Chapter 126 Dryads

Chapter 126 – Dryads

Fatty received the information very quickly after paying 500 gold coins. There was a kind of monsters called dryads on the other side of Greenery Hills. These monsters were of many different tree species, including pine trees and willows trees. While they remained stationary, one was unable to tell that they were monsters at all. What was interesting about them was that they could actually pull their roots up from the ground and move at a relatively fast pace and could even occasionally blink.

Bai Xiaosheng093 also gave him another piece of information. Black Tortoise Town was in chaos, many guilds gathered at Mass Graves. From the looks of it, an even greater battle than the one at the Bat Cave might break out.

Fatty snickered. It was a sensitive time, all the guilds were naturally keeping tabs on each other. Fierce Dragon TheTalent and the others were naturally being watched as well. The other guilds were already a step behind for Bat Cave, meaning that they lost out a lot on the benefits, they were definitely not going to miss these six major guilds rushing towards Mass Graves together. What’s more, it was the time were guilds were fighting to be the first to get a Guild Establishment Token, so all the other guilds naturally assumed that was what they were doing, which was exactly right.

According to Bai Xiaosheng093, even the guilds from the other three major cities went over to Black Tortoise Town. They fought at Mass Graves and essentially turned the whole map into a gigantic meat grinder that would completely annihilate anybody who went in.

Ahh, those poor things.

“There are more and more people here now. What do we do?” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord turned around and ask his companions after defeating another wave of attacking players on the fourth floor of Mass Graves.

The other guild masters remained silent. Ever since their actions were discovered, other guilds started to move onto the fourth floor with the excuse of farming the mob monsters. However, the alliance cleared out all of those guilds regardless of what their intentions were. However, the more they cleared, the more that arrived. They had already been pushed away from the entrance and now anybody except their people could use it.

Normally speaking, it really wouldn’t have been too much of an issue. However, they were unable to advance to the next floor either. The Phantom Messenger resided on the fifth floor and that was a true rogue boss monster. It would fight when there are few players and play hide and seek with the alliance when they bring more people over. They practically searched every single part of the fifth floor, but they were unable to locate the boss monster.

“Pink Beauty said that she can sell a Thunderfire Power Bomb to us, but she was in on the split of Guild Establishment Tokens,” TheFugitive said quietly.

Fatty gave Qian Xiaoqian three Thunderfire Power Bombs to Qian Xiaoqian in Vermillion Bird City and that’s exactly who the various guild masters turned to after Fatty refused to sell them any. However, Qian Xiaoqian was no fool, since she knew that they wanted it for a Guild Establishment Token, she definitely wanted in on it. Due to that, their negotiation was essentially at a stalemate.

“I’ll ask Fatty again,” Liu Lan gritted her teeth and called Fatty.

“What is it? Thunderfire Power Bomb? Sure, no problem,” Fatty gazed back reluctantly at the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit. He really didn’t want to give up on that super powerful boss monster.

However, there was nothing that they could do. It didn’t care about his tiny Thunderfire Power Bombs at all. He would just be asking for disaster if he throws both of them over and pisses off the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit without harming it. Those bombs were worth a fortune and each one of them could easily sell for several tens of thousands of gold coins.

“So you agreed?”

“Wait a mo’, I need to kill a monster first,” Fatty replied vaguely.

Thus, he started his journey to the coordinates Bai Xiaosheng093 gave him. The scenery over there was just like where he was at before. The area was filled with green trees and red flowers that only made everything more surreal. However, just like before, something came out to ruin the view.


A willow branch whipped down and hit Wheat.

Wheat squeaked out in pain at the laceration. It instinctively sent a Howling Bullet at its attacker, then cast Scatterstone Rain, conjuring ten-odd stalagmite underneath the tree and impaling themselves on the trunk.

The willow tree shrieked and shook. Countless branches swept towards the ground and wrapped themselves around Wheat before dragging Wheat towards the tree.


Fatty howled. He sprinted over and sliced several willow branches. However, that wasn’t enough to deal with the situation. Wheat was nearly beside the tree and the willow tree already opened its bloodthirsty mouth.

“Shrink!” Fatty ordered.

Wheat instantly took on the size of a rat. All of a sudden, the ten-odd willow branches couldn’t wrap around Wheat anymore. It quickly skirted out.

Then, Fatty retreated quickly with Wheat. There were too many branches, making it a difficult area to fight in.

Fatty used Appraisal.

