Chapter 115 Wraith Swamp

Chapter 115 – Wraith Swamp

Dragonslayer Saber was an expert in PvP, he quickly brought his saber up to meet the attack just as Fatty attacked.

However, Fatty had been waiting for the chance for a very long time. He was not going to waste the opportunity. He twisted his hand, moving the dagger around the black saber and stabbed Dragonslayer Saber’s neck.


The dagger nearly pierced through the entirety of its target’s neck. Although Dragonslayer Saber still had plenty of health left, he did take significant damage and was still suffering from a bleed.

Fatty did not pull the dagger out. Instead, he pulled it sideways and cutting through Dragonslayer Saber’s neck, leaving a small bit of flesh and skin connecting the head and the neck.

It was an instakill.

Although the battle resolution resolved primarily on damage calculations, a fatal attack that basically looped off a player’s head meant that it was an instakill regardless of the level difference, health and levels.

Even though Fatty had not yet gotten his class enhancement, he was Level 30, so he possessed a large item advantage against Dragonslayer Saber, whose items were only in the 20s.

He did not wait around after killing his target either and just turned around and activated Invisibility.

“Rogues, detection!” A warrior beside Dragonslayer Saber shouted. The various warriors also targeted their skills at where Fatty disappearance from like madmen, but nothing was revealed.

“Alright, Dragonslayer Saber’s dead. Time for us to counterattack!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was infuriated from Dragonslayer Saber’s verbal assault and the situation of the battles. Now that his enemy was dead and their formations started to scatter, he immediately rallied his group of twenty-something people and charged forward.

“Stay calm. We outnumber them, so let us kill Fierce Dragon TheTalent to take revenge for our boss!” Zhuge Marvelous shouted loudly.

Hearing his calls, the slightly chaotic Dragonslayers members calmed down a little and charged towards their foes.

“Retreat!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent pulled his group back when he saw his enemies react. Since Dragonslayer Saber was already dead. He knew that it was a victory as long as he kept himself alive.

The battle ended as quickly as it started. Despite Zhuge Marvelous’s best efforts, the Dragonslayers players quickly lost their fighting spirit and retreated under the orders of the various squad captains.

“You got lucky this time. C’mon, let’s go,” Zhuge Marvelous shouted out before leading the last of his dispirited guildmates away.

At the same time, some of the Fierce Dragon Gang’s reinforcements also arrived on the Wildfire Plains.

“Oh my god, my name’s red again,” Fatty came out of stealth with a sigh.

“Fatty, thanks a bunch,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent walked over. If it wasn’t for Fatty killing Dragonslayer Saber, he really might have died.

“Welcome. Let’s go back and see what’s going on with the boss monster.”

The Mad Bull King only had a third of its health remaining. The God Familia were on the verge of slaying the monster.

“As expected of the number one assassin familia!” Fatty praised. He could tell that all of them had top class mechanics, while HeadofGod was the cream of the crop, which allowed him to narrowly dodge many attacks flung his way.

Finally, after a long two hours battle, God Familia finally killed the Mad Bull King after eight deaths. Unfortunately, it did not drop a Guild Establishment Token. They also received news that the Flying Rang Gang ambushed Fierce Dragon Sweetheart’s team of players and in the midst of their intense battle, a small unknown guild managed to steal the kill on the boss monster. However, just like the Mad Bull King, the Pegasus King didn’t drop a Guild Establishment Token.

Since the God Familia had a lot of jobs to do with various guilds hiring them to kill boss monsters after boss monsters, after they finished the transaction with Fierce Dragon TheTalent, they quickly left to do their next one. TheFugitive also went along with them.

Now that everything quieted down, Fatty suddenly felt it was rather boring. Guild wars, killing people… Aren’t they sick of it all? I don’t see how much fun it is to fight players. Whatever, I’ll just go and do my mission.

His most important job right now was getting his class enhancement, so he had to search for a Dragon Revolution Herb. While he could actually just get another class enhancement mission in Azure Dragon City, Fatty still felt like he should do the one he got from the rogue mentor in the Imperial Capital. After all, the mentor did tell him to do the mission before getting his class enhancement, so that means that he should be rewarded with a boost of some sort.

Thus, Fatty asked Fierce Dragon TheTalent for information. TheTalent asked around his guild, but nobody knew where the Dragon Revolution Herb was. In fact, it was their first time even hearing of the name. Fatty had 7 days to do the mission and nearly half of the time was gone. I only have a bit more than three days left to do the mission. If I don’t find the herb, then I’ll be wasting this opportunity.

Fortunately, the All-Knowing Sect was a thing. After paying a hefty price of five thousand gold coins, Fatty was able to find out the approximate location of what might be a Dragon Revolution Grass. It was around two hundred and fifty kilometers east of Azure Dragon City in a place called Wraith Swamp.

Fatty nearly fainted in anger when he heard the five thousand gold coins cost. However, he still caved in in the end and paid Bai Xiaosheng093 for the information.

