Chapter 132 The Seventh Floor

Chapter 132 – The Seventh Floor

Fatty could taste his bitterness with his tongue as anger and distress plagued him. Bully, at this rate, the game is just bullying him! This thing is already tough to fight, but it can even heal itself to boot. If this isn’t bullying, then what is?

Sacrificer was a hidden class originating from Priest. Not only did it have a powerful healing ability, but it also possessed an even stronger attack power. After filling up its health bar halfway, Dark Sacrificer Haggis once again set its sight on Fatty. It waved its staff and struck down with an electric bolt, wiping out a third of Fatty’s max health with paralysis as a bonus.

With Fatty being paralyzed, the Dark Sacrificer raised its staff to prepare for the next round of attacks.

Go! The instant the paralysis wore off, Fatty didn’t hesitate to cast his third and final use of Earth Wood Walk. He earthwalked to another corner of the hall, creating a reasonable distance between him and the Dark Sacrificer.

“Fight, or stop here?”

Fatty wavered between his choices. A boss like the Dark Sacrificer could only be encountered when the stars aligned, so he was unwilling to give up just like that. However, if he wanted to keep fighting, any tricks would be useless except for the reliable Thunderfire Power Bomb.


After a long while, Fatty made his choice and was determined to kill this boss. As for the Undead Marshal, he would just ask Xiaoqian for a Thunderfire Power Bomb if worst came to worst. All of the money he made was for her sake anyway.

Fatty activated Stealth and crept toward the Dark Sacrificer. The latter only levitated for a short time before landing back amidst the protection of the summoned mobs.

After ten minutes passed, Wheat was summoned anew. The owner and the pet, one above and one underground, slowly advanced towards the Dark Sacrificer.


A Gold Tier boss was clearly badass, with the Dark Sacrificer discovered Fatty before the latter could go near its body. With a wave of its hand, a lightning bolt struck down in the direction of Fatty.


Fatty made a well-timed dodge, letting the lightning hit the ground, forming a deep hole.

“Die!” Fatty growled and tossed out the Thunderfire Power Bomb.


A loud, earth-shattering rumble sent the entire hall of the sixth floor trembling, with dirt and mud constantly falling from the ceiling. A deep hole appeared at the area of the explosion, a fiery red mushroom cloud puffing up from it. A heat wave spread in all directions and began to shave off the HP of all the mobs in its wake, to the point where it even affected mobs dozens of meters away from the initial explosion.

Fatty received the experience gained from mobs killed by the Thunderfire Power Bomb. Alongside the fiery wave, Fatty’s experience bar surged toward level 33.

“Ahh, do you guys feel something?”

On the fifth floor of Mass Graves, a player tracing the Phantom Messenger’s movements suddenly sensed a slight sway in the ground. He hurriedly informed his friends as he thought the Phantom Messenger had come out to cause chaos again.

“What? I don’t feel anything,” a friend next to him shook their head.



Miserable screams echoed from the Dark Sacrificer’s location. As the smoke gradually dispersed, the center of the vast crater revealed a black, badly scorched monster. What was left of its body was squirming in desperation. Initially, the boss only had half of its HP left. Somehow, it still didn’t die after getting hit by the Thunderfire Power Bomb head on. This boss was genuinely formidable.

Despite surviving the explosion, the Dark Sacrificer didn’t have much HP left. Since the area immediately surrounding the boss was cleared of mobs, Fatty had enough time to finish off the boss.

“Little sh*t, how are you gonna act all tough now?” Fatty nimbly walked to the Dark Sacrificer. Spinning the dagger twice with his fingers, he directly stabbed down. The longer this dragged out, the more unsettled he felt. It was still more important to kill the Undead Marshal anyway.

Crash! The Dark Sacrificer’s legs spasmed a little before it was finally dead, dropping a pile of items on the ground. Fatty reached out and grabbed a twinkling black light. A fist-sized egg-shaped object appeared in his hand.

Dark Sacrificer Pet Egg

“A human monster dropped a pet egg?” Fatty couldn’t help but turn his gaze to the remaining half of the Dark Sacrificer. Was this dude actually a female?

Fatty’s question was no longer verifiable since Dark Sacrificer Haggis was already dead and gone. Fatty didn’t waste time mulling over it either. His current problem was whether to hatch the Dark Sacrificer Egg instead or the Fire Cloud King Egg upon reaching level 40 according to his original plan.

Aside from the pet egg, only a violet staff could catch his eyes among the pile of equipment drops. The two gold equipment was just so-so.

Sacrificer’s Staff
Violet Weapon
Level requirement: 50
Attack: 90 – 105
END +20
INT +25
Passive: Increases the effect of healing skills by 20%

The Sacrificer’s Staff was a pretty good weapon with an okay attack. The passive effect was tailor-made for priests.


A black soul floated up from the scorched remains of the Dark Sacrificer. Naturally, Fatty took it.

Deceased Soul – Dark Sacrificer

What a miracle! The item I need just came right to me. With this Dark Sacrificer soul spark, I won’t have to worry about losing a life.

In truth, the Dark Sacrificer wasn’t as weak as it seemed from that fight. The true strength of a Gold Tier boss could be seen from how many lives were lost when a guild tried to kill such a boss. The Dark Sacrificer’s easy death could only be blamed on the misfortune of its fate. It was already formidable enough for not dying on the spot after being crushed by Fatty and then bombed in succession.

