Chapter 108 The Phantasm Ghost Claw’s Intentions

Chapter 108 – The Phantasm Ghost Claw’s Intentions

One of the problems with being of such a low level was that he was unable to see the target’s stats when using Appraisal due to the huge level difference.

However, just the name told him a lot. Graverobber was a very obvious name.

The Graverobber was clearly very nervous when it saw Fatty coming over. It stared at Fatty as if it was preparing to attack at any moment.

However, Fatty had no intention of fighting it. The two white legs were still waiting around. If he was to fight the Graverobber, then they might actually jump out and attack him. Or, they might create an opening for the Graverobber. All of the monsters in the area were very high leveled, so he could potentially get instakilled by any of them. Tsk, I won’t fall for that.

Fatty slowly retreated, then entered stealth. The Graverobber glanced at where Fatty disappeared from for a moment, then continued its grave robbing when it was certain that Fatty left.

The Graverobber slowly disappeared from the surface after a while. It was clear that it had dug into the grave and went down to grab whatever there was left there. I wonder what sort of grave goods there are in these shitty tombs.

Suddenly, a ray of white light shot out from where the Graverobber disappeared from. Then, it scuttled out with a shining white stone in its hand.

Holy Spirit Stone! Fatty was surprised, but that feeling was quickly replaced by excitement. Ahh, all my hard work is not going to be wasted after all! Just who would have expected a Graverobber to find a Holy Spirit Stone? I’m not letting it run now. Even if there are the two leg bones around, I’m going to grab the Holy Spirit Stone first!

“Wheat, stop it!” Fatty shouted.

Wheat returned to its original size and threw itself at the monster.

The Graverobber was sent flying by the impact. As it fell onto the ground, the Holy Spirit Stone also rolled away from its hand.

The Graverobber flipped over and grabbed the Holy Spirit Stone. When it stood back up, it cursed furiously at Fatty and Wheat, but Fatty was unable to understand its words, nor did he figure out what language it was from.

“Let’s kill it,” Fatty gave the orders for Wheat to keep the monster occupied so he could snag the Holy Spirit Stone.


Just as the Graverobber was continuing its curses, a ball of dirt smashed into its face, causing it to fall backwards. However, it still maintained a tight grip on the Holy Spirit Stone.

“Damn, it’s so greedy even though it’s nearly dead!” Although the Graverobber had a high level, it wasn’t actually that strong at all. It merely endured the attacks from Wheat without fighting back. However, it never let go of the Holy Spirit Stone it was holding in its hand.

Wheat panted heavily after continuously shooting Howling Bullets and casting Scatterstone Rain. Yet, the moment it did so, the Graverobber got up from the ground and sprinted away.

“I’m gonna get you!” Fatty roared, then chased after the Graverobber. He needed five Holy Spirit Stones for the mission and each one of them were difficult to get. I must get the one in the Graverobber’s hands!

It’s so fast! Fatty fasped. Although the Graverobber couldn’t really attack, it was at least twice as fast as Fatty. In the blink of an eye, it was already several dozen meters away.

Just as it was about to disappear into the mist…

The Graverobber tripped over. Fatty heard a scream as if the Graverobber met something it was terrified of. It then sprinted away with an even quicker pace after getting back up!

”Shit,” Fatty stopped. There was no meaning in the chase anymore. He was definitely not going to catch up. Ahh, that’s a wasted Holy Spirit Stone.

“Wheat, I’ll give you a great mission,” Fatty thought about it for a moment, then found the easiest way he could get some Holy Spirit Stones. Since the Graverobber could dig one up, then I should be able to get enough for the mission if I dig in a few graves as well.

Wheat squeaked.

“Stop squeaking. Come and get to work!” Fatty ordered. Then, he heard a bang. It was Wheat shooting out a Howling Bullet.

Fatty quickly turned and saw that Wheat was crouching down and staring at the area in front of it as it squeaked.

Wheat was facing a mix of bones and dirt just like everywhere else in the Ancient Battlefield. Fatty took a few careful looks but didn’t notice anything amiss.

All of a sudden, Wheat slammed its front paws against the ground. A dozen or so stalagmites shot out of the ground, while the pile of bones seemed to shake.

“Ugh, it’s that thing again!” Fatty found the situation rather humorous. The one Wheat was so wary of was the Phantasm Ghost Claw that Wheat was juggling a while prior.

Fatty did not know where it came out from, but he did see it use four of its fingers to crawl on the ground, while occasionally using its middle one to flip Wheat the bird.

“Ahaha, Wheat, it’s looking down on you!” Fatty laughed at Wheat’s situation. Meanwhile, Wheat was clearly furious as it shot out another Howling Bullet with a growl.