Something to be noted was how Fatty seemed fated to clash with the undead. He killed countless skeletal soldiers in Mass Graves when he first arrived in Black Tortoise City; after he arrived in the Imperial Capital, he went over to the Ancient Battlefield, which was filled with all sorts of undead; now? He had to go and chat with some wraiths… Undead again.

Fatty wasted no time after getting the location. He sprinted through everything with Wheat all the way over to the Wraith Swamp. It was a deathly swamp covering several squared kilometers. A myriad of animal bones would occasionally float up from the bottom as if to remind people that there were hardly any life within at all. Perhaps it was due to this that no players farmed in the area. The only thing that moved was the Vengeful Skeletons that patrolled the shores.

Vengeful Skeleton

Level: 33

One poor skeleton walked the shores with a saber in its hand. A large skull balanced on top of a thin neck as it turned around in search of it. Oh dear, it really might lose its head if it’s not careful!

“Wheat, go!” Fatty ordered. Wheat immediately turned back to the size of a small calf and pounced at the Vengeful Skeleton.

The monster fell on the ground. Before it could realize what was going on, Wheat bit down on its neck, achieving the same thing that Fatty did when he killed Dragonslayer Saber.

The skull rolled a few steps away, then rolled back and stared at Fatty from the ground.


Wheat leaped up in fright and dashed back to Fatty with anxious squeaks as if it was saying “Ahhh, a ghost! Run!”

“Stop squeaking!” Fatty kicked Wheat.

Wheat quietened down and looked over at the monster, only to see it reach its boney hands out and grab its skull, then press it down on its neck with a crack. After making sure that its skull was once again secured onto its neck, the Vengeful Skeleton wobbled up without any hints of its head having been lopped off earlier at all.

Then, the monster picked up its saber again before walking towards Fatty. While it advanced, it cackled in what was seemingly complaint of Wheat’s violence.

Wheat wasn’t going to take any of that. It shot a Howling Bullet at the Vengeful Skeleton, forcing it a few steps backwards as a -213 rose up from it.

“Continue,” Fatty had grown a lot lazier ever since he got Wheat. He would very often just poke and kick Wheat a bit and not worry about the actual fight at all.

Wheat was clearly very pissed about getting shocked by the Vengeful Skeleton. It slammed its claws down on the ground without Fatty’s orders and sent ten-odd stalagmites up from the ground to send the Vengeful Skeleton into the air, dealing another good chunk of damage to it.

Then, Wheat shot a Howling Bullet at it again, once again displaying its might. Although the Vengeful Skeleton was a Level 33 monster, it was still completely destroyed before it could even reach Wheat.

“Good boy, I’ll give you a reward,” Fatty patted Wheat’s head. Indeed, that was Wheat’s reward.

As the Vengeful Skeleton fell down into a pile, it dropped a pile of what was seemingly rubbish. When Fatty checked through it, his eyes lit up. There was a piece of a map!

Door of Misfortune Map: 1/100. Open the Door of Misfortune and enter the Paradise of Misfortune. Be careful, it’s dangerous.

I need to collect 100 of these to complete the map? Hmm, I wonder what the Door of Misfortune and Paradise of Misfortune is. Whatever, it’s definitely something good. Fatty put the map away carefully, then started to lead Wheat into battle excitedly. Whatever it is, I’ll just gather enough first!

“That one. Yes, that’s the one. Hurry up,” Fatty commanded on a slanted tree. Meanwhile, Wheat was shooting Howling Bullets at a Vengeful Skeleton. Since Fatty was sitting a few meters above ground, the Vengeful Skeleton’s saber couldn’t reach him, it could only try to jump, hack and fail.


Another Vengeful Skeleton fell down. Fatty took a look at the drops. Ahh, nothing good again. He didn’t even want to pick it up anymore. It was clear that the Door of Misfortune Map drop rate was extremely low and the first one might have just been the RNG trying to bait him. After such a long time of farming, he only gathered two pieces in total.

Fatty pointed at a distant Vengeful Skeleton and ordered Wheat to continue, then prepared himself to lie down for a nap.


Before Wheat attracted the attention of the Vengeful Skeleton, a monster leaped out of the swamp and swallowed the top half of the Vengeful Skeleton.

“Oh my! Those ribs actually taste something!?” Fatty leaped up and watched as the monster gobble the lower half of the Vengeful Skeleton down before disappearing back into the swamp.

No wonder they said that the swamp is dangerous. So that’s why. Fatty didn’t notice any sort of monster like that previously at all. Thank god I didn’t go near the water, otherwise… Even half of Wheat’s big ass would have been beaten off.

Fatty turned his head. As he expected, Wheat was hugging the trunk of the tree he was on tightly and making a clear expression that it wasn’t going to go anywhere near the water.

“Tch,” Fatty clicked his tongue, then climbed off and sneaked over to the side of the swamp. The water was very muddy, so one could not see how deep it was or what was in it.

“Wheat, come over here,” Fatty pointed at there the monster disappeared from. “Cast Scatterstone Rain!”

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