Chapter 133 TenStepOneKill

Chapter 133 – TenStepOneKill

The Soul Devour Sorcerer’s roaring was ceaseless. It spat out a black puff of air and locked down the Yin Yang Inquisitor.

While the faint dark fog rose from the player’s seven orifices, the health bar above his head also took a nosedive. His health was reduced by half in just a few seconds.

Under the pressure of the ensuing crisis, the player released his pet – a monkey with golden fur which was around half the height of a human. Baring his fangs and claws, the monkey charged forward to attack the Soul Devour Sorcerer.

The golden-haired monkey ferociously used his five razor-sharp claws on the boss, effectively interrupting the latter’s skill.

“You damn beast!” The Soul Devour Sorcerer cursed in anger. All of a sudden, a herd of monsters from the surrounding area pounced onto the monkey.

“Screeech!” In a matter of seconds, the golden-haired monkey was torn to pieces by the mob and died with a tragic scream.

“How dare you kill my pet. Watch this!” The player shouted and placed his hand on the Yin Yang Manual, flipping to another page.

“Yang Thunder Extermination.”

Fatty was startled. Seemingly out of nowhere, bolts of white lightning struck down on the monsters around the Soul Devour Sorcerer. Astonishingly, the player’s skill insta-killed the monsters that had to be at least level 40.

After unleashing the skill, the player hastily chugged down a blue pot and fully replenished his MP. Fatty was a little relieved as he saw that the skill needed to consume a significant amount of mana and couldn’t be cast continuously.

After ten-odd monsters got one-shot, there were still over 20 mobs surrounding the Soul Devour Sorcerer. The mobs further from the conflict than those previously summoned started to flock over as well when they heard the commotion.

Despite this, the player wasn’t at all afraid. He cast another skill, summoning a black and white shield that hovered in a circle around his body.

Fatty recognized this skill. It was named Yin Yang Shield. At the Novice rank, this skill reduced a certain amount of damage taken and also reflected 10% of the damage to the enemy. From the looks of it, this player had leveled his Yin Yang Shield to at least Intermediate rank, so it should be able to reflect 20% of the damage received.

“Soul Devour Sorcerer? Humph, it’s fine. I’ll end you first, earn some money, then kill the Undead Marshal for the Guild Establishment Token.”

This player obviously received the boss’s information after taking some damage. He stepped forward and pointed his finger. A white light shot out, wiping off more than half of a Skeletal Heavy Cavalry’s health.

Clang! A Skeletal Axe-Warrior hacked its axe at the Yin Yang Shield, making the shield flicker. The player staggered back while a –80 indicating damage taken rose up from the axe.

“Kill, kill, kill!!!!” The player softly growled, his finger rapidly pointing at the Yin Yang Manual, not caring what he aimed at. Each finger-pointing sent out a white light that could wipe out at least half of a standard monster’s health. A lucky shot could even insta-kill them.

“So this is the true power of the hidden class Yin Yang Inquisitor?” Fatty was repeatedly shocked. How would the rest of the players happily play with such a heaven-defying ability ahead of them?


A series of twangs rang out as if a bowstring was quickly released. Under the illumination of the wisps’ phosphorus light, a dense patch of arrows could be seen raining down on the player in a sky-blotting fashion.

“Ahh! Yang Screen!”

Under grave danger, the player shouted in a high pitch. The Yin Yang Manual flipped to another page and released a white light. The white light transformed into a huge, glowing, bell-shaped screen, sheltering the player in its protection.

Pff pff pff…
The arrows collided with the glowing screen one after another, causing the screen to fluctuate constantly. After blocking two-thirds of the arrows, the shield was in complete ruin. It announced its death by dispersing into little specks of light.

The moment the light screen wore off, the player hastily moved backward with the Yin Yang Shield set in front of his body. The rain of arrows hit the shield, producing a resonating clang with each arrow. When the Yin Yang Shield finally crumbled as well, the player had managed to retreat to a safe place with less than one-tenth of his health remaining.

“Humph, so that’s all you got. Soul Devour Sorcerer, I’ll definitely end you today. What LittleLi’s FlyingDagger, what Purple Bell. Just you wait, I shall defeat everyone ranked first on the leaderboard.”

Apparently, this player wasn’t discouraged from his near death earlier. Instead, he growled in a low voice, his face devoid of all sanity.

Whoosh! Right at this moment, the Soul Devour Sorcerer finally made its move. The glass ball in its hand flashed, and every mob on the entire seventh-floor hall went berserk. All of them dashed toward the player.

“It can even order the mobs to attack,” Fatty was feeling lucky. Thank God this player came out to scout the boss for me. A so-called expert can't easily kill such a monster.

The player’s expression also sank. He hurriedly retreated to the seventh-floor entrance. Once he arrived at the entrance, he teleported back to the sixth floor to get rid of the monsters’ aggro before he entered the seventh floor again.


“Big Brother, I think I can go down to investigate.”

On the fourth floor of Mass Graves, a 15-16-year-old girl whispered to a player next to her. These two were indeed Wind God’s World and his little sister.

“What? You can go down?” Wind God’s World furtively scanned their surroundings and whispered back.

“I have a skill that can pinpoint a nearby location to teleport. I’ve just figured out its rules now,” said Purple Bell.

