Chapter 144 And The Guild Establishment Token Goes To

Chapter 144 – And The Guild Establishment Token Goes To…

Even horses had their pride. The Hellfire Stallion was thoroughly incensed upon hearing that Fatty intended to use it as a gift.

“Neiiiiiigh…” The Hellfire Stallion roared with fury and rammed its hooves against the ground with a thunderous crash. It was trying to rock Fatty off its back.

“Behave, behave. A good horse is a horse that behaves,” Fatty hugged the steed’s neck tightly and spoke noisily by its ear.

Hearing Fatty’s words, the Hellfire Stallion’s rage burned so fiercely that the feeble fire on its body began to blaze up as well. Fatty let out a painful wail and sprang up from the horse’s back, hitting his head on the turtle’s shell above.

Fatty fell and plunged to the ground with a heavy thud. The stallion’s eyes gleamed at this. It didn’t hesitate to rear back and rap its front hooves on the ground in front of Fatty.

“The heck! Why beat a man when he’s down?” Fatty turned his body to dodge the Hellfire Stallion’s trampling. At the same time, he slithered around and seized the chance to mount the stallion again sneakily.

“Do you submit?” Fatty lightly knocked his fist on the Hellfire Stallion’s head and asked.

His answer was a long, furious neigh. However, Fatty couldn’t attack it for real. Since the horse didn’t have much health left, it might just drop dead after a few attacks.

“You can even subdue a horse. Money Grubber, how about I come and help you?” TenStepOneKill suddenly spoke up. At the same time, he tapped his finger on the Yin Yang Manual, shooting a white light at the Hellfire Stallion.

“TenStepOneKill, you’re courting death!” Purple Bell acted even faster than TenStepOneKill. The Hellfire Stallion looked quite pretty as it was covered in flames with a strange diagram decorating its body, so it was the type of horse that young girls like Purple Bell fancied. Purple Bell naturally wanted to stop TenStepOneKill from killing the horse.

A black light streaked out from Purple Bell’s Yin Yang Manual and collided with the white light. After banging into each other, both of them vanished. Purple Bell angrily turned to TenStepOneKill with the manual ready before her, wanting to attack him. TenStepOneKill laughed brazenly and moved back a few steps.


A thunderclap suddenly echoed. Shouts of panic instantly rang out from the outside.

“Lei Ting, it’s Lei Ting! He isn’t dead yet!”

“Oh my god! All that attacking still couldn’t kill him?”

“Ruuun! The Celestial boss has risen from the dead!”

“What? Lei Ting has come back to life?” Fatty exclaimed. Even TenStepOneKill lost his calm and quickly ran out from under the turtle shell to watch.

“Neiiiigh,” the Hellfire Stallion let out a long neigh and no longer bothered with Fatty. It galloped out from the turtle shell with Fatty still on its back.

After the thunderstorm had passed, a figure appeared in the blue sky. Indeed, it was Undead Marshal Lei Ting who had just died earlier.

“Corps Captain Lei Ting,” Libya was nursing his heavily injured body, but he dragged his dragon spear forward with great difficulty and paid his respects to Lei Ting.

“Greetings, General Libya,” Lei Ting nodded in the sky.

“Honorable Corps Captain, for the sake of Black Tortoise City’s safety, we had to take action against you. I offer my deepest apologies for your suffering,” Libya said.

“There’s no need to blame yourself. All of this was a scheme stemming from the Phantasm Ghost King. I have to thank you all for helping me clear my head,” Lei Ting smiled. “Since I died for Black Tortoise City, I naturally can’t let my own hands destroy it.”

“Corps Captain, is there anything that you’d have us do?” Libya sighed in relief when he heard these words from Lei Ting. He knew that the crisis was now officially resolved.

“I feel reassured now that Black Tortoise City has people like you guys,” Lei Ting looked around at every NPC in the field. After a while, his eyes rested on the Hellfire Stallion, stating, “Hellfire.”

“Neigh…” The Hellfire Stallion kept neighing. Fatty suddenly discovered that tears were streaming from the corners of its eyes.

