Chapter 16 Biting the Hook

Chapter 16 – Biting the Hook


The huge rat tail swept over.

Fatty immediately flipped backwards to dodge it, then bent down, and shot back in front of Diggy Rat. He waved his dagger and sliced a perfect cross on Diggy Rat’s eyes before flipping backwards once more again to dodge the second attack.


A chunk was shaved off Diggy Rat’s HP bar.


Diggy Rat wailed in pain as blood spattered everywhere. From the looks of it, its entire right eye was blinded by Fatty’s attack. Diggy Rat’s blood boiled from the wound. It slapped down onto the ground with its paws, causing ten stone pillars to shoot up underneath Fatty.

“The f*ck? Magic attack!?” Fatty was shocked. This is the first monster he had met in game that knows how to attack magically.

Fatty was pushed up into the sky by the stone pillars, while a huge red number appeared over his head. His already lacking HP dropped to a new low. When he fell back onto the floor, he rolled over, and quickly chugged down a large red pot with bloodshot eyes.

“That was outrageous! Again!”

“Boss, do you hear something?” Wind God’s Immortality, who was attacking a monster, suddenly said to Wind God’s World.

“What do you hear?” Wind God’s Heaven was momentarily stunned, causing him to nearly be bitten by the rat he was attacking.

“It’s the sound of a boss,” Wind God’s Immortality whispered excitedly.

“You sure?” Wind God’s World’s eyes lit up.

“Definitely,” Wind God’s Immortality quickly dispatched the rat in front of him. “Let’s go and take a look?”

“Let’s go,” Wind God’s World waved his hand.

The team behind him immediately gathered, and surrounded Wind God’s World and Purple Bell, before going towards the origin of the sound.



Fatty fell onto the ground and felt as if his entire body was going to fall apart. Poison and traps were both useless, and Coil, the only useful skill, didn’t deal enough damage. Fatty truly felt on the brink of despair. This definitely was not a mission that a player without his class enhancement could complete.

Diggy Rat fell onto the ground, and panted. Although Fatty didn’t deal much damage to it, it was in a pretty terrible state with a large cross on its left eye, and a section missing from its tail. At that moment, it still had 84% of its HP bar remaining.

“Ahh, it wasn’t too bad. It’s at least ten levels higher than me, so managing to do this much is already good enough,” Fatty comforted himself, then suddenly turned around at the sound of footsteps.

“I really didn’t want to be killed by using someone else…” Fatty sighed helplessly. Then he feint and attack before running off.

“Wow, it really is a boss!” Wind God’s World immediately smiled brightly when he saw the huge rat in front of him.

“Boss, the gray rats are Level 15, so this boss should be at least Level 20. Can we even beat it?” A mage beside Wind God’s World asked.

“Of course,” Wind God’s World smiled proudly. “You see that trap? Some guild probably came to kill the boss, but the boss didn’t go in, and instead wiped them out. As long we push the boss in, then we’ll have all the advantages we need. Lil’ Three, go and call people.”

“Boss is right!” Wind God’s Immortality agreed.

Soon, ten-odd people hurried over. All of their name began with “Wind God’s”. Since the birthplace of the players were random, the fact that there were twenty something players in a single Beginner’s Village only went on to show that the Wind God Guild was a pretty sizeable organization.

“Boss, we’re here.”

“Haha, good. Kill the boss. We must get a gold rank item!” Wind God’s World laughed and waved his hand in an imposing manner.

“Dream on, big brother. The best equipment in the rankings right now is a silver Python Armor. You want to get a gold item? Keep on dreaming,” Purple Bell smiled.

“Haha,” all of the Wind God Guild players all laughed.

“Ahem… Lil’ sis, that’s a bit too much isn’t it? Can’t I dream” It was clear that Wind God’s World spoiled Purple Bell alot.

“Mm, she’s just like Lil’ Qian,” Fatty laid on the slope and looked at Purple Bell. The girl reminded her of his little sister Qian Xiaoqian. However, it was clear that the two were not the same type of girl. Qian Xiaoqian was the naughty kind, while Purple Bell was the cute type.