“Alright, you can quietly go down to take a look. If possible, kill the Undead Marshal and get the Guild Establishment Token, but don’t push yourself if it’s too hard. Just wait for us to open the entrance to the sixth floor,” Wind God’s World instructed after some thought.

“Mhm. Big Brother can wait for my good news,” Purple Bell smiled sweetly. Then, she entered the fifth floor in a relaxed manner and settled herself in a discreet corner. Purple Bell summoned the Yin Yang Manual and flipped to a specific page with a hand gesture. As she whispered out a spell, black rays of light streamed out from the book and fell on the ground, eventually forming a gate.

Whoosh! On the seventh floor, a black gate gradually formed in a corner quite far from Fatty and the sixth-floor entry. However, due to the seventh floor being pitch dark in addition to the distance between them, Fatty and the other player didn’t notice it right away.

“This is the seventh floor?”

Purple Bell’s teleportation was far more stable compared to the other player. Stepping out of the teleportation gate, Purple Bell scanned the grim surrounding. After a moment, her lips curved into a slight smile.

Boom! The other player returned to the seventh floor in a state which was even crazier than before and was about to kill his way through from one end.

“Huh, someone’s here!” Purple Bell muttered in shock, but she quickly regained her easygoing mood. If I can go in, then others can too. I wonder who it is, though.

Purple Bell took a few steps and was surprised to see the familiar attack skills and weapon, different only in color. Could there truly be another Yin Yang Inquisitor?

After silently musing on it, Purple Bell waved her hand. A black Yin Yang Manual appeared in front of her.

“Yin Yang Shield.”
“Yin Thunder Extermination.”

A black and white shield hovered protectively around Purple Bell. At the same time, a series of dark green lightning struck down from thin air and onto the monsters.

With a thunderous rumble, at least a dozen monsters were insta-killed.

“Who is it?” exclaimed the player.

Now there’s another one. Fatty was surprised, while the other player was even more shocked.

“Yin Yang Manual? So it is you, Purple Bell,” As Purple Bell slowly approached, the player saw the floating Yin Yang Manual in front of her. His expression immediately changed into that of smiles.

Little Bell? She was actually able to enter. But it’s no surprise. If this player can enter, then Bell naturally can as well. Fatty thought to himself.

“You are also a Yin Yang Inquisitor?” Purple Bell asked in a soft voice as she looked at the player.

“Yin Yang Inquisitor, TenStepOneKill,” the player proudly introduced himself.

What a savage name.

TenStepOneKill could tell what Purple Bell was thinking simply from looking at her eyes. He coldly snorted, “You think it’s too outrageous, don’t you? Humph, many people thought so as well, but they were all dead. Moreover, as the first person to slay one hundred players, I fulfilled the hidden class qualifications for Yin Yang Inquisitor.”

“So that’s how you qualified for the class enhancement,” Purple Bell gently said.

“That’s right,” TenStepOneKill’s eyes were filled with avarice as he gazed at Purple Bell. “Even so, I’m yet to be satisfied. Yin Yang Inquisitor is nothing but a low-ranked class of the Yin Yang Realm. If I slay ten thousand people, I’ll be able to rank up to Yin Yang Magistrate. At that point, no one will be worthy of being my opponent. I shall stand at the top of this world. Viva TenStepOneKill, hahaha!” TenStepOneKill burst out into crazed laughter.

“What a psycho,” Fatty muttered a curse. Then he sank into thought. Yin Yang Inquisitor is already powerful enough, but it can still rank up. I can’t imagine how ridiculously formidable a Yin Yang Magistrate is going to be.

However, it’s not that easy to achieve ten thousand kills.

“Little Miss, are you interested in being my girlfriend? Yin Yang Inquisitor, Yin can’t be without Yang. This is why your Yin Yang Manual is a different color than mine. If you become my girlfriend, we can travel the world together. No one will be able to defeat us,” TenStepOneKill said.

“Psss. Uncle, you should go home to your kids,” Purple Bell giggled. Her word made TenStepOneKill choke.

“Uncle? I’m only 21, yet you call me uncle?” TenStepOneKill was enraged after some silence.

“Oh, I thought you were 41. Sorry, Uncle,” Purple Bell playfully stuck out her tongue.

“Purple Bell, you’re seeking death!”

On the side, Fatty was holding his tummy in laughter. On the other hand, TenStepOneKill was furious. He waved his hand and flipped the Yin Yang Manual, ready to attack her.

“Wait. Uncle, you still want to kill the boss?” Purple Bell hurriedly asked.

“Humph! I’ll kill the boss after I kill you,” TenStepOneKill replied angrily.

“Nevertheless, I don’t see it happening. Uncle, you can’t kill this boss by yourself, can you?” Purple Bell stated matter-of-factly.

“Stop calling me uncle,” TenStepOneKill was seething with rage. He truly wanted to kill Purple Bell right then and there. However, he fully understood that he was unable to defeat this Soul Devour Sorcerer by himself, let alone the Undead Marshal.

“How do we cooperate?” TenStepOneKill inquired after calming down a little.

“Of course, we’ll attack together, then split the drops equally.”

“Alright,” TenStepOneKill agreed in a clear-cut manner, a light flashing in his eyes.

“Then you take that side, I’ll take this side. Let’s clear out the mobs first,” Purple Bell smiled sweetly, seemingly carefree about the entire situation.

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