Chapter 127 The Fisherman Wins when the Clam and a Snipe Fight?

Chapter 127 – The Fisherman Wins when the Clam and a Snipe Fight?[1]

The two groups of players had around fifty players each. Although they were surrounding the same dryad boss monster, they were distinctly separated.

Fatty quickly figured out the situation as he watched on in stealth.

One of the groups were actually people who he was acquainted with. It was none other than the Dragonslayers led by the guild master Fatty killed on the Wildfire Plains. The other group was one he never heard of before, they seemed to be called something like Yolanda. These two guilds most likely bumped into each other when planning to kill the dryad boss monster in an attempt to get a Guild Establishment Token drop.

“Dragonslayer Baldie, if you move aside now, our boss will definitely thank you guys personally in the future,” a player from Yolanda shouted as she attacked.

“VioletSun, if you guys let us have this, then our entire guild will definitely thank all your eighteen ancestral generations,” a bald player laughed on the side of the Dragonslayers.

VioletSun was furious.

“Dragonslayer Baldie, how could you speak like that!? Let me remind you that all the guilds are going crazy over the boss monsters. Fighting over this with us might only let a third party benefit!”

“I like it, so what?” Dragonslayer Baldie ordered his guild members to be careful, then shouted back. “Our boss is coming here soon. If you aren’t going to leave now, then don’t!”

“You think that you’re the only one with a boss?” VioletSun snorted. He stopped wasting his breath and merely ordered his players to attack quicker.

Although the two guilds were not willingly cooperating, their damage was nothing to scoff at. The dryad boss monster’s health dropped steadily. If this continues, then it’s definitely going to die. Just how should I benefit from all this? Fatty thought to himself.

Suddenly, the dryad boss monster trembled. Countless pine thorns rained down from the sky over everywhere the tree covered, including where Fatty was.


Fatty quickly rolled out of the dryad boss monster’s range, then went into stealth once more. Thank god nobody saw that.

When Fatty slowly sneaked back, he noticed that the two guilds had already both left the attack range of the dryad boss monster, but the total of over a hundred players have been culled down to less than fifty.

“Screw it, it’s all on you! If it wasn’t for you guys getting in the way, then we would have never lost so many people!” Dragonslayer Baldie cursed.

“So it’s our fault when you idiots got hurt? Don’t you see many of us dead as well!?” VioletSun was furious as well.

“Baldie, what the f*ck were you doing? Why did so many people die?” A group of players in the lead swarmed over. The one in the lead was none other than Dragonslayer Saber, the guild master of the Dragonslayers.

He looked exactly like he did before with scar on his face. What’s more, it seems like he still didn’t manage to regain the level he lost from getting killed by Fatty on the Wildfire Plains.

Fatty quickly nudged to the side and kept his distance.

“Oh? The Yolanda bastards are still here? Bros, get ‘em!” Dragonslayer Saber ordered when he saw the opposing players.

“Dragonslayer Saber, you really want to try it!?” A cold voice rang out. Another group of players walked in, this time, it was a heroic female warrior in the lead. She was Violante, the guild master of Yolanda.

“Why not? You think that I’m scared?” Dragonslayer Saber nearly ordered his people to attack.

“Dragonslayer Saber, are you a fool? We’re killing each other before the boss is dead!?” Violante blurted out urgently.

At that moment, a black shadow shot out from the ground and dragged a Dragonslayers player down. The player let out a terrible scream then disappeared without a single trace.

“Dragonslayer Soldier?” Dragonslayer Saber shouted into his communicator.

After a while, Dragonslayer Soldier’s depressed voice sounded out.

“Boss, that monster is way too strong. It instakilled me. Make sure you guys stay on guard against its roots.”

Dragonslayer Saber’s expression turned dark for a moment before he regained his composure.

“Violante, let’s work together?”

“How are we splitting the drops?” Violante didn’t refuse and ask a very real question.

“Of course they go to whoever grabs them,” Dragonslayer Saber replied instantly.


With the two guilds forming a temporary alliance, all of the players gathered together under Dragonslayer Saber and Violante’s orders and began their attack again.

They each led two hundred something people over, making it a good six hundred something people team when including the players who survived. They split into two semi-circles, surrounding the dryad boss once more.

“Fire mages. Ready, fire!”

The dryad boss monster is a wood monster, so it was naturally weak to fire magic. Both guilds brought plenty of elite fire mages over. Countless Level 20 Fire Dragon Bursts and Level 30 Fire Rain were cast alongside the weak, but swift Fire Balls and Fire Arrows, causing a series of explosions on the boss monster and setting it alight.


