Chapter 130 Double Elemental Movement Arts

Chapter 130 – Double Elemental Movement Arts

Smoke swirled around the valley. When River Scholar finally rallied his players and got out of the smoke range, Fatty already rode his horse into the forest and disappeared.

“Damn it!” River Scholar cursed.

“Guild Master, someone snatched up a skill book,” the player Fatty killed sent a message over.

River Scholar was furious, “Damn that Money Grubber…”

“Guild Master, Money Grubber didn’t take the skill book,” the player continued.

“Then who was it?” River Scholar was stunned.

“I don’t know. I took a look at the records, but the name of the person who attacked me is blank.”

“Blank? That’s impossible. Unless it’s another skill to hide one’s identity?” River Scholar pondered.

It was no surprise that River Scholar could not understand why the name was blank. Fatty had no time to rename himself, so that’s why his name was left blank, hence the display on the dead player’s records.

“Haha, this is amazing return,” Fatty was very satisfied as the skeletal horse sprinted in the forest. He finally got the second Basic Elemental Movement Arts.

Basic Elemental Movement Arts – Woodwalk

Mission Item

Collecting the five elemental movement arts will allow the player to gain the hidden class of Elementalist.

I’ve got two of the Elemental Movement Arts now, I’ll be able to get the Firewalk skill book after grabbing a Level 60 fire monster as well. Then, all that’s left is Metalwalk and Waterwalk.

Metalwalk’s definitely at White Tiger City, but what about Waterwalk? I guess at the seaside?

Death Transformation was truly a spectacular skill, it was essentially a free life. The only problem was the trigger condition.

Fatty strolled around the forest on his horse for two more hours, slaying various mob monsters, but all he got was a bunch of trash. Fatty didn’t manage to level up, but Wheat did manage to finally hit Level 32.

Soon, Death Transformation’s duration was over. Fatty’s health quickly dropped down to 1%. He chugged down a red potion, then took out a Recall Scroll to return to Azure Dragon City.

Back at Azure Dragon City, he wasted no time before teleporting back to Black Tortoise City. At his home base, he finally calmed down. He sprinted over to the bank and withdrew the Earthwalk skill book. He put then side by side to compare each other and saw that they were identical apart from their color. One was brown, the other was green.

Yellow and green light flashed. The two skill books merged together and formed a completely knew one.

Basic Elemental Movement Arts – Earth Wood Walk


Collecting the five elemental movement arts will allow the player to gain the hidden class of Elementalist.

Active: The user can use Earthwalk or Woodwalk up to 3 times per day. Each movement art has a maximum distance of one kilometer.

Hmm, the two skill books merged together and I can equip it now. I wonder what’ll happen when I collect all 5. Maybe I’ll be able to change my class immediately?

Now that the two skill books fused together, the new skill book became something more like the Yinyang Manual that PurpleBell has. Fatty was now able to equip it on his left hand while holding his weapon in his right. While doing so, two new skills appeared in Fatty’s skill bar. Earthwalk and Woodwalk.

It was truly a great item to have. Fatty did not expect to be able to use any of the movement art skills with just two skill books. On the other hand, he was still very troubled by the guaranteed drop rate of the item, which meant that it would definitely drop if he was to die. If that was to happen, Fatty really wouldn’t know what to do.

Whatever, I’ll put it away for now. It isn’t just a skill book, it’s essentially a master that I’ll have to take perfect care of.

Fatty put away the skill book and checked out the other two items he got. The first was a green armor he had picked up from the floor. He used Appraisal a dozen or so times before the skill finally triggered on the item. A mix of purple and gold light lit up around the armor. Oh man, I really am lucky, it’s a Violet Item!

Dryad Plate



Level Requirement: 50

Defense: 90

Strength: +27

Endurance: +30

Active: Seasonal Sacrifice – Sacrifice one rank to leave your main body behind and escape with your soul.

No wonder only such a small sapling remained from the huge ass dryad boss, so it actually ended up paying such a huge price to escape. Ranks were not equivalent to levels. When it came to players, each rank was 10 levels and that was definitely enough to deter people from using this ability. On the other hand, this was a splendid escape skill for NPCs. Hmmm, I wonder if Lin Xi will find a use for it. But then again, nobody would probably be able to force him to use such a skill when he’s already so powerful.

Fatty put the armor away and turned to the other item. This second item was something he harvested from the boss monster’s corpse.

Heart of Green Wood

Wood Material

A magical treasure can be refined using a formation diagram.

Magical treasure? I’ve never heard of an item of that level before. Also, what is a formation diagram? Was it something like in myths and legends? If that’s the case, then that’s amazing!

