Chapter 106 Vengeful Crypt Ghoul

Chapter 106 – Vengeful Crypt Ghoul

Fatty was utterly speechless. That was a Phantasm Ghost Claw earlier and now we have two Phantasm Leg Bones. Are all of the Phantasm Ghost King’s body parts like this? He might as well come out completely.

But wait, the Phantasm Ghost King is still sealed… How did his body parts get out of there?

When the two leg bones dived into the piles of bones on the ground, the piles seemed to shake a bit before growing silent. Fatty did not bother digging through the piles to search for them. After all, they were all bones, so Fatty wouldn’t be able to recognize the two leg bones if they remained stationary.

Fatty needed half a day to get to where Hamlet indicated, so Fatty found a relatively safe spot to log off, then rested a bit before continuing on with his journey. During those times, several guild masters sent him messages that asked him for help to kill boss monsters, but he rejected them all. He was still not finished with his mission yet. He knew he wouldn’t meet a good end if Lin Xi was to find out if he returned empty-handed.

If Fatty’s level was higher, he would actually be able to walk around most of the places inside the Ancient Battlefield just using stealth. However, his level was way too low. Although it was the level of the best players currently, it was incomparably low for a zone like the Ancient Battlefield.

Fatty only felt more and more shocked as he walked deeper into the Ancient Battlefield. The barren grounds, piles of bones and wandering monsters sent chills down his spine. Any monster was able to easily kill him.

Fortunately, he did have Wheat, who “possessed bravery and loyalty.” Wheat would tearfully and loyally lure the monsters away, providing a chance for Fatty to sneak away. Yet, after Fatty escapes from one, more often than not, another monster would appear…

Fatty turned his head back at the sounds coming from behind him. Nothing. He took a few steps forward as he focused on his back, but there really wasn’t anything else. He stood still for a while and waited in confusion, but still… Nothing.

Fatty finally calmed down, then indicated for Wheat to continue to lead the way. However, some noise was heard coming from behind him once again.

“Wheat, attack,” Fatty turned back and ordered Wheat to cast Scatterstone Rain a few meters behind him. Several dozen stalagmites flew up and scattered the bones on the ground, but that was it.

That’s strange. Could it be the wind? Fatty looked around. The mists continued to spiral in their surroundings, but he saw nothing living except Wheat and him. There wasn’t even a single monster around.

Whatever, I’ll wait for it to come out. Fatty ordered Wheat to continue to lead the way. Just like Fatty had predicted, the mysterious noise behind him sounded out very soon. This time, Fatty did not stop to hesitate and continued onwards without looking back.

The noise sounded like a person cracking bones on the ground as they stepped on them. Since the Ancient Battlefield was covered in bones and the sound of Fatty’s footsteps sounded ever so similar, he was soon unable to distinguish whether a sound was coming from him or from something else.

After a few hours and multiple near-death experiences after being discovered by monsters a few times, he finally saw where the tombstones Hamlet referred to was. Meanwhile, the noises behind him did not stop. Just like before, the noises seemed to continue as he walked, but would fade once he stopped.

The countless tombstones seemed to scatter over a very large area that extended into the mists. Many of them have fallen sideways as they remained stabbed into the ground. The words on them seemed to have faded in the winds of time.

Hamlet only noticed the strange light by chance and ran away before observing more carefully. Even though it seemed like the light from Holy Spirit Stones, Hamlet also emphasized that he was not a hundred percent certain.

Fatty frowned. The light was coming out from underneath various tombstones. Am I supposed to dig all of them out of the ground?

“May Buddha preserve us. Forgive me for this,” Fatty chose a tombstone, muttered to himself, then swung down hard with his small pickaxe.

As the pickaxe dug out the soil, the bones buried underneath were revealed. Just as he raised his pickaxe up for another swing, a huge crack appeared in the ground. A arm wearing a wrist guard reached out and grabbed the side of the crack.

“F*ck my luck,” Fatty put his pickaxe away and took out Fang to attack it a few times before the monster crawled out.

Soon, the weapon holding hand reached out from the ground as well. Then, a head wearing a black helmet appeared out of the ground with a push. The monster let out a huge roar.

“Roar your ass,” Fatty kicked the monster’s chin, close its mouth before it could even finish its scream. At the same time, the monster’s health by also dropped by a significant amount.

Hey, this is pretty good. Fatty was pretty happy. This is a great spot for farming if I can slice away at their health before they manage to come out.

As Fatty swung Fang up and down, the monster’s health bar steadily dropped. As he was doing so, the monster could only roar and wave its weapon futilely as everything below its chest was still in the ground.

