Chapter 113 Dragonslayers

Chapter 113 – Dragonslayers

Perhaps it was a coincidence, or perhaps it was because the Mad Bull King being smart, it always stood at the side of the traps and did not step in.

The ground was covered in blood wherever the Mad Bull King passed through. Nearly all of the pets were killed by it. The only ones remaining were the ones in the sky, the ones attacking from afar, and of course, Wheat.

“I guess we’re going to have to pay a price for this,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent muttered to himself.

“Guild Master, don’t fret. Our brothers don’t care. Every single guild needs to pay several hundred lives to kill a boss monster. Everything will be worth it as long as we get a Guild Establishment Token,” the vice guild master responded.

“But what if it doesn’t drop?”

“Then we’ll go and kill another boss monster.”

Fatty took a glance at the vice guild master with the name of Fierce Dragon Kill. The fact that his name began with Fierce Dragon meant that he was an old friend of Fierce Dragon TheTalent. IN all honesty, his suggestion wasn’t bad. Every single guild needed to suffer some loss to kill a powerful boss. Some may even pay with their entire troop. When White Horse Gang, the fourteenth ranking guild in Black Tortoise City, tried to go and kill the Phantom Messenger, every one of them died twice but still failed their mission. That was just part of the game. On the other hand, the Fierce Dragon Gang would really be investing too much into it if they were to kill the boss after hundreds of elite deaths after hiring God Familia.

“Fatty, what do you think?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent asked. Ever since the God Familia members changed their way of addressing him, everyone else he was familiar with also did the same.

“I say wait a bit more,” Fatty said after a ponder. “We’re in no hurry. What’s more, the Mad Bull King is just a bit stronger in terms of defense, it isn’t actually that much stronger than the Flame Demon and Fire Cloud King. Since God Familia managed to kill the Flame Demon; DreamButterfly and SnowPhoenix managed to kill the Fire Cloud King, we can easily kill the Mad Bull King as well.”

“Then let’s wait a bit more,” said Fierce Dragon TheTalent. If the situation doesn’t improve, then we tell our brothers to bury it.”

Meanwhile, HeadofGod blushed when he heard Fierce Dragon Kill’s suggestion. The Fierce Dragon Gang hired them with a hefty price, but if they had to suffer many guild member deaths as a price for killing the Mad Bull King, then it would be a great blow to God Familia’s reputation.

“Fuge, Pillar, LeftWing, let’s disregard all else. At worst, we’ll just lose two levels each. Seriously, we’ve pretty lost all our face!” HeadofGod called out.

Although TheFugitive was not a member of God Familia, he does act with them very often, so he did value God Familia’s reputation a lot. Hearing HeadofGod’s words, he immediately revealed himself. Instead of attacking once, then disappearing again, he skirted around the boss monster and began to fight valiantly.


After a figure flashed by the Mad Bull King, the monster suddenly turned a shade of green.

“Oh my god, it’s finally poisoned!” LeftHandofGod let out a sigh of relief. “Today’s so shit, it took so many uses before it was finally poisoned.”

“That’s a pretty good skill!” The shade of green reminded Fatty of Frostfang, his very first silver item. It’s active skill Poison Fang was a very good skill to kill boss monsters, but it was a bit useless against high-level ones.

“You don’t know what this skill is?” LeftHandofGod exclaimed.

“Should I?” Fatty was even more surprised.

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t get your class enhancement yet,” LeftHandofGod rolled his eyes.

“Do you think I look like it?” Fatty revealed his name and pointed at the level and class displayed above his head – Level 30 Assassin.

“Seriously!” LeftHandofGod was speechless. “Why didn’t you go and get your class enhancement already?”

“I got held up with something,” Fatty said vaguely. “Is this poison a rogue skill after getting the third class enhancement?”

LeftHandofGod merely responded by revealing the skill to Fatty.

Deadly Poison: Only available to rogues after their third class enhancement. 0.1% chance to poison the target. A poisoned target loses 1% maximum health as damage per second for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 100 seconds.

“That’s damn powerful!” Fatty exclaimed. 1% MAX HEALTH! No monsters can endure that!

“But the success rate is way too low.”

10 seconds passed very quickly. The green color on the Mad Bull King flashed flickered, then disappeared. At the same time, the damage the poison dealt did offer a large amount of encouragement for everyone.

The knights had already retreated. They were of already of no help anymore. The rogues were running around the Mad Bull King in circles, and whenever the boss monster tried to focus on one of them, another would attack its behind.

While the Mad Bull King regenerated health very quickly, the God Familia attacked even quicker. Even the tiny damage added up very quickly and this was especially true when the Mad Bull King’s body was just a huge target for them.

The boss monster roared towards the sky, then stomped on the ground. God Familia quickly retreated. They had already gotten used to the Mad Bull King’s attack patterns and were no longer faltered. It was only a matter of time before they kill it.


TheFugitive flashed by the Mad Bull King, dyeing it green again.

“Yes! As expected of the top assassin familia!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smirked and while Fierce Dragon Kill smiled.

