Chapter 131 Dark Sacrificer Haggis

Chapter 131 –  Dark Sacrificer Haggis

Those outside were unable to go in and could only fret in vain, while those inside were wasting their time being unable to get out. To sum it up, around 40 guilds were stuck in a deadlock with one another. What’s more, many players remained on the first and second floor of Mass Graves to keep watch on the situation, as this could be considered the most important event since the launch of the game.

Originally, Liu Lan and the rest planned to first lure out the Phantom Messenger and then throw a Thunderfire Power Bomb at it before it could enter Stealth. It was acceptable if the boss was heavily injured or even blown to death since they couldn’t let it out of their sight no matter what. As long as they could trace the Phantom Messenger, there was a chance to kill it and open up entry to the sixth floor, even if it meant they had to pay a high price.

Yet, the Phantom Messenger appeared one second then disappeared in the next, taking several lives in the process. Until the players could get a hold of the boss, all tricks were useless.

“In the end, it’s a highly intelligent boss. This game is just so damn grueling,” Fatty exclaimed after a while.

The entrance to the fourth floor was heavily guarded by over 20 guilds. Not even a single mosquito could fly in without being checked if it was a male or female first, let alone a person as big as Fatty. After giving it a long consideration, Fatty could only say bye-bye and retreat away from the entrance.

A Guild Establishment Token is too valuable. The next one will not sell for nearly as much as the first, I can’t miss this chance. Back on the ground level, Fatty pondered hard about it before finally making up his mind. Screw it! I’ll risk my life for this one!

After Fatty returned to the city to pick up an item, he once again journeyed into Mass Graves with a carefully thought up plan. Then, he went to a hidden spot and swiftly disappeared.

The sixth floor of Mass Grave, which the six major guilds like the Fierce Dragon Gang had been unable to open, was a deep, pitch black area. Occasionally, hair-raising sounds of creaking rang out alongside random flickering fire sparks, serving only to make this place seem even more dark and gloomy.


Suddenly, a pair of legs appeared at the top of the several dozen meters tall chamber and swung around.

“Huh? What is this place? Did I calculate it wrong?”

Fatty felt like he was stuck in quicksand. His surroundings felt constricted and rendered him immobile and unable to breathe. His two legs kicked around furiously without hitting any object as if he was stepping on air.

Indeed, Fatty had returned to the city earlier for the Basic Earth Wood Walk. Since he was unable to put out his burning desire for the Guild Establishment Token, Fatty decided to take the risk of investigating the place. However, a miscalculation had caused his head and the upper half of his body to be stuck the ceiling of the sixth floor.

“Out, out, out!” Fatty exerted his strength to pull himself out from the tip of the ceiling with great difficulty. The moment he managed to succeed, he saw the pitch black, empty space of the several dozen meters between him and the ground.

“Ahhhhhh! Help! My skill booook!”

Fatty wailed tragically. His scream wasn’t generated from anguish derived out of falling to his death but was instead caused by the definite chance of dropping his skill book once he died.

Bang! Thud!

Fatty landed heavily into a ghastly area with flickering lights. He sensed something soft under his body before rolling away. Surprisingly, he actually didn’t die from the fall.

“Kah…” A shrill, tooth-tingling scream similar to the sound of a knife scratching on glass rang out from the spot where Fatty had just crashed.


Suddenly, several dozens of light sources that resembled will-o'-the-wisps lit up, completely illuminating the area. When Fatty looked toward his previous landing spot, he saw a dude dressed in a black pointy hat and similarly colored wizard robe. The person was holding a magic staff adorned with a huge glass jewel on the top and shouted at Fatty in rage.

Boss! Fatty instantly cast Appraisal and activated Invisibility at the same time. Then, he summoned Wheat and had it stay hidden, awaiting combat.

Dark Sacrificer Haggis
Gold Boss
Level: ???
Notes: Died on the battlefield during a sacrifice. Reborn from the dark due to his undying faith, he was sent back to rule over the sixth floor of Mass Graves, waiting for his chance to once again stand in the light.

“A gold tier boss?” Fatty inhaled deeply. If the boss of the sixth floor was gold tier, then what about the Undead Marshal on the seventh floor? Could it actually be another advanced AI boss?

That’s not right, there can’t be two advanced bosses in the same area. Fatty consoled himself. Otherwise, he truly wouldn’t be able to muster the courage to venture down to the seventh floor.

Meanwhile, Dark Sacrificer Haggis seemed to be extremely angry, for the calamity befell its head from the sky while it was merely staying in its own territory. The boss’s shrill screaming was constant as it brandished the black magic staff. Black fireballs shot out one after another from the staff in all directions, with some of them flying right over Fatty’s head.

It was already due to his great fortune that Fatty didn’t die from such a massive fall. On the other hand, Dark Sacrificer Haggis naturally didn’t fare too well as the one being used as a cushion, especially since the Dark Sacrificer was a class with low HP and low defense. From the result of Appraisal, Fatty could see that his fall had shaved off four-fifths of the boss’s max health.

“Let’s kill this boss first,” Fatty was overjoyed. This is such a great start, I’ll definitely make a killing this time.

However, the gold boss wasn’t an easy opponent even with less than one-fifth of its health remaining. Fatty was in Stealth and didn’t move, while Wheat slowly burrowed a path underground. Fortunately, Dark Sacrificer Haggis didn’t notice them and could only scream to convey its irritation.

