Chapter 134 Opening the Coffin

Chapter 134 – Opening the Coffin

After Purple Bell and TenStepOneKill decided to cooperate, they both shifted to opposing sides and started to clear out the monsters.

Fatty pondered for a while before sending Purple Bell a message. Then, he continued to stay hidden and prepared to activate Stealth. 

Purple Bell curled her lips upon seeing Fatty’s message. Big Brother Fatty is truly Big Brother Fatty; he was able to enter earlier than everyone else.

There weren’t many mobs on the seventh floor. Besides, the few mobs that were there respawned very slowly compared to the previous floors. Right when Fatty was about to lose his patience, the two finally cleared out all of the monsters after a few hours of effort.

The gold boss Soul Devour Sorcerer was still hugging its glass orb dumbly as it sat on the coffin with a stupid smile.

“Let’s start!” TenStepOneKill said to Purple Bell.

Purple Bell nodded. She made a gesture towards the black Yin Yang Manual hovering in front of her.

“Yin Sword.”

On the other side, TenStepOneKill did the same with his white Yin Yang Manual.

“Yang Sword.”

Whoosh, whoosh. The two little swords, one black and one white, appeared out of thin air and hurled at the Soul Devour Sorcerer.

“Damn human! I shall devour your flesh and drink your blood till your veins run dry!”

The Soul Devour Sorcerer hollered at the two players. All of a sudden, the glass orb in its hands glowed and sent out a black halo that enshrouded the boss.

The instant the two little swords made contact with the black halo, they were sucked into the glass ball. The ball seemed to feed on the swords’ energy, as the black halo it emitted became denser after absorbing the swords.

“Yin Thunder Extermination.”

“Yang Thunder Extermination.”

Purple Bell and TenStepOneKill released another skill in sync with each other. Rumbles exploded through the air, followed by dozens of resounding black and white lightning bolts striking the halo. 

A series of booms echoed as the black halo trembled nonstop from the successive blasting. When all of the lightning bolts finally finished attacking their target, the halo had disappeared completely.


The Soul Devour Sorcerer suddenly screamed, and a black mist rose up from its body. In the blink of an eye, the boss transformed into a fog that charged at the two players. The glass orb was locked amidst the fog and kept floating inside.


Once the fog touched the two players, their bodies emitted a sound akin to when one’s skin was put in contact with acid. Thick smoke began to rise from them, and their health started to plummet. 

“Slumbering God from the endless darkness, please hear this servant out as I beg, please grant your most enduring servant power. Soul Devour!”

The noise of spell chanting suddenly rang out from inside the fog. In an instant, the billows of fog slithered into the players’ bodies through their orifices.

“Ahhh!” Wretched screams came out from their mouths. The two players spasming constantly, their faces distorted ferociously, and beads of sweat rolled down from their foreheads.

“Bell!” Fatty jumped in fright. He was about to make his move but halted abruptly after taking one step.

“In the name of the Yin Yang Inquisitor, I summon the Yang Flame!”

In response to TenStepOneKill’s sudden incantation, a pure white flame started to rise from his body. The flame seemed to have a powerful effect on the Soul Devour Sorcerer. There was a sizzling sound the instant it emerged, followed by the boss’s terrible and painful scream. The Soul Devour Sorcerer hurriedly retreated from TenStepOneKill’s body. With the glass orb as the center, it once again materialized in mid-air.

“In the name of the Yin Yang Inquisitor, I summon the Yin Flame!”

At the same time, Purple Bell also chanted her spell. A pure black flame emerged from her body as well. However, this flame didn’t deal much damage to the black fog and couldn’t chase it out of her body. As a result, her health kept dropping.

Only half of the fog condensed into the Soul Devour Sorcerer, so its health was just half of the original amount. TenStepOneKill smiled smugly and called out, “Lil’ Sis, call me big brother and I’ll help you.”

“You! Courting death!” Purple Bell said with difficulty. She pointed a finger, issuing a black ray of light to charge at TenStepOneKill.

“Haha, stupid woman, you dare to attack me at such a time like this,” TenStepOneKill laughed and raised his hand. He was about to point at the Yin Yang Manual when…


Suddenly, TenStepOneKill felt a shock running through his body before his hand was thoroughly frozen in mid-air.

“Ambush, it’s a rogue’s Ambush. The first one to enter was a rogue? He didn’t die?” TenStepOneKill shouted furiously.

A shadow appeared next to TenStepOneKill, revealing Fatty’s honest-looking face. “F*ck. Finally a chance after waiting for so long.”

Not giving TenStepOneKill any opportunity to fight back, Fatty and Wheat attacked as one. They took advantage of TenStepOneKill’s damaged health bar and sent him back to his respawn point with a few attacks.

Thud! TenStepOneKill only dropped several trashy items, not a single one of them was anything worthwhile.

“Such a shame, his Yin Yang Manual didn’t drop,” Fatty sighed.

“Big Brother Fatty is too greedy. The Yin Yang Manual is our unique weapon, so it’s undroppable and unstealable. How can you expect it to drop?” Purple Bell was feeling chipper at TenStepOneKill’s death. She wasn’t sad at her teammate’s end. Instead, the thought ‘Good riddance’ ran through her head. While responding to Fatty, she cast several skills on herself, trying to expel the black fog from her body.

