Chapter 11 Python

Chapter 11 – Python

Fatty searched around for a while longer. When he confirmed that nothing else remained in the hole, he rubbed his hands together, then raised the pickaxe above his head with both hands and swung down.


A piece of gold was dug out with a ray of golden light. The rabbit hole also disappeared, leaving behind only the traces of Fatty’s digging.

Fatty took a look at the mission board. “The Fields’ Danger” had already been completed. He patted the dirt on his body, then smiled mysteriously to the players watching him, then slowly climbed back onto the fields.

“His attack is so high,” East Gate BlowingWind exclaimed. He saw that Fatty, who was a rogue, managed to kill a hare in three hits, but when he thought about himself… He looked helplessly at the standard weapon sold at the village’s weapon shop in his hand, and blocked off the attack of a hare as he held a potion with his other.

“Hero, thank you for your kind help. Otherwise, the fields would have been destroyed by the hares, and the entire village would starve. Allow me to offer you our sincerest gratitude on the behalf of the entire village.” The moment Fatty returned to the farmer, the latter grabbed his hand tearfully before Fatty could even say anything.

“Let go. Let go! If you don’t let go, then I’ll bite you!” Fatty struggled, and when he finally managed to free his hand from the farmer’s grasp, he looked at the farmer. “What? Do you think that you don’t need to give me anything just because you said a few words of thanks? F*ck, do you know how the rabbit king died?”

The farmer chuckled and waved. A ray of white light shone on Fatty, and leveled him up once more.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed “The Fields’ Danger”. +5000 Experience, +50 Reputation. “Wind of the Fields” has been added to your inventory.

A hat made out of rabbit fur had entered Fatty’s bag.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 7.

I finally leveled up. Fatty thought sadly. It took so long to level up even though I was killing creeps above my level. This game really isn’t just a little difficult. If this were any other game, then I might have already gotten my first class enhancement.

But I’m finally Level 7. I can pretty much go and complete the other mission now.

Fatty still had a herb-harvesting mission to finish. If he was unable to complete it in three days, then he would lose a huge chunk of his experience.

“Hero, I still have a small request. I wonder if you can fulfill it?” The farmer spoke once more.

“What is it? Tell me,” Fatty scoffed.

“Although you managed to chase away the hares and thus resolved the fields’ danger, but since too many crops have been ruined by the hares, we will not be able to get enough food this year. I wonder if you are willing to help us hunt some wolves so that we have enough food to last the winter?”


System Notification: Would you like to accept the mission “Preparing Food Reserves”?

Of course. Fatty accepted the mission without any hesitation.


System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Preparing Food Reserves”.

Mission Details; Head towards the Blackthorn Woods, kill a hundred wolves. Collect 100 pieces of wolf meat and turn it in to the farmer.

I can do this along with the herb harvesting mission.

Fatty walked along the fields, then saw a forest. That was the famous Blackthorn Woods. Since all of the monsters within the forest were Level 8 or above, no players were actually farming there yet.

“White Cogon Root?” Fatty bent down and used Appraisal on anything that looked slightly strange.

After a few random tries, a White Cogon Root finally appeared.

White Cogon Root

Mission item

He immediately pulled it up and took a look. Tsk, isn’t it just a weed.

He casually placed it into his bag. Now that he had a sample to go by, everything was a lot simpler.

Since the White Cogon Root did spread out rather evenly, he was able to collect several tens of White Cogon Roots very soon.

Just as he was feeling happy…


A black figure leaped out of a nearby tree. Fatty looked up, and slanted his body backwards by forty-five degrees, causing the figure to slide past the top of his nose.

A sickening stench entered his nostrils.

“Motherf*cker, I knew something was wrong!”

Fatty took two steps back, and saw a python coiled around a huge tree. It was as thick as a normal person’s wrist, and stared at Fatty with its cold eyes as it hissed.

Fatty used Appraisal.


Level: 9

Attack: 50 – 65

Defense: 35

HP: 500


Poison Fang – Bites the enemy and poisons them, dealing 10 damage per second for 45 seconds.

Since there was a mob, there must be a boss. That was common sense to any players in Eternal. Therefore, Fatty couldn’t be more excited. From now on, Lord Fatty should change my own name to Professional Boss-seeker.


The python hissed at Fatty as it slithered around.

Fatty touched his dagger, and made a rough estimate. Damn, I can’t reach it. I can’t exactly climb onto the tree either. That’s his turf. I’m not fighting him in a location he determined.

He continued to glare at the python. After a moment of thought, Fatty decided to ignore it and continue harvesting the needed herbs. However, even though Fatty decided to do that, the python did not want to just let Fatty go.

Whoosh. The moment Fatty looked down, the python struck. It threw itself at Fatty’s neck.

“Ha, I knew you were a creep.”

Fatty suddenly turned around at the critical moment and slanted his body, letting the python’s attack pass by him. Then, he reached out like a striking snake with his right hand, and grabbed hold of the python’s “neck”, and stabbed down towards the python’s mouth. Once, twice, and three times.




Whoosh. The python’s health had instantly dropped by a huge chunk as three blood red numbers floated up. Due to Fatty attacking the snake in its weak point, he was able to shave off three hundred something HP from the python even with a really low attack weapon like Rooster’s Beak.


The python struggled, and coiled itself around Fatty’s left arm. It opened its huge jaw, revealing its two fangs, and tried to turn around to bite and poison Fatty. However, Fatty clenched its neck tightly, then he moved around, causing the snake to be unable to turn its head towards him.

“Rest in peace.”