In response to Dark Sacrificer Haggis’ shrill scream, a group of dark attribute monsters appeared and encircled the boss. Most of the monsters belonged to the warrior category, while a few of them were different classes.

I can’t delay this any longer. Otherwise, it’d be an arduous fight once Dark Sacrificer Haggis fully regenerates its health, which might even cost me this great opportunity.

Use the Thunderfire Power Bomb? Nah, let’s save this for the Undead Marshal. Then, what should I use?

Fatty considered it for a long while before making up his mind, “Wheat, attack.”

Wheat was slowly making its way underground. Upon Fatty’s command, it tapped two paws against the ground forcefully, casting the Scatterstone Rain that had already leveled up to the Intermediate Rank. Over thirty stalagmites rumbled through the air and impaled Dark Sacrificer Haggis’ lower body.


This scream was even more deafening than the one from when Fatty crashed onto it. Dark Sacrificer Haggis abruptly jumped high into the air and swung its staff. A black fireball of half a meter in size shot out, ramming the ground above Wheat’s location.


Since the ground layer hindered the attack, the damage Wheat suffered was reduced by half. However, its health still plummeted until only a sliver was left to keep it alive. Wheat was so terrified that it instantly fled and hid, refusing to fight no matter what.

“Heh, Ambush.”

As Wheat distracted the monsters, Fatty took advantage of this chance and managed to stun Dark Sacrificer Haggis with Ambush. Then, he used Deadly Poison before the mobs could react.

Heh, today is my lucky day. Not only was the 10% chance stun from Ambush activated, but in addition, the 0.1% chance of poisoning the target from Deadly Poison also proc’d. Fatty thought to himself as he watched the Dark Sacrificer’s black face flash with a smooth green light while a series of red numbers popped up above its head.


Dark Sacrificer Haggis was furious. It hammered the staff against the floor, triggering the black, fist-sized glass jewel on top to radiate a brilliant light. The light lit up a large area and knocked Fatty out of Stealth, revealing his body for the boss to see.


As Dark Sacrificer Haggis yelled out in an unpleasant voice, the light emitting from the staff quickly enveloped Fatty. Fatty felt his body getting heavier, and his action became slowed down by several times.

“What skill is this?” Fatty was appalled. When he noticed the mobs shift their gazes from the ground to his body, he gritted his teeth and used Earthwalk.

Whoosh! Fatty teleported to a corner in the sixth floor where a bunch of monsters conveniently blocked the vision of Dark Sacrificer Haggis, making the boss unable to see him.

After being crushed by Fatty, Dark Sacrificer Haggis dropped 80% of its HP and then lost another 10% after ten seconds of Deadly Poison. Including the health regen, Haggis must have less than 10% of its max health left.

“Ten percent, this is a rare chance,” Fatty was determined to obtain the kill. The Movement skill book could still be used one more time. As long as he managed to poison the boss again, he’d succeed.

“Wheat, go,” Fatty ordered. Wheat hesitated a little bit but didn’t dare to defy Fatty in the end. It once again charged forth with tragic bravery.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Wheat cast the usual Scatterstone Rain, which poked Haggis in the butt once more. The Dark Sacrificer’s rage reached the sky. Countless black rays flew out from its staff and landed on the surrounding monsters. These monster immediately swelled up like inflated balloons to at least double their standard size.

Boom! A bloated warrior violently rammed his hammer against the floor, unleashing a shockwave that instantly knocked the underground Wheat unconscious.

Boom! Boom!

One hammer after another fell down under the chaos caused by the rage of Dark Sacrificer Haggis. Wheat didn’t manage to last ten seconds before it tragically passed away.

The system had a rule stating that dead pets could not return to combat within 10 minutes of dying. So Fatty only had himself to rely on for now.

However, the opportunity Wheat created wasn’t wasted. Fatty once again successfully approached the Dark Sacrificer.


Fatty had just raised his dagger for an Ambush when the Dark Sacrificer suddenly turned around and swept him with an icy stare.

“Not good, I've been discovered,” Fatty felt a chill run down his spine. He gave up on attacking and hurriedly jumped back, hiding amongst the mobs.

Boom! Just as Fatty jumped away, a black fireball accurately smashed down on the spot where he had just stood. The raging hot flame sizzled and instantly melted a sizeable hole in the ground.

“Formidable!” Fatty was shocked when he analyzed the Dark Sacrificer’s attack. This kind of attack would definitely insta-kill him if it came into even the slightest contact with his body.

“The greater the risk, the greater the reward. I’ll take the risk,” Fatty softly yelled. He activated all of his buffing skills and then utilized his movement techniques to transport himself directly to the Dark Sacrificer’s side.

Basically, any class similar to a Sacrificer was hard-pressed to escape death when a melee attacker closed in on them. As long as Fatty managed to interrupt one of the Dark Sacrificer’s attacks, then his victory was within reach.


All of a sudden, the Dark Sacrificer flew high in the air. It showed nothing but indifference in the face of Fatty’s attack and raised its staff. A black light shone out, restoring the boss’s health to halfway.

“Sh*t! I forgot sacrificers can heal,” Fatty truly wanted to cough up blood.

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