Chapter 142 The End of a Hero

Chapter 142 – The End of a Hero

The Kingdom of Darkness contained God Tier power where darkness, decay, corruption, deadly poison, and other adverse effects permeated. If an outsider didn’t have the corresponding ability to resist these forces, they’d be hard-pressed to survive once they entered.

Celestial boss Undead Marshal Lei Ting sat straight-backed astride the Hellfire Stallion. They stood in the center of the field proudly, looking down upon all other existences. Now that the God Tier Kingdom of Darkness surrounded Lei Ting, his golden armor had turned pitch black.

In the sky, lightning was striking down. The sound of glass breaking echoed as more and more cracks appeared on the Land of Exile sealing the dragon.

Lei Ting hadn’t completely absorbed the power of darkness in his body since he was awakened early by Lin Xi. Therefore, the Kingdom of Darkness wasn’t in its peak form either. Its parameter was only twenty-something meters, which indicated that Lei Ting was still a Celestial boss and that he had not yet reached God Tier. This factor gave the NPCs of Black Tortoise City renewed hope.

Purple Bell and TenStepOneKill teleported before Lei Ting at the same time. The instant they emerged, they were met with the DoT from the Kingdom of Darkness, and their health bars almost reached rock bottom in the blink of an eye.

The two screamed in pain. They immediately had their Yin Yang Manuals float over their heads. Purple Bell’s and TenStepOneKill’s manuals each respectively shot out a black and a white light. Unexpectedly, the two rays of light entwined to form a Yin Yang Fish diagram that floated above the two players and isolated the force of darkness from them.

“What is that?”

Everyone’s face paled in shock. The fact that these two players’ skills could combine and resist a God Tier force greatly stunned them.

“Yin Yang Thunder.”

The two shouted in unison, each pointing their finger at the Yin Yang Fish diagram above their heads. In an instant, a black and white ball appeared out of nowhere and hurled itself at Lei Ting.

Boom, boom, boom!

The Yin Yang Thunder ball exploded as it struck Lei Ting. The boss swayed nonstop, but his health only dropped by a sliver. The Hellfire Stallion let out a long, furious neigh, then spat out the rest of the few flames left on its body.

“What a loyal steed!” Fatty praised. Now that the mount system has activated, I’d look very stylish if I could get a mount like that.

Although the Hellfire Stallion was enraged, it was too exhausted to deal any real damage to the two players. Therefore, they didn’t pay attention to it and instead focused on attacking Lei Ting.

After Lei Ting had cast his ultimate skill, Thunder of the Ninth Heaven to summon the dragon, and proceeded to deploy a weakened version of Kingdom of Darkness, his strength was utterly drained. Currently, he could only passively defend without the power left to attack in retaliation.


Along with the sound of shattering glass, the lightning dragon finally broke away from Land of Exile’s restraint. Then, it headed straight for the ground.

“Stop it!” Libya shouted. He erected his dragon spear and charged at the dragon.

At this moment, two battlefields were formed in the area – one with Libya charged with blocking the lightning dragon, and one where Purple Bell and TenStepOneKill allied together to fight Lei Ting.

“Wheel of Judgement!”

Purple Bell and TenStepOneKill chorused out loud. A black and white light wheel of one meter in radius appeared in the air and slowly rolled toward Lei Ting.

The two seemed barely able to manage it when they released the skill. Their movements had turned stiff as they steered the Wheel of Judgement in the right direction.

Lei Ting made no move to dodge the attack. The wheel struck him and started spinning as it hit him, emitting a series of tooth-tingling creaking sounds.

“Foolish human,” Lei Ting glanced at the light wheel with contempt and no longer bothered with it.

As the Wheel of Judgement spun faster and faster, it dealt more and more damage to Lei Ting in the process. Even so, this kind of attack was like a feather tickling Lei Ting since its damage posed little to no threat in the face of his enormous HP.

If this attack kept going without a time limit, it might just be able to kill Lei Ting, but that was clearly impossible.

The players in the vicinity could distinctly see the Yin Yang Fish gradually shrink while it guarded against damage from the Kingdom of Darkness for the two Yin Yang Inquisitors. Once the Yin Yang Fish disappears, these two will be pressured to escape their fate of returning to the respawn point.

“Yin Yang Treasure Swords.”

As the Wheel of Judgement gradually faded away, the two replenished some mana and simultaneously cast another skill.

Two little swords – one black and one white, appeared from thin air. They intertwined while soaring through the sky before impaling Lei Ting.

Another blood-red number rose up, but Lei Ting was indifferent and motionless. After the two players attacked for ten-odd minutes, Lei Ting’s health only dropped by less than 1% while the Yin Yang Fish had already shrunk to one-third its original size.


Over on the other battlefield, the lightning dragon displayed its entire prowess as it snapped the giant boa in half with its jaw. After all, the dragon was a union of an innumerable amount of lightning bolts summoned by Lei Ting. While Libya and the rest’s power were at the level of the eighth class enhancement, they barely managed to counter it.


Suddenly, a black mist rose up from Lei Ting’s head. The instant this happened, the entire Kingdom of Darkness became more stable, and Lei Ting's health could be seen increasing by a sliver.

“Not good! He’s absorbing the dark power that the Phantasm Ghost King left in his body.”

Jijilu’s face turned ashen in fright. If they just let Lei Ting fully absorb the energy into his body, then only Lin Xi would be able to stop him.


