragon Sailing finally offered after a long silence.

“I only need this skill book,” replied Fatty as he shook his head and pointed at the book.

A vice master of the Cloud Dragon Gang shouted, “A person shouldn’t be too greedy, or else they’ll get nothing in the end!” Meanwhile, the rest of their members started to circle the rogue.

“So, you’re sure you want to break your promise?” Fatty asked Cloud Dragon Sailing, glancing around.

“It’s not that I want to; it’s just that you’re too greedy.” Cloud Dragon Sailing put the book in his inventory after long consideration. “10,000 gold coins was the price God Familia wanted to help us kill this boss; so, that’s the most you will get.”

“As far as I see, today’s matter won’t be resolved peacefully. Guild Master Wind God, what do you say?” Fatty turned to Wind God’s World.

“My apologies that something like this has happened. This is between you two, so I won’t say anything.” Wind God’s World was determined to say nothing, because anything he could have said would only offend one party or another.

“Very well.” Fatty nodded. Abruptly, a dagger appeared in his hand. He slipped close to Cloud Dragon Sailing in a single quick step and thrust out his blade, as if to stab the man.

“Motherf*cker! He dares attack?! Kill him!” shrieked a vice master of the Cloud Dragon Gang, and the player cast an attack at Fatty.

Bang! The attack landed on Fatty’s body. He didn’t dodge and took it head on, losing a chunk of his HP.

Cloud Dragon Sailing shouted in disbelief, “Money Grubber, you dare start a fight?” He had thought that, if they couldn’t come to terms, Fatty would only dare to plan some sneaky assassination, not start a fight on the spot like this.

Cloud Dragon Sailing frantically retreated; however, he was too close to Fatty that the rogue only needed to reach out his hand to grab the guild master.

After taking a hit, Fatty gained the right to counterattack. With no hesitation, he caught up with Cloud Dragon Sailing in two steps and used Coil.

A silver python appeared and snaked about Cloud Dragon Sailing, instantly rendered his body paralyzed. Fear overtook his face.

“Brother Grubber, please, don’t be impulsive!” Wind God’s World shouted; and, that was it. Leaving aside the fact that he didn’t stop Fatty, he actually seemed to have a hint of excitement in his voice.

Deadly Poison, Combo Attack, normal attack! Cloud Dragon Sailing’s health rapidly plunged. He was also so unlucky as to eventually incur the poison status from a Deadly Poison strike. As a green glow covered his face, Cloud Dragon Sailing opened his mouth to say something, but Fatty’s attacking tightly stuffed him.

“Save the Guild Master!” screamed the remaining ten or so players of the Cloud Dragon Gang. Two of them shot toward Fatty on their mounts.

Bang! A player managed to stop Fatty. Cloud Dragon Sailing hastily staggered away and swallowed a pill. Finally, his health stopped dropping at 10%.

“Kill! Kill him!” Cloud Dragon Sailing was ferocious. What Fatty had done was an absolute and complete slap to the face.

1. In case anyone forgot, Fatty disguised himself as the Undead Marshal and tricked the players to die if they wanted to become his disciple.

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All of a sudden, the beast’s body inflated like a balloon.

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