“Hellfire, I’m about to disappear for eternity. I can’t take care of you anymore. You should choose a new master for yourself,” Lei Ting said.

He’s letting it choose its master? Fatty straightened his back, “Honorable Corps Captain, as you can see, Hellfire and I look so well together. Please entrust it with me.”

Whoosh. The Hellfire Stallion suddenly reared straight up. Fatty was caught off guard and got knocked off the horse’s back.

The surrounding crowd burst into laughter.

“Corps Captain, I am the holder of the Yin Yang Manual and the newly-appointed Yin Yang Inquisitor that will soon rank up to Yin Yang Magistrate. As far as I’m concerned, Hellfire is most satisfactory with me,” TenStepOneKill stepped forth.

Aside from these two, several hundreds of people also recommended themselves and promised to Lei Ting that they were the most suitable owner for the Hellfire Stallion. A mid-rank yao mount could only be encountered when the stars were aligned. Therefore, everyone wanted it.

“What do you think?” Lei Ting looked at the Hellfire Stallion.

“Neiiigh…” The steed turned his nose to the sky where Lei Ting stood and neighed at him. Shortly after, it threw itself at the giant turtle’s leg.

“Don’t!” yelled Purple Bell, who was keeping her eyes on it the entire time.

“Behave, don’t waste your own life,” Fatty pulled the steed back by its tail, while TenStepOneKill stood in front of it to block it.

“Do you want your head or your tail?” TenStepOneKill threatened the Hellfire Stallion.

“TenStepOneKill, you are horrible!” Purple Bell stepped over. She gently careless the horse’s mane and consoled it in a soft voice.

“Little miss, Hellfire will be in your care from now on,” Lei Ting said to Purple Bell, smiling lightly as he did so.

“Ahh, really? Thank you, Uncle,” Purple Bell was so delighted that she spewed out a random address.

“Uncle?” Lei Ting gave a pained smile. Afterward, he gazed in the direction of Black Tortoise City and muttered, “I have to go.”

“We respectfully bid farewell to the Honorable Corps Captain,” all of the NPCs present knelt down and solemnly sent him off.

“Farewell, Black Tortoise City,” Lei Ting whispered. Slowly, his body turned to ashes and vanished.

“Mission accomplished. Retreat,” Libya stood up and made an announcement. In response, all of the NPC generals and soldiers immediately began to return to the city.

“The NPCs are gone now. Everyone get the legendary drops. The Celestial boss dropped legendary items!” A random person shouted out, causing chaos to erupt once more as all of the players began to act.

“Flamy, behave, will you?” Purple Bell had pocketed the Hellfire Stallion but released it again and gently coaxed it. Being able to retrieve it proved that the Hellfire Stallion had become Purple Bell’s mount. Since Lei Ting personally chose her as his new owner, the Hellfire Stallion could only obey. It stretched its tongue out and licked Purple Bell’s hand, but growled and adopted a defensive stance when facing Fatty and TenStepOneKill.

“Haha, good kid,” Fatty extended his hand, wanting to pet Hellfire, only to be nearly kicked in his manhood by the latter’s hooves.

Boom, boom. The giant turtle left in thundering steps. Fatty finally said to Purple Bell, “Let’s go, Bell. There are too many people here. We might die if we aren’t careful enough. Let’s ignore the Guild Establishment Token.”

“Alright,” Purple Bell got on her steed. Hellfire softly neighed and slowly strode forward with her on its back.

“Hehe, Flamy, can you let Big Bro Fatty on as well?” Fatty said to Hellfire with a sleazy laugh. The latter shot him a look of contempt and turned its head away, completely ignoring him.

“TenStepOneKill, I hope you’ll get the Guild Establishment Token and make some big bucks,” Fatty turned to TenStepOneKill while walking side by side with Hellfire. TenStepOneKill snorted coldly. Before this, he couldn’t find the token during the distraction. Now all of the players present had flocked to that area, and he stood no chance of locating and subsequently taking it before everyone else.

“Big Brother Fatty, now that this is over, what are you gonna do next?” Purple Bell asked from atop her mount.

“Of course I’ll log off and go to sleep,” Fatty gave a big yawn. “It’s been a day now. If I don’t get some sleep, I’ll truly die.”

