Chapter 120 Lin Xi’s Strength

Chapter 120 – Lin Xi’s Strength

A mad laughter rang out at Black Tortoise City’s respawn point. The surrounding players all looked over to see a cackling Fatty.

Tch, he’s insane.

Fatty didn’t care about how the other players viewed him and continued to laugh as he looked at the gold Dragon Revolution Herb in his hands. No matter how strong you boss monsters are, Lord Fatty’s still got the better of you!

“Money Grubber, we meet again.”

Fatty instinctively stopped laughing, then felt himself overcome with annoyance when he saw Drucker standing in front of him.

“Dude, do you literally have nothing better to do than to block me off!?” Fatty jumped off the ground. “I see you EVERY SINGLE TIME I come back. What the heck are you doing!?”

Drucker ignored Fatty and maintained his gaze on the Dragon Revolution Herb, “I-Is that Dragon Revolution Herb?”

“Huh?” Fatty quickly put it away and looked at Drucker vigilantly. “What do you want?”

Drucker took a step back with a deep breath, “Money Grubber, the city lord would like to see you. Come with me.”

“Again? Let’s change the date, I still got a mission to turn in.”

“You dare not to go?” Drucker’s tone turned ice-cold as if he was going to attack if Fatty dared to utter no.

“Alright, fine. I’ll go,” Fatty could only speechlessly followed Drucker over to the city lord manor.

“My Lord,” Drucker saluted, then whispered something in Lin Xi’s ear when they returned to Black Tortoise City.

“Dragon Revolution Herb?” Lin Xi’s eyes lit up. He coughed silently, then sat up straight. “Little fatty, how goes the mission I gave you last time?”

F*ck, he’s addressing me so intimately… He’s definitely up to no good.

“My Lord, I am still in the process of collecting the necessary items,” Fatty stood straight.

“Mhmm, a thousand set of armors must be hard to get. I’ve really troubled you a lot,” Lin I took a sit of tea with a chuckle.

“It is all for the people!” Fatty replied loudly.

“Ahem,” Lin Xi cleared his throat, then decided to be blunt. “I heard General Drucker say that you have a strand of Dragon Revolution Herb?”

“He made a mistake,” Fatty blurted out.

Lin Xi’s cup slipped from his hands, but fortunately, he was quick enough to reach down out and catch the cup before it shattered on the ground. Meanwhile, a hint of speechlessness could be seen on Drucker’s face.

“Ahem,” Lin Xi returned the cup to the table and fixed his clothes. “Little fatty, do you know what the Dragon Revolution Herb is for?”

“I’ve never seen it and never even heard of it. I don’t know what it’s for!”

Lin Xi laughed, “Little fatty, I’ll stop wasting your time and mine. I’ll give you some benefits if you give me a few of those Dragon Revolution Herb leaves.”

“Tell me its effects first,” Fatty thought about it, then said after a glare at Drucker.

“Dragon Revolution Herbs, like its name suggests, will help people under-go a dragon-like revolution. It’s useless normally, but people at the bottleneck will find great use of it,” an excited smile bloomed on Lin Xi’s face. “If a person ingests a Dragon Revolution Herb leaf while ranking up or break through their bottleneck, not only will it improve their chances of success, they will also gain unimaginable benefits.”

“What sort of benefits?”

“That’s not guaranteed,” Lin Xi thought about it for a while. “They may end up coming up with an extremely powerful skill or permanently strengthen a certain aspect of theirs. It’s randomly based on luck.”

“It’s that amazing!?” Fatty was stunned. Improve success chance of break through might make NPCs craze for it, but things like coming up with a new skill or permanently strengthening a stat was enough to make players insane!

“So… I need a few Dragon Revolution Herb leaves.”

“I can’t give it to you. I need it for a mission.”

“Mission? You are using such a valuable thing to completely a mission!?” Lin Xi said anxiously. “Do you know just how much this is worth? You are turning it in for a mission!? Are you a fool!?”

“I can’t help it. I promised him, so I can’t go back on my word,” Fatty replied slowly.

“What mission is it? Tell me about it,” Lin Xi took a sip of tea and pretended to calm down a bit.

Fatty did not hold back anymore and repeated what the rogue mentor in the Imperial Capital said to him.


After hearing everything from Fatty, Lin Xi slammed his fist down on the table, “That bastard! The class enhancement mentor in the Imperial Capital dared to scam a citizen of Black Tortoise City? How dare he! I want him dead now! Drucker!”

“This one is here!” Drucker clasped his legs together with a salute.

“Send someone to get rid of him,” Lin Xi waved his hand.

“Yes, My Lord,” Drucker saluted, then marched out of the room.

Fatty opened his eyes wide in shock. Isn’t this too… evil? The guy just gave me a mission and he’s going to have the guy killed?

