Chapter 121 Guild Establishment Token

Chapter 121 – Guild Establishment Token

When Lin Xi and Fatty returned to the City Lord Manor, the city lord flung his hand out, causing the four petite yaos to appear on the table.

Roar. Rawr. Hiss. Rrrrr. The four monsters growled towards Lin Xi.


A ‘huge’ hand appeared out of nowhere and pressed down on the monsters, locking them underneath it like how the Five Finger Mountain imprisoned the Monkey King. It was none other than the Phantasm Ghost Claw.

Bang. Bang.

The ghost claw slapped the yao monsters again and again as if it was taking out all of its anger towards Lin Xi on the monsters instead. At the start, the four yaos attempted to revolt and sent all sorts of attacks towards their attacker. However, after getting slapped around a few times, they finally gave up and scattered around the table.

After the four yaos escaped to the four different corners of the table, the Phantasm Ghost Claw chased after them a little more before returning proudly and lifted two fingers up to signal its victory.

“My Lord, this Phantasm Ghost Claw is mine… If you are done playing with it, then please return it to me. I really feel bad when its eating your food, drinking your drinks and causing trouble for you all the time,” Fatty said awkwardly.

Lin Xi rolled his eyes and ignored Fatty’s words.

“Money Grubber, be sure to complete your mission quickly. The Dynasty’s army is waiting for their new equipment.”

Ugh, what the heck. He changes attitude even quicker than me! He doesn’t give a shit about me anymore now that he got the Dragon Revolution Herb.

“My Lord, I’ll bring the one thousand set of armors very soon,” Fatty said respectfully. “My Lord, would it be possible for you to give me a small hint about what the secret it? It will definitely motive me a lot!”

“Do you want to know?” Lin Xi pondered. “Alright, I’ll give you a clue. It’s about the Guild Establishment Tokens.”

“Guild Establishment Token?” Fatty’s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. It wasn’t just the four major cities in the Chinese region. Countless players, countless guilds throughout the entire world slaughtered countless boss monsters, but not even a single Guild Establishment Token was in sight!

“The Imperial Capital gave out four Guild Establishment Tokens this time. There is one in each major city,” Lin Xi continued. “The Guild Establishment Tokens are unique, so the next token will not appear before the previous one gets used.”

“Then do you know where these Guild Establishment Tokens are?” Fatty’s eyes beamed.

“Where are the one thousand sets of armor?”

“Right away, sire!” Fatty was indeed motivated after the clue.

He paced out of the city lord manor without Lin Xi kicking him out this time and started to ponder.

One thousand sets of armor. Fatty furrowed his brows. Should I grind for them myself? No. Over a thousand guilds will probably pop out by the time I finish. So I guess I’ll have to buy them. Should I buy them from the system’s equipment store? Or should I buy them from players? Both of them are going to be expensive, especially since items around Level 30 are the mainstream right now.

After a while, Fatty laughed. Oh yeah, there are some guilds! I should go and ask them!

One shouldn’t share the good stuff with outsiders! Thus, Fatty called Liu Lan, Fierce Dragon TheTalent, Wind God’s World, East Gate BlowingWing and Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord over. Then, he also hesitated for a moment before calling the Ice Rose Alliance’s Ice Witch and Rosethorn. The more people there were, the easier it was to complete the mission.

“Fatty, you have news on the Guild Establishment Tokens?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said after stepping through the teleportation portal.

All of these build masters had discarded their plans of going to kill more boss monsters and rushed over when they heard Fatty’s message. All of them surrounded him and the eyes of the female guild masters all seemed to sparkle.

“I do, but…” Fatty rubbed his fingers.

“Like always, we’ll pay you five thousand gold coins as the information fee,” the guild masters immediately offered to pay Fatty a generous sum of money.

“There’s no need for that,” Fatty refused their offer. “I need a thousand sets of armor above Level 30. Please help me gather that much.”

“A thousand sets of armor above Level 30?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent merely furrowed his eyebrows a little before agreeing. “It’s just a thousand sets. The Fierce Dragon Gang can provide them ourselves.”

“What? Is Brother Fierce Dragon trying to take everything?” Wind God’s World laughed. “The Wind God’s Guild is not that greedy, we will provide two hundred sets of armor.”

“Two hundred from Misty Waterfall,” Liu Lan blurted out.

“Two hundred from the Overlord Alliance,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord chuckled.

“Two hundred from the Great Four Gates,” East Gate BlowingWind followed suit.

All that remained was the Ice Rose Alliance.

Rosethorn smiled at Fierce Dragon TheTalent, “Two hundred sets from the Ice Rose Alliance.”

“What? Are you guys discriminating me based on my region?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said darkly.

“Guild Master Fierce Dragon, it’s your fault that you fell behind. Look. Brother Grubber needs a thousand sets of armor, two hundred sets from each of our guild is exactly enough, so there’s nothing in it for the Fierce Dragon Gang,” Rosethorn giggled.

“Brother Fierce Dragon, don’t worry,” Fatty laughed. “I’ll tell you guys something in advance. Each of the four major cities have a Guild Establishment Token there. Brother Fierce Dragon has no need to mind the one at the Black Tortoise City.”

