Chapter 111 Mad Bull King

Chapter 111 – Mad Bull King

“Haha, news travels fast,” Fatty laughed and hugged everyone that greeted him.

“Hehe, I met Bai Xiaosheng the day before yesterday. Zeze, what a poor guy, he ran over to the Imperial Capital but was actually refused entry! And when the gates finally opened? Haha, he couldn’t even get a class enhancement,” HeadofGod shook his head with a sigh, but it was very clear from his expression that he found the whole situation hilarious.

“C’mon, let’s chat as we walk,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent walked over.

The army of over a thousand players instantly caught many eyeballs.

The Wildfire Plains was twenty-five kilometers south of Azure Dragon City. It was a place where most monsters were around Level 40 to 50. Most of them were social animals like Mad Bulls, Wild Stallions and Black Panthers, making it a very good team farming spot as well as a great place to capture mounts.  In fact, the large number of knights capturing mounts there and groups farming them often end up in battles over the area. The Mad Bull King was a boss monster a knight of the Fierce Dragon Gang discovered by chance when he was capturing a mount.

The Mad Bulls were level 40 monsters, while the Mad Bull King was Level 50 with high attack, defense, and health. What’s more, it was no slow monster and possessed the skills Charge, Trample, and Shockwave.

The God Familia already knew about the information, so it was clear that Fierce Dragon TheTalent was mainly repeating it for Fatty’s sake.

“We can capture mounts here?” Fatty interrupted.

“Of course. The last system upgrade not only activated the guild system, it also activated the mount system. Level 30 players are able to ride mounts, but only knights can attack on them. Other classes must unmount during combat.”

“How do we get mounts? Tame them?” Fatty thought that this system upgrade was completely irrelevant to him so he didn’t pay much attention to the patch. He didn’t expect the mounts at all!

“There are two ways. The first is to tame a wild monster, this is also the easier way. You can find a hunter in every single city and can learn Taming from him by paying some gold coins. The second is through pet eggs dropped from certain monsters. These eggs are called Mount Eggs and the pets hatched from these eggs are specifically for riding and would possess the same stats as the monster that dropped the egg,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent explained in detail.

When they arrived on the Wildfire Plains, Fatty saw that there really was a lot of people farming there. There were already several hundred people from first glance and the sounds of monsters or players being slain could be heard everywhere.

“Each main city has over a hundred million players, a few hundred is rather few. When the place is at its peak, there would be even several thousand people,” said Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

They brought a thousand elites over to kill the Mad Bull King. These players stood in rows and advanced in brute force. Although the other players were infuriated by this, they all endured their anger and moved aside when they heard that it was the Fierce Dragon Gang being led by the guild master Fierce Dragon TheTalent himself.

“Wouldn’t others want to take advantage of us when we just came over so openly? Why didn’t we come in secret?” Fatty asked.

Boss monsters are pretty much the most alluring things for players. There would definitely be some people who choose to tail them in secret when they marched over.

“Of course,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled. “Sneaking around is nothing to be proud about, that is the resolve we must have to become the number one guild in Azure Dragon City. I welcome anyone to come and get a share, but that is only if they are capable of it.”

“That’s a great resolve!” Fatty praised.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent smiled.

When they walked a bit deeper into the Wildfire Plains, they saw a herd of Mad Bulls walking around and grazing lazily. These Mad Bulls had green skin and were around thirty percent larger than normal bulls. Their razor-sharp horns were as thick as a bowl and their footsteps seemed to echo around.

There were already very players there and the ones who ventured so far in were all high leveled and powerful players with good equipment. Thus, when they saw the Fierce Dragon Gang’s massive troop come over, they merely remained around to watch and see if they could get anything for themselves.

“This is the Fierce Dragon Gang’s guild activity. Everyone else, please leave,” one of Fierce Dragon Gang’s vice guild master shouted when they arrived at their destination.

“What the f*ck, does this belong to you? Why should we leave just because you said so?”

“You think the Fierce Dragon Gang’s the shit? I’m from the Azure Dragon Gang.

“F*ck you. Fight meh!”

All of these other players were in groups of several people and most felt that they did not fear so many Fierce Dragon Gang players due to their own mighty backgrounds.

“Clear the area,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent commanded.

The one thousand Fierce Dragon Gang elites immediately separated into twenty squads, each with fifty people. Each squad surrounded a team of other players and attacked.

“F*ck this. Brothers, don’t be afraid, get ‘em. Don’t let the Fierce Dragon Gang think too highly of themselves!”

“Call some people over and rape these bastards!”

Both the players that remained and the players who chose to tail the large gang were targets of attack for the Fierce Dragon Gang members. While these players were pretty strong and worked well together, they were just mobs and nothing compared to the Fierce Dragon Gang elites. In a dozen minutes or so, only Fierce Dragon Gang members were left alongside Fatty, TheFugitive and the God Familia members.