With the death of the Dark Sacrificer, the entrance to the seventh floor appeared in the form of a white light. Fatty organized his items, making sure that there was nothing left to pick up. Then, he activated Stealth and slowly headed for the entrance.


“Boo hoo!”

Just as Fatty entered from the seventh-floor entrance, a series of sobbing reached his ears. He scanned the area and saw a dense distribution of some blue, floating, wisp-like objects.

Hooo… As a chilling wind blew his way, Fatty shivered and felt all of his hair standing on end.

The space on the seventh floor was smaller than expected. It was about the same size as the first floor, at the size of a football field. Fatty carefully made his way in Stealth and discovered that the seventh floor contained a mixture of monsters from the first to the sixth floor but at higher levels.

Flickering spots of wisps illuminated the entire floor, cloaking it in an oppressive and ghastly atmosphere. At the center of the floor was a huge coffin. It was surrounded by countless monsters who seemed to be standing guard.

“So it’s here.” Fatty scratched his head. He was about to go and wake it when…

“Zeze, how many years has it been since I finally smell the taste of flesh and blood again? Oh, such a wonderful taste it is, it makes me drool with lust.”

Creepy laughter suddenly burst out by Fatty’s ears. Fatty was inwardly shocked. Could this be another AI boss?

A black fog rose up from nowhere, looking even creepier in the frightening environment of the seventh floor. Indeed, the eerie laughter echoed out from that black fog. Fatty tightly gripped his dagger and stayed on alert.

Whoosh. The black fog spread out slowly then abruptly shrank down to form a human-shaped monster.

On the coffin in the middle of the hall, the monster was sitting properly. Black air was rolling around its face, making its appearance unidentifiable. Its two hands cradled a soccerball-sized glass orb that was radiating waves of light. As a light wave swept through Fatty, he was forced out of Stealth and was revealed.

Appraise. Fatty quickly retreated while casting Appraisal.

Soul Devour Sorcerer
Gold Boss
Level: 50
Notes: A powerful sorcerer. He followed the Marshal into the battlefield during his lifetime and later died in the chaos of the Demon Realm. The demonic air corroded his soul and transformed him into the Soul Devour Sorcerer, who guards the Marshal’s coffin in death.

“Just a gold boss. You scared Lord Fatty,” Fatty patted his chest and used Stealth again. He was already too hard-pressed to fight the Dark Sacrificer, let alone the gold tier boss Soul Devour Sorcerer.

While Fatty took cover in the corner of the seventh floor, thinking of a way to kill the Soul Devour Sorcerer, a white light flashed in the hall of the sixth floor.

The white light didn’t immediately disappear. Instead, it expanded to two sides and gradually formed a two-meter wide, egg-shaped halo.

The halo didn’t look too stable. It continually oscillated after being fully assembled, as if wanting to disperse. Right at this moment, a leg stepped out from the light. Then, a player appeared outside the halo.

Boom. As soon as this player stepped out, the halo exploded into a rain of light and burst out in all directions.

“Well, finally in,” this person examined the area, before nodding with satisfaction when he determined that it wasn’t the fifth floor of Mass Graves.

“This hidden class indeed lives up to its reputation. It can pinpoint a location for teleportation. I have to thank the Phantom Messenger. Otherwise, I’d stand no chance with so many guilds here. The Guild Establishment Token is mine, no one else can even dream of it,” the player mumbled to himself as he looked around the room haphazardly.

“Huh? Something’s wrong.”

Taking a few steps around the sixth floor, the player came across the deep hole. His expression changed in an instant.

“The sixth-floor boss is missing. Is there truly someone capable of going down to the seventh floor?”

The player walked around with renewed urgency until he found a flashing white entrance in the corner of the hall.

“This is bad; someone was quicker than me.”

When this player stepped into the seventh floor with haste, he instantly caught sight of the coffin amidst the pure blue ocean of flickering wisps, as well as the terrifying monster sitting elegantly on top of it.

“Undead Marshal? Great, no one has taken it yet. They must have been killed already. Humph, the Guild Establishment Token is mine, and no one can take it away. Yin Yang Manual!”

While making his speech, this player stretched out his hand. A thick book covered in white light floated in front of him.

“Yang Sword.” As the player stretched his arm a little, the book quickly flipped to a specific page. A white little sword shot out in response to the player’s command.

The Yin Yang Manual was a Yin Yang Inquisitor’s unique weapon. Purple Bell had one in her possession as well. It was out of anyone’s expectations that this player had also acquired a hidden class enhancement.


The white little sword violently impaled itself on the Soul Devour Sorcerer. The latter let out a wretched scream, and a thin, dark aura emitted from his body. The white sword seemed to be the bane of the Soul Devour Sorcerer’s existence, as the wound caused by it continued expanding.

“You damnable-! You dare to injure me?” Fuming with rage, the Soul Devourer Sorcerer opened his mouth and spat out a dark puff of air at the player. This player froze stiff then began to spasm nonstop. Dark smoke started rising from his seven orifices, which the boss inhaled into its mouth.

“Yin Yang Manual? Ying Yang Inquisitor?” Fatty muttered in shock. There is another Yin Yang Inquisitor aside from Purple Bell. But his Yin Yang Book seems to be different from Purple Bell’s. Her Yin Yang Manual is black, while this one is white. Is there a difference between these two?

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