Chapter 15 Diggy Rat

Chapter 15 – Diggy Rat

Fatty couldn’t see Purple Bell clearly on the tree earlier, but now that he saw her face, he couldn’t help but be mesmerized even though he was already immune to beauties due to his little sister Qian Xiaoqian.

Purple Bell looked to be around fifteen or sixteen. She was approximately 1.65 meters all. Her violet hair flowed behind her. She was dressed in a Beginner’s Robe, which emphasized out her curves. Her watery eyes turned into crescent moons on her thin face when she smiled, those, alongside her pretty nose, reddish lips and slight blush marked her out to be a standard beauty, which gave other people the impression that she needed to be cared for.

“Ahem,” Fortunately for Fatty, he had undergone intense training before, so he quickly broke out of his daze. Otherwise, he definitely would have been called a pervert if he continued to stare at her. “You came to look at the scenery? Wow, that’s interesting.”

“Not really,” the little beauty of a mage waved the Beginner’s Staff in her hands. “I’m not interested in killing monsters. I only started the game to mess around and visit different places. The scenery in-game is really nice.”

“That’s true. Star Fantasia didn’t just provide us with just gaming fun. They also provided people who loved travelling with beautiful scenery in the game of Eternal. However, if one wanted to see an even better scenery, they naturally need the strength to protect themselves first.”

“I know that, but I’m not interested in farming. My big brother and the others wanted to take me farming, but I felt like it’s boring,” Purple Bell pouted, and sat down onto the floor, revealing her little white legs, blinding Fatty once again.

F*ck, calm down. It’s not like I haven’t seen a beauty before. Fatty criticized himself silently. “Then go and play by yourself. I’m going to farm.”

“Mhmm. Oh, Big Brother Fatty, add me so I can get you to help me when I need it,” Purple Bell frantically looked around the status bar, but was still unable to figure out how to add Fatty on her friend list.

“Ahh, lemme do it,” Fatty sent her a friend request.

Purple Bell smiled sweetly, then accepted it.

“Money Grubber? Big Brother Fatty, why did you choose a name like this?” Purple Bell giggled.

“It’s simple. How can I not want the money when its placed right in front of me?” Fatty answered casually.

“Is money that important?” Purple Bell’s smiled gradually disappeared as she muttered to herself.

Fatty rolled his eyes and ignored her comments. This girl is clearly from a rich family, so she doesn’t know the importance of money.

Fatty felt rather depressed as he gazed at the mountain filled with rats. Are you kidding me? It’s one thing that they have such high levels, but there’s actually so many of them. Even the entire Beginner’s Village might not be able to deal with them all. Also, the mission item was the Poison Immunity Orb, so I can’t use that boss killing Poison Fang ability.

“Bell, you came out by yourself again,” a group of players came over, while Fatty checked out the rats. The leader amongst them was called Wind God’s World. He was a Level 9 Warrior.

“Big Brother, why did you come over here? Didn’t you go to farm?” Purple Bell continued to sit lazily on the ground and looked up.

“I heard that there are a lot of rats here, so I came here to farm so that I can get to Level 10 earlier for my class enhancement,” Wind God’s World glanced at Fatty, while a player behind him stepped forward.

“Wind God Guild is taking over the area to farm. Everyone else, leave quickly. Otherwise, die.”

Fatty took a glance at Wind God’s World and laughed coldly before turning around to leave. The only reason he went over was for his mission, so he wanted to prevent any unnecessary hassle. As for them taking over the area to farm… Tsk, a bunch of noobs that are at most level 9 actually want to take over a place filled with level 15 monsters. They really don’t recognize death when it's staring them right in their face.

“Big Brother, how can you guys be like this,” Purple Bell was angry as she pouted. “Big Brother Fatty, don’t go.”

“Bell, I have other stuff to do, so I’ll leave now. See you,” Fatty waved. He didn’t mind so much, after all, if a silver coin counted as business, then his relationship with Purple Bell was merely business.

“Bell, you know this lecherous Fatty?” Pretty much the entire Beginner’s Village knew Fatty. There was no helping that matter, after all, it was hard for them not to know him when he was the cause of both cases where the monsters blocked off the village entrance.

“Mhmm,” Purple Bell nodded. “He just saved me. Otherwise, I would have died and respawned. It’s all your fault. You chased him away.”

“I see. I’ll find a chance to apologize then,” Wind God’s World said casually. “Alright, let’s start farming. You join us as well. There’s no need to fear once your level is high enough to go and see sceneries everywhere.

“Mm,” Purple Bell wanted to refuse, but she thought about it, then nodded in agreement.

After Fatty departed from where Purple Bell and the Wind God Guild was, he climbed up a tall hill. As he looked down from the peak, he saw a huge cave that was as taller than half a person in height.

“That should be where the boss is,” Fatty nodded, then begun to ponder. Right now, I shouldn’t even think about killing the boss. It’s going to be difficult for me to even get close to it. I’m going to have to use some tactics in order to complete the mission.

“This is going to be hard. Hard. HARD,” Fatty repeated it thrice, then leaped down and walked towards the cave. Doing so, he ran into several rats, which he quickly dispatched.

Since the cave’s entrance was too low, players were unable to enter, and even if they could, they were only feeding the boss.

Originally, Fatty wanted to bring the monster to block off the village entrance as well, but the decided against it. It wasn’t because he was scared of others cursing him. It was because the players back at the village most likely would be unable to kill such a high level boss.

Fatty reflected on his past experiences. I’ve killed three bosses, but aside from the first Golden Rabbit King that didn’t quite live up to its name, none of the other bosses were killed by me properly. I killed the two other bosses using traps. Speaking of which, they probably felt rather disturbed by that as well. But there’s no helping it, if I went against them head on, even ten of me would be just food to a boss like the Silver Python King.