The fire spread very quickly, scorching all the vegetation around the boss monster. Most of those plants could not endure it and were burnt through, while some dryads in the area screeched and scattered away, only to set more and more plants aflame.

The dryad boss monster let out a terrifying scream. It whipped its branches at the same time and managed to dowse a lot of the flames on it. Meanwhile, it also stretched out its roots from the ground to attack the mages.

While players were able to forcefully defend against some of the overhead attacks, the sudden attacks from beneath the ground were something the players couldn’t do anything against them. Players screamed as they were dragged beneath the ground time and time again. A player died ever ten-odd seconds and most of those deaths were mages.

“Boss, we’re suffering too many losses,” VioletSun called out to Violante with a stark white expression.

“Stop worrying, deaths are inevitable in games. All of our dead brothers will be compensated, so don’t worry. The guild won’t make you suffer losses,” Violante said darkly.

Hearing that, VioletSun turned quiet and went back to attack.

“Boss, what do we do?” Dragonslayer Baldie whispered to his guild master.

“Hehe, since they don’t want to leave, then we’ll send them away. Tell our brothers to prepare,” Dragonslayer Saber smiled sinisterly.

Dragonslayer Baldie nodded, then quietly gave his orders. The Dragonslayers players quickly spread out and some even managed to hide amongst the Yolanda players.

“Don’t be afraid of dying, the guild will compensate you for your losses. As long as we get the Guild Establishment Token and establish the first guild in game, then everything will be worth it!” Violante continued to encourage her guild members on.

“Boss, be careful of the Dragonslayers,” VioletSun started to feel uneasy when he saw the players from the two guilds get closer and closer together.

“Don’t worry, we haven’t killed the boss monster yet. They won’t do anything this early.”


As if to prove her wrong, all the Dragonslayers players changed their attacks with a roar and launched their attacks towards the Yolanda players.

“Dragonslayer Saber, what are you doing!?” Violante screamed.

“Girlie, of course we’re sending you back to town. Haha,” Dragonslayer Saber laughed at the foolish question.

“The dryad boss monster isn’t dead yet, you…” Violante quickly dodged an incoming fireball before she could finish her sentence.

“The Dragonslayers will kill the boss monster even quicker without you guys. Brothers, send them back!”

Attacks rained down upon the Yolanda players, instantly sending over a third of them to their deaths. The Yolanda players tried to fight back but were unable to do anything against the fierce assault.

Meanwhile, Violante trembled in anger. However, she could only watch on as her players were slaughtered before she also died from focus fire.

“What a naïve girl,” Fatty gasped. It really is something for someone like her to build up a guild!

“Dragonslayer Saber, we will make you pay for this!” VioletSun reacted for more befitting of a leader compared to Violante. At the very least, he managed to utter some tough last words.

After paying the lives of a few dozen players, the Dragonslayers managed to kill all of the Yolanda players, which only went on to show that the latter group was really not suited to the game.

“Brothers, start killing the boss. Everyone will be rewarded greatly if we get the Guild Establishment Token!” Dragonslayer Saber shouted, then rallied his troops to attack the dryad boss monster again.


At that very instant, the dryad boss monster shook again. A rain of needles poured down once more!

Countless screams sounded out. Very soon, only two hundred something people remained and all of them only survived because they were not in the range of the attack.

“W-What was that?” Dragonslayer Saber asked in shock.

“That’s Piercing Needles, a skill unique to this dryad boss monster. Doesn’t it seem familiar? It is very similar to the archer skill of Piercing Arrows,” a mocking voice sounded out.

A swarm of players suddenly popped out outside the valley and surrounded the area.

“River Alliance? River Scholar? You didn’t go to help your main guild, the Ice Rose Alliance, with the Guild Establishment Token in Black Tortoise City’s Mass Graves!?”

The newcomers were the River Alliance, a subguild that the Ice Rose Alliance set up in Azure Dragon City. Man, now I can tell just how ambitious Ice Witch and Rosethorn are. Ice Rose Alliance is already one of the top guilds in Black Tortoise City and they also have a seemingly powerful subguild in Azure Dragon City too! Fatty thought to himself.

“You guys fell into a… Ahem. As our elders say, the fisherman wins when the clam and snipe fight. Don’t you feel like the idiom perfectly describes the situation?” River Scholar chuckled with a clap.

  1. This is an idiom which basically means that when two parties can’t agree on something, it ends up benefitting a third one.

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