“I’m afraid that you can’t log off just yet,” Purple Bell stated with a smile. Several figures appeared in front of them. They were the guild masters of the six major guilds.

“Fatty, where’s the Guild Establishment Token?” Rosethorn urgently inquired.

“Guild Establishment Token? I dunno,” Fatty scratched the back of his neck and smiled awkwardly.

“Ah? You truly didn’t get it?” Rosethorn’s face was filled with disappointment. The rest sighed as well, downtrodden.

“We’re so done. Now that we missed this chance, who knows which boss will have the next Guild Establishment Token?”

“Big Brother Fatty, it’s not right to lie,” Purple Bell got off her mount and blinked at Fatty.

“Huh? Bell, how do you know?” Fatty was a bit upset. He planned to give everyone a pleasant surprise, so he didn’t tell Purple Bell about it. How did she know?

“When I helped you fight TenStepOneKill, I noticed you disappear for a short time,” Purple Bell explained smugly. She knew about the Spatial Spoon’s function as well.

“Your eyes are very sharp,” Fatty helplessly praised and took out the golden token. “Hehe, if it weren’t for TenStepOneKill releasing the smoke bomb, I wouldn’t have been able to get it so easily.”

“Ahh, Guild Establishment Token?” The guild masters were overjoyed. They all stretched out their hands, wanting to grab it. Then, they glanced at one another and burst out in laughter.

“Shall we follow the same method that we used for the City Construction Token?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent suggested.

“Okay,” Fatty snapped his finger in approval. The guild masters all teleported directly back to Black Tortoise City in high spirits.

“Ahh, what a lively battle royale, it’s a shame that I never got to watch it till the end,” before leaving the battlefield, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord unexpectedly exclaimed like a nutjob.

“That’s fine. You can stay and join them if you want,” Liu Lan immediately said.

“Heheh,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord laughed dumbly and no longer spoke.

The group discreetly gathered at Black Tortoise City’s bank. They made a circle with Fatty squatting in the center.

“This Guild Establishment Token comes from Purple Bell and me. The money from selling it will be split evenly between us,” Fatty informed everyone before the auction started. Frankly, if it weren’t for the Spatial Spoon, Fatty would have stood no chance of snatching it before TenStepOneKill got to it. So, he merely stated a fact when he said that the token belonged to both of them.

“Alright, let’s get started,” Fatty announced the start of the auction after a brief pause.

“Fifty million,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was the first to break the silence.

“Sixty million,” East Gate BlowingWind instantly followed.

“Eighty million,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord was coming in strong.

“A hundred million,” Rosethorn’s cherry lips softly breathed the words.

“One hundred and ten million,” since half of the money would go back to his hand anyway, Wind God’s World didn’t hesitate to go big.

“Big Brother, the other half is mine. I won’t give it to you,” Purple Bell immediately creased her little nose upon hearing Wind God’s World’s bid.

“Heheh,” Wind God’s World smiled, seemingly trying to fawn over Purple Bell.

“One hundred and fifty million,” Liu Lan had been silent, but abruptly proposed a high bid. Everyone was dumbstruck and temporarily lapsed into silence.

Fatty wasn’t surprised by such price after his experience with the City Construction Token. He was only in shock because Liu Lan was the one offering this price.

“One hundred and sixty million,” Wind God’s World was evidently determined to benefit from this. Purple Bell only pouted and inwardly gritted her teeth at her big brother.

“Xu Quan,” Liu Lan turned to cast a quick look at Xu Quan.

Xu Quan hesitated a little before replying, “Guild master, the highest we can offer is one hundred and fifty million. Any higher than that and we won’t have enough money left to operate our guild.“

“Alright then,” Liu Lan sighed heavily, her voice sounding a little upset.

In the end, the Wind God Guild won the Guild Establishment Token for the price of one hundred and sixty million. Therefore, Fatty earned eighty million from this endeavor.

“I’m off to sleep. You guys have fun with whatever you need to do,” after confirming that his money was in place, Fatty said good-bye and disconnected on the spot.

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