Chapter 114 Dragonslayer Saber

Chapter 114 – Dragonslayer Saber

“Hehe, if the Fierce Dragon Gang didn’t send a thousand people to kill the Pegasus King, I really wouldn’t have dared to bring our boys here,” Dragonslayers’s Dragonslayer Saber smiled as he watched the battle unfold. Even though he was killed multiple times by Fierce Dragon TheTalent, he already ground back to Level 28. For some reason, he had a knife scar on his face that traced from the corner of left eye down to his left cheek, adding a hint of menace to his honest appearance.

“Hmmph, Fierce Dragon TheTalent is too greedy. He actually wants to kill the Pegasus King as well as the Mad Bull King!” A handsome player stood beside Dragonslayer Saber with the name Zhuge Marvelous. He was fanning a feather fan, putting on a scene oh so similar to the strategic muse of his name.

“Boss, we got it. The people they hired were the God Familia,” a player reported.

“God Familia?” Dragonslayer Saber frowned, which only served to make his scar move in a terrifying manner. “The God Familia is called the number one assassin family. All 11 of them are reckless lunatics. We should not do anything to them unless absolutely necessary.”

“Then should we go and steal the Pegasus King instead? Fierce Dragon Sweetheart is leading that team. They hired a few experts from the mage and archer rankings. We can easily slaughter them all if we go over now,” Zhuge Marvelous licked his lips. “That Sweetheart is a damn famous beauty in Azure Dragon City. I’ve had my eyes on her for quite some time now. That thin waist, big tits… Mmm, we’ll have our fun after capturing her. That’ll definitely destroy Fierce Dragon TheTalent.”

The crowd laughed lecherously.

“Hehe, only a woman like Fierce Dragon Sweetheart is worthy of our boss. Boss, let’s go and grab her now?” A player suggested.

“Hehe, Fierce Dragon Sweetheart will not escape from me. But, we’re gentlemen, so we won’t bully her,” Dragonslayer Saber smirked before turning serious once more. “We didn’t just come here to steal the boss monster. The main objective is to kill Fierce Dragon TheTalent. We need to subdue him and stop him from leveling up. Heh, there’s no way we’ll let him establish a guild!”

“Although there wasn’t anything official, there are three requirements to establishing a guild based on our experience from other games. First of all, it’s the Guild Establishment Token, the second is the guild master’s level and the third is his reputation. A single Guild Establishment Token is clearly needed. Level 30 is probably the minimum level it takes and I’m sure it’ll take quite a lot of Reputation. As long as we keep our eyes out on Fierce Dragon TheTalent and stop him from farming or doing missions, they have no chance of establishing a guild,” said Zhuge Marvelous. “I refuse to believe that a person as proud as Fierce Dragon TheTalent would get someone to establish the guild, then abdicate the position for him.”

“So, basically. Just kill all Fierce Dragon Gang members you see. We must stop them from completing any and all missions!” Dragonslayer Saber added.

“Two thousand people? Dragonslayer Saber, you sure are proud.” Fierce Dragon TheTalent appeared with a cold smile alongside Fatty. “If it wasn’t because I’m worried about affecting the boss fight, I’ll send eight hundred people to destroy this two thousand people squad of yours.”

“That’s Dragonslayer Saber? He looks familiar,” Fatty felt like he has seen the guy somewhere before, but he just couldn’t recall where it was.

“It’s a small world, so that’s no surprise,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent nodded. “Since they’re here, they don’t even need to think about going back.”

“He’s acting so cockily even though he’s Level 28?” Fatty twitched his mouth in disdain. “Since I’m here, I’ll put in some work. Don’t forget to pay me later.”

Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled as Fatty disappeared.

“Boss, it’s Fierce Dragon TheTalent…” Zhuge Marvelous whispered.

“Brothers, get ‘im!” Dragonslayer Saber’s eyes lit up and immediately led a charge.

“You’re seeking death!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent cursed emotionlessly, while approximately fifty people gathered behind him.

“Rogues, start laying traps. Knights and Warriors, form the line. Arches, mages, prepare to attack. Priests, stay behind. We’ll focus fire Dragonslayer Saber first.”

“Heh, just fifty people?” Dragonslayer Saber licked his lips. He held a black saber with a one meter-wide blade that made him seem very powerful when carrying it on his shoulders.

“Dragonslayer Saber. You are asking for it!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said coldly as the two forces neared.

“Fierce Dragon TheTalent. I shall slay you today. Haha!” Dragonslayer Saber laughed maniacally and led his people head-on into the Fierce Dragon Gang's line of defense.

“Get ‘em!”

“Kill ‘em!”

This was not the first battle they have fought. They had long since held deep grudges with each other, so they went all out at the very beginning.

The hundred something people Dragonslayer Saber led were very organized as well. They formed their ranks while they ran over with the melee players in the front, ranged players in the rear and Dragonslayer Saber at the very front of the assault.

“Ready… Fire!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent sliced his hand through the air. The most powerful archer and mage skills and spells were launched.