“Bell, endure it for a little bit. It’ll be fine after I kill the Soul Devour Sorcerer.”

The Soul Devour Sorcerer was no longer an opponent for Fatty with its stats reduced by half. Nonetheless, in the end, it was still a gold boss. Fatty spent ten-odd minutes to finish it and even shattered its glass orb. 

During that period, Purple Bell neared death several times. She barely managed to deal with the incoming damage by consuming a special medicine to restore herself to full health. Once the glass orb shattered, the black fog on Purple Bell’s body quickly dispersed, revealing her pale face.

“I’m fine now, thank you Big Brother Fatty,” Purple Bell no longer needed to use her special medicine anymore. She drank a red potion and waited for her health to replenish.

Fatty waved his hands, indicating that there was no need to act courteously with him. Then, he asked, “What kind of medicine was that? How can it restore so much health at once?” 

“It’s a special medicine refined by a dedicated lifestyle player in our guild. It can instantly restore sixty percent of one’s HP,” Purple Bell took out several herbal-smelling pills and handed them to Fatty. “I still have more on me. You can have half of them. Don’t act polite with me.”

Fatty never intended to act cordially either. He already cared for Purple Bell as if she was his little sister. It was natural for a brother to give stuff to his little sister and vice versa.

Small Restoration Pill: Restores 60% of the user’s HP.
Cooldown: 120 seconds.

“Restore sixty percent all at once? This pill is good stuff. I’ve been wasting my alchemy skill by not touching it at all,” Fatty praised the pill after checking its effects.

“Even so, its naming is a little lacking in taste, too ordinary,” Purple Bell commented with a smile.

“Come, let’s see what the Soul Devour Sorcerer dropped.” Fatty walked over. He picked up the items left behind by the boss and displayed them on the coffin.

A magic robe, Gold Tier equipment. It boasted +45 defense, +20 HP, and +10% Dark Magic resistance. Unfortunately, it reduced light magic resistance by −10% and its level requirement was 50. In spite of that, it was a good piece of equipment.

The boss also dropped a pair of leather boot, also Gold Tier equipment. It gave +28 defense in addition to +15 dexterity. It was perfect for rogues. However, it required the user to be level 50, which Fatty wouldn’t be for quite a while.

Aside from these two, there wasn’t any other valuable equipment. Fatty found the lack of even one Violet Tier equipment very strange.  

“What is this?” Purple Bell picked up a fist-sized glass orb from the ground. It was the one formerly owned by the Soul Devour Sorcerer.

Fatty cast several Appraisals before finally obtaining the orb’s information-

Gloomy Magic Orb
Violet Weapon
Level Requirement: None
Notes: A powerful weapon that the Soul Devour Sorcerer gained from the infinite darkness. Increases Dark Magic attack power by 30% and reduces Dark Magic damage taken by 30%.
Active Skill– Soul Devour: Transform into a fog that enters the opponent’s body to devour their soul and strengthen oneself. When in the fog state, Dark Attribute damage taken is reduced by 50% and Light Attribute damage received is increased by 50%. Cooldown: 24 hours.

“This is excellent stuff,” Fatty praised and then proceeded to hand the Gloomy Magic Orb to Purple Bell.

“Ahh, Big Brother Fatty, what are you doing?” Purple Bell hastily refused.

“What, you don’t like it?” asked Fatty.

“No… but it’s too precious, you can surely sell it for a lot of money…”

“What money? This is something you’ve earned,” Fatty shoved the Gloomy Magic Orb into her hand. “Without you, I couldn’t have killed the Soul Devour Sorcerer. The orb is for you; everything else goes to me.”

“This isn’t good. There’s still TenStepOneKill. We should leave him something,” Purple Bell suddenly said with humor.

“Mhm, right. If he returns, then those coins on the ground will go to him.”


“Money Grubber? Who the hell is Money Grubber? Why isn’t his name on any of the rankings? It isn’t on the Rogue – Assassin ranking either.”

At the respawn point in Black Tortoise City, TenStepOneKill was enraged as he read the document in his hand.

“I can’t let it end like this. I have to return quickly. Otherwise, he’ll take the Undead Marshal. No wait, Purple Bell didn’t respawn. That Money Grubber actually let her off? Or were they in it together from the start? F*ck! What to do? Humph, since you people got in my way, I won’t let you reap the benefits either. I don’t believe those guilds will sit there and watch you take the Guild Establishment Token without doing anything.” 

TenStepOneKill sneered and quickly headed for Mass Graves.


“Big Brother Fatty, what do we do next?” A pretty glass orb appeared in Purple Bell’s left hand after she equipped the Gloomy Magic Orb. After gawking at it with joy, she finally asked Fatty a question.

“Open the coffin and examine the corpse, of course,” Fatty replied casually, then put his hand on the coffin’s lid and pushed slowly.

Hoot Hoot…

Just as the lid revealed a small crack, the sound of a windstorm raged on the seventh floor. A cyclone visible to the naked eye appeared in the hall.


A sigh echoed from within the coffin. Fatty’s mind trembled, and he felt an uncontrollable urge to kneel.

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