Chapter 112 Attacking the Mad Bull King

Chapter 112 – Attacking the Mad Bull King

A Level 50 gold boss was nothing particularly special. At the very least, God Familia already killed the Flame Demon, which was a boss monster at this level. What’s more, they only lost one person when they killed the low ranked yao boss monster – the Horned Thundertiger. The fact that they lost three people, even if it was due to the skill catching them by surprise, completely enraged the rest of God Familia.

Rogues were never a class famous for their endurance. Although HeadofGod was angry, he did not lose his calm while he directed the others to lure the Mad Bull King into the traps. At the same time, they also sneaked over to attack the bull’s legs in stealth. whenever they had the chance.

While Fatty watched the Mad Bull King near the traps, he started to think of what he could do.. He did not get his third class enhancement yet, so the strength of his skills did not match up to the rest. Not only was attacking like them dangerous, it wouldn’t cause as much damage as them either…

Every step the Mad Bull King sounded like something smashing against the ground. Every time it attacked with its horns, at least one knight would be pierced through. Some players would also get kncked down by its muscular form, then stepped into a pile of minced meat.

Over a dozen knights were sent flying by the Mad Bull King’s horn or stepped on by its hooves in an instant. Although the other knights fought on valiantly, they were beginning to display their fear. Fortunately, this was only a game and the cost of death was only a level, or else, these knights really might not be able to keep up their wall.

“Guild Master Fierce Dragon, do you think tripwires can slow the Mad Bull King down?” Fatty whispered to Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

The latter immediately revealed a joyous look and replied quietly, “I completely forgot about that. Let’s try it.”

Then, he turned to his subordinates. A player immediately took out a rope. It was not a commonly seen hemp rope, rather, it was a specialized tow rope.

Eight people, with four at each end, held onto the rope and quietly moved over to the Mad Bull King. They squatted down and placed the rope on the ground and waited for the Mad Bull King to pass over it.


The Mad Bull King stomped on another knight, then charged at another with a howl. It’s two horns were like two blades that lacerated all its enemies. The remaining knights quickly moved back and towards the traps.

As the Mad Bull King turned to chase the knights, the tripwire players pulled on the rope, intending to trip the Mad Bull King’s over. Yet, the Mad Bull King did not seem to be affected at all, it merely dragged the eight players along with the rope in his charge.

As one would expect from such a situation, a few more splatters of meat appeared on the ground.

The area around the boss fight was filled with Fierce Dragon Gang members. All of the players tasked with clearing away the mobs had finished their duties. The surrounding mobs were now either dead to lured away to really far places. The remaining few hundred players stood vigilantly and waited for Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s orders.

However, their guild master did not dare to order them to attack. The scariest thing about physical monsters like the Mad Bull King was not their attack, rather, it was their charges. If more attacks were to infuriate the Mad Bull King even further, it may start to charge and no players would be able to stop it. When that happens, everybody in its path will die. The loss would be too severe for the Fierce Dragon Gang even if they managed to kill the monster that way. That was why he hired God Familia. A small number of players attacking it meant that the Mad Bull King would only be able to defend with its thick hide.

Lines of blood seemed to fly through the air as the God Familia and TheFugitive skirted around the boss monster. Although each attack dealt minimal damage, it would stack up. Sooner or later, they would be able to kill it. The only flaw with their plan was that it would take way too long for them to concentrate.

“Guild Master, should we tell our rogues to go as well?” One of the Fierce Dragon Gang’s vice guild masters requested Fierce Dragon TheTalent when they saw how easily God Familia was handling it.

“Don’t,” Fatty said before Fierce dragon TheTalent could say anything. “Although it looks simple for God Familia, that’s because they have amazing mechanics. Don’t take offense, but your people are incapable of that. They would only add to the body count.”

Yet, despite Fatty asking the vice guild master not to take office, it was clear that the latter still did.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent thought about it for a moment, then turned to the vice guild master, “Send a few people there to try. Not too many, four or five is mine. Any more would affect them dodging the attacks.”

When the vice guild master went to relay the orders, Fierce Dragon TheTalent whispered to Fatty, “There are some things that you can’t say too bluntly. They will definitely be grudgeful if I don’t let them try.”

“But that’s going to cost lives,” Fatty smiled. He could understand Fierce Dragon TheTalent. His subordinates were clearly unhappy about their guild master hiring someone else when they were around. They might even feel like their guild master doesn’t trust them.