Fatty lifted the python high up into the hair and revealed a white patch on its skin. That was where the heart of the snake was. Fatty swung his dagger and stabbed down a few times, causing several red numbers to float up above the head of the python. It trembled as if it had reached an orgasm, then finally grew limped, and its body was draped over Fatty’s left arm. Oh, that’s plenty of experience. Fatty thought to himself when he saw that the death of the python gave him a hundred something EXP.

He threw the python’s corpse onto the floor and used Harvest on it, and managed to harvest a snake skin, a snake gallbladder, and two poison fangs.

Snake Skin: Basic sewing material.

Snake Gallbladder: Basic medicinal ingredient. Toxic.

Poison Fang: Basic crafting material


System Notification: Congratulations, your Basic Harvest Mastery Level has now leveled up to the Intermediate Level. Current Mastery Level 0/10000.

This was pretty tough. I had to harvest so many rabbit skins, rabbit legs and several tens of white cogon roots in order to level it up to the Intermediate Level.


Just as Fatty was going to continue on and complete the herb harvesting mission, he suddenly heard his stomach grumble. Only then did he recall that he had already been online for a very long time.

When players had the helmet on, they were in light sleep, which means that they did manage to get some rest so it would not affect their work the following day. However, it didn’t mean that they could skip their meals.

I heard that Star Fantasia is going to sell gaming capsules in the future, which would solve the problem of nutrition, allowing players to stay online for prolonged periods of time. I wonder if it’s true...

Thus, Fatty found a safe spot and logged off. He took a look at the time, it was already six o’clock in the morning, meaning that he had already been online for ten hours.  

He went over to the kitchen and fried up some eggs with some tomatoes, then cooked a bowl of noodles before going online to check out the forums. There wasn’t too much interesting information to be found. Most of it was just players flaming one another. However, there was a post about purchases which caught Fatty’s interest. The poster was offering to buy gold coins with RMB offline, and the rate he gave was actually as high as a hundred RMB per gold coin. It was far higher than what the official exchange rate was.

Fatty did some rough math. I got twenty something gold coins last night, which means that’s two thousand something yuan. Wow, that’s so much better than working for the same pay.

Hurry, hurry! Seeing the potential of money to be made only made Fatty more excited. He wolfed down his meal, then quickly laid onto the bed and put on his helmet in order to continue his battle.

Yet, the moment he logged on, a black figure leaped towards him, and pushed him onto the ground. The figure pushed down Fatty’s shoulders, and bit down with its jaws.

Fatty flattened himself on the ground, and used all the strength in his body to flip up, freeing himself from the restraint, then he quickly rolled to the side.

“F*ck, what was that?” Fatty immediately used Appraisal to see the identity of his enemy without thinking.

Black Wolf

Level: 11

Attack: 70 – 85

Defense: 50

HP: 750

Speed: 35

Wow, a level 11 monster. Its attack has actually reached a terrifying level of 85. On the other hand… I’m just level 7. My attack is less than 20, my defense is less than 10. I can’t even break through its defense. What’s more, if I get bitten by that black wolf, then I’ll definitely be killed with one bite.

However, that was one fortunate thing for Fatty. The wolf was what the farmer sought for the mission, so he didn’t have to go around to seek it out deliberately.

“Awooo,” the black wolf howled towards the sky in anger when he saw that its prey had escaped. Then, it lowered its head, and stared intently at Fatty before bending its limbs, and arching its back. It was clear that the wolf was getting ready to pounce.

“Damn, I’m a fool,” All of a sudden, Fatty suddenly remembered something while he carefully guarded himself against the black wolf. The very thought of it pissed him off. He had gotten plenty of good things, including several items

“Hmmph, getting ready isn’t going to waste me any time,” Fatty remained on guard against the black wolf as he sorted through the things in his inventory.

Boots of Swiftness


Boots [Leather]

Level Requirement: 6

Defense: +5

Dexterity: +3

Class Requirement: Rogue, Archer

Iron Ring



Level Requirement: 6

Defense: +2

Attack: +2

Health: +5

Wind of the Fields



Level Requirement: 7

Defense +5

Attack: +5

Endurance: +5

After equipping the items, Fatty’s stats shot up like a rocket, reaching 17 defense, 8-12 physical damage, 18 Endurance, while his Dexterity shot up to an outrageous amount of 51. Although it was still less than that of the Black Wolf’s, he would not get bullied to the point of being unable to do anything about it.

“C’mon, kiddo, you actually dare to attack your Lord Fatty, watch Lord Fatty wreck you,” Fatty finally felt a bit of safety after changing his equipment. Half a set of Bronze rank items was enough for him to feel cocky in the Blackthorn Woods.

“Awhoo,” The black wolf howled, then pushed its four limbs against the ground and leaped forward.

Fatty chuckled, then spun around, easily avoiding the attack. At the same time, he also raised his leg and kicked the black wolf on its waist, causing the black wolf to let out a terrible howl, while a blood red -143 appeared on its head.

A wolf’s head is like bronze, their bones are like iron, and their waist like tofu. The people of old truly did not lie.

Fatty felt a lot more comfortable when he saw that his attack took off a fifth of the Black Wolf’s health. Like I thought, mechanics are not to be taken forgotten in this game.

Fatty had killed countless wolves with his bare hands in real life, and now, although he was slightly under leveled, it wasn’t a problem for him to kill a black wolf.

Of course, equipment could not be forgotten either. No matter how amazing one’s mechanics are, if their attacks don’t break through the defense, then it’s pointless.

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