“Since they’re going to cause trouble, then we might as well kill them all first,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent explained his actions to the rest.

“Guild Master, we have lockdown the area, so we can begin,” said a Fierce Dragon Gang member.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent nodded, “Lure the Mad Bull King out.”

The entire area belonged to a herd of several thousand Mad Bulls. In comparison, the one thousand members of the Fierce Dragon Gang seemed merely like child’s play. The only reason they even brought so many people over was actually to kill the mob monsters. They still needed to rely on the experts to kill the boss monster.

The several Fierce Dragon Gang members ran forward and lured groups of Mad Bulls away, revealing a path through the entire herd. The Mad Bull King was standing in the very center of the herd and would normally refuse to move from the spot. That was why only a Fierce Dragon Gang member was able to discover it by chance when all major guilds were looking for boss monsters like mad.

The Mad Bull King was around thirty percent large than the normal Mad Bulls in size. Each of its bent horns was over fifty center meters long and reflected sunlight along its sharp end. Every single movement it made reminded the players of a heavy tank bulldozer its way through its enemies.

“Honestly, it was rather interesting how the boss monster was discovered. The player who discovered the boss tried to tame a Mad Bull as his mount, but when he climbed up on the monster’s back, he couldn’t get down and was brought into the herd. That was actually how he noticed the boss monster,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent said to Fatty, TheFugitive and the God Familia crew.

Seeing that they were about to begin, God Familia set up a series of traps on the plains.

“head, why didn’t you guys set up that special trap?” Fatty asked. It was very clear that he was referring to the trap that trapped the Horned Thundertiger. From Fatty’s perspective, it should be easy-peasy for a trap that trapped a low ranked Yao to deal with the Mad Bull King.

“Do you really think that the pathetic DoT from the trap can kill the Mad Bull King?” HeadofGod replied speechlessly. That was exactly the qualms he had with it. It was an amazing trap, but its damage was far too low.

Soon, after all the preparations were made, a rogue with his third class enhancement sneaked over to the Mad Bull King and plunged his dagger into the boss monsters flank before turning around to sprint. The Mad Bull King grunted and smashed its hooves down onto the ground. A shockwave surged forth and paralyzed the player before he could run away.

The Mad Bull King charged at the player sending him flying. When he finally landed on the ground, he had already lost his breath.

“It’s definitely running at least 70 yards per hour!” Fatty was certain of his estimation.

“Mhmm, they tested it already. It really does run at 70 yards per hour,” TheFugitive said darkly.

“Ugh, stop sprouting pointless stuff,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent was speechless. “Send a few more people over. Don’t be afraid of death, every person who dies gets double the bonus. Make sure you guys lure the Mad Bull King out!

This time, a dozen rogues sneaked over one by one. Although the Mad Bull King was powerful, it could only attack a player at a time, so they did manage to lure it out a bit at a time.

“Brothers, it’s our turn!” HeadofGod called out, then disappeared in stealth. LeftHandofGod and the others followed suit, leaving Fatty standing in his spot.

“Why aren’t you going?” Fierce Dragon TheTalent asked.

“I’m a civilized person. I don’t do barbaric work like them,” Fatty said confidently.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent choked. “If you’re civilized, then I’m a true gentleman.”

Meanwhile, the dozen of rogues who charged up to the Mad Bull King all moved on to their next life after completing their mission of luring the Mad Bull King out by several dozen meters. At the same time, the Mad Bull King also roared happily at the death of the stupid insects that dared to sting it.

Just as it was about to return to its spot to rest, a ray of cold light flashed past. LeftHandofGod appeared at the Mad Bull King’s side for a mere moment. The monster felt its front right leg weaken as a line of blood spurt out.

The boss monster was furious. It smashed its hooves against the ground, revealing eight God Familia members around it.

“Pay attention, the Shockwave ability covers around fifteen meters!” TheFugitive shouted. Since he was a bit further away, he wasn’t knocked out of stealth.

Before the other rogues could react, three God Familia players were sent flying as they returned to town.

“Earth mages, stop it. Knights, start tanking!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent shouted. He never expected for three God Familia members to die in an instant. What he must do was make the normal players go and buy them some time.

As a few mages cast a series of spells, the ground turned into a swamp. The Mad Bull King’s hooves started to sink, slowing down its charges. Concurrently, the knights crashed into the monster and defended against its attacks.

Two people flashed around them. HeadofGod and TheFugitive appeared at the flanks of the Mad Bull King and sliced away at its two front legs.

The Mad Bull King roared in anger once more and pushed its forward, piercing its horn through a knight/

Although the split-second delay caused even more player deaths, it bought enough time for the paralysis effect of Shockwave to wear off. The God Familia members immediately went into stealth and started to sneak around the monster.

“Lure it into the trap,” HeadofGod ordered.

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