“Guild Master, Dragonslayer Saber, the boss of the Dragonslayers, brought his guys over and is fighting our people now!” A message interrupted their moments of joy.

“I guess they failed to get a Guild Establishment Token after killing the Fire Cloud Panther. How many people does he have with him?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent replied seriously.

“Approximately 500 or so at first glance.”

“They want to steal what is ours with just 500 people? Dragonslayer Saber is way too full of himself!” A cold look flashed across Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s face. “Fierce Dragon Kill, bring 300 people to stop him. The brothers coming from the city should be here soon as well.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Somebody’s finally here to try and take advantage of you guys?”

“Haha, in these times when everybody’s finding boss monsters to kill to get a Guild Establishment Token, nobody would fight over a boss kill with someone else. They’ll only fight if a Guild Establishment Token actually drops. That’s because if one steals it from another, then the other guild would definitely retaliate. When that happens, they would only benefit the other guilds. That’s why I didn’t worry when I brought people over to kill the Mad Bull King. But… The Dragonslayers is a guild we’ve fought many times due to our names and because we’re in the same city, it’s pretty much them or us now. They definitely came intentionally to cause trouble,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent explained their relationship with the Dragonslayers in detail. “I knew he was going to kill the Fire Cloud Panther, so I didn’t expect him to finish the task over there and bring free members over so soon.”

“Fierce Dragon, Dragonslayers. Haha, the names really do oppose each other,” Fatty chuckled.

God Familia was already fully in control of the fight with the Mad Bull King. As they skirted around, the Mad Bull King’s health dropped slow and steadily. All of the surrounding Fierce Dragon Gang members were overjoyed. As expected of the best assassin familia!

“Fatty, how did you get that pet? It’s so smart!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was extremely envious of Fatty’s pet shooting Howling Bullets at the boss monster on top of it.

“It is very smart,” Fatty snorted. “But it’s also beyond cowardly.”

“Haha, it’s a rat, so it’s normal. But then again, your rat is way too huge,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent chuckled. He was completely shocked when Wheat appeared, it was the first time in his life he saw such a huge rat.

While they were chatting away, Wheat was still the size of a normal rat as it clung onto the Mad Bull King’s fur with its front paw, while shooting out Howling Bullets. Whenever it ran out of mana, it would just attack physically with its claws and teeth. The damage it dealt was definitely comparable to a member of the God Familia. While the Mad Bull King wanted to get rid of it, it couldn’t reach behind itself, so Wheat managed to hold on until then.

“We’ll be able to kill the Mad Bull King in less than two hours!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent nodded happily when he saw the Mad Bull King’s health. This was worth it.

“Fierce Dragon Kill, how’s the situation on your end now?” The Dragonslayers now replaced the Mad Bull King as the main concern. As long as the Fierce Dragon Gang members were able to block the Dragonslayers out, then everyone could just wait for their victory.

“Guild Master, don’t worry, those little dumbasses can’t do anything against me. I won’t let them get in,” Fierce Dragon Kill initially replied in a carefree manner, only for his tone to tense up. “Shit, why are there so many of them now? What the f*ck are the scouts doing? They didn’t even notice all these people!? Guild Master, hurry! The Dragonslayers have at least two thousand of them here. They aren’t here to steal the monster, they’re here to fight!”

“Two thousand!?” Both Fatty and Fierce Dragon TheTalent was dumbstruck.

The latter quickly called another person using his communicator, “Fierce Dragon Appraiser, what the f*cking hell have you been doing? How did the Dragonslayers bring so many people here!?”

“Guild Master, it’s not my fault! I’m surrounded and fighting them right now!” Fierce Dragon Appraiser’s voice sounded out from the other side of the call.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent wanted to curse some more, but Fatty immediately reminded him, “Brother Fierce Dragon, the most important thing right now is stopping the Dragonslayers army from coming over. We can leave everything else until later.”

“Fierce Dragon Appraiser, I’ll murder you!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent cursed, then called another person. “Luna, how many people are online right now? Get them to come to the Wildfire Plains right now. Yes, the Dragonslayers have two thousand people with them, the guild members I have with me aren’t enough.”

Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s expression as pitch dark after ending the call. That was the first time Fatty has ever seen him like that. He patted Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s shoulders and comforted, “Don’t worry, we got a thousand players here, they’ll hold for quite a while, at least until the reinforcement comes.”

“You don’t get it,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent shook his head. “I don’t mind the Dragonslayers so much since I did kill Dragonslayer Saber plenty of times, so he didn’t even get his third class enhancement yet. What I’m considering is what it means when my people didn’t notice the Dragonslayers making such a huge move.”

Fierce Dragon TheTalent glanced at the ongoing battle. The nine God Familia members were dominating the Mad Bull King and Wheat was still shooting Howling Bullets on top of the boss monster.

“Fatty, you interested in coming out with me?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent asked.

“Of course,” Fatty smiled. He summoned Wheat back. Fighting monsters is boring. I think some famous person once said that fighting other people is where the fun is!

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