Fatty heard the sounds of combat, and a few occasional screams from afar as white light rose up into the sky. It was clear that someone had been teleported back to the village for free. Fatty twitched his mouth. You actually dared to take over the entire place to farm at that level? Seriously, you must be sick of being alive.

Fatty dug a huge trap in front of the rat cave. Not only did he fill the bottom with all sorts of sharp weapons, he also placed many logs and branches on the side, so that he can burn the rat when the boss falls into it.

Meanwhile, he also covered the entrance of the cave with wood. Then, he took a deep breath, brought out his flint, and tapped.

Boom. A fire rose up, and dense smoke began to surge into the hole.

Squeak. Squeak, squeak. As dense smoke surge into the cave, countless rats squeaked as they ran all over the place. Some of them risked the fire and leaped through it, scrambling out of the rat hole, only to fall directly into the trap. Others immediately turned back to find other paths when they saw the fire. All in all, the interior of the cave was in complete chaos.

Squeak, squeak. At that very moment, an extremely high-pitched squeak sounded out of the rat hole. Fatty grew serious. The one I’m looking for is here.

“Burn, burn, burn,” Fatty felt his blood boil as he threw more and more wood into the cave. Then… All of a sudden, he felt something amiss. Why is it silent in there?

Scratch, scratch. Fatty turned back when he heard something behind him, and nearly freaked out. There was a rat the size of a calf starting right at him with bloodshot eyes.

Fatty didn’t forget to use Appraisal on it.

Diggy Rat

Low-rank Yao

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Everything’s just question marks. I wonder what low-rank yao means.

“Boss, weren’t you inside? When did you come out? You should’ve told me beforehand so I can come and welcome you,” Fatty trembled with Frostfang in his hand. He wanted to cry, but no tears flowed from his eyes.

Squeak. Diggy Rat was a rat with yellow fur. It had several tens of iron needle-like whiskers protruding out from the side of its pointy snout, which reminded Fatty of Zhang Fei, a general in the Three Kingdoms.

Yet, Diggy Rat did not have any intention to chat with Fatty. It moved forward, and the two-meter long rat tail, which was even longer than its body, swept over.

“Boss, let’s talk instead,” Fatty trembled as he retreated. He pushed his body close to the wall and dodged the attack.

“Crap, this is going to be my first death,” Fatty muttered dejectedly, but still looked around frantically in order to find a way to escape.

However, Diggy Rat didn’t give him much time to think as it leaped towards Fatty with its two iron-like claws.

“Hah, you can’t catch me!” Fatty ran around the trap and tried to lure Diggy Rat into it, but the rat refused to be tricked, and merely followed Fatty around.

What’s more, due to the strength of its tail attack, there were several times that it nearly killed Fatty.

“Ugh, whatever,” A hint of anger rose within Fatty when he saw his replenished health reach a critical point once again.

He immediately rolled over and crawled into the rat hole.

Squeak. As a boss and a yao, Diggy Rat did not permit its authority to be challenged. What’s more, Fatty crawling into its rat hole only infuriated Diggy Rat even more. It squeaked loudly, then shot down the hole behind Fatty.

“Down you go!”

The truth was that Fatty did not venture deep into the rat-hole. Instead, he laid down flat at the entrance and curled his legs. The moment Diggy Rat followed him in, he roared loudly, and kicked hard with his feet onto Diggy Rat’s face, shoving it backwards and into the trap.

“Ha! Try and run now!” Fatty was overjoyed. He immediately scrambled over with Frostfang to beat Diggy Rat while it was down

Squeak, squeak!

When Diggy Rat fell into the trap, the blades within pierced through its body, but it only enraged it further. It slammed its claws onto the ground, then disappeared from the trap with a yellow glow.

“Heh? It died so quickly?” Fatty hurried over to the trap the moment the yellow light shone. When the finally disappeared, he saw that the trap was completely empty and void of even a single strand of rat hair.


Something struck Fatty in the back and pushed him into the trap.

“F*ck, who dares to sneak up on Lord Fatty… Huh? Diggy Rat?” A huge rat head appeared in front of Fatty. It was none other than Diggy Rat itself.

“H-How did you get behind me!?” Fatty looked at the monster in shock, and could not comprehend just how it disappeared and reappeared.


Diggy Rat raised its head and squeaked, while Fatty noticed a clear look of disdain in its eyes.

“F*ck, you aren’t taking Lord Fatty seriously?” Fatty was furious. He had never been looked at like that even in real life. He immediately raised his hand on the side of the trap and pushed himself out.

All the points Fatty added into Dexterity was not just for show. He feinted left and right, and moved right next to the monster to activate Coil.

Whoosh. A huge silver python appeared on Diggy Rat and coiled around it, while it opened its jaws wide and sank its teeth into the boss’s neck.




A series of number popped up on Diggy Rat’s head. Since it dealt a fixed damage, it was very suitable for Fatty killing monsters that are way above his level.

However, it wasn’t quite enough. It dealt a grand total of 900 damage after 30 seconds, but that was merely a slither of Digger Rat’s maximum HP.

“Poison Fang!” Fatty roared softly and stabbed Frostfang onto the bound Diggy Rat. His dagger glowed green, and a -20 appeared. Damn, it didn’t break through its defense. But oh well, it’s green now, so it’s poisoned.

Squeak. However, the greenish glow on Diggy Rat merely lasted for a mere moment before disappeared.

Ugh, damn it. It has the Poison Immunity Orb, why the heck am I trying to poison it!?

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