Chapter 12 Silver Python King

Chapter 12 – Silver Python King

“Roar,” the black wolf attacked once more. However, Fatty was now able to handle it casually. He easily dodged the wolf’s bites, then occasionally either used Combo Attack on its waist, or kicked it again. In a mere few minutes, the black wolf yammered, then died.

Whoosh. Two items dropped. One was a piece of meat, which Fatty picked up to have a look at.

Wolf Meat

Mission Item

It wasn’t much use, but Fatty chucked it into his bag. The other was a long saber, which was gleaming with a hint of green.

Thorn Saber



Level Requirement: 8

Attack: 12 – 15

Strength: +1

Class Requirement: Warrior, Knight

Not bad. Higher level monsters are truly richer. This saber has a much higher attack than the custom saber in the weapon shop. Ahhh, what pitiful players the others are, some of them can’t even afford the custom sabers, and have to use their starting items.

Fatty put the saber away, then used Harvest on the corpse, which netted him a full wolf skin.

Undamaged Wolf Skin

Basic Tailoring Material

Not bad, that’s pretty decent. Fatty happily walked off to continue to harvest more white cogon roots while killing black wolves or pythons.

There was actually quite a lot of white cogon roots in the area. Although Fatty only harvested in a corner of the Blackthorn Forest, he had already gotten the 200 needed. However, since he guessed that there might be other uses for the herb in the future, he continued to harvest more. At the same time, he also collected twenty something pieces of wolf meat, and was about half way done with the farmer’s mission.

Overall, the black wolves and pythons did give him a good chunk of experience. After killing quite a few of them, Fatty had finally reached level 8. This time, he clenched his teeth and added his new stat points to endurance instead, then equipped the dagger he swiped from the blacksmith.

Dark Star Dagger



Level Requirement: 8

Attack: 10 – 12

Strength: +3

As Fatty harvested white cogon roots with great excitement, he gradually entered the depths of the Blackthorn Woods. Right after he used up two pots to kill three more black wolves, he heard a hissing in the distance.

The sound was strange, creepy, and cold. It was enough to cause a person to tremble in their heart. Due to his experience, Fatty understood that the boss had appeared.

He silently climbed up a tree, then looked afar. At quite a distance in front of him, a huge silver python that was as thick as a water bucket was slowly feeding on a black wolf in the center of ten-odd pythons.

Fatty wiped away the sweat from his face when he saw the silver python swallow the black wolf whole. Then, he made an approximate measure of his stomach and nodded. If I go over, I’ll get swallowed whole as well.

He used Appraisal onto the monster, causing its stats to appear in front of his eyes.

Silver Python King

Silver Boss

Level: 15

Attack: 110 – 125

Defense: 70

HP: 1600


Poison Fang – Bites the enemy and poisons the target, dealing 1% maximum HP per second for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Coil – Coil around the enemy and binds the target on spot, dealing 30 damage per second for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Wow, so strong, and it even has two abilities. Meanwhile, the pitiful me has worked so hard for so long, and only has that one ability.

However, Fatty didn’t quite understand what “Silver Boss” meant. Neither of the two previous bosses had this tag, so I suppose this Silver Python King is pretty amazing.

He appraised the other monsters around the boss.

Snake Guard

Level: 10

Attack: 80 – 95

Defense: 40

HP: 700

A bit stronger than a normal snake, but nothing special. Their numbers are quite troublesome though.

However, no matter how strong that Silver King was, it was unable to scare the “Boss Specialist” Fatty away. There was no helping it. After all, boss monsters also have another title “Money”. For Fatty, who valued money over his life, it was easier to kill him over and over again in-game compared to banning him from killing bosses.

Sun Tzu had once said “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in any battles”. That’s why Fatty was naturally not foolish enough to just go straight up there to fight the boss, especially since just the subordinates around the boss were strong enough to put him in a tough spot.

Ahh, what is good foresight? I’m the example of someone with good foresight. Fatty quickly slid down from the trees, then took out Blacksmith’s Tool, then spent half an hour to prepare the ultimate weapon Fatty has known since the start of the game – a trap.

By digging a trap in the fields in front of the rabbit hole, not only did it kill a lot of hares which gave Fatty loads of experience, it also increased his Mastery Level of the skill by 1. He was already 5/10000 of the Intermediate Rank, and with it, came the increased damage and durability of the traps. At the very least, it was no longer easily destroyed be the target.

As night fell, the forest succumbed to darkness. Only the twinkling stars, and the dancing fireflies shone within the Blackthorn Woods, covering it in a layer of mystery. Beneath this layer, a sneaky, and extremely-lecherous looking Fatty quietly climbed onto a tree with a piece of rock in his hand, that he threw towards a snake beside the Silver Python King.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have created the skill “Throw”. Current Mastery Level: 0/100.

Damn, you can actually create skills this way! Fatty chuckled in excitement, only to nearly fall out of the tree, causing him to quickly hug onto the tree trunk.

The stone accurately landed on the head of one of the Snake Guards. As the boss’s subordinate, it had never received such an injury before. In a way, it was just like shooting a guard in front of the White House itself. Thus, the snake hissed, then directly charged towards the place where Fatty was without calling for its comrades.

