Chapter 124 Heavenly Star Vine

Chapter 124 – Heavenly Star Vine

Fatty swept his gaze over the area. This was the only way up the mountains, but these Heavenly Star Vines covered a wide area and it would take him ages to go around them. I guess I can’t avoid things. I have to force my way in.

What’s more, not killing a silver boss monster is definitely a blasphemous act!

Fatty summoned Wheat out and began his assault with Fang in his hand.

Fatty swiftly arrived in front of a vine as thick as a child’s arm. He slashed down with Fang, lacerating the vine itself. Green liquid oozed out just like an animal’s bleed.

Wheat growled at its normal size and shot a Howling Bullet at Fatty’s target. Dirt scattered everywhere, while the vine trembled.

That round of attack took away a third of the Heavenly Star Vine’s health.


Suddenly, the Heavenly Star Vine flickered and flopped up like a green whip that flicked through the air towards Fatty.

But Fatty was already prepared. He leaped to the side.


The Heavenly Star Vine missed and whipped the ground, leaving a huge mark as the vine essentially buried itself into the ground. Oh dear, if I was hit, then my bones would definitely be broken now!

Perhaps it was due to putting too much force behind its attack, but the Heavenly Star Vine was unable to pull itself out of the ground immediately.

Fatty did not let this chance go to waste. He grunted and stabbed down with his dagger.

Fang pierced through the vine and pinned it to the ground.

The vine tried to flop up to attack Fatty, but Wheat bit down on its end and pressed it down on the ground.

“Wheat, good job!”

Fatty praised Wheat while pulling out his dagger and stabbing down again.

A few stabs later, the Heavenly Star Vine trembled, then stopped moving.

An armor fell on the ground. It was a Level 38 metal armor for knights with mediocre attack and defense. It was a typical example of an item that Fatty would sell in normal shops rather than try to sell it to other players.

Fatty turned to the corpse and used Harvest.


A miniature Heavenly Star Vine appeared in his hand.

Heavenly Star Vine

Intermediate Crafting material

Can be used to craft weapons or defensive equipment.

Not bad, a crafting material. Fatty already made up his mind. After he gathers the Five Elemental Walks and becomes an Elementalist, he was going to grind up his Blacksmith level and craft an amazing set of items for himself.

He tossed the vine into his inventory and continued forward. He spent another two minutes or so to kill another Heavenly Star Vine. These monsters gave plenty of experience and decent drops, but it was rather dangerous. Since these vines were aggressive monsters, dodging the attacks from one would often cause another to attack him, so he did had to scramble a few times.

After killing forty-something Heavenly Star Vines, Fatty finally got a grasp of how to determine the strength of the vines. Normally speaking, the thicker ones were definitely higher leveled and were more powerful. The most significant example of this was the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head, which was the thickest vine amongst the pile.

Although there were several hundred vines in the area, Fatty didn’t need to kill them all, he only needed to kill the several dozen in his path to the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head.

To be fair, the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head could no longer be called a “vine”, it was essentially a dragon-like tree as thick as a water barrel with countless branches. It no longer coiled around other plants like vines would usually do.

Hmm, this’ll be tough. Fatty sat on the ground and pondered about how he was going to kill the heavenly Star Vine Clan Head.

Got it! Suddenly, Fatty’s eyes lit up.

“Wheat,” Fatty called Wheat over and gave it some orders. “Go.”

Since Wheat lost a level while snatching the Dragon Revolution Herb, it was still Level 30. After hearing Fatty’s orders, it looked at its master in displeasure before shrinking its body and burrowing into the ground.

Fatty’s plan was simple. Since the Heavenly Star Vine was still a plant monster, it wouldn’t be able to maneuver around, the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit that was no longer a mere plant was an exception. Now, since it couldn’t move, then he merely needed to get Wheat to burrow underneath the ground and bite through its roots. Heh, let’s see if it can survive this!

Soon, Fatty sensed that Wheat was already less than three meters away from the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head. However, there were quite a few roots entwined together, Wheat couldn’t get closer at all.

“Just bite down!” Fatty ordered.

Wheat snapped down at the roots in front of it.


A red number rose from the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head.

Fatty saw the vine lash around in melancholy. A few dozen of its branches whipped down at the ground above Wheat.