Meanwhile, Wheat also seemed to be enjoying himself. Although the little fellow was extremely cowardly, it was even more adept at beating a dog when its down. At its original size, Wheat was already the size of a calf already reaching level 30. He opened its mouth and shot a Howling Bullet. Previously at Level 20, it was only the size of a large bowl, but now, the bullet was the size of a soccer ball. It dealt even more damage to the monster than Fatty!

Just as Fatty was about to finish the monster off, it suddenly let go of its hands and shrunk back into the hand. Shit, now I can’t reach it.

Fatty took a few steps closer and looked down the crack. He saw the monster hiding underneath the ground and look back at him with its blood red eyes, as if it was waiting for Fatty to come down so that it would return the favor to Fatty.


Vengeful Crypt Ghoul

Level: ???

“Ahaha. Wheat, continue,” Fatty commanded.

Wheat was clearly excited to continue its assault on a monster that couldn’t fight back. Before Fatty gave the orders of how to attack, it smacked its front paws against the ground, creating several large stalagmites underneath the monster to pierce it.


That roar sounded extremely pitiful. Fatty looked at Wheat enviously with a gulp. That’s such a great ability, if Lord Fatty had the skill, then I would be able to stab whoever I want in the ass! That would be so amazing! Who would even dare to piss Lord Fatty of then? This was the first time Fatty regretted being a player.

The crypt ghoul repeatedly cried in franticness when it’s lower half was impaled by stalagmites. Since it was getting sliced when trying to get up and getting impaled when it remained underground, the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul’s pitiful AI was completely unsure of what to do.

“Stab its ass! Rape its ass! I will be kicking that monster’s ass!” Fatty sung and looked around for Holy Spirit Stones, while Wheat continued to attack the monster.

At that moment, the noise that had followed Fatty all the way over sounded out again. Fatty was already certain that something had been following him for a long time, but he really wasn’t bothered to react. Instead, he wanted to see just what it was.

Meanwhile, the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul was still suffering a beating from Wheat. Since Wheat’s attack was able to break through its defense and it could not fight back, it was eventually going to die no matter how high its level was; how much health it had; and how high its defense actually was. What’s more, Wheat did not limit itself to only casting Scatterstone Rain. Instead, it ran over to the crack and cast Howling Bullets while Scatterstone Rain is on cooldown. At one point, it even smacked the monster with its claw whenever it tried to get back out of the crack in frustration.

While Wheat was enjoying itself, the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul was roaring in anger. After a dozen or minutes of being beaten senseless, it finally lost its cling onto life and died.

Fatty took a look at his experience bar. To his surprise, the death of the Crypt Ghoul filled it up by 1%. This makes leveling better here than in Black Tortoise City!

He also bent down looked into the crack. All of the drops were under the monster’s corpse’s, so he would have to drag the monster out first. Oh well, I’ve got Wheat.

“Wheat, go.”

Ahh, I don’t even have to worry about back pains or leg pains anymore. It’s also so much easier to kill monsters with Wheat around.

Wheat shrunk its body, crawled underneath the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul and dragged the drops out.

Wow, that’s like a few hundred gold coins! Man, it was rich! The other drop item was a wrist guard. As usual, Fatty used Appraisal.

Blood Wrist Guard

Silver Set Item

Blood Set

Wrist Guard

Level Requirement: 50

Defense: 50

STR: +23

This was the first time Fatty encountered a set item.

He put the item away, then happily went over to the next tombstone and swung his pickaxe.

“Wheat, go!”

Fatty managed to successfully dig up quite a few Vengeful Crypt Ghouls, but… He did end up in bad spots at times, such as…

“Wheat, go!”

Fatty hooked a Vengeful Crypt Ghoul out with his pickaxe and sat down on the side as he waited for Wheat to kill it. Wheat also got more and more excited, perhaps because it has always been the target of monsters chasing after it and this was the first time it was in such a beneficial situation. Not making use of it would shame its identity as a rat!

However, the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul was luckier than previous ones. Although it lost most of its health, it still managed to crawl out from its tomb. While the Vengeful Crypt Ghouls seemed rather harmless when stuck in the ground, it’s prowess on the ground was definitely not to be taken lightly. A single swing of its blade took out more than half of Wheat’s health!

Wheat also reacted true to its nature and burrowed back into the earth.

“F*CK!” Fatty could only curse as the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul approached him.

“Do you think I’m afraid!?” Fatty shouted.

Just as he was about to enter stealth, he felt a pain on his backside as a force sent him falling towards the Vengeful Crypt Ghoul.

Fatty took a glance back and saw…. Two white legs seemingly dancing behind him.

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