As they chatted away, the vice guild master finished choosing a few rogues to sneak up on the boss monster. Although Fatty’s days in the Ancient Battlefield meant that he was still unable to get his class enhancement yet, there were actually people who already got their third class enhancement. Out of the one thousand Fierce Dragon Gang players, over a hundred players already got their third class enhancement.

Out of the rogues that were sent out, there was a bandit with his third class enhancement, while the rest were all assassins with their second enhancement. When they silently sneaked over in stealth, they appeared all together under the orders of the bandit, then disappeared again after their attacks.

However, it was clear that they underestimated the strength of the Mad bull King. The only reason that God Familia ended up with three dead at the start was not only because of their carelessness. It was mostly because of how strong the Mad Bull King. Even though they did try to try best to imitate the God Familia’s fighting style, their mechanics were still a bit lacking. A mere shake of the Mad Bull King’s head caused two assassins, who did not get away in time, to get knocked out of stealth.

The moment the two assassins noticed that they were unstealthed, they tried to run. However, it was already far too late. The Mad Bull King quickly caught up to them. One was sent flying into the air, while the other was knocked down onto the ground and trampled.

The three who were lucky enough to get away had stark white faces. They finally understood that the fight was far more difficult than they expected and instinctively felt a sense of regret.

Meanwhile, the Mad Bull King did not slow down after killing the two assassins. It instead turned to the knights, who were running and trying to lure the monster at the same time. It was not falling for their attempts of tricking it to step into the traps at all and merely killed as it strolled towards the knights.

After a good portion of an hour, they only managed to knock down a slither of the Mad Bull King’s health bar. It looked to be even less than one percent of the monster’s total health judging by the naked eye. If the God Familia was left to continue fighting like that, then it really would take far too long.

“Oh my god, when the heck would it fall into the trap? I’m going to help out. Wheat, get your ass out here!” Fatty couldn’t stand the boring fight anymore. He summoned Wheat, who scared Fierce Dragon TheTalent with its calf sized body.

“What the heck did you feed your pet to make it grow so quickly?”

Wheat rolled its eyes at Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

Fatty nudged its stomach, “Go on, help out.”

Wheat shuddered and ran back after peeking a glance at the Mad Bull King. Are you kidding me!? It’s so huge that even a single hoof can squash Lord Wheat. No, no way!

Fatty was completely mad when he saw Wheat’s response. He reached out and grabbed Wheat by the scuff of its neck as if he was going to throw it out again.

Wheat clearly what was going to happen. It lowered it’s head and ran forth.

“Your pet is so human-like!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said enviously after a glance at the eagle on his shoulder.

Wheat shrunk its body as it ran, so the Mad Bull King did not notice it’s arrival. Seeing that opportunity, Wheat crawled up its hoof stealthily.



A soccer-ball sized Howling Bullet exploded on the Mad Bull King’s head. The monster shook his head and looked around. When it failed to notice its attacker, it resumed chasing the knights.


Another one exploded.

The Mad Bull King looked around furiously. It was unable to see anything attacking it except the blade-wielding flies. Could it be those guys who mad the mud? Those guys are so annoying, they keep on ruining the ground!

The boss monster set its gaze upon the earth mages. Those players felt chills down their spines and quickly stepped back.

Taking that as a confirmation for its suspicions, the Mad Bull King roared, then charged towards them.


Another bullet exploded on the Mad Bull King, momentarily blinding the monster.

Now, it was completely and utterly enraged. It has never once been put into a situation let that, nor did it even consider the possibility. It crouched down a little and started to sprint. It was absolutely certain that the ones who mad the swamp were the ones who made things explode in front of its face.

“Guys, quickly let out your pets!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was inspired by Wheat’s attacks and quickly ordered his subordinates to send their pets to do the same.

The Fierce Dragon Gang members had all sorts of pets. Some of them had eagles, others had cranes. There were also panthers, wolves, snakes and even rabbits amongst them, but none stood out more than a huge toad.

As countless pets rushed forward, even the Mad Bull King was shocked. Yet, that did not stop it from easily trampling a myriad of pets with every single step. The only issue it had was those that flew in the sky. The Mad Bull King wasn’t able to reach them.

However, the only ones that could actually deal significant damage were the spell-based pets, for example, the told. It was able to shoot out a series of water arrows. As for the other pets, they were generally killed whenever they tried to get close to attack.

“Yes, that’s right. Lure it over here. Yes, over here.”

A few players ordered their pets to move as Fierce Dragon TheTalent commanded. While players would feel troubled when they lose a level, it wasn’t a big deal if it was the pets dying since they leveled up very quickly as well.

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