Dust flew up in the air and Fatty was pleased to notice that Wheat didn’t take much damage at all.

“Alright, continue,” Fatty stopped worrying. Now, killing the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head was only a matter of time.

The Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head continued to whip at the ground and not long after, it started to slap down at the ground with its main body. Huge cracks several meters deep appeared out of the ground.

However, it only managed to land a single attack on Wheat with its main body that managed to instakill the latter. Wheat was able to dodge all of its other attacks.

Meanwhile, Fatty could see from the cracks in the ground that Wheat already bit a hole in the vine boss monster’s roots, where green slush spilled through like an open tap.

“Go Wheat!” Fatty cheered.

After over two hours of relentless work, Wheat finally bit through all of the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head’s roots. Without the nutrients from the soil, the boss monster began to slowly lose health, while its leaves started to wilt.


Half an hour later, the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head’s humongous body finally crashed on the ground.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have killed the silver boss monster Heavenly Star Vine Clan head. +170000 EXP, +1200 Reputation.

That’s it!? A Level 45 silver boss monster just died like that? Fatty couldn’t believe what just happened and was only certain once he heard the system notification.

170000 EXP was pretty good, while the 1200 Reputation stunned Fatty. Now, he finally had over ten thousand reputation, allowing him to teleport to the Imperial Capital even without the token.

On the other hand, Wheat received even more experience from the death of the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head, allowing it to level up twice. The only reason Fatty even managed to get a bit of experience from the boss monster was only because Wheat was Fatty’s pet.

The Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head gave plenty of drops for a Level 40 something silver boss with over a thousand gold coins that Fatty’s hand nearly turned numb from picking them up.

Apart from the gold coins, there were also a few equipments. Fatty tossed Appraisal on all of them.

The first one was an octagonal shield.

Heavenly Star Shield



Level Requirement: 43

Defense: 45

STR: +12

Aside from the shield, there was a dark green armor. Why the heck is it not a helmet. Man, there’s so much to be said if it’s a helmet.[1]

Wilt Wood Armor



Level Requirement: 45

Defense: 52

STR: +15

Hmm, both of these silver items are pretty good. Fatty thought to himself as he picked up the final object. It was a dark green spherical object the size of an egg and realized that it was what he thought it was.

Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head Inner Core (Immature)

The inner core of the Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head formed from absorbing the inner core of a tree spirit. It has not yet matured.

“What it?”

Fatty recalled Wheat eating Digger Rat’s inner core and ascending, so he handed this one over as well.

Wheat didn’t act courteous and gulped it down.

“C’mon, transform!” Fatty looked at Wheat in anticipation.

Wheat rolled its eyes, then ran off to the side.

That’s strange, why didn’t Wheat transform? Is one inner core not enough? Fatty rubbed his chin, but couldn’t understand why. So, he gave up on it and continued to advance into the mountains with Wheat.

After an entire day, Fatty finally arrived at the depths of Greenery Mountain. It was a plain with scenery far more beautiful than the exterior. The green grassland was filled with beautiful blooming flowers that spread their fragrance into the air.

A gigantic camphor tree the size of a tall building stood at the very center of all the flowers. That was the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit and Fatty’s target.

When Fatty stealthed closer, he instinctively gasped at the sea of “flowers”. Unlike ordinary flowers, all of them showed human faces on it. How are they flowers, they are flower spirits!


Piranha Flower

Level: 45

Notes: Savage guardian of the Ancient Tree Spirit, King of the Greenery Mountains. It is extremely toxic and feeds on animal flesh.

So these are Piranha Flowers? Fatty sneaked closer.

When he was around five meters away from one, he picked up a pebble and threw it at the monster.

A sharp shriek rang out when the Piranha Flower was hit. The monster wobbled and gnarled at Fatty, revealing two rows of razor-sharp teeth covered in a sticky liquid, completely replacing the beauty of the scenery with a hint of sinisterness.

“Stop f*cking screaming,” Fatty threw another rock at the Piranha Flower.

The monster screeched once more.

“Oh? It doesn’t have any ranged attacks?” Hahaha.

  1. Wearing a green hat = having your wife/girlfriend cheat on you in Chinese.

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