Chapter 107 Two White Legs

Chapter 107 – Two White Legs

The two white legs were very smooth and were completely bare… to the point at these wasn’t even a single strand of muscle on them. They danced around like people excited after successfully launching a sneak attack on Fatty.

F*ck this. Fatty suddenly understood what happened earlier. No wonder I didn’t notice anyone behind me. The two legs would just lie down on the ground whenever I turn around. Nobody would even be able to notice anything amiss!

At the same time, the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul thrust its spear. Fatty managed to twist his body in the brink of the moment, causing the bone sword to merely slice across his leather armor and leaving a deep mark.

Fatty did not get cold feet. As he fell to the ground, he used his left hand as a pivot to push himself up and swept out with his two legs.

The kicks landed on the crypt ghoul’s leg, causing it to stumble backward. When it finally managed to regain its balance and continue attacking, the ground trembled and several stalagmites shot out. After all, while Wheat was quite cowardly, it was still very good at timing its skills.

Fatty quickly got off the ground and drank a red potion. He did not turn to attack the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul, Wheat was enough to hold it down. He was going to focus on the two legs.

The two legs were actually cracked apart and separated into two at their pelvis. While standing straight, they stood up to Fatty’s chest and their girth people an idea of just how huge the Phantasm Ghost King was. Yet, just thinking about that monster made Fatty utterly speechless. Its hand and legs are all out to play… Just what is possibly left in the seal? Only a head? Hmmm… Would its donger come out as well? What if I meet a pillar with the description of it being the Phantasm Ghost King’s member that came out to play because it was bored…

Fatty started to laugh. At the same time, the two leg bones continued to dance without any fear of Fatty even when he glanced over.

“Tch, since you dare to provoke Lord Fatty, then don’t even think about heading back!” Although they were the legs of the Phantasm Ghost King, they were merely Level 35, meaning the only thing special about them was their high health. Fatty had enough confidence to take the two legs down one against two.

Just as Fatty said that, the right leg bone kicked at Fatty’s face, while the left leg bone swept at Fatty’s legs.

“What the f*ck, whose legs can attack like this!?” Fatty was pissed about the Phantasm Ghost King’s legs not playing by the books. I’m so going to teach them a good lesson.

Fatty took a few steps back and avoided the sweep and thrust his dagger out at the right leg bone.


A metallic cling sounded out as Fatty took another step back. I didn’t expect it to be this hard! But I guess it makes sense, these are the bones of a ghost king, it’s already fortunate that I didn’t end up breaking my dagger.

The right leg bone seemed to be in a tough spot after the attack as well. When it landed on the ground after flying back through the air, it stood back at the left leg bone’s side. Hey, it really looks like a person standing up with his legs apart. The only thing is that this guy has no upper body.


Over on the other side, the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul, who was near death prior to the arrival of the leg bones, finally fell down under Wheat’s careful shots and dropped a few items while returning to the ghost king’s embrace.

At the same time, Wheat raced over to Fatty. It clearly found its enjoyment in attacking the monsters underground, so wanted to continue taking advantage of the situation. It shot a Howling Bullet from underneath a pile of bones without any hesitation. However, the two leg bones were smart, they split off to the sides and avoided the huge bullet.

Not only was Wheat surprised, but even Fatty was also shocked. The actions of the two leg bones didn’t just display an artificial intelligence behind them, it also meant that they had a very advanced AI. In fact, it possessed intelligence no lower than the Aguero the Phantom Messenger or West the Flame Ruler.

The two leg bones did not stop there and flanked Fatty!

Fatty knew he couldn’t rely on Wheat in this situation. He kicked off the ground with a shout and kicked the left leg bone in the shin. Then, he hacked down at the right leg bone with his dagger.

Sparks flew up between the collisions between the dagger and the leg bone. Fatty felt his right hand grow numb to the point of letting go of his dagger. Meanwhile, the right leg bone trembled, then landed on the ground and hopped away.

Fatty was not just going wait around for the leg bones attack. He chased after it and attacked the right leg bone furiously. Wheat also simultaneously reacted appropriately. This time, it cast Scatterstone Rain sending stalagmites piercing through the bottom of the right leg bone’s foot.

Impaling someone’s foot was an attack at on a weak point. The right leg bone shuddered and lost more health than two of Fatty’s attacks.

