Chapter 118 Advancing in Stealth

Chapter 118 – Advancing in Stealth

A heavy wound appeared on Wheat as blood spurted forth onto the ground.

Unbelievable! Wheat couldn’t accept that the monster had just wounded it so much. Instead of backing off cowardly, Wheat pounced forth and bit down on another one of the Death Mantis’s leg.


Another leg snapped.

The Death Mantis flurried its front limbs rapidly, lacerating Wheat over and over again and causing Wheat’s health to drop to critical levels.

“Wheat, back off!” Fatty shouted, then activated Coil.

The skill failed just like he expected it would, but he didn’t mind. He took the chance of the Death Mantis looking back to activate Invisibility.

At the same time, Wheat wailed in pain and disappeared as well.

Fury overcame the Death Mantis when it saw both its enemies disappeared. It’s sliced its forelimbs through the air, reducing everything around it to smithereens and leaving countless marks on the ground.

Yet, even after a few minutes of rage that deleted everything around it, nothing came out. The Death Mantis could only spread its wings and try to fly back butterfly.

The moment it took off the ground, an arrow connected itself into the Death Mantis’s back. Fatty quickly put the Azure Feather Crossbow away and started to run.

However, Death Mantis’s shell deflected the bow and a single white dot alongside a small -42 above the monster’s head were all the evidence that something had even hit it.

Shit, it didn’t break through its defenses.

The boss monster shrieked and sprinted towards Fatty with its remaining four legs.

Ten-odd stalagmites popped out of the ground and impaled themselves into the Death Mantis’s stomach.

A series of numbers over 200 appeared above the monster’s head.

That’s its weak point! Fatty sprinted back.

The Death Mantis flew back up into the sky and circled around. It was clearly slower after losing two legs, making it much easier to handle compared to when it was just a green flash through the air.

The Death Mantis shrieked and rotated its front arms quickly, turning them into two green wheels as it dived towards Fatty.

Fatty squinted his eyes. 

At the very moment before the Death Mantis reached him, he kneeled down, lean back and pushed himself forward. As he slid, he thrust his dagger forward towards the mantis’s abdomen.

Blood rained down from the wound and covered Fatty and because of the direction the two were going on, the dagger sliced the Death Mantis from the chest to its tail.



A series of numbers rose above the boss monster’s head.

The Death Mantis howled in rage and wobbled as it tried to land.

Wheat sneaked over underground and aimed countless stalagmites at the Death Mantis’s wounded abdomen, ripping the wound further apart.

Green blood and some organs splashed out. The Death Mantis shrieked loudly, then glared at Fatty with its bloody eyes. It spread its wings and pounced.

Fatty rolled on the ground repeatedly with a roar, then used his blade to guard himself against one of its blades, then shrunk his head to dodge the other.

Wheat popped up in front of the Death Mantis and turned back to the size of a calf. It opened its mouth and bit down one of the Death Mantis’s forelimbs. Fatty used the chance to jump up and grab the Death Mantis’s other forelimb, then hacked down at where it connected with the monster’s body.

The Death Mantis roared angrily and knocked its head towards Wheat. However, Wheat remained firm, completely opposite of its cowardly nature and did not let go.

After ten-odd hacks while the Death Mantis struggled in rage, Fatty finally chopped off one of its arms.

At the same time, Wheat also snapped the other one with its teeth.

The Death Mantis screeched in terror. Yet, the Death Mantis was as harmless as a toothless tiger.

“Good job,” Fatty gave Wheat a thumbs-up. He didn’t Wheat to be able to help out so much.

Wheat squeaked weakly in pride, showing that its fatigue from its visible wounds was beginning to overcome it.

The Death Mantis spread its wings to fly, but Fatty wasn’t letting that happened. He dived underneath the monster without any hesitation, grabbed onto one of its legs to stop it from taking off with one hand, then aimed his dagger at the monster’s wound with another.

After several dozen thrusts, the Death Mantis gave in. It collapsed on the ground and stopped moving.


A pile of items fell down with the corpse and buried Fatty.

