Chapter 140 Spatial Spoon

Chapter 140 – Spatial Spoon

How strong was a celestial boss? No one knew. However, when the players witnessed Brave Rider Drucker – a knight of the seventh class enhancement, and Grand Magus Jijilu – a mage of the eighth class enhancement getting beaten by Lei Ting with little to no chance of fighting back; they immediately understood the strength of a celestial boss.

Lei Ting held the reigns of the Hellfire Stallion. Grasping the Demon Slayer Sword and cloaked in drifting black-and-gold mist, he dominated the entire stage. Several bosses followed closely behind as they advanced firmly.

“The former Captain truly lives up to his reputation,” urging his horse back a few steps, Drucker wiped off the trail of blood on the corner of his lips and voiced his praise.

“Throughout the entire history of Black Tortoise City, aside from the former City Lord, Lin De, Lei Ting was the one given the highest hopes of transcending mortal boundaries and attaining a new realm of power. When the Phantasm Ghost King arrived with his forces, Lord Lin De had to stay behind to watch over Black Tortoise City. Only Lei Ting could be deployed with the army. Relying solely on his power, he stopped the Phantasm Ghost King for one day and one night as well as injured him, gaining time for War God Lin Yu and Saint Magus Aura to seal the Ghost King,” Jijilu stated expressionlessly. “Even if Captain Lei Ting has been dead for many years, even if he was tempted to depravity by the Phantasm Ghost King, and lured out by the City Lord with only one-tenth the strength of his peak state, he’s still not someone we can stop.”

“Then what should we do now?” Drucker gazed at Lei Ting, his eyes brimming with unconcealable veneration.

“We wait for the City Lord’s plans to come to fruition,” Jijilu replied weakly.

“He was once the Marshal, after all,” Fatty nodded slightly after he heard about Lei Ting’s past. Although he’s corrupted, his power is still there, and it isn’t something Drucker’s party can easily handle. But this has nothing to do with me anyway. I only need to stand aside and watch the show.

“Come, Bell, look what the Phantom Messenger dropped.”

Fatty and Purple Bell went to hide in a corner. Once there, Fatty displayed the Phantom Messenger’s drops. Putting aside the useless items that he didn’t bother to take out, there were only two useful pieces of equipment.

One of them was a golden-trimmed black cloak that seemed to reveal traces of deep red from within its blackness.

Cloak of Umbra
Violet Equipment
Level Requirement: 35
Defense: 28
DEX +15
Active Skill– Shadow: Transform into an umbra and hide within another person’s shadow without being detected. While transformed, the user can only move alongside the shadow and cannot attack. The user is revealed when attacked. Duration Limit: None. Cooldown: 600 seconds.

No wonder the six major guilds couldn’t trace the Phantom Messenger with so many members. That brat was actually hiding in their shadows. This Violet Equipment is equipable at level 35, so it is much more precious than the one that requires the user to be at least level 50. The level requirement also shows that the Phantom Messenger’s level wasn’t very high, that’s why Lord Fatty could easily kill it with my sudden attack.

The other item was a key-shaped object. Fatty cast Appraisal, but it only displayed the name “Spatial Spoon” and nothing else.

“Two great equipment. Which one do you want?” Fatty held one in each hand and let Purple Bell choose.

“Whichever one is fine,” Purple Bell smiled sweetly.

“This Cloak of Umbra can hide your trace, and it’s a good item for PK. Moreover, it’s usable at level 35, so the practical worth is very high. On the other hand, this Spatial Spoon can’t be appraised even with my Appraisal, so it’s definitely a piece of superior equipment. Its value shouldn’t be lower than this cloak.”

Fatty was a bit conflicted. While it was okay just randomly to give Purple Bell one of the drops, he didn’t want her to lose out. Therefore, Fatty kept hesitating and couldn’t make a choice.

“I’ll take the cloak,” Purple Bell received the cloak. “Big Brother Fatty has Stealth, so this cloak isn’t much use to you, but it’s just right for me. If that Spatial Spoon is better than this cloak, then congratulations. If it isn’t though, then don’t come crying later. Alright, Big Brother Fatty?”

Purple Bell acted easy-going about the entire situation. Fatty understood that Purple Bell was thinking for him as well, so he nodded, “I’ll have it appraised once I return to the city. If it’s suitable for you, then you can use it. If not, I’ll keep it.”

Boom! While they were splitting the drops in the corner, a battle once again broke out. Drucker and Jijilu were forced to constantly retreat from Lei Ting’s attack. The situation was looking dire.

“Too formidable!”

The players who wanted to approach halted their steps and gasped in shock. Initially, they planned to find a chance to kill Lei Ting for the Guild Establishment Token. Yet, when they saw how casual Lei Ting acted as he beat two powerful NPCs into a sorry state, all of the players present gave up on that idea.

“How come the City Lord hasn’t sent backup?” Drucker grew anxious. The two of them might be forced to throw their lives away right here if help didn’t come.

“Die.” Lei Ting curtly spat out a word as his sword went for Drucker’s neck. Just when Drucker was about to face being beheaded…


A windstorm raged as a massive figure struck down from the sky and onto Lei Ting.


Lei Ting directly thrust out his sword. The figure immediately let out a shocking scream and sprung back into the sky, spurting out a stream of blood.


The identity of this gigantic monster was clear to Fatty. It was indeed the pterosaur who tried to fight for the Dragon Revolution Herb but was then tamed by Lin Xi in the end.

A knight was sitting on the pterosaur’s back. This knight was dressed in dark-colored metal armor, his hand holding an over two-meter long dragon spear. He was currently trying to control the pterosaur.