“Alright now, little fatty, since he is gone, there’s no need for you to turn the Dragon Revolution Herb for a mission. Let me have a look. I am the city lord, so I promise I won’t just take it from you,” Lin Xi said calmly.

Fatty shuddered, then reluctantly handed the herb over.

“Gold? All nine leaves are gold!? It’s completely matured!” Lin Xi snatched the Dragon Revolution Herb out of Fatty’s hands and took a deep look. Soon, a frown surfaced on his face. “W-Which bastard harvest this!? That monster! He actually dared to harvested such a valuable herb using such despicable methods! He’s caused an insufferable amount of damage to it!!!”

“Is it really severe?” Fatty was not surprised to hear it. Of course the effects of the herb would be affected when it was just ripped out of the ground instead of being harvested using the skill.

“At least two leaves are affected,” Lin Xi nodded.

Fatty let out a sigh of relief. Phew, only two. That means there are seven ones that are fine.

“Tell me, I want four leaves, so what do you want for them?” Lin Xi picked four leaves off the herb, then chucked what was left back to Fatty.

“T-This is forced business. I-I’m not going to sell it to you!” Fatty stuttered.

“Are you sure?” Lin Xi smiled.

“O-Of course I’m going to!” Fatty quickly forced a smile. “O mighty city lord, what price are you offering me? As the lord of an entire city, you definitely will not trick me, right?”

“There’s no need for you to speak like that. Instead of tricking you, I might as well just snatched it from you,” Lin Xi rolled his eyes. “You name the price yourself. I’ll disagree with anything over the top. If you name too low of a price, then it’s your fault.”

Ugh, what the heck was that supposed to me? Fatty sobbed, “I can’t think of the appropriate price right now. How about we leave this until I think of something? Is that alright?”

“You’re smart,” Lin Xi nodded. “It’s a good idea. Then others won’t say that I bullied you.”

You’re saying that this isn’t bullying!?

“Oh yeah, where did you harvest it from?” Lin Xi asked.

Fatty didn’t have anything to hide, so he told Lin Xi everything.

“Five great yaos? Those must be high ranked yaos!” Lin Xi shot up. “Come with me.”

“Huh? Where?” Before Fatty noticed what was going on, he saw Lin Xi wave his hands, causing their environment to blur. When it finally settled down, Fatty noticed that he was standing on top of a tortoise-shell-like thing in mid-air, while scenery seemed to rocket past him.

Controlling something for flight!? Fatty nearly screamed. This is a legendary skill! Lin Xi actually knows how to do this!?

“O City Lord, I thought of one condition. I want to learn this!” Fatty yelled.

“Heh, that’s a good idea, but this is from a different system to what you learn. You won’t be able to learn it even if I agree,” Lin Xi snorted.


“City Lord, where are we going?” Fatty asked after a round of silent curses.

“We’re going to see the yaos,” Lin Xi replied indifferently.

After a few minutes of flight, Fatty felt somebody knock his head.

“Is it here?” Lin Xi asked.

Fatty looked down. The huge region was displayed in front of his eyes like a painting, smoke and mist covered the area and occasional islands could be seen here and there. They have arrived at Wraith Swamp.

“Yep, we’re here,” Fatty nodded. “I got the Dragon Revolution Herb over there. Over… Yeah, that’s the island. Wow, it’s not destroyed yet? That’s strange.”

Lin Xi waved his hand.

All of a sudden, Fatty saw the islands and rivers beneath him begun to enlarge… Soon, even a single grain of sand became incomparably dark.

“AHHHHHH!” Fatty fell face down on the ground with a terrible stream.

“F*cking Lin Xi! You dared to throw Lord Fatty down! If it wasn’t because Lord Fatty has thick skin, I might have died!” Fatty yammered, then looked up. The only reaction he could give was a deep breath.

Lin Xi was standing in the air with a hand behind him. He was reaching out with his other hand, while the pterosaur, giant boa with half its body remaining, huge Deepwater Crocodile and giant turtle floated beneath him. They shook their bodies, struggled and screamed as hard as they could, but they couldn’t even move an inch.

Is this his true strength? As expected of the lord of a city. Fatty gasped silently. The yao monsters, which were super powerful in his eyes, were easily controlled by Lin Xi using only one hand. So I guess Lin Xi should be at the level equal to a celestial beast or something.

“Come,” With that, the four boss monsters started to shrink until they were the size of a person’s fist, which was when Lin Xi put them up his sleeve.

“Let’s go,” Lin Xi glanced around. Seeing that there was nothing else that caught his attention, he waved his hand, somehow making Fatty appear on the tortoise-shell-like object again, then flew back to Black Tortoise City.

“Not bad, I managed to get four high ranked yaos. They’ll be four great mounts after some training,” Lin Xi muttered to himself.

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