“Nonono,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent snorted. “No matter what city it is in, it will be the first one in-game. I must join in.”

“Fine, fine. How about this, the six guilds will share the cost of the one thousand sets of armor. Is that alright?”

“That’s more like it,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent nodded.

A thousand sets of armor split across six guilds was merely a hundred something sets per guild, so they were able to bring it over to Fatty very quickly. Fatty also sprinted back to the city lord manor with all the sets of armor.

“My Lord, I come bearing gifts!” Fatty withdrew all one thousand sets of armor from his inventory with a bright smile

“It’s so messy!?” Lin Xi swept his gaze across the armors in dissatisfaction. “Never mind, it was tough for you to gather a thousand sets of armor in such a short period of time. I’ll treat it as you successfully completing the mission.”

“Hehe, thank you, My Lord,” Fatty edged over. “My Lord, about the Guild Establishment Token.”

“I don’t know where the ones in the other three cities are, but I even if I tell you where the one in Black Tortoise City is, you might not be able to get it,” Lin Xi put the sets of armor away with a wave of his hand, then said slowly.

“My Lord, there is no need to worry. I might not be able to do it myself, but I have my brothers,” Fatty patted his chest.

“Then listen carefully. The Guild Establishment Token of Black Tortoise City is with the Undead Marshal on the seventh floor of Mass Graves.

What the f*ck? The boss monster of the seventh floor is called Mass Graves? Fatty was stunned. He clearly remembers that he told the players he tricked before that they would find him on the seventh floor… This is too much of a coincidence!

I can already see what’s going to happen…

“Master, I’ve come!” A player rushes towards the Undead Marshal in excitement after finally getting to the seventh floor.

Bang. The Undead Marshal instakills the player.

“Master, I…”

Bang. The Undead Marshal kills the next one without him even finishing his sentence.

Fatty shuddered. Man, when that happens… With over hundreds of people going down to seek their “master” together, only to get instakilled…

“My Lord,” Drucker suddenly stopped forth, then glanced at Fatty with a strange smile on his face.

‘What is it?” Lin Xi regained his indifferent expression.

“There has been a report that the person we sent to the Imperial Capital failed. The target has been saved by Salka.”

“Salka? The guy who was stripped of his noble title and sent to my city to be a Class Enhancement Mentor as punishment?” Lin Xi thought about it for a moment. “Never mind, let it be. Money Grubber, you still have the two leaves that has lost their medical properties, just use those to turn in the mission.”

Ugh, he planned everything out? Fatty thought to himself as he took his leave.

“How was it, did he tell you where it is?”

The guild masters waiting by the gate surrounded Fatty the moment he walked out.

“I can tell you where it is, but it’s up to you whether you can actually gaze it,” Fatty looked around. “It’s with the Undead Marshal on the seventh floor of Mass Graves.”

“What? Undead Marshal on the seventh floor of Mass Graves?”

These guild masters are all people who saw the commotion the “Undead Marshal” caused before. The fact that they now know that the Guild Establishment Token is with the Undead Marshal also caused them to have more faith in the truth of the Undead Marshal accepting disciples.

“Guys, I’m sure you know about what happened with the White Horse Gang, right? Our first priority right now is not to think about how we’re supposed to get the Guild Establishment Token. It’s how we’re supposed to break through the advance boss monster, the Phantom Messenger, and actually get to the lower two floors,” East Gate BlowingWind said softly.

The White Horse Guild had led a thousand people to fight the Phantom Messenger, only for each of them to die twice on average and fail. They had become the butt of many jokes in Black tortoise City.

“Brother Grubber, do you have any suggestions?” Rosethorn asked Fatty while the various guild masters fell into deep thoughts.

“No,” Fatty shrugged. If it wasn’t because of the Guild Establishment Token being on the seventh floor of mass graves, he definitely would not have told them so easily. Getting the token himself and auctioning it would have yielded him far greater benefits.

“Guys, I’m going to turn in a mission, so see yah,” Fatty said his goodbyes to the guild masters and went over to the teleportation token to venture over to the Imperial Capital once more.

Once again, he entered the city easily after revealing his teleportation token. He easily found his way over to the class enhancement hall once again and saw that the mentor had a fatigued look on his face, with both Reck and Salka being present.

“Old Reck, it was all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, my junior brother really would have died,” Salka turned to Reck.

“Although his life is saved, it’ll be difficult for him to actually ascend,” Reck said after a brief pause.

“No worries,” the rogue mentor replied. “I already gave out a mission for someone else to help me get a Dragon Revolution Herb. I can definitely ascend without any issues with the herb.”

“Dragon Revolution Herb?” Reck and Salka looked at each other with interest.

F*cking hell, he still wants the Dragon Revolution Herb? None of this shit would have happened if you didn’t screw me over! Fatty marched into the class enhancement hall.

“Ahh, my dearest Mr. Reck, you’re here too. Wow, so is our esteemed Mr. Noble. How have you been?”

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