Willow Tree Dryad

Level: 45

Notes: A spirit of a plant with temporary movement abilities. It enjoys flesh and often attacks passers-by.

Meanwhile, the Willow Tree Dryad let out a shape screech. All of its branches wobbled while the soil underneath it seemed to tremble. Soon, it pulled out its roots from the ground and started to walk over to Fatty and Wheat.

“Wheat, attack!” Fatty called out. The dryad had pretty good attack and defense, but it was slow, so it could be kited to death. The only issue was that it would take a lot of time.

Fatty use Flying Flower, Falling Leaves; Wheat used Howling Bullets as they slowly retreated and kited the willow tree dryad. The monster screeched and waved its branches about, but no matter how much they did it, it couldn’t reach Fatty nor Wheat. Approximately ten-odd minutes later, its health finally reached zero with a loud scream.

The dryad fell down with a splash of dust and dropped a small pile of items. However, Fatty had no time to pick them up, he was too concentrated on kiting the dead monster that he entered the attack range of another dryad.

This dryad was only around a bit more than a meter. Since Fatty didn’t pay attention earlier, it managed to snare him and bit him on the buttocks, dealing a third of his health in damage.


Fatty howled. Fortunately, this poplar tree dryad was pretty small and had weak branches that Fatty could break out of.

“Wheat, go, bite it!”

Wheat immediately enlarged itself and pounced, pushing the poplar tree dryad to the ground before it started biting.

Wheat ground down, wood dust flew everywhere and the poplar tree dryad started to rocket down.


Suddenly, the poplar tree dryad disappeared. Wheat also bit down on the ground, causing its mouth to be filled with dirt.

Squeak squeaked in anger and spat out the dirt. It looked around and saw the poplar tree dryad suddenly appear beside a large tree.

Wheat tried to pounce over, but Fatty stopped it. He used Appraisal to check whether the tree was a monster first, then only told Wheat to continue when he noticed that it wasn’t a monster.

However, the poplar tree dryad disappeared once again before Wheat got over. This time, it appeared under another large tree.

Fatty was actually rather happy when he saw the poplar tree dryad pop up all over the place. Good, this must be Woodwalk!

The poplar tree dryad’s skill was clearly something that it could not be frequently used. After Wheat pushed it down three times, it finally stopped blinking and was turned into wood dust by Wheat.

Although the poplar tree dryad was short, that had nothing to do with how rich it was. Amongst the pile was a scroll-like item that caught Fatty’s attention.

He picked it up, then saw the words “Woodwalk”.


Activate Woodwalk once.

“AHAHA!” Fatty laughed loudly. His hard work was paying off, he finally found a hint related to Woodwalk. It was very obvious that the Woodwalk skill book must be with the dryad boss monster.

“093, do you know where the dryad boss is?” Fatty called Bai Xiaosheng093 happily.

“Dryad boss? That’ll be a thousand gold coins,” Bai Xiaosheng093 maintained his professionality and stated the price first.

“Alright,” Fatty immediately sent 1000 gold coins over.

“So fast?” Bai Xiaosheng093 was clearly stunned by Fatty’s speed of payment. He always haggles about the price, why is he so quick in paying today?

Something’s definitely up!

“Keep walking deeper into the mountains from where you are, you’ll see a small valley with a huge pine tree. That’s the dryad boss monster.”

“Alright, got it.”

Fatty turned off the communicator, then charged in excitedly with Wheat.

He killed a few more dryads along the way before he finally saw the small valley. The only plant within the valley was a large pine tree around fifteen meters tall and had a seven meters circumference around its trunk.

Fatty was shocked to hear explosions, blades clashing and monsters howling when he entered got closer to the valley.

Did someone get here ahead of me!? Fatty put Wheat away and slowly stealthed forward until he reached the edge of the valley.

After a few more steps, he saw everything that was happening within.

A group of around a hundred people were surrounding the large pine tree and attacking it. Meanwhile, a human face on the tree trunk smiled menacingly as the tree whipped down with its branches and occasionally shot out its spikes.

These players were not dealing much damage to the pine tree at all. Apart from the fire mages, all the other attacks merely dealt around a hundred damage max. On the other hand, every attack by the pine tree caused a player to fall back and the rain of needles was able to take down a few unfortunate players at a time.

Wait, that’s not a group! Fatty observed more carefully and noticed that the players attacking the pine tree were not of one group. The players were clearly separated into two factions that remained vigilant against the other group while they attacked the monster.

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