“Nice, continue!” Fatty commanded as he charged up to prevent the right leg bone from getting off the ground.

The left leg bone did not head over to help out. Instead, it jumped up into the sky and stomped down. While the bones in the surroundings were not affected, the ground in a ten-meter radius around the left leg bone shrank a good half an inch into the ground.

Wheat quickly came out of the ground with a painful squeak after losing more than half its health. It was attacking merrily while in the safety underground, it did not expect the enemy to be able to attack it through the thick soil!

“That’s so strong!” Fatty was momentarily surprised but realized that it was normal. It is one of the Ghost King’s leg bones, it wouldn’t have dared to come out by itself if it wasn’t capable of anything.

Wheat also knew that this wasn’t going to end peacefully after getting forced out of the ground by the left leg bone.  The damn fatty might do something terrible to me if I run away. I might as well attack proactively.

Wheat shrunk itself down to the size of a cat, then began to fight the left leg bone. Although its attack, defense nor most of the other stats matched up to the left leg bone, it was a mid-ranked yao. Wheat used its superior agility and cast Howling Bullet and Scatterstone Rain one after another, allowing it to hold the left leg bone down and reduce Fatty’s burden.

Meanwhile, Fatty was already in melee combat with the right leg bone. Although the bone had a higher level than Fatty, it was only a leg without any special moves. It could only attack with its body like metal rod that smashed down. While it did use some of its skills every so often, it was getting dominated by Fatty.

“Coil!” Fatty called out softly.

The silver python appeared and coiled around the right leg bone as usual. When level difference wasn’t that huge, Coil was almost guaranteed to succeed, and seeing that, Fatty did not hold back. He let out a whirlwind of slashes that scraped off a layer of bone ash from it.

When Coil’s duration ended, Fatty quickly retreated. The right leg bone jumped up and down for a bit, causing a pile of bone ash to scatter on the floor.

While Fatty could drink red potions to recover his lost health, the right leg bone was unable to do anything about its reduced thickness and health that dropped by ten percent already.

“Bring it,” Fatty flicked his dagger and hooked his finger at the right leg bone.

The right leg bone trembled slightly either in anger or due to Fatty’s assault. It stomped against the ground and leaped into the air. Fatty quickly took a step back and put on his guard when he saw it about to attack again.

Wheat suddenly let out a screech. Fatty saw that the left leg bone ignored Wheat completely and went over beside the right leg bone. The two leg bones did not hesitate and sprinted away!

“Wheat, go!” Fatty was merely stunned for a mere moment before he told Wheat to chase. He was certain that the two leg bones were up to something when they suddenly attacked him after following him around for such a long time. However, Fatty was not afraid of them. What’s more, the leg bones of the Phantasm Ghost King that can run by themselves is definitely something amazing. I’m definitely going to take a good look at them later.

Since the leg bones sped up quicker and quicker as they led Fatty in circles around the mist-covered tombstones, he completely lost sight of them after a few rounds.

What the f*ck, they’re so damn fast. Ugh, that took way too long and now I only have less than a day’s worth of time before I have to turn in the mission with Gaia. I have to hurry up and look for Holy Spirit Stones, otherwise… I’m not certain if I can get so far in next time.

The makeshift graveyard was ridiculously large. After a while, Fatty did kill plenty of Vengeful Crypt Ghouls, but didn’t notice any light that might be more Holy Spirit Stones.

Then… he heard a faint noise from behind him again.

It’s definitely the two white legs again. Fatty suddenly turned around but did not see anything. All there was were floating mists and piles upon piles of bones.

“Wheat, Scatterstone Rain!” Fatty ordered.

Wheat clapped its front paws against the ground and brought up a few dozen stalagmites that pierced the area in front of them.

Ding ding.

Yet, the two leg bones did not appear. Instead, Fatty heard some ringing and knocking.

Fatty looked over at the source of the voice. A hunchbacked and suspicious looking NPC in ripped black clothes was knocking a gravestone in front of it. As it knocked, it looked around. When it saw Fatty walk over, it immediately stopped its movements in anxiousness.



Level: ???

Oh, it’s a monster and not an NPC. Fatty immediately took a few steps back. He knew that humanoid monsters were relatively hard to kill, so he had to treat it with caution.

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