Chapter 158 Auction and Besiegement

Chapter 158 – Auction and Besiegement

Upon hearing the extravagant player’s words, the mage designated as Uncle Liang instantly input a number into the bid transmitter.

“Five hundred thousand gold coins.”

Five hundred thousand gold coins? All of the players present noisily exclaimed in shock. Last time at the auction in Black Tortoise City, the going price for the Celestial Weapon entitled the Demon Slayer Sword was also five hundred thousand gold coins. This skill book was actually able to reach this price at the second bidding.

The show is about to get lively! The players in the standard seats were inwardly excited about the incoming bustle, thinking that the money they paid for their seats was indeed worth it.

Upon hearing this price, Qian Xiaoqian was shocked as well, then fell into silence. All of her money only came from playing the game like anyone else, so she truly wasn’t wealthy and couldn’t afford to partake in the bidding race.

“Five hundred and fifty thousand,” aside Qian Xiaoqian, RainbowWatcher opened her scarlet lips and softly replied. A member of the auction house’s staff immediately input this price, which then appeared on the large screen.

“Six hundred thousand,” the screen changed once more due to some anonymous moneybag.

“Six hundred and ten thousand,” this came from the box of East Gate BlowingWind’s party. Other guild masters in Black Tortoise City acquainted with Fatty could also be found there.

“Six hundred and twenty thousand.”

“Six hundred and fifty thousand.”

“Six hundred and eighty thousand.”

“What a waste of time, eight hundred thousand.”


As time passed, the bid had reached a million gold coins, while the rate of price increases was getting slower. Those who didn’t qualify to join this bid were watching the show on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile, Fatty just leaned back in his chair and savored the tea, nodding off as he did so.

“1.2 million,” Uncle Liang input a number as indicated by the exorbitant player.

The entire hall fell silent. 1.2 million gold coins should equal 24 million RMB according to the current exchange rate. To spend this much on a skill book for a hidden class, and only one-fifth at that, was something only an outrageously wealthy and influential individual could do.

“Guild Master is too generous. After today, our Golden Scale Guild will be famous throughout the four main cities,” the fortuitous charming female player said.

“Not after today. We are already famous right now,” the player in question caressed the girl, his eyes squinting.

All of the outlying players in their box remained silent at this. At this rate, they would have to spend around 6 million gold coins to gather all five of the skill books required, which was unwise and wasteful.

“1.2 million going once, going twice, going thrice, sol…” After chanting, the auctioneer was about to strike the gavel when-

“1.21 million,” a voice interrupted the auctioneer’s action. An additional number 121 appeared on the big screen.

The wastrel abruptly got up and gazed at the screen, then chuckled softly, “Very brave. No need to bid anymore. Uncle Liang, you go handle this.”

Fatty gently placed down the teacup. Fatty wasn’t one to be wasteful, so all of the tea in the pot had gone straight into his stomach. After he exchanged the proper fee into 1.21 million gold coins to pay the system, the Waterwalk skill book was directly sent to his inventory.

Bam. Fatty slapped the spell onto the Earth Wood Fire book. In addition to the original tri-color light, a blue light appeared beside them.

After the four colors quickly merged together, the two books had entirely turned into one. When the halo disappeared, a brand new skill book appeared in Fatty’s hand.

Basic Elemental Movement Arts – Wood Water Fire Earth Walk
Collecting the five elemental movement arts will allow the player to gain the hidden class of Elementalist.
Active: The user can use Woodwalk, Waterwalk, Firewalk or Earthwalk up to 8 times per day. Each movement art has a maximum distance of 2 kilometers.

I've finally obtained another one. I only need Metalwalk to gather all five elemental abilities now. Fatty nodded and pocketed the skill book before rapidly exiting the auction. He was well aware that whoever he had just outbid wouldn’t be too pleased by this result.

“Coming out!” Outside of Fatty’s box, two unfamiliar rogues watched with bright eyes as they saw Fatty. One of them took out their communicator to report something, while the other tossed a Rogue’s Eye at Fatty.

Fatty ignored them and maintained his pace toward the exit.

“Friend, please halt your steps,” the player known as Uncle Liang walked up to Fatty.

Fatty raised his head slightly and ignored this person as well. He walked around to pass Uncle Liang and nimbly strode outside.

“Please stop,” this time, four players were deterring Fatty.

“What?” Fatty spoke in a muffled voice. While PK wasn’t allowed inside a city, skills could still be used. As soon as Fatty exited the box, he had already used Disguise to alter his face and name. At this moment, he was a sturdy, powerful looking bearded man with a golden spear in hand.

“Young Master wants to speak to you, friend. Please follow us up,” Uncle Liang pointed to a VIP box.

Fatty coldly snorted, “Your Young Master isn’t my son or anything. Why should I listen to you and do whatever you tell me to?”

“Young man, don’t be too outrageous, you might bring yourself a calamity,” Uncle Liang’s expression grew icy as he “advised out of goodwill.”

“If you want the skill book, then come at me with your so-called abilities. A dirt poor thing such still has the gall to call themselves ‘Young Master?’ What a joke,” Fatty snorted derisively and directly broke through the wall of people and walked away in a flashy manner.

Disguise could only last for five minutes at most. After this duration ended, Fatty would revert to his original appearance, and so he couldn’t dally.

“Don’t give chase,” Uncle Liang stopped the four players and proceeded to the box on the second floor. “Young Master, he refused to come here.”