Fatty put both items in his bank, then tidied everything up before heading out again. Fierce Dragon TheTalent had been hurrying him to go over for a while, so Fatty felt like he was obligated to go over.

Along the way out the city, he got his items repaired and stocked up on consumables before racing over to Mass Graves.

At that moment, Mass Graves was a complete mess. The entirety of the tiny first floor was completely covered with people and that wasn’t even including those standing outside. In fact, it was even rowdier than the incident at the Bat Cave.

When Fatty finally managed to squeeze down to the second floor, he was shocked. The second floor was merely two or three times the size of the first floor, but lacked a way for people to go outside, despite that, there was still just as many people. The originally dark halls were littered with blazing torches and the caverns with filled with oceans of people.

“Fatty, where are you now?” A call from Liu Lan rang out by Fatty’s ear.

“I’m on the second floor. Goddamnit, why are there so many people here?” Fatty complained as he tried to squeeze through the crowd.

“Of course they’re here for the Guild Establishment Token. Wait a moment, we’ll send some people over to get you,” Liu Lan ended the call and sent Fatty a group request,

Fatty accepted it and saw that the entire group was filled with experts.

There were the over five hundred people, which consisted of eleven God Familia members, TheFugitive, Liu Lan, Fierce Dragon TheTalent, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord and plenty of guild masters of other guilds alongside their elites.

“Get to the entrance to the fourth floor, we’ll rush out to get you,” said Liu Lan.

While it was difficult to squeeze through the second floor, it was still possible; but the situation on the third floor was far worse. There were fewer players than on the previous floor, but they were the elites from the various guilds and would take turns trying to attack through to the fourth floor in groups of twenty-something people.

What’s more, these guilds all occupied some territory on that floor and worked together to lock down the entrance to the fourth floor. From the looks of it, they were trying to “starve” Liu Lan and co. on the fourth floor out and prevent any reinforcements from reaching them.

Fatty sneaked closer and used Detect in the area in front of him. He gasped at the sight. Basically, everywhere without a player standing over it was filled with traps. There was no where he could even set his foot on at all.

This is so dumb. Fatty was outrageous. What the heck is wrong with these people? They aren’t even letting me go in and sell some stuff.


A group of players suddenly charged out from the entrance of the fourth floor. A player in white armor and holding a slivery white lance walked over, “Us, the White Horse Gang, has already lost over three hundred people. It’s time for the next guild.”

The other guild masters nodded silently. Another guild stepped forth and exchanged places with the White Horse Gang before barging into the fourth floor.

“We have already cost them at least ten thousand players through our cycle of attacks these two days. They should be more or less out of potions by now,” one of the guild masters voiced.

“But we’ve lost more people. No one can endure these losses if we don’t get the Guild Establishment Token,” a sharp voice replied.

“Don’t worry. I have news that the Guild Establishment Token is definitely on the Undead Marshal, the boss of the seventh floor. If we can get into the fourth floor before they kill the Phantom Messenger, then we will definitely be able to get the Guild Establishment Token,” the first guild master said confidently.

“That’s good. I hope you all will act according to the agreement. It’s fair competition for the Guild Establishment Token, so don’t try any petty tricks,” said another.

“I’m just putting it out there. If anybody just snatches the Guild Establishment and leave, then the rest of us will not be merciful. The other 23 guilds will wreck them even if they established their guild properly.”

My god, they’re just throwing people into a meat grinder to get rid of the six guilds on the fourth floor. Fatty was speechless. He could not fathom whether it was worth it for the guilds to do so much just to get a Guild Establishment Token.

Since he was unable to get down, he could only wait outside. Meanwhile, Liu Lan and co. tried to break through to Fatty a few times, but those attempts only resulted in failures. TheFugitive even nearly died.

Fatty silently retreated to the second floor and told them about the situation he saw.

“It’s not going to work. We won’t be able to get you,” Liu Lan’s said troubledly.

“What’s going on with the Phantom Messenger? If you can’t find it, then the Thunderfire Power Bomb isn’t going to help you,” Fatty frowned.

“Normal attacks are useless against it, we want to use the Thunderfire Power Bomb to force it out,” Liu Lan explained.

The Phantom Messenger seemed to use a different variant of stealth. Not only can he disappear any time he wanted, attacks didn’t reveal it either. The six guilds had their players essentially blanket bomb the floor for over an hour, but still didn’t manage to find the Phantom Messenger. It was as if it was already gone. However, that wasn’t possible, since the entrance of the third floor was blocked off by other players and there was no notification about the entrance to the next floor.

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