Chapter 156 Chew and Screw

Chapter 156 – Chew and Screw

“Zzaaaa…” The Octopus King wailed out tragically as one of its tentacles was sliced off by West. It instantly went berserk, the remaining seven tentacles piercing out from the sea and charging towards West.

Frowning in contempt, West flicked out several beads the size of a pigeon’s egg from his hand. The sparkling beads bore a pink glitter as they hit the tentacles and violently exploded once West roared out, “Explode!” Along with the sky-shattering thunder, thick black smoke rose up from the boss’s body.

When the smoke gradually dispersed with the sea wind, the Octopus King was revealed to be in a wretched state. Its tentacles were bombed into remnants, leaving only a chunk still wiggling around.

“Holy crap!” Fatty blurted out a curse at West, not feeling any joy in discovering that the enemy was heavily injured. He recognized these beads to be the Thunderfire Power Bomb at first sight. What did West say then? He said those things were hard to get and he only had seven left, all of which he gave to me. Now what? He just tossed out several at once!

West didn’t know that Fatty was cursing him in his heart. He rubbed his hands, summoning a two-meter-long lance and hurled it forward.

Pffff. The fire lance successfully impaled the Octopus King’s body. However, the body was too big, so the lance went in entirely and only dealt a little damage before vanishing.

Hoooo. Exhaling some air bubbles, the Octopus King wisely chose to dive down into the ocean.

“Wanna run?” West’s eyes flashed. He directly jumped down and hugged onto the remains of the boss’s cut-off limb.

“UP!” West roared furiously. Surprisingly, he managed to pull the Octopus King out from under the water forcefully.

“Lil’ Bro, it’s all yours, just pounce!” West called out to Fatty after he had summoned his fire blade and completely cut off the remaining tentacles with a few slashes, leaving only the one he was holding.

“Thanks, Big Bro,” Fatty was ecstatic. Since he was unable to attack from his mount without being a knight first, he jumped off the pterosaur and landed on the Octopus King.

Even without its tentacle, the Octopus King was still a fierce fighter. It repeatedly howled, issuing waves of water to rise and slam into Fatty’s back.

Indeed, a Yao boss couldn’t be killed that easily. If not for West, ten Fattys would still be swallowed whole by this Octopus King without leaving a single bone behind.

However, that was just ‘if’. Currently, West was here to thoroughly restrain it from leaving the water while the pterosaur was helping by attacking it from the side. A half-dead octopus could never resist such a combination. After less than half an hour, it was heaving its last breaths from Fatty’s attack.

“Die!” Fatty shouted and ferociously stabbed downwards. With a rumble, countless equipment fell out from the Octopus King’s body into the sea.

System Notification: Congratulations, you have slain the Yao-Rank boss Octopus King. +300,000 exp, +750 Reputation.

“AAHHH! MY EQUIPMENT!” Fatty wailed tragically and jumped down.

After meticulously circling underwater to loot all of the equipment, Fatty finally climbed back up on the pterosaur’s back with satisfaction. Then, he saw West relax his arms and let the Octopus King’s massive body fall freely, causing a myriad of waterdrops to cascade around them.

Fatty once again jumped on the octopus’ body and cast several Harvests, gaining an inner water core and a massive chunk of octopus meat. It was a shame that Wheat couldn’t be summoned at the same time as the pterosaur, or else he could let Wheat eat this inner core and see what would happen.

After taking care of the foolish octopus, Fatty and West continued to travel deep into the ocean. While he swore to help Fatty get the Waterwalk book, the unfortunate West couldn’t locate the aquatic mobs he mentioned after searching for two days on the sea when Fatty’s time of borrowing the pterosaur reached its deadline.

Fatty stood on a small island and watched as the pterosaur whizzed away. Then, he pitifully glanced over at West, making the latter feeling very ashamed.

“Lil’ Bro, don’t worry. I’ll definitely get the Waterwalk art for you,” West heavily beat his chest for the -nth time. It was to the point where even the ever-shameless Fatty could no longer look at him anymore.

“Big Bro, it’s no hurry, but you see, in this wide ocean, I can't move well without the pterosaur. Ahh, I can't make you carry me either,” Fatty said as if he had hit a dead end.

“This is indeed a problem. Let me think about it,” West tapped his forehead and then suddenly said, “Yeah, let me snatch you a mount!”

Not waiting for a reply from Fatty, West flew off into the horizon on his Fire Cloud. While West was only a high AI monster, his idea of gratitude weighed heavily on him. Despite making the mistake of forgetting the location of the monster that dropped the Waterwalk book, he still truly wanted to repay Fatty for his favor.

Watching as West flew away, Fatty sat down and remembered the equipment he’d acquired. He took them out and leisurely appraised them.

The best equipment came from the Yao boss Octopus King: a lance.

