Chapter 123 Greenery Mountains

Chapter 123 – Greenery Mountains

Zoom… Bang.

Fatty was fully indulged in his new speed, so was unable to stop him time before hitting his head against the city gate.

Fatty cried out in pain while rubbing the bump on his head. All the NPCs looked at him with humored looks.

“F*ck, how dare you guys laugh at Lord Fatty,” Fatty snorted, then marched out of the city gate, to the teleportation portal and returned to Black Tortoise City.

“Good job, you finally gathered all five pieces of Holy Spirit Stones needed!” Lin Xi was overjoyed and quickly ordered Drucker to ask Jijilu to seal the crack.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed the mission “Sealing the Crack”. +4000000 EXP. +1500 Reputation. You have received Bronze Medallion.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 32.

Fatty gasped. Just the “Sealing the Crack” mission gave him 5000000 experience and 2500 Reputation alongside many other items in total. As expected of a true lord! He’s so generous!

Fatty took a look at his inventory and saw that there was now a bronze medallion shaped like a tortoise shell with its head poking out.

Bronze Medallion: Black Tortoise City’s reward for players who have contributed a lot to the city. The wearer of the medallion will become an honorary citizen of Black Tortoise City, gaining the protection of the divine beast Black Tortoise, increasing its user’s defense by 10%.

Of course I’m wearing this shit! Fatty put the medallion on his shoulder, then heard another system notification.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have donned the Black Tortoise City Bronze Medallion, becoming an honorary citizen of Black Tortoise City. You now have the responsibility to protect Black Tortoise City.

“My Lord, do you have any other missions? Even if it’s super hard, don’t worry, just tell me about it,” Fatty looked at Lin Xi in anticipation.

“Hmm, I do have a very small mission…” Lin Xi pondered a little.

“My Lord, please give me your orders. This little one will accomplish the mission no matter what it is. Don’t worry,” Fatty was overjoyed to hear that it was a “small mission”.

“It’s not hard. Go and kill the Emperor at the Imperial Capital and let me see what it feels like on the throne,” Lin Xi said casually.

“Ugh, My Lord, I offer you my apologies, my stomach hurts. I need the toilet real quick, let’s chat later,” Fatty sprinted out while Lin Xi laughed.

“Little fatty, you’re still too weak. Work hard!” Lin Xi’s voice trailed behind Fatty.

After exiting the City Lord Manor, Fatty went over to the class enhancement hall. It was time to learn some new skills.

“Hey beauty,” Fatty greeted the female mentor. The mentor rolled her eyes and ignored him.

He took a look at the list of skills. There were six skills he could learn after getting the last class enhancement.

“Each skill costs 100 gold coins!?” Fatty’s shriek echoed through the class enhancement hall. Other players getting their class enhancements looked at him with disdain.

“Playing games when you are too poor to pay for learning skills? Just go home,” the female mentor retorted, making Fatty completely speechless.

Fatty tossed out 600 gold coins furiously and chose to learn all six skills.



Detect traps or stealthed players.

Cooldown: 10 seconds



20% to dissemble a trap without receiving damage.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Deadly Poison


0.1% to poison the target, dealing 1% max health as damage per seconds for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 100 seconds



Only activatable in stealth. 10% chance to stun the target for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 60 seconds


Assume the name and appearance of anything the user thinks of for 300 seconds. Effect will end when the user is targeted by Detect.

Cooldown: 600 seconds.

Flying Flowers, Falling Leaves


Attack an enemy at ranged using a concealed weapon.

It’s alright, at least there are two damage skills. The lack of damage skills have always been a rogue weakness.

“Fatty, what you up to? Do you have time?” Fatty suddenly received Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s call.

“I just learnt some new skills, so I’ve got time. What is it? Did you manage to get the Guild Establishment Token yet?” Fatty replied lazily.

“Ugh, let’s not talk about it. We can’t even get past the Phantom Messenger,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said speechlessly.

“You’re kidding!” Fatty was shocked. “All of you experts aren’t enough to kill the Phantom Messenger? You can just dogpile it!”

“That’s only if it fights us head-on. But it doesn’t. It just hides in the shadow and ambushes us,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was beyond speechless.

“Then I can’t help with that,” Fatty shrugged.

“I heard you have something called Thunderfire Power Bombs…” Fierce Dragon TheTalent did continue, but Fatty understood what he wanted.

“No, I need it to kill the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit,” Fatty refused. He was certain that the tree spirit was where the Woodwalk skill book would be, and the skill book itself was crucial for his future in the game. Although a Guild Establishment Token would be worth a lot, it wasn’t comparable to the skill book.

