Chapter 110 Black Tortoise Token

Chapter 110 – Black Tortoise Token

Fatty smiled wryly when he saw Drucker appear out of nowhere. This is cheating. Cheating! They blocked me off when I literally just got back!

The players who saw what happened all began to bicker amongst themselves again after Fatty departed with the cavalry.

“Was that really a player? He could be a messenger from the Imperial Capital!”

“He’s definitely no normal person to be able to use the teleportation portal the Imperial Capital and have such ties with the NPCS!”

“I wonder what treasure he holds…”

At the City Lord Manor, Lin Xi looked down at Fatty and said slowly, “Money Grubber, I heard you went to the Imperial Capital? How was it? Did you find any Holy Spirit Stones?”

“My Lord, I did find a Holy Spirit Stone, but only one. I still need four more,” Fatty revealed his sole piece of Holy Spirit Stone.

Lin Xi’s eyes lit up.

Drucker also went over to pass it from Fatty to Lin Xi.

“Very well. Although one Holy Spirit Stone is not enough to completely seal the crack, it will last for a while,” Lin Xi said in satisfaction. “What about the other materials?”

Fatty handed the Snowsilver Grass, Mystical Silver Ores and Crimson Pearl Grass. He had gotten the Fierce Dragon Gang to buy enough Crimson Pearl Grass for several tens of thousands of gold coins. Fatty truly hoped it was worth it. As for the blood of a mid ranked yao, Fatty found out previously that the city lord manor had plenty of that, so he didn’t need to worry about it.

“Although you didn’t gather all the mission items, I can tell that you worked hard. I will give you your reward now,” Lin Xi waved his hands.

A ring sounded out near Fatty’s ear.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have temporarily completed the mission “Sealing the Crack”. +1000000 EXP, +1000 Reputation. You have received Teleportation Token. You have received Black Tortoise Token.

 I predicted that the Teleportation Token would be mine, but what is this Black Tortoise Token for?

Black Tortoise Token: A special token unique to Black Tortoise City. One of the uses is to accept missions from the Black Tortoise City’s City Lord Manor.

“Drucker, go and retrieve a vial of Magma Dragon blood and bring it along with these items to the mine. Ask Grand Magus Jijilu to go over as well. We must limit the crack and prevent it from expanding,” Lin Xi ordered.

“Yes, my lord!” Drucker received the items with both hands, then marched away.

“Money Grubber, although the crack will be temporarily sealed, we cannot rest until it is completely sealed. You have to continue to work hard,” Lin Xi turned to Fatty.

“My lord, this one will keep it to heart,” Fatty said respectfully.

“Hmm? That’s a nice thingy,” Lin Xi suddenly held up his hand. The Phantasm Ghost Claw, who had shrunk itself down to the size of a normal person’s hand, flew out from Fatty’s clothes with a shiver.

“Phantasm Ghost Claw? So it’s the Phantasm Ghost King’s claw. Interesting. Very interesting,” Lin Xi checked the hand out with a smile. “I didn’t expect you to capture one of the Phantasm Ghost Claws in the Ancient Battlefield. Very good!”

Lin Xi looked towards Fatty. Fatty did not understand what he meant by that, but when he saw how the Phantasm Ghost Claw trembled, he was getting rather frantic. Please don’t blame it on me. Please!

“This isn’t useful for you, so lend it to me for a few days,” Lin Xi messed around with the Phantasm Ghost Claw for a bit, then chucked it on the table.

The pitiful claw shivered in fear even though it was chucked just like a mere common item.

“My lord, if you want it, then just take it.”

Fatty did not mind it at all. Not only was the Phantasm Ghost Claw useless, it was also trouble. Giving it to Lin Xi as a favor was far better than carrying it around.

“Mm, very well,” Lin Xi was very happy with Fatty’s response. “I’ve got another mission. Do you want it?”

“Yes, of course.”


System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Gathering Equipment”.

Mission Details: Due to the bats having occupied the mine closest to Black Tortoise City for a long time, the city lacked the ores to forge equipment, so the city’s troops have not changed their equipment in years. Gather a thousand Level 30 Knight Armors and a thousand weapons at Level 30 or above within a month.

A thousand!? Fatty was shocked. One thousand set of Level 30+ items was no small sum. It was a huge amount even for a guild! Did he get addicted to exploiting me or something, so he’s making me to everything for him?

Fatty peeked at Lin Xi and noticed that Lin Xi didn’t even look his way. Lin Xi was merely messing with the Phantasm Ghost Claw. The poor little thing had been ordered to play rock-paper-scissors with Lin Xi!

“My Lord, a thousand set of equipment is too much. I don’t think I can gather that much in time.” With that in mind, Fatty tried to negotiate.

“You should have a thousand weapons, right? Don’t tell me that you don’t. Turn a thousand weapons in first, then think about what you’re going to do for the one thousand sets of armor,” Lin Xi looked at Fatty with a smile.

Fatty felt a chill down his spine. F*cking hell, he’s cheating. I’m sure of it! Otherwise, there’s no way he would have known that I managed to get a thousand weapons!