“Defend!” Dragonslayer Saber called out. Ten-odd knights immediately lifted their shields and formed a shield wall at the very front. Countless spells and arrows poured down, insta-killing several of them. Then, rays of light shot out from the priests behind them and slowly restored their health.

“It’s our turn!” Dragonslayer Saber sliced his saber down. The Dragonslayers’s ranged classes started their attack as well, yielding a similar result from the ones cast against them.

The two groups of players were about ten-odd meters away from each other, the very limit of some of the ranged classes. While all the firing went all, the Fierce Dragon Gang’s rogues continued their task of setting traps up between the two guilds.

“Guild Master, we have fewer people, so we’re definitely going to end up a disadvantage like this. We should charge over and kill Dragonslayer Saber first!” A player near Fierce Dragon TheTalent suggested.

“No, we’ll be falling right into their plans if we charge. As long as they don’t fear death and trade one for one, we’ll end up losing the fight. Hold on a while longer, when our friends from God Familia kills the Mad Bull King, our other brothers will be able to come here and destroy them,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said hatefully.

“Dragonslayer Saber, think about what people are doing now. How can you want to fight!? You’ll so regret it when someone else gets a Guild Establishment Token and officially establishes their guild!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent shouted.

“Fierce Dragon TheTalent, shut up, don’t think that I’m ignorant of your plans. I won’t let you easily establish your guild!” Dragonslayer Saber laughed. “On the other hand, I know my place. I know it’s impossible for me to be the first one to establish a guild, so I’m dragging you down with me. Hmph, Fierce Dragon TheTalent, you’re going to get through the Dragonslayers if you want your guild to be the number one guild in Azure Dragon City!”

“Dragonslayer Saber, that’s too much!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent trembled in anger. His enemy was clearly doing something that would harm both of them. He’s supposed to be the guild master of a major gang, how can he be so shameless and such a sleazeball! “Dragonslayer Saber, I will definitely erase the Dragonslayers from Azure Dragon City after I officially establish my guild!”

“Erase us from Azure Dragon City? That’s only if the Fierce Dragon Gang is capable of that!” The angrier Fierce Dragon TheTalent was, the more excited Dragonslayer Saber became.

“Two mages, clear the ground. Rogues, use Detection on the surroundings. Priests, keep healing. Now… Advance,” Dragonslayer Saber pointed his saber forward. The hundred something Dragonslayers members pressed onwards with ten-odd knights in the lead.

All the traps the Fierce Dragon Gang rogues set on the ground were completely destroyed by the Dragonslayers’s players’ attacks. It was very clear that the Dragonslayers were planning to just press forward like a phalanx.

These Dragonslayer dudes are pretty strong, it’s clear that they’re organized! Fatty watched the Dragonslayers press on in stealth. Although the team seemed a bit all over the place, it was obvious that they have been trained, so they would do a lot better in teamfights compared to other gangs that just fought without any plans.

But seriously, he looks really familiar! Where did I meet him before? Yet, no matter how hard Fatty tried to recall it, he couldn’t summon forth the memory from his mind.

Since Dragonslayer Saber’s team outnumbered Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s by more than two to one, their advance only forced the Fierce Dragon Gang players back. While some other Fierce Dragon Gang members wanted to help, they were all stopped by other Dragonslayers members.

In less than ten minutes, Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s team had been pushed back by a dozen meters and ten-odd of them laid dead on the ground. The Dragonslayers had all the advantage they needed. Not only were they proactively attacking and dictating the tempo of the battle, they also lost fewer people than their opponents in comparison.

“Fierce Dragon TheTalent, you must have enjoyed chasing to kill me before. I’ll give you another opportunity today!” Dragonslayer Saber and Fierce Dragon TheTalent never got along and the fact that their names opposed each other only added fuel to the fire. Their guilds have always attacked each other. If the Fierce Dragon Gang wasn’t ambushing the Dragonslayers, the Dragonslayers were stealing monster kills from the Fierce Dragon Gang. All in all, their rivalry was famous amongst the entirety of the Azure Dragon City. However, since Fierce Dragon TheTalent was still an expert from the top 20s of the mage rankings, Dragonslayer Saber was not his match, so the latter was killed several times. This time, Dragonslayer Saber could finally let out his grudgeful feelings.

“Dragonslayer Saber, don’t get too full of yourself. Our people are coming over now. We’ll see who is having fun then!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s expression dropped.

“Heh, Fierce Dragon TheTalent, do you really think that I’m the only guild targeting you right now? Let me be honest with you, it isn’t just me, the Flying Rain Gang is attacking Fierce Dragon Sweetheart and two more guilds are stopping any reinforcements coming. You want to wait for help? Give up!”

“What!?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was shocked. What happened? Why are so many guilds attacking us at the same time? Did something happen that I don’t know about!?

Dragonslayer Saber was in a very good mood. He already started to think about what sort of speech he should give when he killed the one who has been stepping on him all the time.

At that very moment, an unfamiliar voice sounded out beside his ear.

“You’ve said enough.”

Something darted towards Dragonslayer Saber’s throat.

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