Right at this moment, the giant turtle wail painfully. Yellow air streamed out from the ground and merged with its body. Surprisingly, its lost leg once again regrew quick enough to be visible to the average eye.

Thud. The giant turtle flung the knight NPC off its back and strode toward Lei Ting. During this, its massive body shrank until it was about ten meters in size.


The colossal turtle again roared angrily when it approached the Kingdom of Darkness. A large, earthy yellow light screen suddenly appeared and enveloped it. Then, the turtle directly entered the Kingdom of Darkness just like that.

The earthy yellow screen tangled with the Kingdom of Darkness and easily offset the latter’s damage.

“What is that?”

“Oh, Heavens! That’s the Black Tortoise Nation. The City Lord has borrowed power from Black Tortoise City to screen it!” Drucker shouted.

“Ignore the lightning dragon, enter the Black Tortoise Nation and focus all your attacks on Lei Ting!” Libya shouted a command.

With the giant turtle and high-ranked generals joining the fray, Purple Bell and TenStepOneKill felt their burden lessened, and their attacks started to become smoother. Moreover, the Kingdom of Darkness’s effect on Lei Ting’s defense had significantly decreased under the Black Tortoise Nation’s restraint.

“Attack, attack!”

Some guilds began to assemble their long-ranged attackers and began to execute their long-ranged skills. The experience gained from killing a Celestial boss would be enormous. So naturally, everyone wanted a piece of the pie.

The Kingdom of Darkness counteracted the majority of long-ranged skills cast, but the rest still poured onto Lei Ting and wiped out a bit of his health. Although it wasn’t much, they won in numbers and dealt more damage than Purple Bell and TenStepOneKill combined.

Unfortunately, some attacks landed on the two players and caused some damage. The Yin Yang Fish was fading much more quickly, making TenStepOneKill so angry that he constantly cursed.

Puff puff.

Two whiffs of black smoke emerged near Lei Ting, revealing two players holding daggers right next to the Hellfire Stallion. They attacked in sync then simultaneously disappeared without a trace. Right after that, two people appeared outside and frantically chugged down red potions. Just now, they were that close to death after staying in the Kingdom of Darkness for a mere blink of an eye.

A pure green light flashed above Lei Ting’s head. Surprisingly, they managed to poison him.


The lightning dragon suddenly shook its body which was over three hundred meters in size. Then, it roared in the direction of the players, “Thunderbolt!”

Countless lightning bolts struck down and crushed one batch of players after another.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone. The lightning dragon can only appear for a limited time. It’ll be gone very soon,” Jijilu called out.

“When it disappears, Lei Ting will have fully absorbed the dark power. At that time, he’ll be alive and kicking, and we’ll all be done.”

Fatty mumbled to himself. Most players here were well aware that they were in a race against time.

“Secluded space coordinate? So the key is in your hand,” a voice suddenly rang out from behind Fatty.

Fatty was startled. He quickly turned around and unexpectedly saw City Lord Lin Xi.

“You, how did you come in here?” Didn’t it say only the owner could enter?

“While a Divine item is good, it still depends on the user, let alone mere remains of it,” Lin Xi calmly stated as he observed the situation outside through the space barrier.

“If you already arrived, why haven’t you made your move?”

Lin Xi was the most formidable NPC that Fatty had ever met. Fatty believed that Lei Ting was most assuredly not a match for Lin Xi.

“Black Tortoise City has been calm for too long. The army needs some practice,” Lin Xi’s tone was indifferent.

That many people died already, and he said it’s for “some practice.” What a callous person. Fatty secretly cursed.

As the battle unfolded, the situation took a turn for the better. After slaughtering several tens of thousands of people, the lightning dragon finally reached its time limit. It diffused into a sea of lightning, which killed several thousand people, before completely vanishing.

Free from the dragon’s threat, everyone felt liberated and were able to face Lei Ting much easier. The constant puffs of black air from Lei Ting’s body supplemented the Kingdom of Darkness while also healing himself. Despite this, it wasn’t that easy for one person to recover from the damage dealt by several tens of thousands of players at once.

As time passed, Lei Ting’s health was nearing its bottom, signaling the end of his life.


Suddenly, TenStepOneKill took one step further into the Black Tortoise Nation. At the same time, he pointed a finger to retrieve his Yin Yang Manual.

The Yin Yang Fish was naturally dissipated when TenStepOneKill’s Manual disappeared. However, Purple Bell had been entirely wary against him the whole time. As soon as the diagram disappeared, a teleportation portal appeared before her. She stepped in and teleported directly outside the Kingdom of Darkness.

“Bell, the boss is about to die soon. Why did you come out?” Wind God’s World shouted urgently.

“The problem is not how to kill the boss and get the drops. It’s how to survive,” Purple Bell was unruffled. “As for the Guild Construction Token, there’s no need to feel anxious. Let’s wait for news from Big Brother Fatty.”

As if verifying Purple Bell’s statement, the attacks about to land upon Lei Ting suddenly moved in unison. They struck the nearest players around Lei Ting, sending the site into a complete and utter mess.

“Kill! Get the drops!”

Screams and shouts rang out one after another. Several hundreds of thousands of people were boiling with excitement. They disregarded everything to rush toward Lei Ting.

“It’s about time,” Fatty muttered to himself. Seeing that Lin Xi didn’t react at all, he opened the secluded dimension and stepped out.

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