Fatty naturally did not need to use his trap to deal with a snake of that caliber. He merely slid down the tree, took out Dark Star Dagger to easily dispatch the snake. Then, he snuck back up the tree and prepared himself to lure another snake over.

One by one, Fatty was able to dispatch all of the Snake Guards in a bit more than two hours. Perhaps the snake king was too full, so it merely laid there silently, and disregarded the fact that its subordinates were being lured away.

Okay, it’s your turn now.

Fatty ate a chicken leg to replenish his stamina, then nimbly snuck over, and finally stopped at several meters in front of the Silver Python King. A boss like the one in front of him was definitely very sensitive, so it would surely notice him if he got too close.

Since the Silver Python King had swallowed a black wolf not too long ago, its body was rather bloated with its ten-odd meters long body coiled together, revealing a patch of dark green skin underneath its scales. That was the chance Fatty was seeking.

Fatty double checked his plan, and after ensuring that there was nothing wrong with it, he took a deep breath, and leaped towards the White Python King’s side with the Dark Star Dagger in his hand. Then, before the Python King could realize what was going on, he unleashed a Combo Attack onto the snake’s weak point, then immediately turned around to run.




Fatty twitched his mouth. I attacked its weak point, but didn’t even deal one percent of its health in damage. I guess I couldn’t break through its defenses.

A revolting stench filled the air, causing Fatty to nearly suffocate. The Silver Python King hissed loudly after getting its sleep disturbed. It stuck out its half a meter-long tongue, and glared at Fatty with its pair of crimson eyes. Then, it began to slid over, before opening its mouth wide, and dashing towards Fatty with its cold fangs pointing straight at him.

“C’mon, baby,” Fatty activated the Rooster Squawk ability of his necklace, instantly increasing his Dexterity by 30%, allowing him to shoot out like a gust of wind through the Blackthorn Forest.

Hiss. The Silver Python King hissed loudly. A direct attack to it was the most intolerable thing for it.

The Python King’s Dexterity was rather high as well, so there were several times where it had nearly caught up to Fatty. It was all thanks to Fatty reacting fast enough that allowed him to dodge the snake’s bite, and continue to run from the Python King.

Yet, running at such a fast pace cost him a lot of Stamina, and soon, it was lower than 10. Fortunately, it was by then that he had already lured the Silver Python King to the edge of the trap.

“Bring it,” Fatty glanced at the relentless Python King, then leaped up, over one of the traps.

They say a dragon has rain around it when it runs, and a tiger has wind around it as it runs. Although the Silver Python Kin g was not comparable to neither a dragon nor a tiger, as a boss, it still slid across the woods with a gust of wind right behind Fatty.

Fatty smiled sinisterly when he heard the commotion behind him and continued to lead the Silver Python King in circles. In the end, a python was merely a python, it’s intelligence was still unable to match that of a human’s even as a boss. The Silver Python King merely focused on chasing Fatty, and did not realize that the ground it was on had gradually changed. At the very beginning, it merely felt a bit of discomfort, then it gradually begun to feel a bit of pain on its stomach. When it felt like its stomach was suffering, the entire ground was already covered in its own blood, and the Silver Python King could not do anything anymore. All it could do was watch its own HP drop, and wait for Fatty to bring an end to it.

Seeing that the Silver Python King didn’t have much health left, Fatty turned around, and accurately unleashed Combo onto the monster’s jaw.




Three blood red numbers arose, and signaled the end of the Silver Python King’s sinful life.


As the Silver Python King’s gigantic corpse fell limp onto the ground, a system notification also rang out by Fatty’s ear.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have slain the Silver Python King, a Silver Boss. +500 EXP, +100 Reputation.

“It’s finally dead,” Fatty sat down onto the ground and wiped away the sweat from his face. Although he was not in any real danger during the entire “fight”, luring the Silver Python King onto the traps had taken him a lot of effort.

He took a deep breath, then looked underneath the Silver Python King’s stomach. The area was already blood red, and the revolting stench of snake blood filled the air. Yet, Fatty did not care. He understood very well that the bloody place was piled with money.

“Muahaha, killing monsters require techniques as well, and fighting a monster head on is the most foolish thing someone can do,” Fatty said proudly to himself as he picked up the rewards.

What Fatty did was very simple, he merely used the traps hunters normally used to hunt larger snakes.

First, he had buried a stake into the ground the snake was going to pass on, and reveal a short tip, then, he buried a second stake nearby, but this time, it was a bit taller than the first one. Out of the several hundred stakes he buried, each one he buried was taller than the last. The snake would slide over these stakes unknowingly, and by the time it realizes, it would be too late for it to actually do anything. Traps like this were able to hunt not only the Silver Python King, but any other snake-type monsters as well.

Fatty picked up the entirety of a pile of gold coins, which were scattered in the pool of blood. Alongside them was also a piece of leather armor that seemed to have a snake coiling around it, making it look rather menacing.

Fatty used Appraisal.

Python Armor


Chest Armor [Leather]

Level Requirement: 10

Defense: 30

STR: +12

Class Requirement: Rogue, Archer

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