“Brother Grubber, how about we buy one off you for a hundred thousand gold coins?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent replied after seemingly discussing it with someone else.

A hundred thousand gold coins was a high enough price. Apparently, it was the price RainbowWatcher paid to hire God Familia to kill the Flame Demon. Fatty felt a bit interested but still decided to refuse with resolution.

“He didn’t accept it. He said he needs them to fight the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said to the other guild masters on the fourth floor of Mass Graves.

“Honestly, why the heck is he always thinking about that boss monster?” TheFugitive muttered. “how about we kill it for him?”

“Do you think we can beat that tree spirit when we can’t even kill the Phantom Messenger?” Rosethorn rolled her eyes at TheFugitive. “Big Sister Wilow, aren’t you familiar with that fatty? Why don’t you try persuading him?”

“Nobody can change his mind on something he’s dead set on,” Liu Lan smiled wryly. That was an aspect of Fatty she had gotten a very good understanding of over the past few years.

“How about we go and try killing the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit? Although it is a boss monster, at least we can see it. That’s so much better than fighting against the Phantom Messenger,” East Gate BlowingWind hesitated.

“You guys go, I’m staying out of it,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent outright refused the suggestion. “The Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit isn’t strong because its high leveled, it’s because it can control the nearby wood monsters and use them to attack. The more people there are, the more monsters they’ll end up facing. If Fatty goes by himself, then he only needs to kill the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit, but if we go with our guys, then we’ll be facing all the wood monsters in Greenery Mountains. Even if we manage to kill the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit, we’ll stand no change against the Undead Marshal.”

Hearing that, the other guild masters nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Fatty did not know what they talked out, but nor would he care. After he repaired his equipment and stocked up on potions once more, he teleported to Azure Dragon City again.

“Oh my f*cking god, it’s so expensive. I’m so going to start making my potions myself,” Fatty felt his heart bleed when he looked at the Delicate Health Potions in his inventory.

Due to his level, large red potions that restored 100 HP each time was now pointless, instead, he had to turn to the Delicate Health Potions, which were far more expensive. That being said, Fatty did hear from other players that the health potions made by players were far better, which only made him feel like his secondary potion as an alchemist was a waste when he has never ever bothered with it.

Greenery Mountains was definitely a famous place around Azure Dragon City. The mountains spanned several thousand kilometers and were brimming with life. Not only was it filled with monsters ranging from the teens all the way to level fifties, it was also a beautiful scene to behold, which would remind people of retirement places suitable for elders.

All of the monsters in the region are wood monsters, which are famous for their poison. Thus, Fatty did buy some antidotes in Azure Dragon City before setting off to conquer Greenery Mountains.

Along the way, he saw plenty of players, far more than the number of monsters. When Fatty passed by female player followed by a large group of “guardians”, he really couldn’t resist whistling, causing the “guardians” to chase after him in anger.

As Fatty ventured deeper into the region, the monsters were high leveled and there were also fewer players accordingly. After a few hundred meters, he noticed that he was essentially the only player left in the surroundings.

The area was filled with plenty of trees that stabbed into the clouds, covered with thick vines the size of people’s arms. The ground was filled with layers of fallen leaves that only served to hide the holes in the ground.


Suddenly, a vine shot out from beneath the ground towards Fatty’s back.

“Ha, you trying to play hide and seek with Lord Fatty? I saw you ages ago,” Fatty spun around and grabbed at the vine with his left hand. Then, he slashed down with his right hand using his dagger.

The vine snapped with three strikes, and the remaining parts shrunk back into the ground. Meanwhile, the section in Fatty’s hand continued to writhe around.

“What a strong lifeforce,” Fatty praised and used Appraisal.

Heavenly Star Vine

Level: 42

Oh dear, I’m not even a tenth into Greenery Mountains and I’m already facing Level 42 monsters? What level are the monsters at the center!? Wait, if this is the case, then the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit isn’t going to be Level 50. It should at least be Level 60.

As Fatty walked on, he noticed a large gathering of vines number over several hundred. The thin ones were the as thin as fingers, while the thickest ones were as thick as an adult’s thigh. These vines tangled together in what was like the net of a ferocious spider that waited for its prey.

Fatty used Appraisal on the thickest vine.

Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head

Level: 45

Notes: The Clan Head of the Heavenly Star Vine Clan. Originally a normal Heavenly Star Vine, it devoured a wood yao’s inner core by chance, massively strengthening it, allowing it to kill the original clan head and replace it.

Interesting. Even these monsters fight amongst themselves.

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