Chapter 129 The Fisherman

Chapter 129 – The Fisherman

The dryad boss monster wrapped its humongous body together like a budding flower and all the attacks that landed on it dealt only 10% of the damage they were supposed to.

“Tch,” River Scholar snickered when he saw the results. If this is all the monster is capable of, then it will die very soon.


Mm, it’s Lord Fatty’s turn. Now… Where should I attack?

Fatty thought to himself as he stealthed forward. He was at quite a distance from the valley to avoid the dryad boss monster’s attack. However, if he just bluntly charged out, then he would most likely be killed before he reached there.

Countless fire spells landed on the dryad boss monster. For some reason, the monster remained stationary.

This is so weird, even if the boss monster doesn’t have an advanced AI, it shouldn’t be so dumb as to just let us attack it without fighting back? The players thought to themselves. But not fighting back is always better.


With a final barrage from the mages, the dryad boss monster finally exploded, leaving a floor of items.

That’s it? River Scholar didn’t quite understand what happened when he saw his subordinates began to collect the items. This is a Level 50 gold boss monster, why did it only drop such trash? There wasn’t even a gold item!

“Did you guys hide any?” River Scholar glanced around in suspicion. The surrounding players quickly shook their heads.

“Only such trash dropped after we wasted over four hours and suffered five hundred something deaths!?” River Scholar laughed in anger.

Meanwhile, Fatty wasn’t sure if he was supposed to laugh or cry. He wanted to stealth closer to fight over the items. But a small tree popped up beside a tree near him right as he entered the valley.

The tree was only a bit over a meter high with ten-odd branches that had hints of being burnt.

A small tree beside a large one was not surprising. What made Fatty notice it was because it popped up from beneath his bottom and pushed him to the ground.

“What the f*ck!?” Fatty was shocked to be knocked out of stealth. Even though he used Invisibility immediately, he was still noticed in the split second that he was invisible.

“What was that!?”

“Rogues, detect. Other people, attack!”

A few rogues immediately used Detect in the area, while various spells and arrows soared towards Fatty.

Fatty rolled away from the attacks, but still ended up revealing himself in the process.

In the heat of the moment, Fatty used Disguise, changing his appearance temporarily and giving himself a random name for the duration.

“Guild Master, there’s a boss here!” A player exclaimed.

Boss? Fatty glanced over and used Appraisal, displaying the stats of the tiny tree near him.

Heart of the Dryad Commander

Silver Boss

Level: 40

Notes: The Dryad Commander stationed in the Greenery Mountains was forced to leave its main body behind with its heart.

No wonder the dryad boss monster didn’t fight back, so it was hiding here. Man, it really might have been able to escape if it didn’t prod me in the ass.

What a shame. Today will mark the death of the dryad boss.


All of the River Alliance players rushed over and surrounded Fatty and Heart of the Dryad Commander when they heard that the boss monster was over there.

A smile bloomed on River Scholar’s face when he heard the news.

“Haha, good. Very good. Although it downgraded to a silver boss with 10 less levels, everything was worth it as long as it drops what we need.”

“Hello,” Fatty greeted the River Alliance players. At that moment, he and the boss monster were each leaning on the side of a tree.

“Who are you?”

River Scholar turned towards Fatty after checking out the monster.

“I’m passing by. Just passing by. Haha,” Fatty forced a smile.

River Scholar’s mouth twitched as he gave an order, “Rogues, use Detect.”

Several skills landed on Fatty, removing the effects of Transform and showing who he really was.

“Money Grubber?” River Scholar muttered, then a spark of light flashed across his eyes. “You are Money Grubber who sold the City Construction Token to Icy?”

Icy? They sound close. Fatty was not surprised that River Scholar knew him. He had overheard Dragonslayer Saber say that the River Alliance was merely a subsidiary alliance to the Ice Rose Alliance, it was normal for the guild masters to know each other. Thus, it was natural for him to know about the sale.

“So you know her. We’re all on the same side. Haha,” Fatty chuckled and took a few steps forward, then quickly retreated at the sight of several knights point their lances at him. He was certain that countless holes would appear in his body if he took a few steps forward.

“Same side? Heh,” River Scholar snorted in disdain and pointed at Fatty. “Kill him.”

All of the players immediately raised their weapons, while the mages began to cast their spells.