“Ahh, fight, fight, fight. I’ll clean up after you guys are all sent back for free,” Fatty rolled over, and leaned his head back onto his arms, and looked into the sky with a strand of grass in his mouth.

How long have mom and dad left? It’s been nearly twenty years hasn’t it?

Thus, Fatty gradually fell asleep, while the Wind God Guild and Diggy Rat fought intensely at the foot of the hill.

“Keep blocking. Yes, that’s right. Knights and warriors, stay on guard. Mages and archers attack from range. Rogues, you go to the side,” Wind God’s World screamed out his commands. More than ten people had been killed already, including Purple Bell. The remaining people were in critical danger, and might end up respawning any time soon.

The main reason was that the current strength of players was still far too weak. In order to defeat a boss of Diggy Rat’s level, at the very least, they have to get their class enhancements first. Although they’ll still be Level 10, but a player’s attack and defense were significantly higher after the class enhancement. That was the only reason why Fatty was able to sleep without any worry of Diggy Rat being killed.

“Boss, boss, we can’t take it anymore,” the warrior Wind God’s General chugged down red pots, but was till unable to withstand even a single one of Diggy Rat’s attack, causing him to be sent back to the village with a flash of white light.

“Hold on, the boss is nearly dead. F*ck, why can’t the trap trap it? And damn, it can actually use magic attacks,” Wind God’s World’s face was covered in sweat as he cursed loudly while looking at Diggy Rat’s HP bar. They were a group of twenty something players, and each of them had already died two or three times on average. Yet, the boss still had thirty something percent of its maximum health remaining.

“Ahhh. Who wakes up first from a big dream, after all? That, in all my life, I’ve always known,” Fatty stretched lazily, and spat out the strand of grass from his mouth, then chuckled as he looked down at the battlefield. “Fight a bit more. Then, it’ll be Lord Fatty’s time to shine.”

“The Cloud Dragon Gang’s taking over. Everyone else, move or die!” Another group of people arrived with a shout.

The one in the lead was Cloud Dragon Sailing, the same one who Fatty had killed previously. Man, this old friend’s actually using Wind God’s World’s catchphrase.

“F*ck, damn it. What’s going on?” Wind God’s World was outraged. He swung his sword and blocked off the Cloud Dragon Gang’s members. “The Wind God Guild is farming here. Everyone else, leave, otherwise, die.”

“Oh, I was wondering who it was. So it’s Young Master Wind!” Cloud Dragon Sailing walked over slowly. It was clear that they know each other in real life.

“Cloud Dragon, we found this boss first. Don’t break the rules,” Wind God’s World said sullenly.

“Rules? A share for everyone on site is the rule as well,” Cloud Dragon Sailing smiled. “What’s more, I’ve got more people than you, so I make the rules.”

“You…” Wind God’s World trembled in anger. “So… You’re not going to give me face?”

“Ptui,” Cloud Dragon Sailing spat onto the ground. “The hell are you? How could you have so much face? Brothers, clean up the area!”

“Die!” The Cloud Dragon Gang members charged forward.

The Wind God Guild’s group was immediately in chaos. With the boss in front of them, and enemies at their backs, the guild only struggled a bit before they flew away in flashes of white light.

“Cloud Dragon Sailing, just you wait. The Wind God Guild will never be done with you,” Wind God’s World’s face was flushed with anger. Each death caused them to lose a level, and the Wind God Guild’s players had all died four to five times each on average. Since levelling was rather difficult in Eternal, they would have to farm for a long time.

“Tsk, never be done with me? That’s only if you are capable of that,” Cloud Dragon Sailing swung his saber and killed Wind God’s World. Then he felt very good about himself, as if he was never sent back to the respawn point by Fatty.

“Warriors and Knights hold the line, Mage and Archers attack from the backline. Rogues, wait for your chance to strike. Priests, go farm by yourself,” Cloud Dragon Gang took the same formation with the Wind God Guild, leaving the poor Rogues and Priests behind. While Mages have a small fireball skill, these two classes didn’t gain access to any skill yet, so they couldn’t even be cannon fodder.