The bullet sent a huge number of bones flying, but the Phantasm Ghost Claw dodged the attack and arrived in front of Fatty.

It flipped over and revealed a stone glowing with a milky white light.

“Holy Spirit Stone?” Fatty exclaimed. “For me?”

The Phantasm Ghost Claw shook as if it was nodding.

Fatty immediately picked the stone up. “What do you need my help with?”

One who was unaccountably solicitous was hiding ulterior motives. Fatty did not think that the claw was giving him a Holy Spirit Stone because it felt like they got along so it wanted to be his sworn brother. Wait, as expected of the Phantasm Ghost King’s claw, it was unafraid of the holy energy of the Holy Spirit Stone.

The Phantasm Ghost Claw hooked its finger, then scuttled into a distance.

Fatty followed the Phantasm Ghost Claw curiously. Along the way, they met many monsters, including some which were clearly very powerful, but they all ran away when they noticed the Phantasm Ghost Claw.

As the Phantasm Ghost Claw led the way, the mists around them seemed to thicken, until their surroundings turned as dark as a starless night. The only way Fatty was able to judge where he was heading was because of the sounds the Phantasm Ghost Claw made as it walked.

After passing through some dense black mists, a light appeared in front of their eyes. A round worn-down altar-like structure was in front of them. It was around the size of a house about a dozen or so meters tall. There was a long staircase leading up to it with a hand-like thing that seemed to reach out above the altar. The fingers were spread out, each of them were like sharp blades over several dozen meters long that pierced into the sky.

What’s this? Could this be where the Phantasm Ghost King was sealed?

Countless monsters surrounded the altar. Most of them wore thick armor and carried strange weapons, while some mage-like ones carried staffs. All in all, they seemed very dangerous. However, just like all the other monsters along the way, they moved to the side and made way for the Phantasm Ghost Claw.

As the Phantasm Ghost Claw leaped forwards, a barrier of light lit up around the altar, which sizzled the claw. The Phantasm Ghost Claw quickly scrambled back as black smoke rose from it. It’s fan-sized body seemed to have shrunk by a little.

“What do you want?” Fatty tapped the Phantasm Ghost Claw with his foot when it retreated beside him.

The Phantasm Ghost Claw hooked its finger once more, then walked towards the altar. This time, it did not try to get close and instead signaled Fatty to go over with its fingers.

Since the surrounding monsters had left due to the Phantasm Ghost Claw, Fatty was not worried about being surrounded and killed at all. He merely went over to where the Phantasm Ghost Claw pointed at. There was a monument covered with words there. Although many of the words had been worn away with time, most of it was still barely visible, so Fatty finally understood what the altar was for after some reading and a bit of guessing.

The altar was where the Phantasm Ghost King was sealed. No, to be more precise, it was where one of the Phantasm Ghost King’s claws was sealed. When it led its demon army across the spatial barrier and into the human realm, it conquered more than half of the continent. Yet, it was only at the Imperial Capital that it met its match. The combination of Lin Yu the War God and Aura the Saint Magus was able to defeat the demon after getting heavily wounded. However, since the Phantasm Ghost King was immortal and the fact that they were unable to use as much strength after getting wounded, they could only tear the Phantasm Ghost King’s body apart and seal it in various locations across the Ancient Battlefield, then order the deceased human warriors to guard it. The altar Fatty was at was the place where the Phantasm Ghost King’s right hand was sealed. I guess the cracked seal that the patrol squad discovered must where another one of the Phantasm Ghost King’s body parts was sealed.

The Phantasm Ghost Claw stayed beside Fatty silently. When it saw that Fatty reached it, it pointed upwards and signaled Fatty to walk up the altar.

“You want me to break the seal for you?”

The Phantasm Ghost Claw bent its fingers like how a human would nod.

“Are you kidding me!?” Fatty refused determinedly and turned around. “Do you think I would be in a good spot if I break the seal?”

The Phantasm Ghost Claw leaped over and grabbed Fatty by the ankle. The message it was sending was clear. I’m not letting go of you unless you open the seal for me.

Fatty thought about killing the Phantasm Ghost Claw to see what kind of drops would he get. Yet, when he glanced around at the various monsters at a distance and considered the fact that it did do something nice for him, he could not bring himself to actually attack. Thus, he flung his leg, only to discover that the Phantasm Ghost Claw grabbed him so tightly that it wouldn’t even budge.

“Oh my god, let go! Just let go! I can’t do anything if you don’t let me go!” Fatty was merely tricking it. There’s no way I’m going to break open its seal. Are you kidding? Wang Er and the guards were scared senseless when they saw the cracked seal. Who knows what would happen if I let it out? And if the Imperial Capital was to find out that I did it? I’m so going turn into a fugitive!

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