“Ahaha, good job. That was very well done!” Although the battle didn’t last too long, it was far more intense than a day of hardcore grinding. Fatty actually sat down on the ground while covered with green revolting blood first instead of picking up the drops.

Wheat had been sliced several times by the Death Mantis, so it was very near death. Any random attack might end it, so he put Wheat away so that it can regenerate its health first, then pushed himself into a squat and started to pick up the drops.

Fatty put away all the gold coins and the few mediocre items before turning to the final item on the ground. It was thin green sword that was pulsing with green light with a guard shaped like a Death Mantis.

Clearwater Sword



Level Requirement: 42

Attack: 80 – 95

END: +11

DEX +12

Passive: +10% Dexterity

“It’s amazing!” Fatty gasped. Although it was a silver weapon, it had a very high attack and a great passive of +10% Dexterity that would make It a must have for Dexterity-based Warriors.

After putting away all the drops, Fatty instinctively cast Harvest on the Death Mantis corpse several times. Apart from two broken arms, he managed to harvest something completely surprised him – a Soul Spark.

Soul Spark? Does that mean that the Death Mantis was basically dead after the mutation and was an undead? I guess that explains the name.

Soul Sparks were hard to find. He only managed to harvest two in Mass Graves and didn’t get any during his slaughter in the Ancient Battlefield. I really got lucky.

Fatty started to think. I wonder what is the maximum level of soul sparks I can use. If I can use this, then the speed might let me…

Fatty made up his mind and decided to take the risk. It’s time to go big or go home! It’s only a level at worst. If I win this bet, then there are countless benefits waiting for me!

Fatty packed everything up, then sneaked back to the island where he determined the Dragon Revolution Herb was. What he saw there left him dumbstruck.

The battle had reached its climax. The pterosaur’s left wing was injured. It would only drape it on the ground as it wrestled with the boa. Meanwhile, the boa had a severe wound that was continuously dripping blood. Both monsters seemed extremely injured that it created a stalemate.

On the other side, the giant toad and the giant Deepwater Crocodile were clashing. Although the toad was large, it was still dwarfed by its enemy, which could swallow it with one gulp. Perhaps due to that, the toad did not fight in close quarters at all. It hopped away to dodge the crocodile’s attacks and used its tongue as a whip to lash out at the Deepwater Crocodile time and time again. It also spat out a corrosive yellow liquid occasionally that seemed to sizzle the crocodile’s skin. The Deepwater Crocodile couldn’t do anything and merely continued with its violent assault, forming an intriguing stalemate.

Compared to the four monsters were fighting with one another, the gigantic turtle seemed a lot more intelligent. It kept its head and limbs inside its shell and refused to fight at all.

I’ll try to get as close as I can. Fatty considered it for a short moment, then chose to run towards where the giant turtle was. Although the winds were still raging in that area, the giant turtle’s body blocked off some of it, so it was a bit calmer than other areas. He carefully entered the water and slowly swam over. Stealth was already pointless. Getting as close as he could to the island was the number one priority.

Winds raged as roars echoed through the air. Earth-shattering shockwaves radiated from the two clashes. The moment Fatty entered the water, he was nearly pushed back onto the shore by the torrent. What’s more, since the water was pointed by either the boa’s or the giant toad’s poison, Fatty was now pointed as lost health at 80 damage per second.

Fatty took a deep breath and remained determined. He chugged down a red potion, activated all skills that could increase his movement speed then dived back into the water and raced towards the island.

The giant turtle’s shell remained on top of the water like a small mountain that was larger than the island. Fatty drank more potions and charged towards the island along the side of the turtle shell.

Eight hundred meters….

Six hundred meters…

Five hundred meters…

Three hundred meters…

Two hundred meters…

One hundred meters…

He was there.

Fatty finally managed to reach the shores of the island before his health fell to the bottom. At the same time, his health bar also disappointed.

When he fell down to the ground, he didn’t make any splash and instead collapsed on the ground. Then, he took a look at his status bar and smiled in satisfaction.

Death Transformation was active. And he had two options below the skill: Deceased Soul - Skeletal General; and Deceased Soul – Death Mantis.

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