I’ll let you guys fight. I’m going in. Fatty suddenly noticed that Diggy Rat was lured at a long distance away from the rat hole as if they were worried about the boss calling over more aids to fight them. However, this gave Fatty the perfect opportunity.

I would be so offending the heavens if I don’t make use of this chance given to me.

Fatty sneaked down the hill, and carefully walked over to the valley. It was fortunate that the bushes offered the perfect cover for him, allowing Fatty to easily enter the rat hole while the Cloud Dragon Gang fought the boss.

“Man, it’s so dark in here.” The rat hole was only as tall as half a person, so Fatty could only bend over to enter. After seeing how dark it was, he immediately took out Frostfang, which glowed with a faint blue light, allowing him to illuminate the area in front of him.

The deeper he entered, the more spacious it seemed to become, and after a while, Fatty noticed that he was able to stand straight in the cave.

After several tens of meters, he finally reached the end of the cave. The area was the size of a small house and was very dry. It was completely different from the dampness that Fatty expected. Wow, Diggy Rat cleaned up pretty good. He definitely has a future.

Fatty didn’t encounter a single grey rat along the way.

Where did they go? Fatty wandered around. Aside from the tunnel he entered through, there were also ten-odd tunnels of different sizes. However, since the entrances were only the size of a bowl, it was clear that Fatty wouldn’t be able to get in.

“Gah, it seems like there’s nothing to be found here,” the interior of the rat hole was rather empty aside from a pile of straws. Fatty had dreamed of Diggy Rat leaving the Poison Immunity Orb in its home, but now his dream was shattered. I don’t blame him. Since it’s something this important, it makes sense for it to carry it around.

“Alright, time to leave,” Fatty estimated the time. The strength of the Cloud Dragon gang was more or less the same as the Wind God Guild’s. They probably managed to deal ten to twenty percent of Diggy Rat’s health. It’s time for me to steal the show again.

Bang. Bang. Bang. A series of heavy falling items rang out from the outside. Fatty’s face turned stark white. Seriously, did I bite the hook?

Squeak. Diggy Rat’s huge head appeared from the tunnels, followed by its half-burnt body. Only then did its remaining two-thirds of its tail appear in front of Fatty.

“You-You’re cheating!” Fatty scolded Diggy Rat. “Cheating is bad!”

Sadly, Diggy Rat didn’t understand him. It merely squeaked before leaping towards the foolishly brave thief.

I can dodge this! Fatty flattened himself against the wall of the cave to dodge the attack, then bent down to scramble into the tunnel he had entered through.

Squeak. Yet, before Fatty managed to run far away, Diggy Rat appeared in front of him like some sort of divine warrior.

“Coil!” Fatty immediately used Coil without any hesitation. Due to the set damage, Diggy Rat’s health bar decreased by a bit once again, leaving less than ten percent of its maximum health remaining.

Fatty also took the chance of Diggy Rat being snared to slice it a few times.

Squeak! The moment the crowd control effect ended, Diggy Rat leaped over.

Fatty swung his dagger and sliced away several whiskers.

Diggy Rat squeaked its frustration, but was unable to use its deadly tail attack.

That was the exact reason Fatty had crawled into the tunnel. Since it was very cramped, Diggy Rat was unable to use its strongest attack. Thus, this only left a single magic attack that Fatty needed to be wary of. However, since Fatty understood that casting the magic attack needed it to slam down onto the ground with its two front paws, it gave him plenty of time to dodge out of the way.


Due to being slightly careless, Fatty was bitten on his shoulders. Even the powerful Silver Python Armor was unable to defend against Diggy Rat’s attack, causing Fatty’s health to drop to a minimum.

“Super duper vampire attack!” Fatty shouted randomly. He chugged down a large red pot, just enough to ensure that he wouldn’t get killed in one hit. Then he made his of the opportunity and used Combo attack in Diggy Rat’s mouth.




Good, it broke through its defense.

Since Coil’s cooldown had passed, Fatty immediately activated it again, dealing 300 more damage.

At the same time, clanging and angry shouting could be heard from outside the hole. I guess Wind God’s World brought his gang over to get even. Good, keep fighting, I’ll be done when you guys are.

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