“But… My lord, I worked long and hard to gather the weapons. I practically suffered sleepless nights and unspeakable pain to gather them. So…” Fatty rubbed his fingers.

“What do you want?” Lin Xi chuckled.

“Just give me anything you don’t want. I don’t ask for anything like a Legendary item, but I’m sure you don’t need things like Divine items or Divine beast pets. I don’t mind accepting those.”

“I do have a Divine beast here. Do you want it?” Lin Xi asked after a slight ponder.


“Lord Black Tortoise is resting a few miles below the city. I don’t mind if you manage to take him away,” said Lin Xi. “Although Lord Black Tortoise is not a super divine beast, he’s very strong. Definitely no weaker than the super demonic beast Hydra in the Demon Realm.”

“Uhm… Never mind. Lord Black Tortoise works so hard, so I shouldn’t intrude.”

Fatty was interested, but only for a split second. Then he realized it. Even Lin Xi is calling him lord! What’s more, West the Flame Ruler is probably the strongest monster I met, and he’s just stayed put in face of the Vermillion Bird. I shouldn’t go and bother the Black Tortoise.

However, Fatty really didn’t want to hand the weapons over without some great benefits.

“My lord, my inventory only have twenty slots. I can’t carry that many things. God only knows how many times I have to go back and forth to bring all the weapons here!” Fatty lied. Although one thousand weapons were a lot, they could be stacked together. He could still fit 200 weapons per slot.

Lin Xi smiled at Fatty meaningfully, then threw an item over.

“This can increase your inventory by 80 slots. Now, go!” With that, Lin Xi went back to playing with the Phantasm Ghost Claw.

Fatty received it happily, then took his leave when he saw that there was nothing else.

All one thousand weapons were Steel Axes or Maces that Fatty got from the minotaurs. He had planned to sell it to the various guilds since they were perfect for Knights, but Lin Xi’s orders changed all that. At the same time, he finally understood why the game allowed the minotaurs to drop their weapons. This was all part of a plan.

Although the weapons were worth a lot, it wasn’t a bad deal for an extra 80 slots in his inventory. What’s more, he might even have more rewards down the line. So, Fatty quickly withdrew the weapons from the bank and brought them over to the City Lord Manor.

There, Lin Xi was naturally very happy to see Fatty act like that.

“Work hard. I’ll tell you a secret after you complete the mission. It is very important for the current situation,” Lin Xi said mysteriously. Ugh, he knows how to bait people too!?

Fatty took a glance at the Phantasm Ghost Claw before he left. The poor thing was still trembling as if it was having a spasm.

Ahh, I still need to gather a thousand set of armors. But I do have a month left. That’s plenty of time. I should get the Dragon Revolution Herb now.

“Fatty,” Liu Lan’s voice sounded out through Fatty’s communicator. “What are you doing? I’ll tell you some good news.”

“What is it?”

“Hehe, didn’t you say that you need Mystical Silver Ores for a mission? I got ten pieces for you. So… Thank me?” Liu Lan sounded very proud of herself as if she was showing off in front of Fatty.

“Ugh, thank you so much,” Fatty was a bit speechless.  I turned in the mission already! But I guess she is a nice friend.

“What? You don’t want it now?” She’s probably frowning again.

“I turned in the mission already,” Fatty said speechlessly.

“You… Hmmph,” Liu Lan paused for a bit, then hung up.

How did I piss her off this time?

Fatty shrugged, then called Fierce Dragon TheTalent.

“Dragon Revolution Herb? I’ve never heard of it. But Fatty, you’re coming to Azure Dragon City? That’s great. Help me kill a boss monster. Mhmm, it’s for a Guild Establishment Token. TheFugitive and the God Familia are here. It is a Level 50 Mad Bull King with high attack and health. It also has a lot of mob monsters with it. We’re discussing whether we should focus fire the boss monster or clear the mobs away first. Hurry up, or else you’re going to miss it.”

Then, Fierce Dragon TheTalent hung up.

Immediately after that, TheFugitive called, “Fatty, how’s Little Sister Pink? Tell her I miss her so much.”

“Oh, yeah, it’s just a Mad Bull King. Worst come to worst, I’ll just die once. We’ll definitely kill it.”

“Dude, I’m telling you, a rogue’s third class enhancement skills are amazing! We are a hundred percent certain of killing the boss monster. The only issue is that we’re not sure whether a Guild Establishment Token will drop. All of the guilds are pretty much obsessed with trying to get a Guild Establishment Token now! They’re killing all sorts of high leveled bosses they can find. Hurry, more boss monsters are waiting after the Mad Bull King.”

Guilds could be established once players reached Level 30, so it was no wonder that the various guilds were killing bosses like mad. The first guild to be established was always going to be symbolic, so everybody wanted the title. However, Fatty wasn’t interested in that. All he cared about was killing the bosses and getting the drops.

He sprinted over to the portal and teleported over to Azure Dragon City, then went over to the assembly point. There, he saw a squad of around a thousand players standing uninformedly and preparing for combat.

“Hey, Fatty’s here,” HeadofGod smiled. “I heard you went over to the Imperial Capital? How was it? Did you bring any specialties back for us?

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