“It’s Master Libya. He’s finally ranked up to Dragon Rider,” Drucker went wild with joy.

After the pterosaur made its entrance, the earth rumbled, and in the direction of Black Tortoise City, three massive Yao beasts were approaching side by side.

The three Yaos included a hundred-meter long deepwater crocodile, a green boa as huge as a dinosaur, and a turtle the size of a small mountain. These three, with the addition of the flying pterosaur, were the four Yaos that Lin Xi had collected.

Like the pterosaur, each of the three Yaos also carried an NPC on their back. The four NPCs directed their beasts to surround Lei Ting.

The black air around Lei Ting decreased as time passed. On the contrary, his golden armor and mask were gradually turning darker.

“Captain Lei Ting, forgive my offense,” Libya shouted and pointed his dragon spear down as he gave the command, “Charge!”

Lei Ting was silent even in the face of the four high-ranked Yaos’ besiegement. He raised his left hand and pointed a finger, issuing numerous thick bolts of lightning to strike at Libya from thin air. His right hand brandished his long sword. Black and white rays shot out from the sword and hit the three other yaos.

The battle once again broke out and was even more devastating this time around. The four new NPCs possessed the strength of at least the eighth class enhancement. Adding in Drucker and Jijilu, six human and four beasts surrounded Lei Ting and his underlings as they started killing at close range.

“Fatty,” Liu Lan and the guild masters suddenly came to find Fatty. “We think the City Lord has tricked us.”

“We weren’t tricked, it’s more like he exploited us,” Fatty figured. “The Guild Establishment Token is definitely on Lei Ting. The City Lord wouldn’t lie about that. He only used us to lure Lei Ting out. So we’ll all get what we want.”

“Then what should we do now? If the NPCs get the Guild Establishment Token, who knows if they’ll still give it to us,” everyone looked down-hearted.

“That’s why we have to kill for it ourselves,” Fatty let out a long laugh. “If the NPCs kill him, he might even not drop anything. We need to find the right timing to attack. Not only do we want to kill Lei Ting, but we also have to snatch his drops as well.”

The guild masters exchanged glances before walking off simultaneously, “We will each send own people. Whoever takes it, owns it.”

“Bell, lend us a hand,” Wind God’s World naturally didn’t forget Purple Bell since she was the number one expert in the Wind God Guild.


Spatial Spoon. Fatty pondered inwardly as he looked at the key-shaped object in his hand. Back on the seventh floor, the Phantom Messenger seemed to use unknown space magic to dodge the bosses’ and mobs’ attacks. It was only knocked out after receiving a punch from Lei Ting. That was when Lei Ting informed the Phantom Messenger that it was useless even if it had the Spatial Spoon.

“Could this be a space attribute tool?” Fatty went through his options and then immediately used a recall scroll.

All the players of Black Tortoise City were currently at Mass Graves to watch the bustle. Therefore, the streets were almost empty. Fatty followed the map and arrived at the Appraisal Office.

Fatty had never come by the Appraisal Office ever since he learned Appraisal, so this was his first time here. Fatty looked around until he found a person who seemed to be the oldest and most experienced appraiser, and snuck toward that person.

“Teacher, help me appraise this,” Fatty handed over the Spatial Spoon.

“Ahh, this is?” At first, the appraiser looked a little arrogant and didn’t take Fatty seriously, but when he saw the Spatial Spoon, his eyes instantly bulged. He even rubbed his eyes several times as if to confirm that this was the real world.

“Spatial Spoon, this is the Spatial Spoon. Oh Heavens, I get to witness such a thing,” the appraiser’s voice trembled. He urgently reached out his hands and cradled the Spatial Spoon.

“What? Is it very precious?” Fatty hurriedly asked.

“This is a Divine item…” The appraiser straightened his body and said in a severe and solemn tone.

“Divine item?” Fatty yelped in shock, then quickly covered his mouth. Looking around to see that no one had noticed, Fatty was relieved.

“You say this is a Divine item? This is seriously a Divine item?” Fatty repeatedly inquired.

“… ‘s part,” the appraisal took great pains to finish his sentence.

“Damn it! Can you not wheeze while you speak?” Fatty was enraged. You are toying with Lord Fatty’s feelings! Still, even the components of a Divine item are formidable.

Thinking about this point, Fatty donned a smile and urged the appraiser, “Teacher, hurry and help me appraise it.”

“Appraisal fee,” the appraiser earnestly raised five fingers.

“Five hundred, no, it must be five thousand. Ahh, a part of a Divine item is still valuable stuff.”

“Lad, you must have never seen good stuff then,” the appraisal looked at Fatty with contempt. “A constituent of a Divine item only costing five thousand to appraise? Are you joking?”

“Then how much is it,” Fatty asked urgently.

“Fifty thousand.”

“What? That’s highway robbery! A part of a Divine item isn’t a Divine item. You really ask for fifty thousand?” Fatty’s tragic wail rose up from the Appraisal Office.

“If it’s a Divine item, then five million is still lacking,” the appraisal twitched his mouth disdainfully.

While Fatty was reluctant, he still clenched his teeth and took out fifty thousand gold coins. It was fortunate that he had accumulated a lot of gold coins before this and didn’t have time to exchange them for RMB. Otherwise, he’d be drowning in regret right now.

After receiving the gold coins, the appraiser didn’t dawdle. He began to mumble something for half a day, then placed his hand over the Spatial Spoon. In an instant, the spoon emitted a rainbow light.

Spatial Spoon
Divine Remnant
Function: Briefly open a space that no one except for the owner can enter. Can be countered by brute force. Cooldown: 600 seconds.

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