Overlord’s Lance
Violet Weapon
Level Requirement: 55
Attack: 120 – 135
STR +23
END +20
Active – Water Gun: Summons a dozen water guns to attack the opponent, dealing AoE damage. The damage dealt is higher in aquatic territories. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

It was indeed a Yao boss’s drop, bearing a very mighty name and high damage.

Aside from this Overlord’s Lance, there were several other decent pieces of equipment.

Crystal Star
Gold Necklace
Level Requirement: 35
Defense: 35
DEX +20
Active – Crystal Protection: Summons an illusory water screen to protect the user. Duration: 30 seconds. Maximum Damage Received: 30,000.

Crystal Armor
Gold-Tier Heavy Armor
Level Requirement: 40
Defense: 65
STR +20
END +20
Passive: Increases resistance to water damage by 10%.

These two were drops from a boss called the Crystal Crab. This crab was truly generous, dropping not only a necklace that Fatty could equip very soon but also Gold-Tier armor.

Waterwade Boots
Gold-Tier Leather Armor
Level Requirement: 35
Defense: 40
END +15
DEX +13
Passive: The wearer can easily travel on water as if they were walking on solid ground.

This was good stuff. With this equipped, one no longer had to worry about drowning with these boots. However, Fatty was very upset as his level was lacking by just a bit.

Aside from this equipment, there were several other Gold and Silver-tier items. However, their stats were only so-so, so they wouldn’t be able to sell for much.

Fatty was very pleased with himself as he sorted through his inventory. While there was no sign of the Waterwalk book yet, he had already reaped some successful harvests with this equipment.

Boom, boom!

Right at this moment, a series of explosions echoed from a distance. Fatty raised his head and saw a fiery red cloud speeding in his direction.

West had returned, and Fatty urgently stood up, wondering what could force someone like West to flee in such a sorry state.

“Lil’ Bro, run!” West flew over and grabbed Fatty, bringing the later alongside him to flee towards the mainland.

“Big Bro, what is that?”

Behind West, a huge patch of blue, glowing water was hot on his heels. With every time West cast a spell behind him, this blue patch devoured the attack, minimizing the damage to almost nothing.

“That’s my enemy,” West resentfully said. “I wanted to get a mount for you but came across her on the way. I couldn’t hold myself back and started a fight with her, but it turned out I’m not a match for her after being sealed for so long, ahhh…”

“Don’t worry, Big Bro. As long as you absorb enough water essence and eat the Dragon Revolution Leaf to rank up, you can definitely beat and torture it however you like,” Fatty consoled.

“You’re right,” West’s face was still grave, but he nodded anyway. “Even after so many years, she is only one rank above me now. I won’t be afraid of the elemental restraint as long as I use the water essence to rank up. Let’s see how I’ll toy with her to death then!”

West’s voice gradually rose, nearly screaming the last sentence.

“West, my old friend. Long time no see! Why won’t you stay and accompany me?” A pleasant sounding voice echoed from the blue patch behind them. Fatty was stunned. So West’s enemy is a woman.

“Aliya, don’t be so smug. If it weren’t for the fact that it was only just a short time ago that I broke free from the seal, you wouldn’t be a match for me. After I rank up, I shall find you to settle our debt!” West turned his head and roared at his foe, but the speed of the Fire Cloud was getting faster despite the minor distraction.

Rumble. A large wave ahead of them suddenly turned and rolled towards the Fire Cloud.

“Keke… West, if it’s under these circumstances, all the more reason I can’t let you go,” Aliya’s bell-like laughter transmitted from the blue patch. Then, the sky-blotting patch suddenly shrank back and slowly materialized into a woman’s form.

“Humph!” West broke the hindering wave with a punch and continued to speed up. “Aliya, you have to attain the ability first if you want to deter me. Don’t think you can disregard my power just because you’re a rank higher.”

“If you’re so mighty, don’t go. Water Dragon Strike,” Aliya laughed wildly and raised both hands. A dozen water dragons appeared in the sky in all directions and flocked over to the Fire Cloud.

“Fire Dragon Break, Flame Dragon Burn!” West exclaimed vehemently and moved his hands in a similar motion to Aliya. A dozen fire dragons appeared around the Fire Cloud and charged at the water dragons.

Fatty stared closely as the fire and water dragons collided, producing nonstop thunderous sounds by his ears. Many water drops burst in all directions, a mist rising from the epicenter of the collision to cover a large surrounding area.

“Such fortune!” West let out a guttural shout before chanting something indistinguishable.

“Firewalk!” With this chant, West transformed into a flame that enshrouded Fatty inside. Afterward, he sprang like an arrow towards the mainland’s direction, leaving a trail of fire in his wake.

“Even if you want to run, West, you’ve gotta leave something behind!” Aliya shouted. She too transformed into an azure patch of gleaming water and chased after the blazing streak.

“Aliya, here ya go, haha!” Along with West’s laughter, over ten fierce red beads shot in the direction of the blue patch and exploded in a series of heaven-shattering thunder. Indeed, this brat was once again tossing out more Thunderfire Power Bombs.

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