Chapter 154 Firewalk

Chapter 154 – Firewalk

Hearing how all of the male members addressed Fatty, Qian Xiaoqian blushed and swept a ferocious glance at them. Meanwhile, the female players burst out into laughter.

“Bro, why did you come here?” Qian Xiaoqian strode over and affectionately latched onto Fatty’s arm.

“I was just playing around, and I saw you guys fighting the boss.”

Playing around? The surrounding players wanted to faint at his answer. He actually came here to play; this brother is truly unique.

“Hey, Fatty Bro, still remember me?” A female player walked up to Fatty. She was the Rainreverlers’s Minister of Intelligence who fawned over TheFugitive. It would’ve been challenging for Fatty to forget her.

“Bro, let me introduce myself. I am the Captain of the Rainreverlers’ Cavalry Squad, BraveAdvancer. I have a good personality…” A player scurried over and introduced themselves.

“Scram, scram! What cavalry squad? We don’t even have a standing squad.” Another player pushed him out of the way and spoke to Fatty in a fawning voice, “We warmly welcome Bro to the inspection! I am-”

“What the hell are you guys doing, hurry back to fight the boss. Do you all wanna die?!” A roared rang out; then its owner, a female warrior, walked over to Fatty. She scanned him from head to toe before pouting, “Nothing good.”

“DrownFish, what do you mean?” Qian Xiaoqian asked angrily.

“Nothing. We came here to fight, not to sightsee. An outsider had better not linger around here.” The female player called DrownFish shot an indifferent glance at Qian Xiaoqian, “While you’re in charge of this mission, I have permission to take over if things go wrong.”

“DrownFish, don’t overstep yourself!” Qian Xiaoqian flared up.

“Alright, Xiaoqian,” Fatty smiled slightly. He didn’t want to spark a conflict between Qian Xiaoqian and her guildmates. “You guys continue, I’ll take a walk somewhere else.”

“Bro!” Qian Xiaoqian called out.

Fatty waved his hand and turned to leave, stopping any further problem from arising. In the end, the majority of these guild members were either Qian Xiaoqian’s classmates or schoolmates.

Seeing Fatty walk off, Qian Xiaoqian pursed her lips and glared at DrownFish, then turned back to command the fight.

When Fatty exited the volcanic crater, the mobs outside started to pop out again. He sauntered forward in Stealth, trying to think of a place to find another level 60 monster.

In the perimeters of the four main cities, level 50 monsters made up the top of the pyramid. Monsters above level 50 were very rare, and even higher leveled mobs resided in more remote areas. While the forum had info on several level 60 monsters, they weren’t around Vermilion Bird City, so it wouldn’t be easy to transport them to the Flame Ruler.

Aside from bosses, the ordinary monsters weren’t capable of seeing through a player’s stealth, so Fatty simply walked around leisurely. After just over ten minutes, he heard a series of furious roars echoing from behind him, along with the players’ urgent screaming.

“What’s wrong, Xiaoqian?” Fatty hastily opened the communicator and contacted Qian Xiaoqian.

“Knights, stay back and stall the boss. Everyone else, hurry and retreat to a safe distance, then use recall scroll.” Qian Xiaoqian’s voice rang out from the communicator, “Bro, the boss raged and killed over half of our people. Its skill is terrifying! Ah, it’s coming after us again!”

“Stay calm. Where are you? I’m coming over,” Fatty said and hurriedly ran back towards the boss.

Soon, Fatty saw the players of Rainreverlers running towards him. They had arrived with over 500 players, but now only a little more than 100 remained. Since all of their priests were dead, they no longer could resist the boss.

It certainly is worthy of being Yao boss in the end. Fatty praised in his heart. If it were a level 50 gold boss, over 500 people at level 30 and above would have no problem killing it with acceptable casualties. However, a Yao boss was capable of slaughtering over 300 hundred people and still have the ability to slay more.

“Xiaoqian, over here,” Fatty revealed himself and waved at Qian Xiaoqian. The latter shouted at him, “Ahh, Bro, hurry and run! The boss is too powerful.”

“No worries,” Fatty smile and swung his hand. A massive monster appeared in the sky.

“Ahhh, another monster?? We’re dead! We’re sooo dead!” When Qian Xiaoqian ran over to Fatty, she saw a beast even more massive than the Fire Kirin Beast. Her face turned ashen as she complained painfully.

“Heheh, don’t be scared. Pounce! I still value my life very much,” Fatty swung his arm again. The pterosaur let out a clear wail and shot down at the Fire Kirin Beast.

“This is…?” The players of Rainrevelers halted their steps and gawked as the two beasts began to fight.

“This is the pet I especially borrowed to deal with the Fire Kirin Beast,” Fatty explained to Qian Xiaoqian, then turned to the others, “Everyone, this boss will go to me. Do you guys have any problem with it?”

“No problem,” the Minister of Intelligence immediately responded.

DrownFish’s eyes shifted slightly as she seemed to want to say something, but she held it back in the end.

Fatty nodded in content. If they were to make a fuss in such a situation like this, he wouldn’t mind letting the pterosaur send them off. It was acceptable if they complained to their guild master because Fatty wasn’t the one in the wrong here.