“If he doesn’t want to settle this in peace, then just act according to our most straightforward method,” the affluent player said indifferently. His hands squeezed the breasts of the female player who was in his embrace. Almost instantaneously, the female player let out a pained shriek.


Speedily stalking out of the Auction Hall, Fatty cast a glance behind him. There were two players following him closely without hiding any of their actions. They even had the gall to flash a frigid smirk at Fatty.

Fatty checked his menu and saw that Disguise would end in less than a minute. He wouldn’t bother to play the “log off” trick, so he flew straight to the city gate, pretending as if he wanted to use the Teleportation Portal.

“Report it with haste,” the duo following him instantly retrieved their communicators to report Fatty’s actions. When Fatty arrived at the city gate, twenty or so players were already there waiting for him.

“Friend, we meet again,” Uncle Liang stepped forth and greeted him.

Looking at this thief of a mage whose IGN was ISteal&IRob, Fatty smiled faintly, “What, resorting to robbery now?”

“Whoever you are, child, sell us the skill book for ten thousand gold coins. Otherwise, you will very quickly know the consequence of offending our Young Master,” ISteal&IRob obviously knew what to do as the personal steward of a Young Master of such a large clan.

Ten thousand gold coins? The surrounding players, who came after they got wind of the Golden Scale Guild’s movement, discussed in low tones. These people are relying on their power to bully people. That guy spent 1.21 million gold coins to get the book, but they want to buy it for ten thousand gold coins!

“Then let me witness that consequence,” said Fatty. At this moment, Disguise only had a little over 30 seconds left.

“No need for chit chat then,” ISteal&IRob waved his hand in what seemed to be an “apologetic” manner. At his command, the twenty-odd players of the Golden Scale Guild rushed towards Fatty.

“Wheat,” Fatty instantly summoned Wheat and tossed out the Brutal Saddle before flinging himself on the rat. He charged at the members of the Golden Scale Guild with the golden spear in hand.

“Think you are something now that you have a mount?” One of the players smiled ferociously and swung their hand. In response, a huge bull appeared, “Everyone step aside, watch how I’ll trample him to death!”

Rumble, rumble. The bull stomped his hooves and charged at Fatty like a war tank.

Whoosh. Just as the bull was about to tread on both Fatty and Wheat, a yellow mist suddenly rose up. Then, Fatty disappeared without a trace.

“Where are they?” The player on the bull seemed to be at a loss and couldn’t locate Fatty

“Die!” A sinister voice rang by ISteal&IRob’s ear, followed by a golden dagger that stabbed through his neck.

As a steward, ISteal&IRob possessed great skill in mounted combat as well as a high level to back it up. However, in front of Fatty, his abilities amounted to nothing the moment Fatty appeared at his side.

Pffff. Blood gushed out from the thief’s neck. He couldn’t withstand such an attack even with the decent equipment he wielded. With a slash to the throat followed up with a combo attack and a normal attack, it didn’t take long for his body to fall lifelessly.

“He killed the Vice Master?”

“Attack him!”

The members of the Golden Scale Guild all went into a fervor. Fatty looked at the five seconds remaining in his disguise and went into Stealth.

“What just happened? How can a knight use Stealth?”

“Quick quick, rogues use Detect.”

When the players of Golden Scale Guild finally reacted, the two rogues threw several Detects at the spot where Fatty had disappeared, but there was still no sign of him.

As Disguise’s effect came to an end, Fatty looked toward the city gate and crept toward the Teleportation Portal. I, Lord Fatty, have now completed my goal. As for the Golden Scale Guild, they are just trivial bystanders. Even if they wanted to find me, they’d still have to wait until I get my class enhancement.

“Young Master, I’m very sorry,” after ISteal&IRob respawned, he reported to the Golden Scale Guild Guild Master in shame.

“It’s nothing. He’s an interesting opponent, is he not?” The Guild Master chuckled softly and passively gave another order, “Go to the All-Knowing Sect and buy this person’s information for ten thousand gold coins. If they have information on his real life, add a hundred thousand gold coins.”

ISteal&IRob shivered. Even though his Young Master responded so lightly, he knew that the Young Master was genuinely furious.

“What do you guys think?” At the city gate, ASliverofSmoke asked the group behind him.

“An acquaintance, no?” RainbowWatcher smiled.

While the guild masters in Vermilion Bird City didn’t recognize Fatty under Disguise, they were very familiar with his big rat. It was the same Wheat who snatched the Fire Cloud King pet egg. At the PK with DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix, it was also that rat who took down SnowPhoenix.

“This Fatty is really ubiquitous,” on the other side, East Gate BlowingWind sighed.

Knowing it was Fatty, they immediately understood why he disappeared after facing the bull. The knight appearance was but a mere disguise of his.

Even so, isn’t that mouse of his a pet? How did it turn into a mount? All of the players familiar with Fatty were incredulous.

The master of the Golden Scale Guild wasn’t a simple person in real life. Since Fatty offended him, he would definitely suffer when the Guild Master took his revenge. Yet, while many people knew this, they wouldn’t spread this information.

With a flash of the Teleportation Portal, Fatty returned to Black Tortoise City. Looking at the quad-combination skill book, Fatty started to laugh. While the price was high, the benefits definitely outweighed the cost.

Beep. At this moment, Purple Bell sent him a message, “Big Brother Fatty, are you free? If you are, help us fight a mob. We’ll pay you.”

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