“Wait!” Fatty put his hands up and called out.

“What else could it be?” River Scholar smirked in enjoyment of Fatty’s frightened look.

“Are you not curious about why I’m here?” Fatty stared at River Scholar.

“Nope, they're a bunch of people coming and going here. There are plenty of people who try to steal kills on boss monsters and grab a few items. It wouldn’t be a surprise for anybody to be here,” River Scholar replied coldly.

“You’re wrong,” Fatty put his hands down and stuck up his chest. “I am just passing by. I’m sure you guys know about where I’m going too. It’s the place where the advance boss – the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit is.”

“Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit? Brat, don’t tell me that there’s a Divine item there and you’re going to kill the monster for that,” River Scholar laughed.

“How did you know!?” Fatty revealed a look of false shock.

“Oh? There really is a Divine item there?” River Scholar was momentarily stunned. Then he laughed. “We won’t be able to get it even if it’s there. I’m sure you know about how strong advance boss monsters are, six major guilds are still stuck on the fifth floor of Mass Graves. Alright, just shut up and prepare for your death.”

“Wrong. We will definitely able to get a Divine item when we get over,” Fatty said firmly. He took something out from his inventory. “Take a look at what that is.”

A egg-sized ball appeared in Fatty’s hands. It was fiery red like ruby with red smoke swirling within. Heat seemed to rise up from it, forming what appeared to be small clouds above it.

“What’s that? It’s beautiful,” a female player’s eyes lit up at the sight of that.

“This? It’s a Thunderfire Power Bomb! He used it to kill a Level 50 low rank yao. Ill him!” River Scholar ordered frantically as he retreated.

“Babe, don’t go!” Fatty called out coquettishly, then slammed the Thunderfire Power Bomb down at his feet.



A red mushroom cloud rose up with a huge bang. The explosion soared up into the clouds and covered the entire valley.

A wave of screams sounded out, instantly killing many of the River Alliance players and heavily wounding the rest.

The Heart of the Dryad Commander, who was the closest to Fatty, naturally turned into smithereens after being hit by the center of the explosion. The items it dropped also ended up scattering into the sky.


System Notification: The criteria for Death Transformation has been reached. Would you like to transform?

Oh hell yeah.

Fatty immediately chose “yes”. Black smoke surrounded up. Fatty’s shattered body parts writhed and crawled along the ground. A few seconds later, an undead marshal clad in bronze armor riding a tall skeletal horse appeared.

“Now, now, where is the skill book?”

Fatty randomly distributed his stat points and ignored the notification about naming. He looked around and saw that the explosion was still spreading, leaving the ground covered in equipment.

Finally, he noticed a green skill book on the ground lying several meters in front of him.

“Oh, a skill book!”

A blood-covered player roared and pounced towards the skill book at the same time Fatty saw the skill book.

“You’re asking for it!” Fatty was outraged. He pulled his lance back and shot it forwards like a throwing lance. At the same time, he pulled on the skeletal horse’s reins and urged it forwards.

The bronze lance pinned the player on the ground through at his ribs just as his fingers touched the skill book.

“My… skill… book…”

The player struggled a little. His fingers wavered before he closed his eyes and turned into white light.

Fatty bent down and picked the skill book up. He laughed loudly when he saw the name of the skill book.

“Haha, I finally got it,” Fatty laughed with a smug. His mission at the Azure Dragon City was complete.

“Stop worrying. Stay calm. Drink pots. Rally together and don’t let Money Grubber get away,” River Scholar’s called sounded out from afar. Smoke still filled the surroundings so Fatty couldn’t see River Scholar’s state. However, he felt like River Scholar shouldn’t have been too injured due to how fast he had sprinted away before Fatty threw the bomb at his feet.

Fatty had no choice but to do that. If he didn’t kill himself first, the explosion of the bomb would kill too many people and make his name red. That would prevent him from returning to town for a long time. His first priority was to kill the Heart of the Dryad Commander before the River Alliance did and gran the skill book.

Now, he was finally able to let out a sigh of relief and got to work. He quickly picked up an item shining with a green light from the ground, then used Harvest on what was left on the monster’s corpse.


A damaged piece of wood around half a meter appeared in Fatty’s hand.

“Mission accomplished. Time to take my leave.”

The skeletal horse neighed, then sprinted off with Fatty.

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