The Fire Kirin Beast was a level 60 Yao boss and seemed even more powerful as it was fighting in its own territory. Waves of blazing heat radiated out from its body as the boss arched low to the ground, letting off enraged roars at the pterosaur. The latter was flying in a circle in the sky, its body forming a large shadow that covered a wide area of land.

“Xiaoqian, what pet are you using?” Fatty suddenly remembered something.

“A lighting bird, see,” Qian Xiaoqian summoned her pet and eagerly showed it to Fatty. A mighty lightning bird appeared in the air above her head.

This bird was the size of an eagle and had a sky-blue feather coat with electric sparks running through it. Something similar to a gemstone was embedded atop its head, and its eyes seemed to hold a sea of flickering stars. It looked truly mighty.

“I got it after I went through my Thunder Magus class enhancement. I can ride it when it grows bigger,” Qian Xiaoqian said.

“Not bad,” Fatty was a little upset. Why is my Wheat the only pet that looks so ugly? In any case, it’s still very intelligent. Fatty immediately consoled himself.

A fire raged, and a draconic roar rumbled. After the pterosaur hovered in mid-air for half a day, it deployed two cyclones that spun towards the Fire Kirin Beast.

A dragon and a beast both risked their lives to clash with each other. The Fire Kirin Beast was fighting for its life, while the pterosaur had to obey Fatty’s order temporarily. Even though the Fire Kirin Beast’s ferocious strike was able to kill over 300 hundred members of Rainrevelers, it was only able to do so because it had borrowed the power of the nearby lava pond. Moreover, it had used up too much energy chasing after the players and couldn’t cast the skill anymore, making it no match for the pterosaur.

Furthermore, the main point was that the Fire Kirin Beast was only a low-rank Yao while the pterosaur had initially been a mid-rank Yao boss. With such a gap in rank, the Fire Kirin Beast simply stood no chance of victory.

After about half an hour, the Fire Kirin Beast was on its last moments of life, bearing countless wounds on its body, while the pterosaur still had half of its health left despite serious injury.

“Bro, what kind of good stuff can a Yao boss drop?” Qian Xiaoqian eagerly asked upon seeing the pterosaur gaining the upper hand.

“Maybe it’ll drop the Guild Establishment Token. If so…” DrownFish’s eyes swirled around as she contemplated.

“Hehe, can’t kill it. I need it for a mission,” Fatty told Qian Xiaoqian.

“Ahh? What kind of mission requires a Yao boss?” Qian Xiaoqian was dumbstruck.

“Heheh,” Fatty chuckled mysteriously then whispered to Qian Xiaoqian about the Elemental Movement Arts.

“Ahh, Bro, you must get that class!” Qian Xiaoqian was excited for Fatty, “I’ll pay attention to the auction. If there is any news about this, I’ll definitely inform you.”

“Great,” Fatty smiled and nodded.

“Alright, capture it and follow me.” When the pterosaur successfully restrained the Fire Kirin Beast, Fatty nodded toward Qian Xiaoqian and turned to shout at the dragon.

Amidst the shocked stare of the remaining players, Fatty brought the pterosaur toward the Fire Valley at high speed. DrownFish’s mouth was wide open, but before she could say anything, Qian Xiaoqian already ordered the rest of the players to return to the city.

The pterosaur held the Fire Kirin Beast as it glided through the sky, while Fatty ran with Stealth and avoided wave after wave of powerful monsters. Finally, they arrived at the inner region of the Fire Valley.

Last time Fatty came here, he was barely past level 20 and was chased in a sorry state by a herd of people led by ASliverofSmoke. This time, he already had his third class enhancement and even had a Yao boss in his company, so his trip was akin to a walk in the park.

“Big Bro, your little bro has come to visit you once more,” Fatty greeted West the Flame Ruler who had instantly popped out as soon as Fatty entered.

“You brought it?” West quickly inquired.

Fatty pointed toward the sky in response. The pterosaur unceremoniously hovered above the ground and threw the Fire Kirin Beast to the ground.

“Haha, Fire Kirin Beast, finally got ya!” West was overjoyed and stepped one foot on the beast’s head.

“Big Bro, since I’ve brought you your stuff, my skill book…” Fatty started to inquire.

“Here you go. Heh, there’s nothing in the Fire Valley that your brother can’t find,” West tossed out a fiery red skillbook which emitted a feeble flame from its cover.

Basic Elemental Movement Arts – Firewalk
Mission Item
Collecting the five elemental movement arts will allow the player to gain the hidden class of Elementalist.

“Haha! Finally acquired another one,” Fatty could hardly wait as he pulled out the Earth Wood Walk book and pressed the Firewalk book on top of it. A tri-colored light of earthy-yellow, deep green and fiery red burst out and intertwined with each other. When the light faded, the two books were completely merged into one.

Basic Elemental Movement Arts – Earth Wood Fire Walk
Equippable. Easily droppable.
Collecting the five elemental movement arts will allow the player to gain the hidden class of Elementalist.
Active: The user can use Earthwalk, Woodwalk or Firewalk up to 5 times per day. Each movement art has a maximum distance of 1.5 kilometers.

Indeed, not only were there more available options, the number of uses and range increased as well.

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